1. Cathy Greenia says:

    Why didn’t postal worker have pepper spray? There so many pit bulls in Detroit 😑

  2. Underwear Taker says:

    Guarantee black ppl own that dog

  3. Victory V says:

    If I’m there I would have killed the dog

  4. beanchanged says:

    “He didn’t want to hurt the dog”
    That is exactly what is wrong with our society. Sheesh!

  5. David Mowad says:

    All of this is just overreacting stupid

  6. Un welcomeend says:

    Fastest way too stop any dog attack is too wedge something into it's mouth it will let go and attack whatever you were jaming in there mouths a shoe would be you're best bet

  7. Ozone says:

    "Hitting" a pitbull with the soft side of a thin plastic garbage can. My oh my!
    Knife it through the neck, crush its scull wih a jack or whatever you can find in you boot, or sit on its back while strangling it as hard as you can. When it passes out; snap the neck 'til you hear bone crunshing!

  8. Nove Furuby Manitski says:

    He could have died? The dog was bitting his shoe.

  9. Toyko Rose says:

    pepper spray it 🔥🔥🔥

  10. Big Dog says:

    Should ov rammed the car in to it

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