Postal 2. #9. Интересные моменты из игры, приколы.

Postal 2. #9. Интересные моменты из игры, приколы.

Watching this video is not recommended if you are under 16 years old Whack and antidepressant destroyed. And now the super shot, with maximum coolness. Well, random material damage is generally my hobby. And additional ventilation in this bomzhatnik (Home for the homeless) does not hurt. Damn, cool, with such a cat you will never see the wool in your eat. Hey bro! Are you sick? Wait a couple of seconds and the disease will go away. “Farewell baby” There was a guy and gone guy. Surgery. I immediately understood, because in our clinics, this is how the surgery looks like. What are beautiful blood marks in cats. How sweet it is. Judging by dismembered people and non-sterile operating rooms, leading surgeons here are cats. And here is the chief doctor of the clinic. Wait, I didn’t register at the reception, there wasn’t a place in the map as usual. Or you indiscriminately, all cut. Hey only not a member! What kind of cattle, he wanted to slice my sausage. Administrator, I will already complain. Who accepts complai… Equipment. In short, okay, I’ll deal with it myself now, although for I have a bit too little ammunition. What are you doing, orangutan? If a person got a gun, it does not mean that he is a gangster. Well, what a bias, that’s what I’m talking about, where look only stereotypes. Well, what are I going to walk with so that they are not afraid of me? With scissors? After all, a hairdresser can not be a killer, and perfumer too. Oh, the cat is burning, he needs to help. What a twist. Suddenly, the cat decided to help himself. If they continue to be so capable, I will stay idle. What is this color show? Who are you? Whose imaginary friend is that? Or are they all my hallucinations. In short, I don’t give a shit, I’ll kill everyone as usual. What are you stroll here? Here the war goes on, here everything is serious. He stroll here! Oh, you blue little bitch, she poked me with scissors. Now I will feed you with lead. Dove. What the hell is this? Am I in the rectum or what? Blue Ninja Cats. What guys, focus did not work? Why is everything blue here? Probably this game is trying to hint something to me. Why are there so many cats? They brought here a grandmother and her 50 cats? I have already finished off cats, so many that in the feline hell one for me is stored up the hottest stove. Or maybe I’m already in a cat hell? Type of challenge, go through not burn. Easy, I’m with special equipment. Yes, your mother, golden rain, golden rain, golden rain. Golden rain like dude. Are you going to go out? How much can you put out, I don’t have enough urine for everyone. Why are these cats burning, they are here that the most sinful were and did not have time to repent. And here are my cannons. Got to the hospital with a mountain of weapons, do not be afraid, at discharge you take them to the reception. How to get out? Hey, let me out, otherwise I’ll blow everything up here. “Who would have thought that peace would happen” I do not know why, but for some reason I have a very strong dislike for this little bastard. I want to dunk him. He sobbed on a sledgehammer.
Now I will beat you like a little rusty carnation. Taadam! He evaporated! An interesting blood speck, like the imprint of a broken face kiss. I just need to eat some lousy Chinese eat. We have pizza, in any way will fit like a lousy eat. (The inscription on the banner) Hey kids, your parents will die soon…. What, what a stupid creature is responsible in this city for propaganda. And here is the lousy Chinese eat. “Welcome! What will you order?” “A bottle of vodka, a bottle of beer and one nut.” “I’ll never have dinner in your pigsty again.” “Fine!” And of course I will be served by the most uprooted creature in this whole eatery. Hey bro, do you even have a sanitary book? You’re a find for a dermatologist. “And you probably also need some kind of eat.” “Lord, why are you all going here?” This is the dining room. I want a sandwich please. “Of course rat shit.” “Add you cheese to this f*cking sandwich?” Cheese, add please,… you only don’t spit there. “And maybe you want another free smile? And, your mother? F*ck, smile at you, eh?” I’m actually trying to be polite …. I’m f*cking you right now with my hatchet, and you so smile that no plastic surgeon will gather you muzzle. “I’ll eat your fucking brains.” “Damn, mad zombies.” “Get the stinky bastard.” “Get rotting shit u.” What are you funny guys. Well guys, now we will speak my language, only I will select the necessary translator for you. Chick-tweet. Well, let’s come here, now your head through your ass will smile. All, the institution is closed for technical reasons, piss off. And here is the eat. Yeah, here you are where our rude friend. Hi baby! It is necessary to slap her in a friendly ass. You like it, come on again! Did you notice me? Who are you? Well, get out of here, you do not see here a romantic conversation. So what are we staying at? Oops, not that button! Wait, I did not want to, it was also an accident. Do you like rough brutal? Come on! Well? Do not have time? And now in the jump? So all, the date is over, happy baby. I have an urgent matter. Economic greetings to you, rich and successful! And where are you guys gurgling there? Where climbed. Hey zombie, well, get off the roof. Zombie in Parkour is shit. You’re a zombie, parkour is not yours, stop destroying the self-esteem of the local population. They humans, and of this not cannot. Come on, eat me. Well, not a fig you drove up, now climbed on a wheelbarrow, try get it me. What? What is it? It’s time to tie to play on the steering wheel. It was your liver, now you can not drink alcohol. Spit up your lungs and you will be a girl without bad habits. And from the crooked face I will spare you. “Son, I like your style. Do you want to work as an engineer for interacting with crazy cows?” “Well, I’m just temporarily unemployed.” What kind of zoofi .. zoologist? Buddy thanks for watching, feel free to leave a comment. You can also put this video “like” and subscribe to the channel, I will be very grateful to you for this. And it was postal 2 and Dedugen, all the best to you a good mood. Happily! And now imagine that you are a small boat, slowly floating on the rivershit.


  1. Perisait says:

    О постал)

  2. STEAM t0x1c says:

    Постал топ

  3. RedKuzz says:

    Таких котиков на дробовик не наденешь!

  4. Foton ТV says:

    Некисло так вышло!
    Жду Сталкач,как незнамо шо0_0
    всё крут

  5. SON BOASON says:

    Почему так мало просмотров? Я интроверт, но блин, мне смешно! Удачи тебе в будущем.

  6. Даниил фролов says:

    Надеюсь после этого будет "Рай потерять"?

  7. zkuc says:

    Жалко тебя очень мало просмотров. Годный контент )

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