Ocean Treks Adventures™


(upbeat trance music) – [Narrator] Welcome to the Princess Cruises MedallionClass Experience Collection. If you love riddles and completing challenges, then you’re ready to join The Ocean League. Ocean Treks Adventures is a fun, interactive adventure on board MedallionClass ships from Princess Cruises, that takes you on a quest to help foil the nefarious plans of the dastardly Pierre De Rouge. Start at any portal around the ship. Touch the PlayOcean bubble under the JourneyView timeline, and dive deep to select Games. There you’ll see Ocean Treks Adventures. Once you authenticate your access with your Medallion, the adventure is on. To begin, touch Play Game, and see the quest available to you. If you’re playing for the first time, The Ocean League will be the first of five quests that you can access. Every time you complete an adventure, a new quest is added. Simply touch and accept a quest to begin. Jeff Corwin, the Emmy Award winning TV host of Ocean Treks on ABC, along with Dr. Rachel, are your guides, offering tips, hints and insights throughout your quest. As you solve puzzles and riddles, new clues are revealed that will guide you to your next challenge in another location on the ship. Start and stop the adventure whenever you like, and pick back up at any time. The entertaining and fun-filled Ocean Treks Adventures is great for kids, adults and families alike. Be sure to visit the MedallionClass YouTube channel for more tips on the MedallionClass experience.


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