Mixed Media Collage on CDs | Altered Art | Junk Journal Tutorial

Mixed Media Collage on CDs | Altered Art | Junk Journal Tutorial

Welcome to Art that Plays and Prays. Ginger here. Thanks for dropping in. In this video I’ll recycle CDs into a mixed
media journal using collage techniques. I was cleaning up my storage and found these
pirated CDs from the night market. I got them years ago. They’re not the real expensive DVDs. They’re just knock-offs that were a dime
a dozen, so the movie quality was really bad. But I loved seeing the movie labels bunched
up artistically like this so I couldn’t throw them away. So I figured I could string them together
and make them into a flip book. So that’s what we’ll do. We’ll cut up a ribbon, about a meter long
and run one end through the first CD. Just tie a regular knot. That’s the easiest part. I’ll walk you through the succeeding steps
and we’ll repeat it three times just to make sure you follow. Now hold the other end of the ribbon, pass
it through the hole, and bring it towards the back of the CD like this. Pull it up and cross it over to the left side like this. Then loop it around to the back towards the
right side and pull it tight, and that’s it. We repeat this same process for the next CD. So the pattern is the same. It’s basically the same. We go front, back, left, and right. Front, back, left, and right. So that’s the direction your ribbon goes through. Okay, so we’ll do this again. Keep in mind, one meter of ribbon can string a dozen CDs. So if you want more pages on your flip book,
you can lengthen your ribbon accordingly. Let’s try that. Make sure you’re holding the CDs well while
you’re doing this step. Because I must caution you. What we’re doing will not really bind the
journal securely. We’re just braiding. We’re braiding the ribbon to temporarily
hold this bunch together. Because if you as much as twist a single CD
and twirl it with your fingers for whatever reason, for the fun of it or whatever, you’ll
actually loosen the ribbon and disentangle the entire series of CDs. Later, I’ll show you how we’ll tighten
the binding, so we can make a proper book out of this contraption. But for now, we’ll end this braid with a knot. So just pull it tight and here is what it looks like. You just double knot just to make sure we’re
not going to drop our project while we’re working on the collage. Now we’ll use all sorts of paper to cover
up the shiny side of the CD. The whole idea is to embellish the CDs by
employing scrapbooking or collaging techniques. You can use all sorts of paper products, like
scrapbook paper, ephemera, torn book pages, or postcards, card stock, stickers, found objects. You can even use metal embellishments, and
practically any, anything, any recyclables that you normally use in junk journaling. You’re free to do whatever you want with this. Now I’ll cover only the silver side of the
CDs because I want to retain the artsy movie labels. So I picked up a CD and used it as a template
to draw the circles. Then just cut and paste. Easy-peasy. Cut and paste. Cut and paste. So the thing is, I’m a bit OCD, so in plugging
the hole in the center, I made sure the decorative side faces the opposite way too. So I cut up a small square piece and glued
that down first before covering the whole back of the CD. I did this with all 12 CDs. I could already hear you say, “What?” Yeah, that sounds like a whole lot of unnecessary work. But I promise you, the results will be awesome. But if you absolutely don’t like that idea,
feel free to skip that step. Before we continue decorating this book, let’s
tighten the binding first. Because I’m afraid flipping the CD pages
too many times, it might loosen the ribbon. Then we’ll be in big trouble. So let’s just cut up the fabric. I cut up these fabric from old clothes. There’s no need to be precise with the cuts. Any random length will do. You can also use ribbons of varying thicknesses. Variety is good. It’ll make our flip book look more interesting. So what do we do with it? We wrap the fabric around the ribbon braids
and make simple knots. You don’t need to tie 12 ribbons to match 12 CDs. If the top of the book already looks stuffed,
then it’s time to quit adding more fabric. Now it’s time to distress the edges with
a stamp pad. Tim Holtz has tons of distressing inks and
stains to choose from. I’m using the brown ones for an aged look. Others prefer black. But I prefer the brown. It’s up to you if you want to frame your
work by distressing borders. If you prefer a cleaner look without it then skip this step. But me personally, I distress everything,
as you’ll see later. I ink edges of torn paper too, like anything
that gets into the collage. It’s something I do automatically. Okay now, the whole point of this flip book
is for me to note down some of my favorite inspirational quotes, stuff I picked from
reading, or things I heard people tell me. These are encouraging words I wish to go back
to each time I sort of feel anxious or stressed out. I want those lines immortalized, so to speak
So I like quotes like … “You were meant for greatness and greatness is about serving
greatly.” So I want them all in this journal. To do that, I’m using plain cardstock and
a white ink pen. Uniball Signo is my go-to pen because the
ink flows very well with this brand. Obviously, my quotes can’t all fit in one
CD so I have to cut them down into strips and I’ll put them in a nice layout and spread
them out in different CDs. Now the most fun part of this process is the
collaging. You get to decide what you want to put on your CD. You can layer bits of scrapbook paper, or
add buttons, or burlap or cloth. You can even make pockets and tags, or do
whatever you want. In the next part of this video, I’ll show
you guys what I did with mine so I hope this can spark ideas and inspire you to make your own. This is an embellishment I assembled years
ago when I was still actively into scrapbooking. So obviously I don’t have a process video
for this right now. But it’s quite simple to make. I just wrapped a green wire around this dollar-store
chipboard and hung an old beaded earring. I lost the pair for this earring a while back,
so instead of throwing it away, I guess it wasn’t a bad idea to reuse it. It makes a fine accent in this collage. Now here, on this tip, I tied a rickrack trim. It’s cute. I just like it. It’s just cute. Thanks for joining me in this episode of Art
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  1. Ginger Umali - Art That Plays & Prays says:

    This is my most favorite quote in the entire CD journal — "YOUR VALUE DOESN'T DECREASE BASED ON SOMEONE'S INABILITY TO SEE YOUR WORTH." What are your favorite inspirational quotes? I'd like to hear them too, so feel free to share here.

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