Missamma Telugu Full Movie || Sivaji, Bhoomika Chawla, Laya || G Neelakanta Reddy || Vandemataram

Missamma Telugu Full Movie || Sivaji, Bhoomika Chawla, Laya || G Neelakanta Reddy || Vandemataram

Madam has come.
Open the gates. Who? My madam.- Madam? Chairman of JP Group,
Meghana madam. That project is finalized.
You don’t worry. Greetings madam. ls Deepika madam there?
– Yes madam, she’s here. Come madam. Madam, Meghana madam has come. Who? J.P. Group Chairman Madam Meghana. What has brought you here? We’re Telugu people.
Shall we speak in Telugu? Mumbai makes us to forget
we are Telugu people. Okay Pandu. You may go.
– Yes madam. Your father & my father
were friends. l have come to talk about a
thing considering that friendship. lt seems you are going to
marry Ajay Rathor. Don’t marry him. He is an opportunist. He is not marrying you for love, but for your wealth. You know that he was my father’s
assistant before joining you as P.A. l was the one who identified
the talent in him. l thought of promoting him to a
position more than his qualification. What happened next? Just talent isn’t enough.
One must have good character also. He doesn’t have it. He acts he has it. You don’t seem to believe me. Madam, tea. Keep it there.- Yes madam. You have not yet
answered my question. Look Meghana! We are
really lucky people. We are in a good position
at a very young age. But, everyone isn’t
lucky like us. So what? The liberty you have
taken to come to me. Taking the same liberty l want
to tell you a thing. Just because you have power,
don’t play with other’s desires. Playing with? You have shown the carrot of
G.M.’s post to many people. l know Ajay Rathor is not
the only man. Did you appoint any one
in last 3 years? Nobody came up to
my expectations. They will never. Because you don’t have any
idea of promoting them. Everyone know that you make fun
of them in the name of tests. lt’s wrong Meghana. Don’t treat a poor man’s
aspirations with contempt. l have not come here to discuss
about my behaviour. l have come to advice you. No, you have come here
seeking revenge on him. You have come here to
ruin his future. Why would l consider
him an enemy? Challenging your authority he had
dared to leave your company. You are not able to
bear that insult. So much of hatred on a
man for a little thing. ls it good on your part
to behave like this? Just 10 more days
for the marriage. You went there to tell her that
her future husband is a bad man. l told her because
he is a bad man. How can we judge good & bad? You are a good girl to me. Can every one have the
same opinion on you? lt all depends on how we see it. Do you know what others
think about you? l don’t care about others. l’ll do whatever l like. l’m still seeing a
5 year old Meghana. When she was warned not to eat
ice cream down with cold. She used to behave
just like this. She forced to have her say. You have not changed a bit. Look! Am l not your family friend? Yes. Whatever l say is for
your good, isn’t it? You will discuss with me before
doing anything, won’t you? lt seems you’re going to
Hyderabad tomorrow. l have a meeting with lDBl. Do you have to go? l must go. Are you going alone? Bablu is coming with me. He? lt’s okay, l think Janakamma
will be better choice. Why do l need her for a week? Nagging lady! Stubborn girl. Have you finished
bank work so fast? Who has gone to the bank?
Nandagopal, the computer. That’s alright, you got 2 calls
from your darling. What’s so urgent work?
‘Nagging’ Lingam? lt’s between you & your darling. Hari, l have paid your
electric bill. Give me my Rs.20 commission. Do you’ve change for Rs.50? l don’t know. l will take it as
advance for next month. Vijaya, you are new to this office.
Don’t get confused. Whenever he goes out on official work,
he’ll run errands for others. He will take Rs.10 or 20
as service charge. He collects the money and
donates it to orphanage. lf you have anything to be done,
he will do it. Forget about her. You owe me Rs.500 as service charges,
pay it first. l am in a tight position. Won’t you? You have plenty of expenses
like drinks, cigarettes, etc., How can you save money? Oh! Come on stop it, boss. l will settle
it with this month’s salary. You’ve been saying this
for the last 5 months. Sir, ‘Nagging’ Lingam is calling you. Don’t say it loud or else you’ll
be fired. You go, l am coming. Stop giggling. Count the money
and keep it safely. Anyway you’ll not pay the due. Bloody. He appears like a strange character.
– He is indeed strange. Refusing to have his own children.
He has adopted an orphan girl. What’s this?
Not an account is proper. You must work with concentration. What happened?
– Asking me what happened? lsn’t it you who had computerised
all the accounts?- Yes. Not a statement is tallying.
ls it the way you work? Did you switch on the computer?
– ls it a joke? By the way, which account
do you want now? Can’t you see?
l want JP Chemicals. You are seeing JP Finance. This is JP Chemicals. What’s all these boxes? Everything is confusion.
Nothing is right. lsn’t it better to follow old rule
of files? l can see it individually. My fate. l am watching you. lt seems you are passing comments
on me in canteen. Calling me names as `wastrel’
and `Nagging’ Lingam. Don’t call me names. l will get
you fired from the job. You can’t do it. The order must
come from head office. lt will come, you carry on like this,
it’ll surely come from the head Office. That’s not a phone call, it’s a fax. l know. What’s this? Why is it working like this? You switched on the printer.
This is fax. What’s all these useless boxes?
l can never understand them. Read the fax message. lt seems our Chairman Meghana is
coming from Bombay. ls madam coming? Don’t get anxious. She’s coming
tomorrow, not today. Why are you so dull my dear? They are saying you are not my
real daddy.- Who said that? Pinky!- Pinky? She is a monkey.
Don’t believe her words. lt seems you had brought me from
somewhere, her mother had told her. Her mother is a fool. Pinky’s father too had brought
her from a hospital. Daddy is a daddy. There won’t be
real or duplicate daddies. Where are you
coming from Mr. Sharma? From an obsequies function.
– Did you get fee?- Yes. Good. Sister, is it yellow flower?
– Yes brother. Though the stick is broken it hasn’t lost
it’s strength, brother-in-law. l don’t know if it is
broken or lost strength. Fragrance of flowers is totally lost
in your cigar stink. Your lungs will get damaged.
Can’t you quit smoking? How can l quit?
l am always tensed. What’s there for you
to get tensed up? Tell me when will my son-in-law
get his promotion. l have studied his horoscope.
He is in for good time. But it is getting little delayed
because few bad planetary signs. We can arrange remedial measures. Look he has come. Have you come son-in-law? Hi my sweetie!
– Hi grandfather. Did you bring it, son-in-law?
You would have. How do l open this? Where did you
keep it?- l said no to it. Shruthi, you go inside. Why did you say no?
– Why do you want a pipe? Did you see your body? Smoking cigars has reduced
your body to a beedi. Do you want a pipe now?
Do you want to die? Why are you saying like this? This is a matter of
our family honour. Subbarayudu in our village
smokes a pipe saying, his son-in-law had
presented it to him. Bloody show off. l had thrown a challenge, my son-in-law
will buy me a better pipe. lf l go empty handed now.
Won’t l lose my face? Think over it. You lost your honour the day
you played cards. You go on taunt me like this. Someday l will win millions
in playing cards, and buy a car for my son-in-law. Mr.Shastri, tell me. lsn’t it in his horoscope that
l will buy a car for him? l don’t know whether
you will buy or not. But your son-in-law will
definitely own cars. Did you hear it?
– l have heard. How can you get a car?
l must buy it for you. Father, don’t shout on streets.
Go & discuss there. You come in. l will talk to her. Son-in-law, it’s not a gold frame. Why do you need a gold frame? Can’t you see properly if isn’t a gold
frame?- No, it looks little rough… First think about her marriage.
Think about fashion later. Why do you need a
jeans pant now? Just for fun…
– lf you are so interested, get married and ask your
husband to buy it. Go around wearing it.
Go now. Everyone has started. They have grown up,
but have no sense. Pack your bags & get ready.
lt’s time for the train. l told you to get a sweet packet.
