Marketing Tricks For Online Coaches (Make 10k A Month With These!)


– Yo, what’s up? Max here! Today we’re in Vienna,
Austria on a little vacation and in this video we’ll be
talking about marketing tricks for online coaches,
online service providers and online consultants. So you know, over the last couple of years of me building my own online business, traveling the world and just
realizing more and more things, on how to create a better connection and also how to make more money with the existing business,
I realized a couple things. A couple little tricks that I wanna share with you right now. So if you wanna build a
successful online business, if you want to have people
trust you, relate to you, follow your advice, but
also at the same time, obviously, make more money in the process, then this video is for you. That being said, let’s start! Have you ever wondered
whether there is more to life than a boring ,
dead end, nine-to-five job? Have you ever dreamed about breaking free? You know, traveling the world, making good money and just enjoying life? No more office dress code,
no morning commute, no boss! This channel is for you. So here’s to your freedom! (thundering) And, the first thing is really
important right off the bat! You gotta understand that all the tools for marketing that are out there, you know, Chatbox, webinars, social media content, YouTube, Instagram, all this is completely
useless unless you adhere to that first point. Write that first point down. Get to know your target audience! Now, you’ve heard me say this before if you’ve watched any of my other videos but it bears worth repeating. Get to know your target
audience because, you know, nowadays, we have all these
technical features out there that we can use, all these
tools that are great! But, the end of the day,
people focus on only those. They’re like, “But I
need to get the chatbot and I need to get the funnel up, and the converting sales page,” et cetera. They’re just focusing on
the technicality of that but all this is completely useless unless you know how to use it and how do you know how to use it? By getting to know the people that are suppose to consume that, getting to know the people to which you are going to target that, okay? Imagine it like this: All these nice marketing
tools, YouTube, Instagram, funnels, whatever it
is, it’s like a sword. You can have the best sword,
you can have a katana sword, a handmade samurai sword, it doesn’t do anything to you unless you know how to hold it, unless you know how to strike, unless you know how to defend, all right? And, that knowledge, for marketing, is getting to know your target audience. You need to know, what is the one thing I can fix for someone? The one problem, I can solve for someone? And, then obviously, you
need to ask yourself, who is that someone that I can help? Where are they? Where are they hangin’ out online? What are they thinkin’? What words are they using? Why do they have that problem? What things have they
tried to fix the problem but couldn’t overcome it yet? Get to know your target
audience and only then, all the nice marketing tools that are out, at your disposal will actually help you. Which basically, leads
me to the second point and that is listen to your target audience but I wanna go a little deeper into that. What you gotta understand is people literally tell you what they want. They will literally tell
you how they want you to sell to them but you only gotta listen. The problem is that I see a lot in marketers or content creators, they create the type of stuff, they create the type of product that they think is a good choice. And, then they’re very
romantic about that. They’re like, “I created
the perfect product that really helps people,” et cetera, and then they’re blind towards the signs. You know, maybe the product isn’t selling or people are not getting
results in the product, people are not enjoying the coaching, people are not actually executing the coaching advice, right? What happens is the
people that create this, they’re like, “But it
works and I know it works and I believe in my program,” right? But if the market doesn’t dig it, if you’re positioning yourself wrong, if you’re marketing it the wrong way, meaning, you’re not makin’
sales, then it’s bad! It’s a bad damn product! It’s black on white, you see the numbers and numbers don’t lie! And, then people come up
with all kinds of excuses of, you know, like, “I’m gonna stick to what I believe is true, you know! I’m gonna keep it real
and all these things!” But yo, program’s not selling,
it’s not selling, and (beep)! Okay? I’m sorry to tell you that. And, then you need to change your plans. The market doesn’t lie! Listen to your target audience! They will tell you exactly what they want! And, I’ve realized that
over and over again, with all coaching programs
that I’ve created, with every single piece of content, even in my first business,
the dating advice business, the reason why I overcame
all these obstacles, the reason why I was able
to generate so much income and also build a great movement is because I goddamn listened! I didn’t give two damns in what I thought was good content and what
