1. sexte fcb Ismael says:

    Beautiful song ♥️

  2. says:

    This reminds me of Skyrim 🌚😂

  3. T O'Malley says:

    Such a shame he didn’t do a 1979 smashing pumpkins vid for this

  4. DRDEF7 says:

    Game of Thrones meets Gladiator, I was a expecting a better video to this song tho, Great song, What a Disapointment

  5. Danny Angulo says:

    Post malone
    Good music

  6. God Ares says:

    This would suit perfectly for life is strange 2 ending when ep 6 comes out…

  7. Maksim Kravchuk says:

    Сука ебал Инглиш

  8. L G B G says:

    Bonjour tout le monde,

    Nous sommes un jeune groupe de rappeurs et on a sorti notre premier son sur youtube. Allez écouter ça sur notre page et dites nous ce que vous en pensez. Likez ce commentaire pour que tout le monde le voit s'il vous plaît 🙏🙏 Merci à tous!

  9. Mo Lester says:

    Would 10/10 watch this movie

  10. Pete Long says:

    She fucced up

  11. M E says:

    They speed it up so it doesnt get boring

  12. Rouss Cortes says:


  13. Rouss Cortes says:

    Dame lili si o ves ❌😐

  14. Rouss Cortes says:

    Si eres de la rasa sad💯💯☠️

  15. Joshua Talan says:

    magazine ma ni

  16. Mk Tkt says:

    A chaque fois que j'écoute un son en voiture que je kiffe, je découvre toujours que c'est un son de Post Malone lol

  17. Lil Kooly says:

    What Skyrim mod is this

  18. Xx AyyItsAj xX says:

    Me in dark souls when a boss kills me before I killed it:

  19. Angel Boyles says:


  20. AlamedaCA94501 says:

    Very cool video! The man has a great voice!

  21. 이상윤 says:


  22. Nick van Betuw says:

    He reminds me of a badass version of Podrick from GOT 😂

  23. jordan thompson says:

    If post malone was on a bud light commercial

  24. Tiffany Chan says:

    Anyone notice the similarities between this and The Lagoons – California (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijKaQlUphO8)

  25. 페르소나MagicShop Gacha says:

    So amazingly creative!

  26. N4RD says:

    The first time i listened to this i didnt like it but its grown on me now

  27. erika mendoza says:


  28. Daniel & Jesse Gaming NBA 2k19 says:

    My mom Lves you

  29. sumanjit arora says:

    Im just not into this song …

    Like if you arent to

  30. Bill Fraser says:

    Beautiful song..Our burning bush is here!

  31. Laxmi Nambam says:

    Season change but you dont, but malone needs to quit smokin

  32. Nathaniel Rodriguez Melendez says:

    My bf is licking my dirty feet while we listen to this

  33. CrustyKangaroo says:

    Post Malone For Honor Edition?

  34. FLUXZiON says:

    my mama called, "seen you on tv"

  35. N_ kit says:

    Malone:we're runnin' in circle..

    Me:u play pubg don't you?😁😁

  36. brodisman Funko pop channel says:

    This is my life with my ex bestfriend

  37. Rocio Santi says:

    hasta se parece a rob stark

  38. raw0541 says:

    Dang PostMolones so beautiful and his songs are too!

  39. Ashweng Velasco says:

    seasons change, and our love went COLD❄️☃️

  40. Karuso says:

    Uff creo que este song es el mejor despues de dolla sing

  41. AlamedaCA94501 says:

    How does this video have 30k down votes.. God people are dumb..

  42. Addison Simpson says:

    i love post malone and his music. but his music does not go with the music videos

  43. King Croc says:

    great song

  44. Ultan Dorrian says:

    Amazing song

  45. Connor Jennings says:

    Post on the flaming bier reminds me of Herakles' apotheosis

  46. TheProblem Child says:

    This was made in memory of his blacksmith that died in skyrim. He had no saves near his level, so he couldn't go back.

  47. Verly Nocum says:

    Post Malone:im the bad guy now

    Billie:am i a joke to you

  48. Donovan Redbird says:

    bro all of these mainstreem artists have some fucking video of them burning or killing themselves in some way lol selling your soul is the only way to make it

  49. R.I.P Ronnie says:

    This is art

  50. top 10 YT_PS4 says:

    Is it possible for posty to make a bad song

  51. Azmaeen Ansar says:

    Dark Souls: The Music Video

  52. david ra says:

    i do like this song. it very mewl

  53. ツU n s p o k e n says:

    This wanna makes me play Skyrim again and watch medieval movies 💞

  54. slowly says:

    did he just use blanks' higher bass line?😂

  55. HernandzMusic says:

    Muy buena ❤️

  56. Cameron Morr says:

    This guy is Kit Harrington if he were a meth addict.

  57. Its semmie says:


  58. K A R E S E says:

    I was searching for the lyrics but end up reading comments.

  59. Obi-Wan Kenobi says:

    The melody sounds like BLANKS

  60. Catur Kurnia says:

    When I was listened for the first time I think it was snow patrol.

  61. Corré Romane says:

    I'm falling in love with this bass

  62. Lurn Boyz says:


  63. paulina 1007 says:


  64. kw 0808 says:


  65. Кызыктуу Дуйно says:

    Who is here after Wonho's recommendations?? MONBEBE are you here?

  66. Kyle says:

    plague doctor 2:16

  67. I’m Breathtaking says:


  68. shalini jaiswal says:

    Assome graphics man assome vipin vns

  69. Yung Thief says:

    This songs insane like if u agree

  70. ちゃこペン says:


  71. Jamisen Hoeft says:

    this is how he looked in his tat that he shows on hot ones!!

  72. Jamisen Hoeft says:

    Post looks like a GoT character lmao

  73. Look what I found says:

    Every movies : Only tall blonde masculine can be a Prince…
    Posty: gimme ma sword amma slay it

  74. Liz Taylor says:

    Mate, this is a bop!

  75. Dina Aliquo says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Adrian Llorente says:


  77. Chloé Bouquerel says:

    Y'a toute les langues en sous titre sauf Français super (:

  78. carlos anton arbozo says:

    Damn brother…

  79. michel78 says:

    Rob Stark has tattoos now

  80. Wahmi Oki says:

    this song is soo good.. but still Sunflower has won my heart

  81. YT Xylad says:

    Posty is literally John wick in shining armour

  82. COMMEDIA 2007 says:


  83. Sd Htoo says:

    this could be a whole movie

  84. Armaan Dhaliwal says:

    Post can be an movie star 😂😂😂😂😂

  85. Suraj Gope says:

    Post malone naic music

  86. Deborah Alves says:

    Te amo 😍

  87. Allyrena Goodfairy says:

    I don't understand the story xd.

  88. Sálty Córn says:

    Why do the good songs get the least views.

  89. Christhian Benavidez says:

    The handsomess voice ive ever heard ….. 😍😍

  90. Sukhveer Kaur says:

    she doesn't have a mouth because she's blesssed and cursed at the same time, she can see everything but can't tell anyone about it.

  91. Kelly Babcock says:

    Omg Post this song Is absolutely beautiful I love it same for all your songs and I'm making this song #1 on my playlist and hearing your voice like this is amazing Thankyou

  92. Анна Бакисова says:

    Post start to play in Witcher?

  93. 70,000 subscribers with no videos says:

    I don't want him not to smoke too much.. because I wanna listen his song in the far future

  94. Julie Carucci says:

    ayone getting hunger games vibes

  95. mikaAkim mikaAkim says:


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