Ping Pong Gun Game

Ping Pong Gun Game

What’s up guys! We are Pongfinity Today we are playing a game to 21 points with these different items. With each point you win,
you move on to the next item. First point is with a normal racket. Good luck! Thanks. I will serve. 0-0 Sorry! Oh yeah! Now I get to defence. I’m stuck with my own racket! Okay, penhold. Easy! You started to move me around! Of course It’s too heavy. And lucky again. No surprise there Badminton! This is my point. I think so too! That was so bad! I’m starting to feel bad about my lucky
balls. Otto, I’m so sorry! You are always going for the edge. As soon as you hit it I saw the ball just coming Coming straight to the edge! Okay, dumbbell. [Miikka forgot the shoe..] Smash with the dumbbell! I hate this ruler! Close! How did you play with this? I’m tempted to eat this one I had no chance to get that on! No more chair for me! This is my number 1 serve. Finally I got something in with this fork No! It was close. The same spot. This is the match we have been waiting for. Pen vs pen. Good feeling in the pen! No 2-point difference. Okay so service on the table! Easy! Thanks! Nice try. Okay so that was fun! Then pen was maybe a bit too difficult Yeah it was really hard Don’t forget to hit subscribe And watch our previous video there! Until next time!


  1. Rekt by Pancake says:

    Pan Pong is now officially my favorite sport.

  2. Vladimir Putin says:

    I am fat and lazy and YouTube keeps recommending me sports. The only proactive thing I have done is this

  3. MS Productions says:

    Challenge play in badminton court

  4. Verbel Gaming says:

    no idea why recommendations brought me here BUT IM NOT DISSAPOINTED

  5. Emerson Chism says:

    This YouTube channel costs 1 less to cast for each pong you control

  6. Alexander Wieseman says:

    Miikka forget the shoe

  7. ShakeAndBake says:

    Racket rally

  8. Nightosphere06 says:

    The title made me click

  9. Untold Rainbow says:

    The missed the chance to call it a tennis shoe

  10. Carlos Isaac Lopez says:

    Hahaha this is too good!

  11. Timothy Martin says:

    Get some Ukuleles in there

  12. Gloria Borger says:

    6:27 that's actually impressive

  13. The Nerdist 101 says:

    I am so tempted to eat that


  14. TheThugPug says:

    Hwagh 1:04 noice

  15. TheThugPug says:


  16. Nobody 1945 says:

    They used the ball to play the ball…

  17. Dios Chotil says:

    1:30 well thats cheating

  18. carlosjnma says:

    I played with a small tin of vaseline lol

  19. Phin Dog says:

    Why am I watching this lol

  20. Wavy Matt says:

    Man I thought they were gonna play with a gun

  21. Heartworm Injection Okay? says:

    would have been a better video if you had used some decent music

  22. saeed mohamed says:

    This is how I play all the time ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  23. Ian Bugayong says:

    Their returns are still much better than mine even with random everyday objects

  24. Kuzey Şensoy says:

    is pen has a ıttf confirmation?

  25. MrChing'sQualityInstantNoodles says:

    These guys play better with a chair than I do normally

  26. Stray216 says:

    Me: hmmm, i need to study, but …
    clicks youtube

  27. kaylor87 says:

    Okay, well that was super entertaining!! My only questions is HOWWW are they not laughing and smiling more??? They're so dang serious, even when swinging a banana at a ping pong ball lol

  28. iopfox kitsune says:

    ping-pong but more score you got more curse it get.

  29. Tornike Tsitsqishvili says:

    Pen-hold vs Pan hold, which would win?

  30. すがすが says:


  31. Metal Headbanger says:

    6:07 the actual penhold

  32. Michael Bank says:

    Did Mika really forget? Let’s be honest. lol

  33. TheBakedPotato says:

    Very fun to watch, had my attention the whole time!

  34. TzuDicon says:

    1:42 thay game should be named ding dong

  35. William Shakespeare says:

    I knew Otto was going to win to be honest… no use watching video… i sleep instead… zzz…

  36. Massine Brs says:

    How many stars are your rackets

  37. Octubio says:

    guy in red shirt: oh there is no shoe imma skip it

    just take your shoe off you cheater

  38. Danny Au says:

    This is the best idea ever how creative

  39. Nuutti Aho says:


  40. ג'וני דץךפםםווחיחןטא1ר1ק13753י89887654321רימר says:

    1:44 both : I will use my trusty frying pan into a ping pan

  41. Drunk Axolotl says:

    takes out glock and shoots adversary cho lei!

