Override codes in Banner Web updated for email search


The Create Registration Override Codes link is on the Faculty Services menu in the Secure Area of Banner Web. Select a term from the drop-down list. The course will populate with your assigned course
offerings including – offerings where you are a co-instructor. Select the course
for which you would like to create override codes. Enter the number of
override codes you would like to create and click the Create Override Codes
button. The override codes will display with an option to Email the student.
Click the Email envelope to open a Search window where you can enter the
students Banner ID, Brown Email address, or use a name search function to find the
students Email address. The simplest method is to enter the student’s Brown
email address then click the Search button to execute the search. You can
also search by either Banner ID or name (last name field is required when using
the name search). Select the radio button next to the Banner ID in the student row
that matches your search criteria. Click the Send Email button to send the
override code directly to the student. You will receive a confirmation that the
override code was sent successfully to the student. The email address of the
student will display once the override code is sent to the student. When a
student uses a registration code, the student’s name will appear in the Used
By column so you may track the distribution and
usage. You may use the icons to email a CSV file to yourself for distribution.
The file will be delivered to your Brown Email account. Check the various icons to
activate your choices for downloading distribution. You may use the binoculars
to view a print ready sheet of override codes that can be handed out to the
students during class. Print ready override codes can be printed,
distributed, then used as a recording device for distribution of the override
codes. Select the icon to download your own CSV file directly from Banner Web.
You may have to adjust some of the column widths for your display. You can
use column header filters to display the override codes in a way that suits your
purpose. Sorting by Email will group all those that have been assigned to the top
of the list. Filtering by “Used By” will force those codes that have been
assigned to the bottom of the list. Please note that override codes may be
created by another instructor assigned to the course. To avoid confusion and
possible duplication you should assign only the codes that are listed with your
name in the Created By column. I hope this has been helpful thank you for
viewing this screencast.


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