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[music] Darren Taylor: If you’ve got a
business and you want to market your business but you don’t know where
to turn, that’s where I come in. My name is Darren Taylor of
the and my job is to teach you how
to do digital marketing. Now, a big challenge
businesses often have, is they don’t know where to turn
to do their marketing. Do you hire a consultant that
could be quite expensive? Do you go with an agency? Do you hire in-house for a marketer? Maybe that’s not an option
for you at the moment. My marketing mentoring
platform is built for you. is full
of resources like online courses, demos and tutorials,
and resources to help you grow your marketing but
more important than that you get direct access to me
as your marketing mentor. I’ll be here to guide you
through all of the pitfalls and challenges of doing
marketing for your business. Maybe you’re a business
owner, maybe you want to learn more about marketing as
a brand manager, or maybe you’re someone who’s new
and wants to get into marketing, I’m here to help
you learn and get better. No matter what challenge
arises marketing-wise in your business, I’ll be here ready and
waiting to help you solve it. I’ll be giving you answers, I’ll be
giving you tips, and I’ll be working with you get through
those issues and giving you advice
on best practice. Now, I’ve worked with the
University of Greenwich, the Institute of Digital
Marketing and Health International Business
School and for doing all of these training in
marketing, in face to face scenarios,
I am now bringing this to an online marketing platform for
you as a business owner or brand manager or someone
new to marketing to learn how to do it and have me
help you do it as well. So what are you waiting for? Somewhere around here is a
link, if you hit the link and head to and become a member, you have unlimited
access to all of my resources and unlimited
access to me as your mentor. I look forward to
working with you and I can’t wait to get
started on your business. I’ll see you guys on the other side.


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