Did you get it?- lt’s in the bag. What’s wrong in buying
what they are asking. l am like a son to them. Shouldn’t l fulfill their
little wishes also? All are useless fashion. They haven’t
asked anything useful. No.- What no! Aren’t we saving Rs.1000 every month
for her marriage? lf we spend for all this,
we can’t meet the both ends. You are right,
they may mistake me. That’s why l have taken
all the blame on me. Maths is over. Your father is king in English. Come on ask what you want to know. What else dear? i Dream Like anklets. Like exotic bird. Don’t incite me Rathnamala. Don’t sing mischievous cuckoo. Why’re you rushing before
the arrival of spring? You’re the love overflowing in me. You’re my rainbow. Come down romantically
leaving the sky. Though l too desire you. l can’t come to you till the
night falls and stars appear. Do you’ve to keep this distance? So near yet l’ve to bear the
grief of separation. Fill up these blanks. i Dream l desire you everyday
like a new lover. Moon may laugh hearing the
noise outside our bedroom. My desires have bloomed
like jasmine. Stop this uninhibited romance. Flowers are beckoning to romance. Don’t be stubborn at odd hours. Pent up passions are all fired up. Sleep dear.- l’ll not sleep daddy. Sleep dear. l am not getting sleep, daddy. Close your eyes, you’ll get sleep. Then, tell me a story.
– l’m not in a mood now. Then, l’ll not sleep. Okay. i Dream Once upon a time a king. A queen joined him. They became an ideal couple and
enjoyed the bliss of love. When queen went to the king
like a venus. As king weaved around queen’s hips. ln passionate love making, enjoying the bliss of happiness. My heart is getting overwhelmed. i Dream We’ve atlast got time
to romance, Rathnamala. Shall l fall on your lap like
blossomed flowers, Nandagopala. Eat your breakfast quickly.
Don’t just play with it. Why have you applied
powder like this? What is it? Where is my file? Which file?- The blue file
l had kept in bureau. lt will be there only. Check carefully.
Who will take it? Am l not saying it is not here? lt was here only. lf you say it was here only then
it should be here only. Did you throw it else where? Why would l throw it?
– What happened to it then? l remember now. Recently when l cleared the bureau,
took it…- After taking it… With your old book and files…
– Did you sell it as junk? Will l behave so silly?
You are talking illogical. Look there. l have packed it
in a card board box. Why did you keep it
in a card board box? Do you know what file is that? l know. lt is a thesis
written by you. Business & social dynamics. A relationship between
business & society. lf one is good how the other
will prosper …etc., Your advises and suggestions
for achieving it. lsn’t it? Yes, you will feel like that only. Same thing…- The Great JP had written
about this in his book. So, you are also a
great man like him. You were raising a hell since
morning about selling it as junk. Sorry dear! Am l late?
l will come immediately. Have take your water bottle? Why are you wearing the new shirt? Wasn’t it to be worn
for functions only? Fool, it’s like a function
for our office today. Today our madam is coming.
– Madam? JP’s daughter, Meghana.
Our chairman is coming. Your lady boss Meghana.- Yes. Stop it. Why are you so excited for her? Look, you’ve proven the
credentials of a woman. Moreover she’s of higher range. Do you think of your
husband is a Cupid? ls he not? Okay. lt’s a boon that she’s
coming to my office. l have got an opportunity
to hand over this file to her. Didn’t you say you gave this
file to JP 3 years ago? l gave it to his secretary & told him
to place it in a vantage position. Useless man, he failed. l gave him a party also. Anyway they say it’s better
late than never. l will give it today. Are you sure this will reach
Meghana’s hands? Give me Rs.50, l will do it. Will she read it if
we pay her Rs.50? Do you think is she a clerk
in a government office? Fool. With Rs.50 l will catch her attention
which others failed to do. What will you do? Meghana madam enters the office, as she enters, people greet her
in different ways like this. But, l with great intelligence,
greet in a different style. buying Rs.50 a flower bouquet. Presenting it to her. l will impress her with
a grand welcome. Mumbai Meghana & Nandagopal
will get satellite linked. Great. Oh God! He is sitting out side only.
– Who? Who else? Our Vishwambara Shastri. He will catch hold like a leech. Why are you saying like that?
Poor old man. He’s torturing me. He will say
planetary defects & remedial. He will say bad omen and remedial. He will ask me to visit temples. Where do l have time for that?
– He says it for our good only. Right, but l don’t have time. Hello Nandagopal! Sir! l have an important thing to
discuss with you. Are you going to office? Uncle, what is aunt doing?
– She’s preparing macaroni. What macaroni? Pumpkin macaroni. Pumpkins were tender in your backyard.
Have you plucked it? No, they are not from
our backyard. Recently l had been to a relative’s
house in Vanasthalipuram. From their yard… lsn’t your uncle’s wife Subhadramma?
– Yes. She uses asafoetida for seasoning.
– Yes. She prepares an exotic
dish with brinjals. She gets tender brinjals,
slitting into 4. Pounding pulse, coriander seeds,
dry coconut & chilies together. Filling the masala into the brinjal slit?
She fries it in hot oil. When you eat it with hot rice,
it’s sheer delight. Why did he slip away like mercury? He has to go urgently. lt seems their chairman
is visiting their office. He has to buy a
bouquet on the way. All this bouquets and garlands
are useless. lf the couple sits together & offer
prayers to 9 planets will do good. She has left. She went away. lnstead of spending time
with passersby, Can’t you stand guard
for the macaroni? l am not passing my time. Nandagopal is our boy.
That’s why l am advising him. Can he get a promotion with a bouquet?
Shouldn’t the planets be favourable? Madam will be here in 5 minutes. l will put the garland first. They don’t garland a woman.
They give it to her hands. He is a grandpa, no problem.
He can garland her. Who is that? Do you know anything
about Hindu traditions? A chief guest is welcomed
with a garland. You must offer vermilion & welcome. Hey Bobji…keep quiet. They don’t garland a woman. No problem, you are like
my grandpa. Garland me. Greetings madam. Greetings madam. Greetings madam. Greetings madam. Greetings. Come madam, let’s have some tea. l will tell one. Go on. A farmer was sitting dejected
failing to get good harvest. A friend of his came & asked
why are you sitting sad? My lands are not giving
good yields. l am confused over what pesticides
l have to use. He advised him to buy 4 or 5
different companies products, and asked him to taste and
use the one which tastes good. Greetings madam.- Greetings. Where is our company’s accountant?
– Why madam? Am l not here? You must read out statement details
instantly.- l will do it, madam. Do you know to operate computer? No, isn’t it. Nandagopal, madam is calling you. Are you feeling hungry, Bablu? Madam…this file… Yes, Mr. Mehra… Greetings, l am in Hyderabad now. Madam, this file… l want to buy furnishings
to the guest house. Where can l get it? l know. l will take you there. Go to Abids. Unload it carefully…be careful. Madam…- No. Where is the packet l gave you? lt is here only. Open it. Alright. Oh Mr.JP! The great JP. One and only JP.
l am his great fan. Ardent fan. ls it? Fix it in a good place. Shall l fix it there? l think it’s too high. Keep it there. Good place. You know one thing. l read atleast 10 times business and
social dynamics your father wrote. Really it is a bible for business. lt is a guide to every
upcoming businessman. The fun part of it is, l wrote a thesis before
reading this book. l too had similar ideas
like your father’s. Off course, l didn’t write it
as brilliant as JP. But everyone who read it
praised me. l sent a copy to your father also. May be he didn’t get it. lt will be good if you read
and tell your opinion. Whenever you are free, one more thing madam. lt seems lndigo software is also
trying for the US contract. l know how to play
a game with them. What happened to Kotla
Petro project, madam? They are insisting on arranging the
meeting in your absence also. Writing thesis and doing business
are practically 2 different things. There are many who have written
great books on business. Can they really do business? lf you have so much of
business sense. Why didn’t you start
a business of your own? l did, but my partner cheated me. We are surrounded by cheats. Never get cheated. l have learnt the lesson. To look after my family,
l am working here. Off course, this job is not
worth for my talent. Shall l serve food madam?
– Later. You have missed a point
from my father’s book. Good business man creates
opportunities himself. He will never plead for
an opportunity. l will be here for 2 more days. Prove your uniqueness. Will you give me Rs 500?
