More Harry Potter Things | Mail Time

More Harry Potter Things | Mail Time

(Lip syncing to Blue’s Clues) Mail time, mail time, mail time, mail time The mail’s here Here’s the mail, it never fails. It makes me wanna wag my tail. When it comes I want to wail, MAIL! It’s mail time! Time for the cringiest video on the internet First, we will unbox. Guys, I’m really excited to open this. so my friend Jay who does amazing cosplay amazing cosplay and I see him at Geekycon all the time he’s done Snape, he’s done Newt, he’s done it all. He opened an etsy shop called Scamander Creations and he sells bowtruckles that he makes and he sent me one and I can’t wait to see the little guy. Guys, look at him Hello little bowtruckle Guys what should I name him? Leave a comment down below on what I should name my bowtruckle. I love you! (muah) Thank You, Jay I wonder what’s in this wand shaped box Guys look! It has really cool markings on it. Dear Mama Starfish, I’m giving you this wand because it chose you in quite a real way. the day I found the beautiful branch that would become this wand was also the day I randomly stumbled upon your channel oh my goodness I’m gonna cry The runes that twist around the handle say “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if one only remembers to turn on the light.” Thanks for turning on the light for me when I suffer from depression From your vibrant and sweet personality and your beautiful YouTube Channel Love your Slytherin Sister Aremia This is so special to me. Thank you so much for making this. Thank you Love I got some letters Nerd! That’s me. Proud nerd. You turned me into a Potterhead fanfiction reader and a doctor. Peyton wants to know who my favorite Youtuber is. My favorite Youtuber is Brizzy Voices go, subscribe to her on YouTube She’s my Best Ravenclaw friend Sister Number one fangirl. That’s me! Thank you, Peyton! Do not open until Mail Time Video. My favorite video is the Hello Harry Potter Video Same. I don’t think I could ever top that. I really Love Luna Lovegood. She’s my favorite character. She’s my favorite, too! Love Phillipa. Thank you Philippa Harry Potter glasses Hermione’s gotta oculus reparo those glasses for Harry I’ve loved you since I watched the first video with your face in it. I am a Hufflepuff Puff Pride! I’ve got a Hufflepuff look going today I love when Hufflepuffs are just so proud to be Hufflepuffs. It makes my life. Thank you for showing me that there are others that love Harry Potter as much as I do. Guys that’s why I started this channel. I realized that there are other people that love Harry Potter as much as me. It makes me so happy We all just love it so much! So much passion, so much love, so much Lumos! and Thank you Julia! From England. I love England, so much! Oh is this you? Look how cute your are! Oh, we have a Starkid fan. What is your favorite West End or Broadway musical? I love Wicked. Wicked is great. I saw Wicked and it was amazing! I also love Kristin Chenoweth and want to be her. My favorite musical. That’s such a hard question. I mean I kind of have to say Billy Elliot because I was in it, but other than that I love Rent, I love Hamilton, I love Les Mis, I love Book of Mormon, I love Beauty and the Beast. I love too many musicals. Can’t I just love all the musicals? Who is your Favorite Harry Potter character besides Luna? Um probably Hermione (British accent) Hermione Granger. I wish I could be more like Hermione. What’s your favorite Starkid musical? A Very Potter Musical. All the Very Potter Musicals. It’s making fun of Harry Potter in a fun musical way. That’s my favorite thing. I bow down to them. Hugs and butterfly kisses, your Draco Seska. Thank you Seska! (singing) Carry on my wayward son You did it right. Thank you. To Tessa Netting at Baker Street 221B, The Cupboard Under the Stairs Best address ever! Proud Slytherin and obsessed with Sherlock I need to watch the last season of Sherlock. I’m behind. I’m British and as I write this I pet my corgies and drink tea. Oh, I love this girl! Thank you Eve! (singing) Eve’s great, no matter where she goes. Dress her up from her head to her toes. Shine bright! Shine far! Don’t be shy! Be a star! (British accent) Let’s open this letter. Hi Tessa! Thank you for what you do. I love you in Bunk’D and I’m a Ravenclaw. (screech) I love Luna Lovegood and you so much! love your biggest fan Melissa Thank you Melissa! We got some Ravenclaw colors on this envelope. Look, it’s Luna! Look at this paper! Not only did you get me to watch Doctor Who, you got my best friend, my sister, and her boyfriend to watch it as well. Yes! Doing it right. Someone asked me to describe you and my response was Queen, fangirl, energetic, hilarious, and unique. You taught me to embrace my inner fangirl, oh Thank you Gracie! It’s you! Look at those cute pics. I’m the Wacky geek on the right. Same. I live near Universal so I love going to Diagon Alley. Jealous! I live near the Universal here, but the Universal in Florida is better because we don’t have Diagon Alley in California. Love Lita. Thank You Lita! Look at all these rubber bands [haha] Ravenclaw Rules! Hi! My name is Rhiannon. My favorite animals are cats, huskies, and dragons. I want to be a mother of Dragons. I love Harry Potter and I’m in Ravenclaw. I love how so many Ravenclaws watch my channel. Whenever I’m not in a good mood I go to your channel watch most your videos and Bam! I feel awesome Thank you Rihannon! Da-Da- it’s a tardis card it’s a cardis Oh! You live in Michigan? Say hi to my boyfriend for me. (muah) It’s a sloth playing quidditch. (laughs) A sloth might be pretty good at quidditch, because they’re really good at hanging so the sloth will just hang off of the broom and just slowly catch the snitch Thank you Elena! Guys, thank you so much for sending me mail. I really love reading all of your letters and they make me so happy so please look in the description box below and I will have my address where you can send me things. It’s a cool little PO Box. You guys mean the world to me Thank you for bringing me Lumos into my life. I think that’s it. Nailed it! (high five) Starfish! Tessa here and if you liked this video give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe and be a member of the Starfish Family and if you love me ding that little notification bell so you know when I post a new video. Geek with me Starfish love you guys (muah) Bye! Look, it’s Luna. It’s my kitten. Oh, are you stretching You’re such a good girl. I love you so much. Who’s good kitten? You are.