I thought people needed. ‘Cause every time I thought
I knew what people needed I would get a metaphorical
slap in my face. And, I knew, hey, people
actually need and want something completely different. So I listened. I created the content
that people were diggin’! I looked at the signs
and I created the type of programs where I knew, this is something that people want, this is something that people demand, this is something that people will be able and willing to
pay a lot of money for! Really is that simple! And, similarly to that, is a big mistake that I see most the people doing is they’re creating a product. Don’t create a goddamn product before you even know what people want. I get this so many times. People DM me, people
message me, they’re like, “I’ve been creating this
program for three months and I can’t wait to sell it
and it’s gonna be great!” So all they’re doing is wasting their time creating this product,
wasting their resources, maybe even investing money
into creating the product, and then like, praying to Odin, I guess, that the program is gonna sell. Or again, being delusional
about it and saying, “It’s gonna sell! It’s gonna sell for sure!” Forget creating a product unless you’ve been very, very
experienced and you’re certain. If you’ve been doing it for years already and you’ve created other products then maybe you can go ahead. But you should never start with a product. What you do instead is the following: Offer one-on-one coaching. It’s one-on-one coaching,
it’s not a passive income like a product that you
bring out but who cares? Give it a high price so
you’re motivated for that and the cool thing is the following about one-on-one coaching. You’re gonna start one-on-one coaching and in the process of having
your first one-on-one client, you will learn a lot about
the coaching process itself. You will learn a lot about the
pitfalls that the client has, the mindset mistakes that
the client makes, et cetera. Then you get a second one-on-one client, a third one-on-one client. Now, what you’re doing
is, you’re number one, makin’ a lot of money
already which is great, I guess, ’cause unless you hate money. It’s amazing! Number two, you gather intel about your exact target audience because you’re already having clients. Gather intel as you’re coaching them. And, last but not least, you
can still create a product out of that one-on-one coaching, right? So let’s say you have
three clients already and you start seeing the patterns, right? You start seeing the matrix. You’re like, “Okay, so most of
these clients are struggling with this and they’re
having mindset problems that come up in week three,” et cetera, et cetera. So what do you do? You create videos for that, right? ‘Cause you don’t wanna repeat yourself. You create videos for that
and slowly but steadily your video catalog grows
and you’re literally creating your product,
knowing exactly that it helps your target audience
because your target audience basically tells you what they need while at the same time getting paid, while at the same time
making real progress. That is what I mean by listen
to your target audience. Now the third point is marketing BS that you don’t need in the beginning. It kind of fits to what
I said in the beginning. What you gotta understand is that you don’t need a funnel to start. You don’t need a website to start either. Most of the clients in my Freedom Business Mentoring program, they’re able to generate four-figures, sometimes even five-figures
a month already, without even having a website, without having a social media
brand, without any of that. We could literally show
some testimonials right now. So these people are complete nobodies. They don’t have no degree in coaching. They don’t have no big social
media following whatsoever. All they know is, they know
how to generate leads manually. So why do I basically compare
generating leads manually with the other extreme of having
an automated sales funnel? Similar problem, people try to create an automated sales funnel
and then they’re wondering, “why do people not sign up? Why do people not enter their email? Why do people not read the stuff that I sent them or the videos?” They’re, “Why do people not buy?” It’s because they don’t even know how to generate leads manually. They don’t even know how to reach out to someone via DM, via email, via, you know, forum post, whatsoever. And, then get that person on the phone and then sell them on that. If you don’t know how to do that, no funnel in the world
will help you either because the funnel is basically
just an automated version of what you do manually. And, if you cannot learn, if you don’t understand how
to generate a lead manually, no funnel in the world
will do that for you, okay? Similar to creating a big brand. I always say it like this,
“Look, money first, then brand.” Again, some people reach
out to me and they say, “You know, I’ve been creating my brand and I’ve been creating YouTube videos for months now or a year now, and it’s time for me to monetize that.” I’m like, “Dude, you’ve