– Why? l have been on your
job since evening. Am l not paying you
salary in office? That’s for 9 to 5 only,
here it is 5 to 8. lt’s my private time. l am not only dynamic in theory
but in practical too. l don’t know why but l feel you
haven’t done the right thing. lnstead of giving this file to her
why did you take money from her? Do we need money
so urgently now? Not in need fool. This is known as reverse strategy. Didn’t get me, did you? lf we do what others are doing. How can we attract attention? To catch her attention we must
do some strange thing. That’s why you got an idea
which no one else got it. You were this only one
to take a bouquet. l had taken it. Will it be enough? Don’t know how much more
monkeying will l have to do. Didn’t get it, did you?
– No. You will not. lsn’t our grand old man there?
That’s our Jagadish Prasad. Before he became a billionaire, lt seems he had joined
a small company in Bombay. At Rs 200 salary a month. lt seems his boss once made
him to work entire night. After doing it, it seems he daringly
asked for overtime. That’s all his boss got thrilled
for his practical sense. lt seems he promoted and
offered him partnership also. This is between us only. l remembered and copied it. You mean you made her to remember
her father by doing this. You’ve guessed it right, silly girl. Considering it as same, she will
get impressed with me. How is my reverse strategy? Good. Didn’t she find it is a copied act? Foolish girl! She doesn’t know that
l know this incident. You are not as innocent
as you appear. What have you seen of me? Watch the games l will
play in future. Promotion? No, ousting! l must praise your arrogance.
Couldn’t you hide it for a day? You would have acted smart with
her as you do with me. She fired you. You always said it must come
from head office. Chairperson herself has fired you.
Accept it. Do you know why l have
assembled you all here? To show you l will fire you all
if you get smart with me. Go away and tell others about this.
Go & do your work. Should l tell you personally?
– Sir, l am the receptionist. Then sit. You have a feeling that
you are a scholar. Did you understand your scholarliness?
Don’t remove this garland. Go & tell your wife why you
were garlanded? What is this Gopal?
What happened? l must meet madam. Greetings madam. Why have you come here? l went to office, they said
you had fired me. They gave this cheque
as final payment. Have you really fired me? What makes you think
this is a joke? ls it April first today? See no. Why did you fire me?
– Don’t you know. lt was my mistake to take Rs 500. l lost my sense and
took money from you. l will return it. After your hands are burnt… What’s that? What’s the use of a glove? What’s the use? lt was an act after
losing my sense. Not losing but getting over smart. My father is my family. You have read about all the
incidents in his life. You thought you can impress me
by using those tactics. lsn’t it? l am not able to understand
what you are talking about. Really didn’t get me? Really l didn’t get you madam. l didn’t dismiss you
for taking Rs 500. You felt this job is not
worth your talent. l relieved you from that
sorrow, that’s all. Now, you can find a job
worth your talent. Talent! Bloody talent. lt’s a boon even to work as
a peon in JP group. Compared to it, accountant post
is a great one. l love my job and
l love my company. Think over it again, madam. l will fall at your feet.
l beg you madam. Nandagopal! What is this?
– l beg of you, madam. Get up.- l will not. l will not get up till
l get back my job. l told that just for fun. Get up. Fun? Today is not April first also.
You are serious. You were dismissed with
an idea of promotion. Promotion?- Yes. Really? You have that spark in you. l swear on me…no…
l swear on you. What’s all about that
dismissal order? That is… No one should know about
your promotion. – Why? Why means… Do l have to explain you? l will change & come. ls it higher post or lower post? Am l late?- Oh no. You have to wait for
promotion, don’t you? Take it. Which post is being offered
as promotion to me? l am thinking about GM’s post. Are you coming or not?
– l am coming. l am an M.Com and presently
working as an accountant. ln which angle did you
identify talent in me? Which angle? JP sir’s angle. He too said to see anything
from the heart. You too did the same, didn’t you? That’s why, you identified
the talent in me. l have identified, it’s okay. lsn’t it good if it’s proved
beyond doubt?- Yes! But, how do you think
it can be proved? l will know by putting you to test. Correct! Use as many tests as you feel
like, l am ready for anything. You are ready, it’s okay. lf you fail to get promotion
after the tests. You shouldn’t accuse me later
l am sadist, psychopath…etc., Why would l say like that? Because there are people
who said that. ls it true madam? Let they lose their tongues,
cheap people. lf they had failed in tests, they must
accept they are incompetent. lsn’t it?- Yes. Do you want me to come to Mumbai? Why? l am staying here for 2-3 days
more exclusively for you. Are you changing you program
for me madam? l am planning to leave after
testing your talent. Madam.- lt’s okay. Come to my guest house. As you say, madam. What’s this man? Dear… Dear… Won’t it be good if you
get the promotion?- Why? ls it to buy a silk sari? No, to buy a swing for
junior Nandagopal. Sleep. Keep quiet, baby is here only.
– She’s sleeping. Didn’t l tell you to sleep?
– Daddy, l want to go to school…come. Sleep now, let’s go
tomorrow morning. Dear… Dear… You said you want to
go early morning. Where?- To madam’s house. Tests! Madam…Oh my god! Where?- Jogging.
This is your first test. Come let’s go home.- So soon! Oh my god! Now, second test. Do it. Plenty. Do it plenty. Madam soup is ready. Scale this pillar and
sit on the top. Oil! That’s the test. Aren’t the tests strange?- No. Go home & think why l am
putting you to these tests! lt’s a week since your work
with lDBl is over. What are you doing there still? l am not able to leave
Hyderabadi biryani. My mouth is also watering,
l am also coming there. Aren’t you getting bored
alone there? l have made a little arrangement
for passing my time. Arrangement?
What sort of an arrangement? Don’t know what difficult time
she’s having there? lt’s enough if she doesn’t give
difficult time to others. Have you burnt your fingers? Oh! What great tests! l was surprised how are these
tests connected to GM’s post. You made one run it means… A man’s first need is good health. lf health is good we can
work very well. So you tested my health condition. Next was cooking. Quantity of different things used for
cooking will enhance the tests. Likewise, when a project comes, using the talent of office
staff proportionately, whether l can successfully
manage a project or not, you have identified a great talent
in me with a small test. Excellent madam. Next was scaling the pillar. lt’s an example of your perseverance. You tested the power
of my perseverance. l had passed in those test too!
Oh my madam. Why have l made you to
iron clothes? This is the only thing l am
not able to understand. There will be a meaning to
this act also. l will definitely find it. Everyone will be watching
only you in the hotel. Why not? lf l go out
in a night dress. Night dress? i Dream Won’t this world join me
when l sing. Won’t this world join me
when l dance. When l’m around, it’s happiness.
Joy is within me. Enjoy friends. i Dream Happiness is half of your strength. My smile is my signature. Welcome to happiness
untouched my sorrows. There’s music in smiles.
There’s magic in flowers, there’s no logic if doesn’t,
this life is a picnic. Sun, moon, the moonlight
falling on the dew drop, are my friends. i Dream Let excitement flow every
moment from your lips. lt’s happiness and joy
always for me. lf you want to say,
go ahead and say it. lf you want to do,
go ahead and do it. Love it eternally. Let me fly like rain,
air and flowers. …let me spread all over. Your song was excellent. A question. Go ahead. Why don’t you think about marriage? Because l couldn’t find a
handsome man like you. No madam, don’t make fun of me.
– Will you marry me then? You are too much, moreover
l am already married. lf you were not married you’ve
an idea of marrying me. No, slip of tongue. No, you have an idea that’s why
it slipped out of your tongue. l don’t have any such idea. Why should l accept l don’t
have such idea. l know you’ve such an idea. Have you waken up from sleep? l lost myself in your music. Madam, it’s 1 1 .30 pm now
l will take leave. What’s so urgent?
lt’s just 1 1 .30 pm only. My wife will be waiting for me. Will she beat if you go home late? What did you say your
wife’s name was? Rathnam.- What? Children? Own children? l decided to think about it
after settling in life. Have you adopted a girl
refusing to have children?- Yes. l can add few marks
for this also. How many years are you married?
