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When you write ‘Network marketing’ on the Internet, One of the first things you come across is ‘Network marketing scams’. How does network marketing scam work? Who’s cheating on who? How do people become victims? Let’s talk about this. NETWORK MARKETING SCAM The first thing we do when we’re curious about something, We go on the Internet and start researching that topic. The site we will encounter is usually a sour dictionary. When I first met with network marketing, I read the comments in the Sour Dictionary. Many people who watch this video, read the comments in the Sour dictionary, ‘About this network marketing scam, What did these guys say? ‘ he is watching this video right now. I want to take a look at the sour dictionary. What people usually write. When we type ‘Network marketing’ in the search section, Happiness chain event, product intervening, For example, a friend on the first page. Turkish equivalent; ‘Sell our products to your friends, earn financial freedom’ lying world. It’s sort of a titan-bliss chain. Dreams of becoming rich without producing anything, rattling he comments. The sector in America that has been under investigation for fraud for years. for example. Let’s go to the second page Marketing means; marketing your partner to the system. Commercialization of human relations, the type of marketing that makes it empty and meaningless. Finally, let’s go one more page. If how much free man in Turkey they are all members with the dream of becoming rich in a short way, and the system in which he stakes his close circle with all kinds of trainings and brainwashing. he continues. Adorned with false smiles, founded on extreme insistence, infamous system. Now I’ve read three pages, and if I read eleven pages, there are similar things. You can take a look at the sour dictionary by typing ‘network marketing’. External Voice: Are they right? They’re 100% right. Because; that means they’ve been through this, they have had bad experiences, or they have heard bad stories from their environment, they need to write here. To warn others. All of us are generally general when we have bad experiences. For example, I think; When we go abroad, If something bad happened to us, tricked, tricked What we do? We get a bad feeling about that country. And our environment when we go back to Turkey, we do not just tell that the street or that market is bad. As if the whole country was like that, cabbies in Turkey … they say all the time. It’s like all cab drivers are scammers. Of course there is no such thing. So there are people who work very honestly, work properly, work ethically. Network marketing is the same friends. Because network marketing is the name of the sector. Not a firm, not a person, not any structuring. How the food, pharmaceutical, construction sectors exist how can there be people in these sectors who do wrong, There are fraud stories. This is also the case in the network marketing sector. What was one of the comments we just read in the Sour Dictionary? The sector in America that has been under investigation for fraud for years. Now, we are usually wrong here already. Because; or we accept something right from the ear, or generalize an experience we have. Friends, the network marketing industry in America has an 80-year history. I just looked at it. In the 2018 data of the Direct Sales Federation; 31 million people in the United States work in the network marketing sector. Former US President Bill Clinton, There is a video he published about network marketing.
You can find it on Youtube. Well-known marketing professor. Charles King’s His reaction when he met network marketing in the 1990s and then you can watch the video on Youtube. Let me briefly mention; In an interview with Tim Sales, he says: When I first heard about network marketing in 1990, I approached sarcastically. But I did research on this sector for six months. and network marketing in 1991,
says I have added it to my own university as a course. When you talk about it, network marketing was a $ 20 billion sector. And now, in 2019, it has become a sector of about $ 200 billion. Therefore, it is necessary to accept that this is a sector. External Audio: in network marketing history in Turkey people’s bad experiences and prejudices are always spoken. In fact, here’s one of the things I’m most critical of, I’m not talking about Titan – Felicity chains, I’m really talking about legal network marketing companies. I wonder your opinion, network marketing firms in Turkey, what is the share on this fraud? It’s a separate matter, as soon as you’re involved in fraud. We need to separate; there are really illegal structures. which you can find here to distinguish this video already friends. I highly recommend you to watch. There are 8 articles that the Direct Sales Federation has shared to distinguish legal firms. Please watch this here. And, As you mentioned there are firms that are legal. Fully lawful, not pyramid, not the chain of Felicity, legal firms. But here, these companies can create these handicap. This handicap; network marketing sector … Let me share a statistic with you; In 2017, 208 million dollars per day commission was distributed to independent representatives. Look, he handed out a $ 208 million commission a day. Now that’s an incredibly attractive figure. What’s the boss doing? He takes his own company into the network marketing sector. Because he’s sure he can make a lot more than this, network marketing company or a new company. And they’re trying to identify a product and sell it. But because they didn’t build the necessary infrastructure, or because they do not have a training infrastructure to train their leading staff. Since they do not have a system, because they cannot do enough R & D for their products, or because they have identified a false earnings plan; Although they grew up in a very short period of time, after a very short time they either go bankrupt or have to close. So what’s going on this time? A lot of people are