  1. Tessa Netting says:

    Buy my Luna Lovegood Spectrespecs glasses HERE <3:

  2. Amy Ipsen says:

    Can somebody please tell me if I can still send in mail cause I want to send Tessa mail but I dont want to be sending mail to a random person if ya know what im sayin. HARRY POTTER NERD FOR LIFE *

  3. stand machoke says:

    Luna Jr.

  4. Gavin says:

    You should name it bowie

  5. Stacey Hulsey says:

    Bowie the Bowtrukle

  6. unipug 209 says:

    I'm hufflepuff

  7. Cyborg Rensnil says:

    in the 2018 song can you do the greatest showman? PLZ (FELLOW RAVENCLAW):p

  8. Dark claw liam sterrett says:


  9. Doll Diaries says:

    When she slapped her hands together I thought she’d broken the wand and I was like ‘TESSA WHAT DID YOU DO?!’ 😂

  10. basicvirgovolgsシ says:

    Where my Slytherin sisters at!!!!

  11. Privett Family says:

    at the start i was drinking water and then i saw her singing and dancing and for some reason i just started laughing . then i spat my water every where and even over my sister.
    note don't drink water while watching Tessa's videos!

  12. Thea Maisie says:

    Aaaagh runes I can understand Runes lol


    The intro brings back so many memories

  14. Rachana K says:

    I'm soo happy I saw your videos… you made me a potterhead too…💞💖😁

  15. Megan Cho says:

    Name him Picket XD

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    You should call him Mr. Twiglet!

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    Tessa you are the best. You are so insparationle. You are so amazing. I AM A POTTER HEAD. Name it Harry, Brizzy or Minty😄

  22. Gateth james says:

    he would be called pippity-boo

  23. Bria Fish says:


  24. Bria Fish says:

    I love hamilton

  25. Geoff Willoughby says:

    I love “a very Potter musical”, “a very Potter sequel”, and “a very Potter senior year”

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    Name him Arron burr or Thomas Jefferson

  27. Suseeka Nishamalee says:


  28. Michele says:

    Who else sings the song when it plays

  29. Skyler Campbell says:

    Please don't name him something stupid like bliming Albus Severus! Can you please name him Rolf, as in Rolf Scamander?

  30. Tyler Bell says:


  31. Abigail Cerreta says:

    Name him Patrick

  32. Floabrave says:


  33. Wolfie BYTE says:

    4:34 I laughed so hard, I fell off my chair AND my mum just stared at me like I just Obliviated her. Love your videos, Tessa <3 keep up the good work and thank you for making me a Potterhead!!!

  34. anime dorkfan says:


  35. Amelia Lainson says:

    Call him lockit!

  36. JJ Gabs says:

    I am a proud shuffle. Sorry, autocorrect. I mean hufflepoof. PUFF STUPID AUTOCORRECT. (P.S. I love you)

  37. Hannah Kirby says:

    Fezzes are red the TARDIS is blue bow ties are cool and so are you

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    Name him dobby

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    My teachers a huffelpuff, and I'm a uhhhhh I haven't chose more found out yet

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    This is so weird your more like Luna but strive to be Hermione. I’m more like Hermione but strive to be Luna.

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    You should name it Jeffery

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    name the green thing fredo

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    Hi tessa what is your p.o. box?

  52. Raphi Senra says:


  53. The GG donut says:

    I’m so happy that your proud to be a ravenclaw because like i feel like everyone wants to be a gryffindor so I was little little upset to get gryffindor

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    Waiting for my Slytherins here!💚🐍

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    Does anyone know who Tessa was in Billy Elliot?

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    Hufflepuff and Hamilton power!!!!!!

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    Name him Newt!
    Edit: Or Hamilton

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    Cardis 😆😆

  74. Willow Vickers says:

    Love u sooooo much

  75. Miner032 says:

    "Time for the cringiest video on the internet!"
    You say after playing that weird Blue's Clues CLIP.

    Also are you sure you are a Ravenclaw??
    You don't act like many of the Ravenclaws I know…
    Scratch that. Apparently most Ravenclaws don't fit the description.
    And if a sloth did know how to play Quidditch, I think it would be a better beater or keeper, rather than a seeker.

  76. Maya A. says:

    Here's the mail
    It never fails
    It makes me wanna wag my tail
    When it comes I wanna wail

    Ah my childhood

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    i'm ravenclaw

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    I'm a gryffindor and you're a ravenclaw and YOU'RE AWESOME!

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    I’m a puff

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