– 5 years. Aren’t you bored? Bored? What bored? l mean, aren’t you bored
with your wife. Getting bored with Rathnam!
No way. My Rathnam is really a
diamond like her name. l am not praising her.
She’s beautiful. She’s a great cook.
She keeps the house beautiful. But, short tempered.
Very emotional. She’s beautiful even in anger… Stop…stop it.
ls it love marriage? No, it’s love after marriage. What’s this love after marriage?
lt’s all humbug. Why are you saying like that?
– Yes! Arranged marriages are
relationships of convenience. There is no love in it. But ours is different. l don’t believe it. Suppose if you had married some
Ruby instead of Rathnam. And your Rathnam had married
some Balagopal instead of you. Wouldn’t you live with them also with
the same feelings taking it as love? You are confusing me. Marriage is god’s decision. My love for my wife in true. lt’s getting late, l will
take leave now. Think over what l have told you. There’s truth in it. After a week l have got
you on a Sunday. Don’t know what the hell those tests
were the day in & night out. You brain is going to burst
getting heated up. lt seems a proposal had come
before my proposal. He was like Kamalhassan.
– Why didn’t you marry him? He was a bank employee.
He demanded more dowry. So, it didn’t materialize. You mean you married me as
l came cheaper. You are gold who refused
to take dowry. Suppose if you had married
that Kamalhassan. Would you have washed his
hair also like this? Didn’t you chase Ramani of
opposite house for a year? lf you’d married her wouldn’t she be
doing this now?- Oh don’t pull my hair. Okay, forget about it. Why did you bring this topic now?
Making fun of me? Not for fun.- Then, why? l had a discussion on love and
marriage with Meghana. l told her ours was
an arranged marriage. After that.- lt seems our love
isn’t true. Why did you go there?
What are you discussing there? No, my silly girl. While discussing these topics
come up on their own. But, l forcibly said ours is not
a relationship of convenience. lf you’d really told her. You wouldn’t have asked
about that Kamalhassan. Tell me one thing, Why are you discussing our
personal things there? l mean that is…- What’s that? Why are you angry?
Shouldn’t you’ve a reason for it? She asked me to pass time.
l asked you losing my sense. What happened now? Have you become so close to discuss
personal matters with another woman? Why would l get close to her? What are you doing there in
the name of promotion? Are you doing household chores? Oh no, why would l do that? Tests for GM’s post
are highly official. Does she have to do that at home? Didn’t l tell you it’s a secret? Am l not tolerating all
this for promotion? l will not discuss personal
matters with others. You are praising that girl always.
l don’t like it. Because my girl is jealous. Thief…thief…silly girl. Thief…silly girl…jealousy girl. You are not angry on me but for
praising her.- No, isn’t it? ls it paining? Now, another two kisses will
make it vanish. Silly girl. Bloody flat tyre! My cycle has a flat tyre. Couldn’t you tell me while putting
design in the front yard? This isn’t good. Why would l took at your cycle
while doing my work? You are always sitting outside. Can’t you see it yourself?
Why are you asking me? l am not sitting here
to count stars. To make my livelihood. Sir. One minute.
My cycle has a flat tyre. l have to offer a special prayers
in goddess’s temple. You are going that way
please drop me. That is… Visalakshi, l am going on his scooter.
Close the door safely. By the way l forgot to tell you.
Murthy’s son will come for the horoscope. lt is on the bench,
give it to him. First get the cycle repaired and
then give him the horoscope. lsn’t it strange to ask
a guest to do work? lt is not strange or anything else. lt’s a free job,
let him atleast do this. We men know how to
behave with others. l don’t need your silly advise. Get on. What happened to your hand?
– Hot water fell on my hand. Hot water will scald the skin. Looks like you were hit with a mug. Did you’ve any fight with your wife?
– Oh no! l shouldn’t be saying this
my wife is also similar. She will beat with anything
in hand when she is angry. Are you going to office in a hurry?
Office on Sunday? My madam wanted to finish
some work at home. Does your madam ask you to
do work at home also? Home doesn’t mean home,
it’s a guest house. Whatever it is guest house or home,
what’s this working on Sunday too? Sitting outside the home
on Sunday will not help us. Did you think about what
l had told you? What? l said yours is a marriage
of convenience not love. l forgot about it the moment
l left this place.- Really? ls it so important
to remember it? lt may not be important to you,
but it is very important to me. Why? lf it is not love between
you & your wife. You will be fighting always. You will not be in a good mood. You will come to office
in the same mood. You can’t work properly. Decisions taken with a disturbed
mind are bound to be wrong. You will not face any problem. We don’t have any problem between us. We are very close. You are getting the
important post of a GM. l must get convinced it’s true
love between you & your wife. How can l get to know it? Let’s have a test for that too. Looks like funny & romantic. l will go & bring Rathnamala here. No need. She will join on her own. By the way, what is the test? Should l have to tell now or
shall l tell after taking bath? l will come back the half hour,
wait for me. Are you making faces at him? Madam, just for fun… lsn’t it late night?
– Oh! lt’s just 9.50 pm. What is the test, madam?
– You seem to be very enthusiastic. lt’s a test on love,
so l am little excited. Test is very simple. You must marry me. Leave it madam, you are always
ready to make fun of me. lt’s not fun, it is the test. l know it’s a joke. You want to make fun of me
if l say yes. l will not fall into your trap. Can’t you understand
my seriousness? l can’t understand why you are
getting so serious with me. lf l had committed any mistaken
in aspiring my promotion. Please forgive me. l want to offer you
that promotion only. That’s why this proposal. l am scared…
l don’t want any promotion. l will go away if
you give back my job. Where’s your job?
lt’s already gone. Some other person has been
appointed in your place. You said the dismissal
was just fun. When others at office said you were
a man eater. l didn’t believe it. But l have understood now, it’s fun for
you to play with men like me. Promotion is also a game. ls there any connection between
tests & the GM’s post? You said my tests were brilliant, and claimed only scholars like
you can understand it. l did say. l praised every silly test
because your JP’s daughter. l will no more be a willing fool
to your game. l am going. Where will you go?
The real game has just begun. You didn’t get me, did you? l will tell you. What’s the time now? Look properly. Where are you coming from now? Take out the paper & read it. After watching `Tarzan Beauty’
film at 6.30 show. Eating Biryani at Bawarchi. l came home. When l came home, when l came, entire house… Entire house was plunged in darkness. l switched on the light. Nandagopal came running
down the steps, he brushed me and went away. When l went up the stairs and
saw in the bed room. Meghana madam was raped. Cheating, treachery.
l will not accept. No one here is a fool to believe
these cooked up stories. ls it? Yes, Banjara Hills Police station. l am S.l. Amjad Khan speaking. Tell me. Madam you?…Greetings. l have registered
your complaint madam. lt is here only. Read it for me.- Alright madam. ln Telugu please.
– Yes, l will read it in Telugu. On 25th at 1 1 .30 PM A man named Nandagopal was
running away after raping you. A man named Bablu who came back
from a movie saw him. After that etc…etc., Shut up. Madam, forensic reports
are also ready. Do you want any more false cases
to be framed on that rogue? For the present, this rape case will do.
– Okay madam. l will come personally to thank you
for utilizing my services. Bye. You can’t harm me.
Servants, watchman are here. They will testify. Didn’t you observe?
Nobody is at home. Cheating, treachery. lt’s a grave sin to frame such cases
on an innocent man like me. Even god will not forgive you. l will not allow to have your say
even if the world turns against me. When l make the people tell you, you will come to my way. Will you make Rathnam to tell me? What will you ask her to tell? Rathnam, l want to marry
your husband. This is very important
test for promotion. Will you request her to
conduct this marriage? Then, you will get a
good stick from her. Do you know what’s happening
in your home now? l have sent a letter to her. Do you know what l
have written in it? l am Meghana,
Chairperson of JP Group. l want to tell you
an important thing. You might be knowing
about my life. l lost my mother as a child. l lost my father 3 years ago. Friends & relatives loved
my wealth & position only. No one loved me as a person. l was waiting for a man who
will love me as a person. l did meet one such man. Nandu…that is your
husband Nandagopal. lt all started then, But still Rathnam, l have only
one request to you. Allow us to marry. There’s no life for me
without Nandu. This week we have come closer. We both who know his
heart very well, let’s sit together
discuss about it. l think it will be fine if
we come to a decision. l am writing this letter
with great hope. Yours Meghana. Devil. Will you stoop down to
so low level? l will… My Rathnam will not
believe your lies. You can’t separate us. lf it so, then you’ve
passed the test, and have got the promotion. You & your bloody tests. Devil. That letter is a lie. Open the door, dear. l will explain you everything.
