Ocean Magic | Animated Short Film


There are so many myths and legends about this place. You don’t say?! Mhm! It says here in the tourist guide that ghost ship sightings have been reported in the bay area… BLAIRE SIGHS What’s that, Blaire? You don’t believe the legends are true? Aunt Rosa, you don’t seriously believe in that stuff do you? Well, it doesn’t hurt to ham it up a little for the tourists! BLAIRE LAUGHS BLAIRE GASPS BLAIRE (WOAH) I’m so sorry! Can I help you? Mmmm yess… Could I have a… coffee cove? Uh, that’s the name of the café… you mean the house special? Uh, yes! Coming right up! So you’ve not been here before, are you on vacation? No I live here… But I have never been this far inland before. BLAIRE LAUGHS I’m surprised I’ve not seen you around, I work here every summer! So what’s your name? I’m Blaire. THE CUSTOMER LAUGHS NERVOUSLY I’m… uhhh Ma… Marina? Marina! Nice to meet you! I don’t get to meet a lot of people my age with all these tourists and little kids… do you wanna hang out sometime? Hang out??! Great!! ORIGINAL MUSIC, “SUMMER CRUSH!” BY BRANDON LIEW CHIKO THE SEAL YAPS THEN WHINES Blaire’s leaving tomorrow… I can’t believe this stupid thing is dead already! COUPLE GIGGLING BLAIRE SIGHS SADLY Where is she…? Thanks for coming again Blaire, it’s always great to have your help over the tourist season. I trust you enjoyed yourself? Huh? It was great! It’s kinda sad to leave actually… BLAIRE’S NAME IS BEING CALLED IN THE DISTANCE Hey!! Marina! BLAIRE GASPS See you next summer! Goodbye Blaire! MARINA BLOWS A KISS TO BLAIRE Huh… I knew there was something fishy about her.


  1. This was absolutely adorable oh my gosh
    Your animations are AMAZING and you did such a wonderful job!!! It turned out so well and you should be super proud!!! <3


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