Mint Mobile 2019 Super Bowl XLIII 53 commercial ad Chunky Style Milk That’s Not Right


wireless for 20 bucks
that’s not right it’s right all right not chunky style milk that’s not right
I choose chunky style because it has the wholesome chunks brewing kids need
unlinks smooth style milk hey guys I save some chunks for me right kind of
like your wireless bill mint mobile is easy online and just 20 bucks a month
right now by one month and get two months free at mint mobile calm you


  1. If you watch the chunks slowly coming out of the carton? That means the CHUNKS can't hold there wall along the boarder properly slip and slide will cost em! Trump Chunky style MILK won't save them because he's slipping himself as well.

  2. It's called marketing for a reason y'all. Just for the record I just happened to walk away from the tv when this was on so watching it now I get it but hey gotta tip my hat to them

  3. Mint Mobile should be ashamed of themselves. The dairy industry is in a major slump at this time and farmers are selling out at record numbers. This commercial sure didn’t do them any justice.

  4. This is absolutely amazing! I laughed so hard at this commercial. It’s half melted milk shake lol, but the effect is amazing!

  5. Pretty sad that the best Mint could do is throw chunky milk into their commercial. You won't see me supporting a company that belittles, indirectly or not, dairy farmers. Chunky milk may cause people to talk about their dumb commercial, but I hope it doesn't make people purchase Mint's junk.

  6. Does mint mobile not want people to watch their commercial? One of the most disgusting things ever. I can't watch that chunk that guy is trying to get slide down the glass.


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