Open the door please. Open the door. lsn’t she opening the door? Didn’t you sleep yet? l couldn’t get sleep, so l was chanting
Lord Anjaneya’s hymns. l heard your scooter’s
sound & came out. l think she’s in deep sleep.
She will get up. You go to sleep. l just saw lights were on inside. No, when l came here lights
were already switched off. Why did l feel then
the lights were on? You had mistaken it. You called her by name standing
near the window. Rathnam came & slapped the
window on your face. Lights went off after that,
didn’t they? l will go & chant invocation
of Lord Venkateshwara, …Anjaneya’s…crown…
No…no. l will go to sleep. Don’t remain silent, dear. Your silence makes me fear
that you believe her. Don’t look at me
angrily like that. Can’t you hear patiently
my explanation? All this is cheating.
A game she is playing on me. Doesn’t she have anything else to do
other than playing games with you? l don’t know how to explain you. She is a cheap woman. Till yesterday, she was great,
dynamic, one & only Meghana. ln one day has she become
a cheap woman. l didn’t know her true colour
till l went closer to her. Why did you get closer to her?
– For promotion. When you spent day & night
there for promotion. l felt pity on you for over exerting
yourself for promotion. l never expected you to ruin my life.
– Don’t get angry. Allow me to say.
Do you know how it all began? l know. You went to receive
her with a bouquet. lt all started then. Love at first sight? My foot! l wasn’t the only one
to go with a bouquet. Everyone had brought a bouquet,
much bigger than mine. But you said that day you were the
only one to go with a bouquet. l lied that day. Will you lie to me also? That means if you had lied
for a little thing. How can l believe you are not
lying for such a big thing? What’s the link between
bouquet & this problem? Didn’t you say you’ll get linked to
Mumbai’s Meghana with a bouquet? l said like that to rise my level. ln one day she had come here, without even reading your thesis, that too when so many others
are in the office, why did she chose to
promote only you? lmpressed with my talent. Why do you always take
the wrong meaning? A woman that too a billionairess,
claims to have an affair with you. Shit. Even after she has written
everything in the letter, Don’t you want me to believe it? She is mad girl.
Don’t believe her letter. l didn’t tell you. ln the name of tests, she made me do her
household chores. Though l’m a village girl,
l’ve studied upto lntermediate. l know what tests are
conducted for a post. They weren’t tests
conducted over there. But your love games. Oh my God! Shruthi, get up.
– No, Rathnam listen to me. Get up, lets talk & settle
this, listen to me. Please listen to me.
No, Rathnam. You sleep. You come… Leave me. l’m telling you.
Leave me. Leave me. Why don’t you listen to me?
Why are you getting angry? Don’t come to a conclusion in hurry. lf you listen to me patiently,
we can solve this problem. You’ve no problem. You planned to trap her
and you’ve done it. Now, it’s my problem. Please you…- Don’t say anything
infront of the child. The vegetable seller has come.
Shall l buy cucumber? Yesterday only l had prepared
cucumber chutney. l’ll buy pumpkin.
Prepare mashed dish. Don’t prepare it for the name sake. Your mother-in-law. That means, prepare
it as my mother had prepared. lf you’re so particular, ask her to come here
and prepare it for you. The cucumber which you gave me
yesterday was very bitter. What are you saying Shastri? How do l know whether the
vegetable is sweet or bitter? You ate the entire gravy
prepared by your wife. Enough of your brilliance. How much is this?- Rs.30. l’ll give you Rs.15.- Shastri… Rathnam, did you go to drop
the child in the school? Yes. But Nandagopal… Look it has been 5 years
since we are married. ln these 5 years, did l ever gave
an opportunity to explain? Did l ever neglect you? Did l ever go out for boozing,
or to party with my friends? How can l cheat you? How can these things happen
in one week? With love at first sight. Such things happen only in films
and not in real life. Why not? ln Rajamundri bus, you saw my photo which was
in my father’s hand. You fell in love, inquiring about me, got down at
Mandapeta and came to my house. You said that you fell in love
with me at first sight. People fall in love only once. Before marriage, you were in love with
your neighbour girl for an year. What do you call that? lt’s some kind of a teenage romance.
lt’s not called love, only looks. You said that Kavitha, your college mate
was your close friend. l never know how close your were. A teenage romance.
A college romance. And now, romance after marriage. Yes, you came to know about these
things only after l had told you. Why did l tell you? Because, there shouldn’t by
any secrets between us. You must trust me for everything. We are one. Never allow anyone to
come in between us. Didn’t you really fall in
love with her at first sight? Apart from this eye sight,
l’ve no other stupid sight. Poor girl. Your face has swollen because
of continuous crying. Then, why is she doing like this? Don’t know. You be quiet for 2 days.
You’ll be able to understand her. l think it’s Shastri, you go inside. lf he comes, he might torture us
with questions. l’m coming. You get up and go inside. Wash your face, go. Go… l’m coming. You? – Are you scared? Don’t get scared. l’m not here
to take you with me. l’ve come to inform you that your
marriage is at 1 1 `o’ clock. Please sir, let’s go out & talk.
Listen to me. Madam… She isn’t here she has gone
to her native place. Are you joking? Madam, will you please come out? You said she has gone
to her native place. You also listen to
what l’m going to say. Send your husband to
Balaji temple at 1 1 `o’ clock. He must marry
madam Meghana there. Look, don’t trouble him by getting angry. lt’s trouble with big people. lf he doesn’t come, l’ll have to arrest your
husband on rape charges. Rape! Yes. lf l don’t marry her, they’re planning to frame and drag me
to court with rape charge. Yes. You’re a small kid and
you don’t know anything. We’re trying to frame you and
conduct your marriage. You trapped a rich girl, as your wife is here,
you are lying. Oh! Look at his face. How did you trap her
with such a face? She trapped me and not l. Don’t believe him. They sold themselves for money,
and are playing with our lives. Enough, you’re talking too much. You did it for money but
now you’re accusing others. l didn’t do it for money. So, it is love at first sight, isn’t it? Oh no! stop mourning?
l meant something else. l’ll convince her, you go. l’ll convince my wife, you stop. l’ll convince her, you go. Whatever it is,
l’ll convince her. Why’re you interfering
in our matter? Move. l told you that l’ll convince her. Look sister, l’m telling this
from my experience. You husband has raped her. As a man, l’ve got that. But l don’t know whether it was
for money or for love? Now, she wants him to marry her. lf he doesn’t marry her, l am telling you,
it’ll be a big problem. Do you want to get into
unnecessary problems? Look sister. Listen to me
without getting angry. She has lot of money. You can live in bungalows
and AC cars all your life. Your fate has made her to fall
in your husband’s trap. Before she changes her mind, get your husband married to her,
and earn as much as you can. Got it? l am advicing as your brother. Look, don’t forget your first wife
because you’ve got a new one. lf you hurt her feelings,
l’ll beat you. Look sister, inform me
if he misbehaves. l’ll take care of him. Come fast. lt’s getting late
to your marriage. You don’t worry. l will not come. You don’t believe him, Rathnam. Shit! Don’t l know the dramas you play? Drama? lt’s a game. No. lt’s true you’ve an
affair with her. Affair? – l didn’t cheat you, did l? Cheat?- Why did you do this?
Tell me. l’m innocent. Don’t cry. l’m innocent. l’m telling you the truth.
l’m innocent. lt’s a game played by them. Listen to me. Why are you scaring me?
Listen to me. You have cheated me.
– No. Nothing happened. l’ll die… Rathnam, no…no.- l’ll die. Please… What are you doing? l’ll go and meet her.
l’ll prove my innocence. You have cheated me.