victims of these companies. And make sure dozens of such companies are established every year, and dozens of them either close or sink. He joined one of these companies, See legal I’m talking about the company, illegaller already told in other videos. What happens to people who have joined legal companies? Because something like that happened to you, he can think he’s been ripped off in the industry. External Voice: The only reason that there is so much grievance in the sector, it should not be the companies that opened up and went bankrupt in a few years I can’t say that’s the only reason, it’s even a little reason. When we say network marketing scams; this issue is generally discussed through firms and bliss chains. But the real reason for these scams and the stories we hear, The main reason for the experiences we read in the Sour Dictionary; Independent representatives, intentionally or unintentionally. External Voice: Independent representative? Now, this industry is turning serious turnovers. It provides advantages to people; economic freedom opportunity, additional income opportunity, freedom of time opportunity, it provides the opportunity to start its own business with a low capital. That’s why it spills the mouth of good or malicious people. As in every sector, there are unfortunately wrong people in this sector. And these people knowingly work in pyramid systems, or legal firms, Despite him; giving wrong trainings, applying wrong pressures, making false sacrifices to people, Regardless of the damage to others, they mislead people by keeping their earnings above others. Therefore, After understanding and trusting the sector and the company, you should also query the people to follow. I mean, just because he’s making good money, or because he’s respectable, everything he says may not be well-intentioned. That’s why, How much quality and smooth running leaders in Turkey, though, no matter how well-meaning leaders Not to be a victim; working in this way, you should also be careful with people who try to multiply their earnings. I would also like to criticize a subject: Although he had good intentions, he came to gas, trusted his friend, or went to a meeting and was very impressed and though people have entered into the wrong structures; Mostly scammed people actually, wanting to make money the easy way, it is not difficult to understand that there are people who are thinking of turning the corner by a short way. So I want to say clearly: Network marketing is not a short way to make money trading friends. It is necessary to devote considerable time to labor. Sacrifice is necessary. Some issues need to change. Today we have been successful in Turkey, network marketing leaders who have a serious career, that you really gave your years to it, I can tell you that you’re really making great sacrifices. Therefore, when you encounter a structure, when questioning this structure; Please also consider what it promises and what you want. In other words, people chasing such facilitations are fooled by systems that promise ease. Before joining a company or system, Investigate well. There’s books, there’s the Internet. There are many essays published by universities or academically on this subject. So read, search and then make your decision. Outer Voice: We exist. We’re in, yeah. also on selection of the right company, sector or statistics You can find many articles and read them from there. Outer Voice: There are also those who say urum I am a victim ben. Exactly. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons for the formation of pre-judiciary; people engaged in victim literature. What is this victim literature? These are people who have joined network marketing with the wrong expectation. Let’s say: A very high quality company, has very high quality products and have quality leaders. It has a serious education system, weekly meetings, earning plans are also very nice. But for example, a guy joins this company. Attending with the wrong expectation. He may have been misunderstood, misunderstood. What’s he doing? Does not attend weekly meetings, does not take training seriously or with the expectation of making money in a very short time. He talks to a few people and he hears no. It slowly cools. And he’s calling the industry a couple of months before he’s gone. And then how does this tell people around? I’ve been tricked. I got ripped off. I’ve been a victim. He says he lost my money. In fact, in many of the stories we hear. things like that can happen, friends. So the man does not say around; ‘I joined a company, did not take seriously, I did not separate every day.’ or ‘I did not provide the necessary sacrifice to the trainings.’ It does not. He’s drawing his own plan. And when this plan fails, He’s blaming the firm. He blames his leaders. If you do not know anything about network marketing If you do not know anything about network marketing You are affected by this friend or someone you trust. And you see that this sector has victimized that person. For this reason, my advice to new people; Network marketing is not a gamble or a lotto. It is not an investment plan either. Friends are a trade or a profession. So if you are going to participate or are in this trade Decide what you want, and you decide what you will sacrifice in return. Be patient. Join your trainings. And your successful leaders, follow and listen to people who have participated and succeeded before you. Also, please search for yourself and read for yourself. Decide for yourself what is fraud or not. Please share your thoughts and concerns with us in the comments section. As a neutral and Turkey’s Current Network Marketing Platform from network marketing to personal development, You can find a lot of content from sales marketing to leadership on If you think our video is useful to you, Don’t forget to subscribe and open your notifications to be notified of new videos. Wishing you have a week of your heart. Take good care of yourself.



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