WARNING The following video contains techniques and methods that can be dangerous. It’s only purpose is to teach you how to protect yourselves against hackers, therefore, it shouldn’t be used as a mean for a bad end. I won’t be held responsible in any way for problems or incidents. Hi geeks, and welcome back to another video. before starting, I wanted to thank all of you for the support and encouragement you sent me after my last video where I explained my absence many of you told me that they completely understood the reasons I gave for not being as active as usual,
so thank you very much! also, even though I have added a disclaimer at the beginning of my videos, I still wanted to specify that the only goal of what I’m showing you is purely educational and that I don’t want my tutorials to be used for hacking my objective is to explain how hackers proceed so that you can protect yourselves and also for professionals or those who work in the same domain to run a phishing campaign using the tool that I am going to show you so please stop sending me emails and messages telling me that you want to hack a person or a specific company because I will never help you since first of all I am not a hacker and second of all what you are asking me to do is illegal and I won’t put myself in hot water for some stupid demands great, now that I have cleared those points, let’s move on to what this video is all about today my friends, we are going to talk about Phishing, so we are going to install a tool which is considered as one the best in 2018 for everyone who’s watching this video in 2019, don’t worry, this is still relevant for those of you who remember in my footprinting video, we talked briefly about phishing which is considered as a social engineering technique that is used to acquire personal information Phishing means “hameçonnage” in French so just like a fisherman throws his net to catch fish the hacker will try to catch your attention using a fake form or email for example that’s supposed to be sent from your bank, a person or an organisation that you trust this video could’ve been easily called Facebook hacking, Twitter hacking, LinkedIn hacking or Google hacking because all those social media can be hacked by the same phishing tool I am presenting you today the application is called “Phish X”, I will show you how to install it, the possible problems that you can face while installing and how to deal with them. then we are going to have a simulation where I am going to play my own victim we are going to send an email or a message to the victim to make him believe that his Instagram account has been hacked and that for security measures, he should change his password you will see that it’s pretty well made and that even an IT person can fall for it without further ado let’s get started since you know that I prefer to act rather than talk, so let’s do it! for the installation of “Phish X” you can go to “” where you can find all the commands we will go through them one by one and I will explain when you can get some complications and how to deal with them what I have done in my virtual machine is that I’ve created a directory that I’ve called script so that i don’t have to reinstall “Phish X” since I already have it so I am using the command ” cd Desktop/script/ ” to get to my directory and I am typing “git clone” followed by the installation link to start the download it can take up to 2 min to download but it only took 30 sec this time so now I am typing “ls” to be sure that the file is really there I get in my directory using “cd PhishX/ ” then another “ls” to list the contents so we are going to start with the bash file know as ” ” to do so we have to have the access rights to avoid being denied the permission of execution we are going to use the command “chmod +x” great, now I will be able to execute the bash file you can use two ways “bash” or ” ./ ” it’s the same thing, then I am going to press “Enter” and it will take from 5 to 10min before completing the installation once done, we have to execute the python script “Phish X” however, to do so, first, you should install the 3rd version of python once done type in the command “python3” then execute yet it’s highly probable to have an error saying that a module is missing if it happens to you, all you have to do is to type “pip3 install” followed by the name of the missing module once done, retype “python3” and execute what we have now is the Phish X interface Z-Hacker stands for the person who shared the software You can do the same thing, but it’s not that important just like I’ve told you Phish X offers templates for Twitter Facebook, Instagram, Google, Steam, Github…etc What we are going to do now since we still don’t have access to these templates is to create an SMTP server; the procedure behind the email flow on the internet. to do so, you are going to create a free account on “” once done, click on “Setup Guide”, then “Send Your First Email”, then “SMTP Relay” now we are going to generate an “API”, that’s required to connect to the “SMTP Server” to do so, create whatever key you want, I wrote ” hello411″ we are going to need the information below so copy the “SMTP Server”, and paste it in a notepad we are also going to need a port, let’s choose the ports used by the TLS connections from 25 to 587, I chose 547, but it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t exceed 587 then we are going to move on to the username here we have “apikey” and finally, copy the “API key” you don’t have to try it since it won’t work after this video once back to Phish X, we are going to type in the number “0” then the letter “A” to add an “SMTP Server”, and finally add all the information you can find all the info manually if you get to ” Home/Desktop/script/PhishX/data/ ” if you want to check if you typed correctly once all the information