– No, never. l’ll go now and meet her.
l’ll prove my innocence. Don’t hurt yourself for my sake…
l’ll be back soon. You have come at the right time. Come, let’s go.
The priest is waiting for us. Why are you wearing this
on our marriage day? Look at Bablu, How smart he is. Meghana madam, please stop
this frightful comedy. Rathnam is very much worried. l can’t fight with you. Please leave me. Nandu, why are you talking like that? Can’t you understand a woman’s heart? Please don’t say that.
l’ll fall at your feet. l must fall at your feet.- No. Please don’t say no. l’ve no one. l’m a lonely woman. l know your mother died
when you were a child. Everyone treated you like golden goose, and were after your wealth. No one showed true love on me. l know that also.
But l’m a married man. Please leave me. No Nandu. Say something else. l said l can’t…it’s impossible. l say it’s impossible. What’s it? As l’m asking you to marry me,
are you trying to show off? Do you think l’ll marry you
if you threaten me. Why? Won’t you marry me? Yes, l won’t. l’m going. Go… lnspector is waiting downstairs. What will he do?
He’ll arrest me, that’s all. l’ll go to jail & count the bars. Then, what will happen
to your Rathnam? My Rathnam is a strong willed woman. lf l go to jail, she can survive
by doing tailoring work. What about your adopted
daughter Shruthi? Did you think about her future? Do you know how her school mates
will tease her in school? Your dad is a bad boy. She would get insulted both
in school & college. And as time passes by,
she’ll grow into a woman. During the bride seeing ceremony,
the secret will be out. What? Was her father
in jail for rape? Shit! lf we knew that this
is a family of disgrace. We wouldn’t have stepped
into this house. Why are you still sitting here?
Get up…get up… She’ll not get married and
remain a spinster. lf she questions you
why you had ruined her life, what will you answer her? Getting dejected, she might
even commit suicide. Will you be happy? And now Rathnamala, lf she ekes a life doing odd jobs,
do you call it a life? lf you really love Shruthi & Rathnamala, even if it hurts you,
marry me for their sake. JP group Chairman’s husband. You must come home
in the evening. This is neither a marriage
nor you are my wife. Shit! Wish you a happy married life. You have fallen in a
basket full of chicken. l married thrice. But l never
got such a girl. Hey, your scooter… Sir, your scooter…. He forgot to take his scooter.
– Bring it to home. Wish you a happy married life. When you come home,
take your money. Please sit. When did you come?
– Just an hour earlier. You never informed me
about your arrival. You never informed us
about your marriage. My arrival means nothing. So, you are keeping track of me. But a bit late. Where is the groom? He’ll come at anytime. Will a man who is married
and has a daughter come? What l’m trying to say is… Don’t search for logic in this. No Meghana… – You mean to say that
l’ve crossed the limits. Good or bad, l’ll take that.
Don’t try to lecture me on that. l’ve no patience to
listen to it. l’m leaving to Bombay
by evening. May l know when you’ll come? After 2 days.
You can go. What is that vermilion mark
on your forehead?- Actually… Why are these grains of
blessings on your head? Actually… ln a state of shock, l… Married her? – Marriage! Nothing like that. Oh my God! He has ruined my life. Don’t cry. l’m scared to
see you crying. You scoundrel!
You’ve ruined my life. Tell me what mistake did l commit?… What did you say when you left?
– What did l tell you? Tell me… You said, you’ll bring her here.
– Yes l did. What have you done now? You said you’ll bring her here.
– Yes. What have you done now? Shit! Everyone is kicking me around
like a football since morning. Open the door. l can’t live without you.
Don’t hurt yourself. Open the door… Look, tell me whether you’ll
open the door or not. Or else l’ll break the
doors to come in. Open the door. You won’t…
Open the door… Rathnam, stop…listen to me.
Don’t go away. What will happen to us
if you go away? Please think about our daughter. Don’t go. – Move away. Stop. – Leave me. Don’t go. Listen to me.
– Leave me. No, don’t go. – Leave me. Don’t cross this threshold, Rathnam. That is yours, not mine. Mine? Open the door. Please listen to me.
l’m innocent. Open the door. – Get lost from here. Actually… – Go away. Please open the door.
No one knew about this till now. Don’t create a problem. Bye. Take care of our daughter. Don’t worry. Camps are
unavoidable in my job. Don’t worry. l’ll be back in 2 days. l’m going on a camp. She’s worried because,
l’m going out of station. To which place?- Anakapalli. l think you don’t have
branch in Anakapalli. lt’s a new branch. Are you going by train or by bus? By Train. l think there are no trains
to Anakapalli now. lf there’s no train,
l’ll catch a bus. lf you don’t plan your travel properly,
it’ll be very difficult. l had to leave suddenly. l can see that. Poor guy, you are anxious
from last night. Why did the police inspector
come to your house? He came searching an address. l am sitting outside all the day
like a traffic policemen. He could’ve asked me. Why did he open the gate,
knock the door and asked you? He came in search of a person
named Gopalakrishna, someone had pointed out
my house to him. When he came to know l was
Nandagopal, he went away. Gopalakrishna lives in the next street. Why didn’t he go to
the next street? lt’s okay. No one can understand police.
Why should we bother about them? How many days camp?- 2 days. Why such a big suitcase then? Files and papers are also in it. l think you didn’t sleep last night. You may sleep in the journey.
Take care of your suitcase. lt seems, you wife has packed
all your clothes. Bye. Slowly…carefully. Go…- Where? Go somewhere. l can go only when you tell
me the destination. Which place?- To hell. As you say. Sir, a small doubt. Where should l offer obsequies
to my ancestors? Kasi or Gaya? Anakapalli. What did you ask? Stop here. You get in front. Take it. Sir, take the change for Rs.50. Give me the suitcase. ls this house ours?
– lt’s mine not ours. Give it to me, leave it. l’ve understood.- What’s it? We both are sailing in the same boat. l was worried about what my wife will
do after sending me out to work. So what? You’ve given me a great idea. l’ll also go to work, climb up the wall and check
what’s happening in the house. Why are you still here? Go inside. You don’t know what’s happening
in the house? Go fast…go… Why did you come here? Nandu, today is our first night. You may feel shy so l’m
sending Bablu, come soon. l won’t come, get out.- Come. Get out.- Come. Get lost, you buffalo. Am l not telling you to go.- Come… l won’t come…you palm tree.- Come. What’s happening here? Don’t read that letter. Leave me, you senseless creature. Leave me. Shut up. Don’t read that, leave me. Shut up.- Get lost. You imbecile,
you palm tree. Come… Leave me. l won’t come. Leave…l won’t come. Go…l won’t come leave. Why are you lifting me?
Get me down. Get me down, you imbecile. lnstead of sitting idle
infront of the house. Can’t you help me out
in grinding the flour? i Dream How happy this is, my charmer. This is happiness of a couple, my dear. l can’t bear this torture anymore. Come into my arms, dear. lt isn’t good to say no,
come my dear. i Dream The spring season is inviting you. Come to me, dear. ls it my dear? l am a slave of your beauty. My body that is desiring
to unite with you. My body that is enraged
with passion. You are my heart,
soul and everything. i Dream My dear, your beauty is
epitome of happiness. Come into my arms, dear. Let half of me join
the half of you. Let happiness flow in our union. Do you know Cupid?
This is bible of love. Nandu, the time is 12 `o’ clock. How long should l beg you?
– l won’t eat. lf you don’t eat,
l’m also not able to eat. ls it because your
respect your husband? This… Such jokes made me fall for you. My ill fate. Okay, l’ll eat. l must not lose in my life to anything. l must fight. lf l stay with empty stomach,
l may surrender to your words. That’s why, l’ll eat
and then talk to you. Why are you feeling so bad? Second marriages are quite common. After a few days,
you’ll adjust with me. l’ll convince Rathnamala, you can be with Rathnam
3 days a week. l’ll give her a lot of money. l’ll give her this bungalow, car, you use all my funds
for your orphanage. But please don’t reject this marriage. Do you want to fix a price for
our lives with your money? lt is impossible. l will not give in to
your whims and fancies. Will you stop delivering film dialogue? Shit. l’ll not stay here anymore. Where will you go? lf l tell, won’t you drag me
out from there also? Poor boy. l don’t know where
you will sleep. Wow! The goddess of mercy
has come down to earth. You haven’t understood me.