  42. Shaun Pearson says:

    m8 the amount of nets and edges i get is way beyond what Miikka got

    edit: didnt knnow how to spell Miikka

  43. Marta Fondevila Cáncer says:

    I love

  44. Martin Mikota says:

    Basically us on elementary school xd

  45. Exotic Gaming53 says:

    gets chair 5:31

  46. Ayush Singh says:

    play ping pong on snooker table

  47. Godly Noob says:

    The match at 1:09 has some melody or music to it

  48. Patricio Leiva says:

    White people be like:

  49. Loser Karter says:

    Impressive, but the table itself you have tried not.

  50. wacha pon says:


  51. Foxy_Boris says:

    You know you've reached the peak of your channel when you play ping pong with a banana

  52. Jean J.Y. Hong says:

    Who even likes those stinky shoes

  53. Hot Gameplays says:

    1:42 PUBG

  54. Elio Banzer says:

    4:10 so Miikka just got an extra point for forgetting the shoe. Smart

  55. The Gaming OPTION says:

    +2 pleaseeeee

  56. Hwan Lee says:

    One Million 🎊

  57. MrDroneFighter says:

    Here since 70k

  58. Potato Tomato says:

    Great video

  59. spiderino fiesta says:

    Best video ever, do more of these pleade

  60. Mohamed Hany says:

    Show me your coach in any video

  61. safiul umam says:

    Without bet table tennis goods was so

  62. Sandro Scalise says:

    Don't try this at home!!!!

  63. Kachowzaa says:

    I love how they can play with anything but if I don’t have a large ass paddle I can’t hit crap

  64. Jonah Piedad says:

    Do a part two

  65. Arrebarre Gaming & matlagning says:

    Is that a ScanPan ProIq???

  66. TROLKO twl says:

    Omg watching you for 2 years now keep doing your best

  67. jai verma says:

    play with your bare hand

  68. jason Grinton says:

    Real stereo types
    3:03 The Lucky guy

  69. IzzeaYT ✔ says:

    21 : seinsei
    22 : DiVAn ?

  70. Aakash Choudhary says:

    I'm tempted to eat this one

    Why is that so funny

  71. Mustafa Khedapa says:

    1:41 The most satisfying sound in the universe

  72. Conall O'Brien says:

    I've played with badminton racquets before and although it sometimes hit my armpit, I found it easier holding it up by the top, not at he grip

  73. Алексей Сус says:

    Просто супер

  74. desiguy22 says:

    you forgot the shoe! Miikka

  75. Chilll HOLA says:

    I only thought this sort of stuff was only possible in cartoons, but man Pongfinity has done it again!

  76. Kevin Carden says:

    I think you should do a Mikka Otto match using different items

  77. Alexander Wieseman says:

    When both had badminton
    Ding dong

  78. Noah Jäger says:

    Literally ping pong evolution backwards

  79. Shaurya Vasant says:

    Hey pongfinity why don't you play with the edge of the racquet?

  80. Shaurya Vasant says:


  81. Marcelo Lima says:

    What is penhold?
    Me brasilian

  82. liiffi plays says:

    Are you finnish

  83. Gustavo Adolfo says:

    No puedo jugar bien con paleta y estos lo hacen hasta con un plátano ;(

  84. Lauri Liljamo says:

    Ootteko suomalaisia

  85. vale Ciocc says:

    So funny this challenge :3

  86. Abbas Zrayk says:

    It’s very fun

  87. Erik AKA The best noob says:

    Miika jumped over the shoe 4:10

  88. Eddie Walley says:

    This was a very satisfying video to watch

  89. Durt GT says:

    3:41 Otto Actually used the shoe he was wearing.

  90. K Y N G E says:

    With the frying pans, the ping pong ball looked like an egg.

  91. Sogo Araki says:

    Anyone noticed sensei lolll

  92. Vaishali Desai says:

    Nice concept👍👍👍👍😏😏😏😏👍👍👍👍👍👍

  93. Thomas McCleod says:

    They should play a game with soda cans then drink them after the game

  94. Feronic Biscuit says:

    If I was here I wouldn’t get passed my own racket

  95. MartaDiego Luján Torres says:

    Porque no vais al torneo del mundo

  96. MartaDiego Luján Torres says:

    Jugar con una cuchara

  97. LMS Butcher says:

    Yo he skipped no.11 👀

  98. Tombo Crundwell says:

    The saddest thing was that they could probably beat me with a fork

  99. zNayck says:

    My friend play with cellphone

    He is good

  100. Gage Sims says:

    Can you guys leave links to where to buy the paddles and balls you use in the description? Plz?

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