Ocean Sampling Day – Teaser


Hi everyone, my name is Dennis – and I am Wolfgang – and we are 2 marine scientists engaged in science communication and we came across this amazing global event that is
going to change the way, we see the world Let’s take marine science to the next level 80% of all life on Earth comes from the ocean and the ocean covers more than 70% of the whole planet but we have only explored less than 5% of this unique ecosystem This event will change marine research And this event is called the Ocean Sampling Day or short: OSD Scientists around the world join forces We are living in a time of climate change therefore its really important to study bacteria in the oceans to predict, what will happen in the future The time to understand our oceans, is now We have the expertise, we have the tools but we still don’t have the data Help us get marine research to the next level Support the Ocean Sampling Day – www.my-osd.org


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