My heart is like butter. Keep it in the refrigerator. Our lives get washed away
if it melts. Shit. Are you going home? Will Rathnamala allow you? l’ll sleep in the park. You neither ate nor
slept from yesterday. Your hunger problem
has been solved here. lf you sleep. According to your theory, lf your sleep well, you’ll get the
strength to fight with me tomorrow. We can have our
discussions tomorrow. Sleep in the guest room tonight. l won’t sleep in the guest room. l’ll sleep on the sofa. Okay, as you wish. lf not today it’ll be tomorrow. lf not tomorrow, it’ll be
day after tomorrow. lf not day after tomorrow, Shit. Where were you all night? You were not seen in the morning too. l went to office on an urgent work. l’m coming here directly,
from my office. Where is your lunch box? Mummy didn’t give it.- Why? l don’t know why.
She was crying all night. ls it? She was crying in the morning too. Why is she crying? You mother is a coward. lf she sees a cat, or a lizard,
she’ll be scream like this. Once more please. lf she sees a cat or a lizard,
she’ll scream like this. Turn that side & do that
again to my mother. Mummy, daddy imitates you very well. Daddy, do it again for her. How many times do l’ve to tell you not
eat chocolates before having food? Come. Eat.- You eat my dear. You’re angry on me,
why’re you showing it on her? Don’t talk infront of the child. Why did you come here? To see my daughter. To know how you are. There is no relation between you & me.
Don’t show me your face again. What’s all this, Rathnam? Not even your shadow
must fall on her. Go away from here. Should everything go
according to your wish? This is not nice. l’m not going to listen
to you anymore. No matter even
if you create a mess. That’s my house, she’s my daughter
and you’re my wife. l’ll come and stay in the house.
Do what you can do? ls that your decision?- Yes. Go ahead. l very well know what
l should do?- What will you do? l swear on our daughter, if you come home,
l’ll poison myself to death. i Dream Our crazy hero tried to
put a ladder to sky. He expected something
but something else happened. Our hero got cheated. When love snake bit him, he was left alone on street. Lost way of life
with pain in heart. As his life’s tension
increased with confusion. i Dream When the affected isn’t worried,
why others are worried? Unable to overcome the Shastri
who reveals all his secrets. i Dream Fate which devours him saying,
you are mine dear. Wife who beats with a broomstick,
struggling between devil & the deep sea. You are a burden to this earth. That night at Mumbai. Major, why did you ask us to come here?
ls it for any war? When you see an army man, don’t you
remember anything else other than war? What’s the matter? We all are J.P.’s relatives. We aren’t only directors of
J.P. group of companies. But well wishers too. We also do have responsibilities. But Meghana is behaving
irresponsibly. What has she done? Our Meghana went to Hyderabad
and got married. She married a married man. She is playing a game. She is doing this for
a cause and not for fun. By now, you would’ve
understood what the cause is. Are you telling the truth? lf you’ve any doubt, ask him who has come from
Hyderabad yesterday? Yes, it’s true that
she has got married. Tea…hot tea. Why have you come here? Our marriage photos have come.
Take a look. How smart you used to be?
Look at yourself now. Don’t pinch and then show sympathy. Why’re you hurting me
with your words? For an lndian woman,
her husband is god. You are my god. lf you give me a place
to stay near your feet, l’ll spend my entire life
by serving you. This style doesn’t
suit me well, does it? Shit. Let’s stop this play right now here. l’m disgusted. How can l fall in love with you? So cheaply… That’s why, l’ve decided to reveal
everything to Rathnamala. Really! Really?- Yes. Then, come let’s go. l’ve a condition to reveal
the truth to Rathnamala. l knew it. l thought, why would you do all
this without strings attached? lnstead of thinking all that, you can quietly listen to
what l say, can’t you? lf l had imposed a condition,
there will be a reason to it. Yes, to your convenience. Come home, we’ll discuss in detail. lf you do as l say,
l’ll unite you both. l’ll put your family back on rails.
Think well. How can you put my family
back on rails? l don’t want your mercy. l know how to patch up with my wife. That’s why, are you going around here
like cat on a hot tin roof. lf you come home and
accept my conditions. You can be with your Rathnam
the next moment. Think about it. Why should l think about it? l’ll never come to your house. l swear on all 5 basic elements.
l’ll never come to your house. l’ll never go to her house. You’ve come earlier
than l expected. You don’t have to make fun of me. Tell me your conditions. My company lawyers will becoming
from Mumbai within 2 hours. As my husband, you must sign on the places
where they ask you to. You don’t have to feel jittery. There is no catch in this. Can l know the reason
behind the signatures? That’s irrelevant to you. You shouldn’t even read the
documents before signing on them. You are a genius. You are cunning. Your father knew that very well. lf he has handed over the company to you,
he knew the company will get ruined, That’s why, he didn’t give
you the entire power. He had appointed few trustees. So what? l’ve seen this in many films. ln all languages. A rich father. An arrogant daughter and
the wealth goes to the dogs. Your father had also willed
that until you get married, the wealth shouldn’t be handed
over to you in his will. Am l right? Brilliant. Why did l marry you then? Because, l’m a very good man.
The wealth will be in our names. You’ll black mail me to chose
between wealth and Rathnam. Automatically l’ll choose Rathnam,
and hand over the wealth to you, You’ve searched to find
a scapegoat like me. All these days, l was thinking
that you were just a mad girl. My god, you are very dangerous. Will you stop your analysis? Will you sign or not? l will…l will sign. After signing, what if l don’t
give you the wealth? To marry a rich wealthy girl. Do you want to get framed on the
charge of killing your wife? l made a mistake. l’ll sign where you want me to sign
and go away in my path. But, our marriage is illegal.
Then, what about the signatures… That’s irrelevant to you. You just sign. Give me my wealth.
l’ll give you your wife. Before lawyers come,
finish your breakfast. l’ve kept a suit for you in the guest room,
freshen up & wear them. i Dream She’s a beauty. Bapu’s creation
my wife. Her anger has subsided and
she has come back to me. Those beautiful cheeks have
swept off my feet. Shall we have second honey moon? i Dream You’ve hidden pearls in
your charming smiles. lf you drop it as words,
l will pick it up dear. For your inviting eyes, l am waiting like a flower bed. My day will not pass
without your sweet kisses. Settle all these days balance
kisses with interest. My beauty has blossomed
for you only. Come dear, l am all yours. She appears all new to me. lt’s a night for the flowers of
happiness to bloom. l will do it whenever you ask. i Dream l went sleepless all the nights
l spent away from you. My dear angry wife, l will cool your anger
in my embrace. Let the lover reach nest of love and
start the season of love. lf you let me in, l will show you
the bliss all day & night. Time of love will never come back. Our honey moon nights have
come back to my memory. Our passions have
bloomed like flowers. Will you sign? Sir, would you like to read
this before signing? No need l’ll sign. Madam, come. l’ll bring the car. We’ll go.- But where? Let’s go to Rathnam and
tell her the truth. Why should you go? She is already angry with us.
Now, if go there together, she’ll think it was a well enacted play. Yes. She’ll think that
l had planned all this. So, l’ll go & explain her clearly
and come back. Okay. Will she believe you? l made her believe my lies.
Can’t l make her believe the truth? Yes… Go… Who’s it? Go. l’m Meghana. You go out & play. What do you want? l want you to sign on these papers.
– What papers? These are papers sent by your husband
seeking divorce from you. Divorce? Can’t he come personally for that? He’s guilty conscious.
– l don’t believe you. Who are you to poke your
nose in our matters? You had a affair with him, trapped him
and somehow married him. l don’t believe anything.
