1. Nacho Rau Ferrer says:

    no esta subtitulada -_-

  2. Pah man says:

    That is one shitty movie
    I liked it very much

  3. Taggart Olson says:


  4. Soviet Bear says:

    amo a champ como estaba en el principio y al final

  5. тоша лиса says:

    its weird the way dave showed his dick lol

  6. Matthew Layford says:

    "There are rumours out there that all my movies are financed with Nazi gold, and what should I say? It's true! But somebody must do something with the money." – Uwe Boll

  7. you mom gay lol says:

    desde que jugue el juego me preguntaba como seria si fuera una pelicula es un maldito sueño hecho realidad

  8. ElFederal01 says:

    RIP Vern

  9. Vicente Guerrero says:

    LOL 16:38 to 18:53 and 42:16 to 42:33

  10. Vicente Guerrero says:

    22:45 to 24:59 EPIC day at the bank

  11. Cherif Tekouk says:

    start killing already

  12. Cherif Tekouk says:

    seeing an old man naked
    my life is done fucked up

  13. cyber-meme says:


  14. cyber-meme says:


  15. UMinecr says:

    a chismas story 2

  16. Harlold Herwitz says:

    haha. this movie is Pure Satire. About Meruica

  17. Lena Trimble says:

    Such a terrible dumb stupid bad lame BUT wonderful movie. I like it a lot. Lol.

  18. TheBlomberFactory says:

    What a cast…

  19. UltimateEnd0 says:

    Uwe Boll's masterpiece

  20. Siddhant Bist says:

    Credits song name???

  21. Neo2266 says:

    Ok, that had me fucking dying

  22. Frequency and Fever says:

    David Spade makes this movie. I can see this becoming a cult classic because it's so awfully horrible, I love it!

  23. K84 says:

    How the fuck was JK Simmons in this movie? Surely it was a one day gig where he got offered a bucket of money

  24. Ruitsu Atsuki says:


  25. Drain Bramige says:

    This is truly the best movie ever made

  26. ur favorite human bean says:

    27:26 for azz

  27. Yeah Man says:

    i regret nothing.

  28. Josh Blackburn says:

    Oh yeah, 2007 did happen.

    I member

  29. uchylnedrzwi222 says:

    Kto od williextreme

  30. ZABOO says:


  31. vodkaPL says:

    rip postal dude

  32. Zorky Corky says:

    I fucking hate this movie.

  33. ChiliConQueso says:

    I feel like Uwe Boll tried to make a John Waters movie here – and actually somewhat succeeded.

  34. Non Rustic says:

    Love this movie.

  35. nicky pass says:

    Terrible movie, good game

  36. DerZwerg811 says:

    Does anybody knows the song played in the car at 1:13:20

  37. Mr. Sisco says:

    What does this have to do with postal 2.

  38. CottonTehBunBun says:

    YouTube please don’t take this down

  39. Caio Augusto says:

    Better love story than twilight.
    That ending tho

  40. Toti says:

    Nahhhhh muuuuuuy buena

  41. S3NS3I says:

    52:04 😂

  42. Fighter's Edge says:

    1:29:10 "Don't be a Dick…"
    1:29:13 "Dick."

  43. INeedTherapy says:

    truly a masterpiece

  44. Goth Fox says:

    19:22 inuyasha's voice actor, Richard Ian Cox

  45. torsung81 says:

    I came to see the two bimbos shooting each other, but the scene is cut out!

  46. José Antonio Cat says:

    Dicen que esta película es mala , pero su humor se parece mucho al juego.

  47. RockstarPlay says:

    Por que Uwe Boll Le cambio la personalidad a Postal Dude >:v

  48. Ün bløg de Mierdą Xd fan #2 de la txa txa 666 says:

    Su unica buena pelicula

  49. Murder Bot says:

    It is perfect

  50. Dfaxx says:

    ese abdul :v !!

  51. Matthew Weston says:

    This is the best fucking movie you fucking retards.

  52. Kirill Medvinsky says:

    love it!!

  53. Maxim Kozin says:

    this movie remains true to the spirit of the source material

  54. Metokur's Hall of Mirrors says:

    why is dude a fucking GINGER

  55. Ronok Wayne says:

    1:40:23 is my favorite part

  56. FATxDAN says:

    This is Uwe's best. It's pretty much high budget Troma. The cast this guy gets is mind blowing. Lloyd Kaufman, if you haven't already, rub his belly!

  57. Kevin Birge says:

    Boll killed it with this one. The more bitchified the world gets, the more relevant this film becomes. Five stars.

  58. danofthedead1979 says:

    So bad, i enjoyed it

  59. Hypnotic Skull says:


  60. Hypnotic Skull says:

    Zack Ward wasn’t that bad

  61. Hypnotic Skull says:


  62. b says:

    This is what true greatness looks like

  63. André Santos GVirus says:

    3:28 damn RIP Windows washer dafuq

  64. james88 says:

    It’s a comedie. The terroist in the start are hilarious

  65. Samson Belmont says:

    5:30 se tiro la piedra en las pelotas asi mismo xD

  66. typownik Pl says:


  67. TheSUPRASURTR says:

    le doy sobre 10 un ….infinito

  68. Happy Arnold says:

    J.K. Simmons was in this movie. Holy shit.

  69. Lionel Parra says:

    Hubiera sido épico una secuela

  70. Pan con jamón says:

    Una obra maestra.

  71. Sean Johnson says:

    56:41 nice little reference to when obtaining the police uniform in postal 2.

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