Mes cours, mes potes, mon campus, mon INSA

Mes cours, mes potes, mon campus, mon INSA

[ My Classes ] The programme at INSA is challenging. I would describe it as rich and intense. It’s a 5-year programme and I think this makes a real difference. I was able to really develop in new fields. We really have the time to succeed and create a path as we go along. I knew all along that INSA was one of the best schools in France. As we learn and continue to grow, we focus less on hard sciences, but more on the human side. A well-rounded education. We work hard on projects. We have a team spirit. I was able to complete work placements abroad. We learn in the INSA programme as well as in clubs. People play more sports in France. I would say it’s a sign of excellence associated with a unique cultural openness. [ My Friends ] My friends at INSA are people that I can count on. I know that these are the people that I’ll also be working with in the future. I’ve met some great people. I know that the friends I’ve made at INSA will be friends I keep in the future. The day I arrived at INSA, I met 2 people. We went to the induction together, they were in the same family as me, and ever since then, they’ve been my 2 best friends. I also met my best friend. I’ve really seen people grow, myself included, in this programme, but also within this family. There are just over 5,000 students on campus. There’s amazing diversity amongst the people here. There are people from France, Brazil, Spain… The international groups encourage diversity among international students. This immediately made me feel like I was in an environment that was open to international students. We make friends everywhere outside of class, in all the departments, and especially in clubs. I met my boyfriend, and thanks to him I learned Italian. We are just as close during the 1st year as we are in the 5th year. We create very strong bonds. I didn’t expect to make such strong connections to people just by going to class, and being on campus. [ My Campus ] It’s a microcosm. When I arrived on the INSA campus… I arrived in the evening… You feel a bit lost at first, but then you quickly get your bearings, and within 2 weeks you’re right at home! It’s a little student village, with everything you need. I was really impressed with the campus’ size. And with the variety of all the athletic fields, with all the clubs at INSA… The first time I saw “24 Hours at INSA”, I thought, “What a great campus!” We can get something to eat, and then in the afternoon we have a drink at the cafeteria, we play ping pong at the FIE, we see our professors in the lab. We have our own little world, our own culture, our own language, because there are a lot of acronyms, etc. There’s a connection with the staff on campus that is really unique. At first you’re not really used to talking to them like they are friends, but in the end you can develop real bonds, real friendships with the people working at INSA. It is truly a school that serves the students, and I don’t think this can be found in many other programmes or even in engineering programmes in other schools. I’m always happy to come back… [ My Message ] I would do it all over again if I could. I thought I was technical, and, in the end, this opened new horizons for me to be much more global. At INSA, I learned how to swim! You belong to a community where you share the same values, and you know that you can always count on the alumni. For me, it’s really an achievement, really extraordinary and seeing this in my dad’s eyes every night, it’s… I followed the path that I always dreamed of. Honestly, I would recommend it to anybody. I recommended it to my brothers, and I hope that they’ll come here! I am ready for the rest of my life. Even though I’m far from my parents, my family, everything is great!


  1. Martial marie helene says:

    je suis maman d'un insalien,c est une école difficile.même a distance je pense avoir été présente par mon soutien c'est une école que je recommande en que parent

  2. Kikou Ytb says:

    Bonjour , je suis une bachelière marocaine , et je compte finir mes études d'ingénieurs en France , je suis intéressée pas l'insa , mais je ne connais pas les conditions d'admission pour étrangers , les entretiens , tles concours … je serais ravie si il y a une personne renseignée , un étudiant français ou étranger pour me conseiller . Merci .

  3. Mudane 1 says:

    I want to learn aerospace engineering in INSA LION unversity France but i dont know french I understand English only Please give me advice

  4. Cyril d says:

    Bonjour j'ai été convoqué à un entretien pour l'insa et je voulais savoir si j'ai beaucoup de chances d'intégrer l'école ou vraiment rien n'est encore joué ? Merci

  5. Abdourahmane Barry says:

    Bonjour je suis etudiant à l'école superieur polytechnique de Dakar et je voudrais avoir des infos sur les conditions d'admission des étudiants étrangers a l'INSA et plus particulierement ceux venant du Senegal.Merci

  6. Ramiro Cruz says:

    I'm from India. I want to know the job opportunity in France after completion of Aerospace engineering course from your university.

  7. yasmine abdou says:

    Moi j’ai un peu peur je v bientôt rentré à l’Insa centre va de Loire je fais pas forcément parti des élèves les plus intelligente et je suis un peu stressé malgré qu’une je sois une élève extrêmes sérieuse si qqchn pouvais me rassuré

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