1. Brazilian American Patriotic Soldier says:

    Lol it's Bad I understand the frustration but the graffiti🤨

  2. Smoke Cloud says:

    Just dont give these bums their mail then make them pick it up easy solution

  3. Young ApGoon says:

    There Just Doing There Jobs,


    What u expect from a bunch of under educated bozos

  5. RedemptionSoS says:

    one if these jewish residents used the same kind of red paint that's been used in the graffiti spraying of swastikas.

  6. CCR TV says:

    Zealous NY Oil Age 👺👹🤡Zombies How Heartlessness <>Smarties if you Check you DMV code you will read that Federal Vehicles Hold Right Of Way over Commercials, Private, even Police & Firetrucks, Destruction Of Government Property’s is a 5 Years Convictions&Sentence ~ Yo Tagger expect the Postal 👮‍♀️ Oh they are Federal Officials, So Don’t Try Spray 🎨 Them~Zombies

  7. HansCent says:

    It probably wouldn't be on the news if the graffiti didn't happen.

  8. Ktowers says:

    Well expect more with amazon moving into the city

  9. Jesse says:

    I lived in Brooklyn all my life and when you can't find a decent parking spot after 4-5 hours, you just get angry. You have ppl coming home from working an evening shift and have to wait hours to get a spot. Circling the block 10x before something opens up. That's not right. It's not the residents fault. The post office should pay to have their trucks parked somewhere other than the streets. I would tag the shit out of every truck parked on the street until they stop.

  10. john smith says:

    I have a similar issue. For years, carriers often park in front of my driveway. Sometimes they completely block my driveway and other times partially block it. There's plenty of street parking just a few feet away but instead pick my driveway to park in front. It's not temp parking. They get out, lock the vehicle and then walk away. Every time I complain, they tell me that they have the right to park anywhere they want.

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