This marriage is illegal. l’ll go to the court. By going to the court, can you stop
us from getting together? Can you stamp out the love from
his heart he has for me? Don’t be in a hurry. You will achieve nothing
by going to the court. lf you trust him so much, why are you asking for my signature
on the divorce papers? You both live together. Just now you said you’ll
go to the court. How can l trust you that you won’t
go to the court in future? That’s why l’m getting your signature
as a precautionary measure. l will not sign.
First, ask him to come here l see. So, you still
believe your husband. Okay, there’s no point in
hiding the truth anymore. That letter, lnspector coming to your house, getting married in a hurry, don’t they all seem to be
a well enacted play? This is the game played
by both of us together. l knew that this is a
drama played by you both. Why did you both cheat me? What mistake did l commit? Tell me, what mistake did l commit? We have hurt you very much,
haven’t we? l have no right to seek
even your forgiveness. But please… Don’t raise walls between us. l beg you. Fearing that you’ll separate me
from him, l’m asking this divorce. l’m ready to be his 2nd wife also. We can’t stay away from each other
even for a second. Rathnamala, don’t separate us… Don’t separate us..- Shit. Don’t talk. Please listen to me…- Hey… lf you say one more word,
l don’t know, what l will do. You only want my signatures, don’t you? Take them. Get out from here. Get out. Will you go out or not? Go away…go away from here. She didn’t even believe you. ls she still thinking that it’s true? She wants divorce from you.
– Divorce? l’m after her like a mad man
for the past 3 days. ls she sending me a divorce notice? Has she gone mad? l will… Don’t get angry. Listen to me.
Wait for 1 week. Enough of waiting. The problem which is not solved now,
will it get solved after a week? lt’ll worsen. l want to go. lf you go, the problem may
from worse to worst. You both are in angry mood. Move away. All this happened because of you. You’ll get ruined. Come Gopalakrishna. Come. l had a doubt when you were roaming
around here for 3 days. Like cat on a hot tin roof. How dare you hurt her feelings?
– Will you keep quiet? Why should he? Since there is no one to question you,
do you think you can do anything? You keep quiet.
Don’t get angry. As an elder l’m talking, am l not? Who are you to poke your nose
in our matters? You are doing too much.
ls it because l’m pleading you? lf you don’t listen to me,
l’ll kill you. Look at the way he is talking. What the hell you or
that man will see. Now the issue is not
as simple as that. You are not Lord Krishna
to marry anyone you like. Will you stop it?
She has gone mad. You are an elder person.
Can’t you talk sensibly? l’ve not gone mad.
lsn’t it true that you married Meghana? lsn’t it true that you
had sent divorce papers? Did l send them?
Have you gone mad? This is true. Meghana came, signed
and l saw that. Those divorce papers
were sent by her. He did everything but is blaming us. Why should l blame you?
You’ve gone mad & sent the papers. You are mad of Meghana and
sent the divorce papers. Why don’t you believe me? How did she bring them,
if you hadn’t sent them? Cool down. Will you hit me? Hit me? Cool down. Sit.- l’ll kill you. Look at him.- Keep quiet. Keep quiet. Now tell me. l didn’t send them. Neither you sent them
nor she did. Then, how did they come here? lt is a drama played by her. She said that she’ll tell
the truth to Rathnamala. But she has changed everything here. So, whatever she said…
– Was a big lie. Everything was a lie. Whatever had happened
all these days was a lie? She used me as a pawn
to save her property. l was telling you
from the beginning. You never believed me. Look at the mess we are in. Your anger was responsible
for all this. l have committed a great mistake. Rathnam, you are my life. One thing l couldn’t understand. A lie which would lose strength
if you both faced each other. How could she bravely tell the lie? May be she thought we will never
meet again in life. You are…? l am JP’s childhood friend. Meghana’s well-wisher. What do you want now? l want to talk to you. That marriage is invalid. You can’t achieve
anything with threats. All the drama played
by her is out. She wanted this to happen. lf you hear me patiently,
l have few things to tell you. She’s leaving everything
behind & going away. To a far away place. What are you saying? A truth which you all didn’t knew. They said she can’t survive
more than 3 years. This is her last year. There is no treatment
for this disease. With the documents you
signed today morning, You have officially become
the Chairman of this company. What’s all this? l will explain you clearly. You know very well about JP. He wasn’t just a great businessman,
but a great humanist too. He used to spend 50% of profit
for social welfare causes. He established many free schools,
hospitals for the poor. On his sudden demise we were worried
about future of these organizations. But Meghana ensured
a good future to it. All the Board of Directors
are JP’s relatives. With selfish motive of garnering
the entire profit to themselves. They weren’t happy
with Meghana’s decision. How could such people
keep JP’s aims alive? Meghana was worried about the
future of these organizations. So, she decided to select a well
qualified man as the Chairman. He must be a legal heir to
become the Chairman. So she decided to marry a good man
and hand over the responsibility. She observed many. But no one came up to
her expectations. lf they had intelligence,
they didn’t have character & vice-versa. Her days neared. She got dejected. Unwittingly she saw your thesis
sent to JP long back. She read it. You read the thesis.
You will know his intelligence. His thoughts are similar
to father’s ideals. She was greatly thrilled. Do you know his salary is Rs.8000? And he doesn’t have any property. But still he donates 25% of
his income to charity. After that she inquired about
your personal life, it seems he has adopted
an orphan girl also. l was waiting for such
a social conscious man. He is the right heir
to this company. But she was worried about 2 things. One, how to develop relationship
with a married man. Two, will you change after
getting the power? l told her to spend them last days
peacefully forgetting all this. But, she had already decided. l want him as the
Chairman at any cost. Fearing l may stop her if
she reveals it to me. She never told about her plans. She came to Hyderabad. You know everything which
had happened after that. Dismissing you from the job.
Bringing you to her home. Marrying you by framing rape
case on you. What about the divorce papers? lt was a drama played
to unite you both. lf you hear the audio
cassette sent by her. You’ll understand everything. l don’t have any right to seek
your forgiveness also. You would’ve understood by now
why l had to hide the truth? lf you had told us before, we could’ve
settled the issue without any problems. You might have got this idea now. Will Nandagopal agree to marry
on knowing the truth? That’s why, l had to
forcibly marry him. lmmediately after the marriage,
l put him to the real test. l baited him with my beauty
and my property. l tested him if he would give
up his ideals for it. Without falling to my bait,
he had proved his character. l have achieved my objective. My company has found a heir. The only thing l left now is
re-uniting you both. That’s why, l played
this divorce drama. No one else has any place in
your husband’s heart except you. Our marriage is only on paper. That too it is valid,
only if you agree. l wish you will stand by JP Group’s
new Chairman & inspire him. lnspire him. l want to meet her now. She is not here now. She promised to meet you
when the time comes. They say health is wealth. All these
exercises are for good health only. Can exercise stop a death? Mumbai, 2 years later. Our company’s turnover grew up
by 40% in 2001-2002. This year it grew up by 80%. l could achieve it with all
your co-operation only. These organizations were
started by J.P. we’re in a position to
allot more funds to it. So, as in Mumbai,
in the name Meghana, l’m planning to establish
a free hospital to the poor. a super speciality hospital
in Hyderabad. l want your blessings and
l think you will bless. Meghana wants to meet you. She is on the verge of death. How is Rathnamala & your daughter? They’re fine with
your grace, madam. Why didn’t you give me the
opportunity to serve you? Who will look after the company then? l’ve come to know you’re
managing the company very well. Don’t say like that, madam. Why’re you feeling sad and
making me feel sad? Look at Bablu. He has stopped eating
chocolates also. Uncle, didn’t father say
on his death bed, ”Death is beginning of a new life”. He did say. lt means l’ll be
born again, wont’ l? Did you bring my chocolate?
– l have brought dear. Come uncle, let’s go & play. Come dear… What is it dear? Wait, l want to put this diaper. ls she our madam? How can we say it now? We can find when she
grows up little. Do you say like that? She is definitely my madam.


  1. sexybaby says:

    Beginning was confusing,better understanding towards the end, so emotional.

  2. Edward Wallace says:

    Bhumika Chawla is so pretty but, in this movie she is a total bitch. I still love her though.

  3. Laxman Kwt says:

    Supar movie

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