entered, I am going to restart “PhishX” using the following commands “cd Desktop/script/PhishX/ ” then, “python3”, and make sure that the letter “p” in “python3” is lower case since it won’t work with an uppercase letter once back to Phish X, we are going to type in the number “0” now we are going to test our “SMTP server”, using the letter “C” for the test, we are going to use an email address, you can write whatever email address you want, it will be used for a ping test a message came up saying that the connection is refused that’s completely normal and I am going to explain to you why to be able to have a connection, we have to deactivate the “TLS connection” to do so we are going to get access to our python code and we are going to mention that we do not want to have a “TLS connection” so we are going to go to ” Home/Desktop/script/PhishX ” then “” as you can see here we have the test mail that should be sent just after the word “+port,” you are going to add ‘-o’, ‘tls=no’ and keep doing the same thing every time you see the term “sendmail” which is going to take a little while This is the second day of my shooting, yesterday when I finished the deactivation of the “TLS connection” my camera went out of power, and since it was already pretty late, I decided to go to sleep, so here we are today for the continuation after deactivating the TLS connection, you are going to restart the “PhishX” tool then use the following commands “cd Desktop/script/PhishX/” and then execute “python3” now we can test our “SMTP server”
we are going to type in the number “0” then using the letter “C”, type an email address, you can use the same one for both great, now you receive a message saying that the email was sent successfully this means that your “SMTP server” was perfectly configured to recap, you can get two error messages, if you receive a message saying that username is not recognized restart the tool and make sure that your username, password and “SMTP server” are correct if you receive another message saying that the access was denied it means that you still didn’t deactivate the “TLS connection” or that you forgot a part of the code once done, we can start our attack, so I chose Instagram, why not Facebook? well because there is a small problem related to the CSS of the page generated by “PhishX” so the victim will receive an email with a working form but since the CSS is not working then there won’t be any colours…etc aside from Facebook, the test can perfectly work with the other social media now we are going to enter the victim’s username, make sure it’s typed correctly so that the last photo that our victim posted as a profile picture can be charged in the form we can enter the phone number, but you don’t have to since it’ not working for Instagram I am just typing random numbers just for this test the email address is very important, so make sure you’ve typed it correctly type “y” as an answer to the popping question now our attack has been launched the advantages of this technique are that you don’t have to know what type of machine the victim is using, whether it’s a Mac, Windows or Android it won’t matter since this service is happening via Web the pop up that we have now is asking how many SMS you want your victim to receive so I am choosing 1, but as I’ve mentioned before, the phone number doesn’t work for Instagram ok, now that you have these two windows, you can be sure that your victim has received the email I am going to check my mailbox, first I am going to open it from my phone to show you how the form looks like, so as you can see, this is the email that the victim is going to recieve, it says that an alert has been detected and as you can see, the email address is [email protected]… so its pretty easy to get tricked it’s the same thing using a computer, but pay attention to the email address it says [email protected] with Instagram written with an “s” at the end so like I have said before it’s easy to get tricked by it, especially when you read the message it says that a suspicious activity has been detected on your account they also send you and the OS, the time, place and IP address which btw is just fake once the victim clicks on the link, she is going to be redirected to this page which is a very convincing copy of the authentification page then the victim will have to enter her old password, the new one and confirm it once the victim clicks on change password, she is going to receive a message saying Thanks for securing your account, so obviously this sounds perfect after a few seconds, the victim is going to be redirected to the official page of Instagram so if she doesn’t pay attention to the URL, it’s very easy to get fooled now when it comes to the hacker, he is going to receive the old password as well as the new one and that’s how the Phishing attack works the objective of this video wasn’t to show you how to hack people, but rather how the whole process works to avoid all this, it’s very easy, once you click on the link that was sent to you all you have to do is notice that it redirecting to a fake page, so just check the URL the URL will never be “” since this domain name is already taken if you liked this video, don’t forget to like it leave all your impressions in the comment section down below if you have other tools that can be used for Phishing and you want me to test them on this channel you can also leave them in the comment section for those who want to install and test “PhishX”, if you get any error messages just leave them in the comment section we will try to guide you. however, I don’t want to receive emails or messages saying that you are not able to hack a person using the technique that I have presented with that being said, see you next week with another video. Take care and goodbye!


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