been wasting all your time creating content, which is, of course, it’s great that you’re creating content, it’s great that you have something to say, but at the same time, you don’t
even know what people want. You don’t know how to
target it to people.” Make money first then you
can always focus on brand. How easy is it for you to, you know, go on a vacation in Vienna
while you’re already making money and creatin’
content like that? How cool is it for you
to already makin’ money, bankin’ in the cash,
cashing in all the money and now you say, “You know what, in all my
spare time that I have now because I don’t have to
work a nine-to-five no more, now I create content.” And, it’s the same thing here. You can create content that
is specifically targeted to your potential clients because you understand
already, what sells. What do they need? What type of programs do they need? Because I know the exact
problems that they’re having and I know how to fix them, right? Money first then brand. Get to know your target audience. And, last but not least, what I wanna say here is the following, and this one is a piece of advice that you probably gonna enjoy a lot. Don’t reinvent the wheel, okay? Some people think they need
to be the next Zuckerberg and, “But I wanna do, you
know, fitness coaching but there’s already so
many people out there who are doing this and I don’t know if I have something new and something that is completely out of the ordinary.” Look, you don’t have to have new stuff. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You don’t have to revolutionize anything. If you can revolutionize,
hell yeah, by all means, that’s great but there’s
absolutely no necessity for that. I always compare that with my
first dating advice business. I didn’t revolutionize (beep)! I didn’t create any new content. All I did was putting my own twist on it. All I did was caring a little more about my potential clients
than the other guy. All I did was caring a little more about my craft than the other guy. That’s it! I didn’t reinvent anything. I wasn’t the next Zuckerberg or whatever. I wasn’t pioneering anything. I just did the basics
better than anybody else. It really is that simple. I had great mentors that helped me execute the basics properly. I had great mentors that
helped me understand the importance of following
a certain structure. I had great mentors that
I could ask for feedback, so they could give me that feedback back, so I could readjust right away. That’s it! It was really that simple. You don’t need to reinvent anything. Now, that being said,
I hope I could give you a little bit more insight
of what it actually means to master the basics of market, because all the other fancy
marketing BS, you don’t need! You can have it later on, by all means, when you’re already making good money. But to start, you just need the basics. Now, when you say you’re
ready to get started, when you say you’re ready
to start earning money as an online coach,
online service provider, or online consultant, then
I got something pretty cool because you can literally jump
on a free consultation call, either with me personally or
with an expert from my team. On that consultation call we’ll be working hand in hand together. We’ll be developing a structure for you to get out of the 9/5 hamster wheel and start creating your own successful online business and
that’s really, really cool! All you have to do, to
jump on that free call is click on that link in the description or the link that appears
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important information for you and then at the bottom on that page, you fill out the application and you can book the exact date and time you want us to call you. We’ll get you started! Now, this is especially important if you already have a skill
that you wanna monetize, you don’t know quite yet
how to monetize it yet, or you wanna monetize it even better. Book a call! This is for you! But also if you’re not quite sure yet what it is that you wanna do, you can still give us a call because we can analyze your strengths and we can tell you exactly
what type of business model, what type of coaching,
consulting, online business fits the best for you. So again, click that link
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means we have spots open. Nowadays, these spots fill
up pretty fast, actually, and I would hate for you to,
you know, not get the call. So click on that link, see if the link still works and then, yeah! Let’s get you started! Let’s go crush it so you
can be able to be free, travel the world, do whatever you want, be your own boss, while at the same time, doing good things for your clients. Much love! Thank you so much for everything! I’m gonna enjoy some
Viennese ice cream now. GG, talks too! (engaging music)


  1. Straight from Vienna! Hope you're gonna execute on this one and not just watch passively!

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  2. It's weird some people like me find it hard to make even 1000 ,but some people easily make 1 million in short time


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