Postal 2. #12. Интересные моменты, приколы, баги, фейлы.

Postal 2. #12. Интересные моменты, приколы, баги, фейлы.

Age limit 16+ “Again this infidel has come to us, to kill him in the name of Allah.” One hundred, stand, stand! Counteroffer. You give me a pyrotechnic, and I won’t kill anyone here. Agreed? I understand this is the answer is no? Well, look, the guy is worse for you. How about this one? Well, how? Available explained? Look how empty-heads are fun jumping. And what they did not think that they alone could do that. Okay, I wanted to in a good way, but I see what happens as always. In short, coffins in the local region will again become more expensive. What a smart, well catch the olive tree. It is a pity that in this game not to conclude a contract with local ritual services, it would be possible to earn good money. And why the hell are you not taking bullets? Or something? Special? Well, quickly fell, wrung out, died. Well, what about my new bursting toy. So far, no empty bowler against her has survived. Well, how else have you decided to solve your question peacefully or do you prefer shouts, firing, explosions? 50 killed your people is not a reason to sit at the peace table. Now drag your pixels here, and I will separate them. Wow, plague music. Well, let’s give a couple of steps. We will show them how the local dudes are annealed. Yes, let’s break this dance table. Wow sausages! Hell, again, the gut takes over the mind. Hey, everybody, but let’s get lost there in you tires, I have a break for lunch. Have understood? So, here what? Little asshole, wanted to merge with the situation. Santa Claus with a gun. What grandpa gave all the kindness with gifts? Or he selects gifts with his help. Do you want to kill her? So me too. And I want to kill you too. I want to kill everyone here. After all, as always I came in peace, but something went wrong. It hurts damn. Damn, I’m burning under water. In my opinion this is a normal phenomenon. What about put out the classic way. Works. Here I am just like a little whale, floating on the back and letting the fountain. Seeing this, a psychiatrist would be definitely interested. The water in this pool is like a test for madness. See the pool water? I See. And she’s not there! How really many tricks to hide the underwater world of this pool. Yes, I can draw patterns with my jet on the bottom and walls. Who is shooting at me there? Pretends to shoot a rifle. After all, the rifle is not really. What is he arrogant. But this dude may have become very hot, so he decided to freshen up and take a bath. Yes, how many of you are still here, I’m already tired of reforming your part. After all, having such a number, it was easier for you to build a city here and settle it. Opanki, and what is it we have packed up here? Why so much washing powder? Hey, die! Dude, Arizona, USA? And why does he need powder, because he has been walking in his clothes for a week now. How many bangers. You have to play with them like on Dendy in Prince of Persia, where you had to slip between the knives. Hey, where are you? Come here, come on, come on guys, all here. Probably need to reduce the interval. Well, that’s another matter. Well, where are you? And walked around me. What are you, this violation of the rules is punishable by exclusion from the game. Hey, what are you doing here? Drunkard, because of you, even the door does not close. Come free the passage. Or I can free your little soul from its mortal body. Well, finally got to the last room. Who are you? Where did it come from? Like a chicken from an egg, I was even taken aback. Oh! Cameras for your rockets! Activate to turn on and off. Wow, I can still manage it. Well, everyone beware! Goodnight! Shit …s So, the latest goal as always will be the most difficult, but we can handle it. What? Arctic fox crept unnoticed? What is this, you’re kind of merged with the terrain? Good trick, I think you were just trying to crawl under the door and accidentally got stuck. Now you need help getting out, but you are lucky, to I’m here, and I love helping people. Even when they are killed. And killed directly by me. Free, no longer get into trouble. Yes guys, this is a hi stylist. When instead of bullets you shoot off the scissors. Someone stuck in the ass. Scissors are dangerous things, as are stylists. Are you waiting for me? And I will take and not get out, but while you are stupid, I will shoot you. How do you like this plan, did not expect? I get a little strained by these scissors, which bounce off everything. I hope they will not ricochet me into the exhaust pipe. What? Am I under the dome? As there are many oddities, first the pool is now a dome. What are you doing here? What bookmark are you hiding? Drugs will kill you. Already ruined. And here is the brigadier, and his crew of mowers. Which may again be mowing the grass under my window. But today is not your day guys, today I am recording the video, so go relax. Kebabs eat for example! I like the smell of freshly cut grass, but I like the smell of kebabs more. How cool I scratched my heel with to this dead person. “”Hey, you?” “You are arrested” “I am not guilty, arrest the one who sat at the keyboard.” Hey, stop, I have nothing to do with it? Buddy, thanks for watching. If you liked the video, then put “like”, comment, and of course subscribe to the channel, I will be very grateful to you for this. You can also share this video with friends, suddenly they like. But if you do not like something, then write in the comments what it is – we will understand. And it was Postal 2 and at the microphone Dedugen. All the best to you and good mood. Happily!


  1. Foton ТV says:

    Творческие перерывы-злая штука

  2. Maxval says:

    Как всегда топ)

  3. LEMON TV says:

    Ха-ха-ха топ)

  4. Maxval says:

    Поиграй в metro last light

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    Блин чувак Хоть ты пародируеш Мармока но все равно Лучше тебя в топ провигать

  6. RedKuzz says:

    Бородачи жили себе спокойно, делали фейерверки и порошок, растили травы и бороды…
    Но пришёл Чувак и обломал кайф!

  7. FUNNY FUN says:

    Как насчет Second sight? Довольно весело будет передвигать столы телекинезом 😀

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    Я подписался и лайк поставил

  9. Даниил Высоцкий says:

    Я кст от лемона

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    Крутое видео но лучше тебе наверное стримить

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