Preparing for the Next Decade: A 2020 Vision for Healthy People

Preparing for the Next Decade: A 2020 Vision for Healthy People

DR. HOWARD KOH: Our good health is a gift.
In the world all people reach their full potential for health and their highest attainable standard
of health and really enjoy that gift. But unfortunately right now there are too many
threats to our health, and people aren’t reaching their full potential. So healthy people remind
us about the importance of prevention, reminds us about the importance of the gift of health
and it gives us new directions to reach for the future.
JAN MCINTIRE: Projects like healthy people provide a compass, Healthy People gives us
an opportunity to say, are we aligned? Are our objectives aligned with national objectives
because we should all be trying to do that. DR. HOWARD KOH: We have some four overarching
goals that inspire and motivate all of us. First to improve quantity and quality of life.
Second, to eliminate health disparities and achieve true health equity. Third, to protect
health throughout all stages of life. And fourth is to make our environments healthier
so we have a true social determinants approach to health.
DR. MARK HORTON: The thing that’s I think particularly exciting about the new framework
for Healthy People 2020 is the additional emphasis on health disparities and equities
as well as focusing on further upstream preventive measures that can be captured by focusing
on social determinants of health. DR. SHIRIKI KUMANYIKA: We’re defining health
from a public health perspective as including things that you don’t usually think of as
health. Things that, the conditions that create health.
DR. ANNE BONGIORNO: I think with Healthy People 2020, and our mid-year report, that if we
take these to heart and we look at evidence-based intervention, and really connect the intervention
with the benchmark from the Healthy People program, and evaluate it carefully for efficacy,
that we’re really going to make some strong inroads.
SUSAN WOZENSKI: So we’re really trying to get our practitioners to step back a little
bit and look sort of in the classic upstream way of thinking as to what we can do to make
our population a little bit healthier. KYNDRA JACKSON: We’re going to need social
workers. We’re going need our primary care physicians. We’re going to need a whole team
to collaborate together, to improve health outcomes.
DR. LOUISE LEX: It needs to be an effort on the part of the community, the entire community,
the business community, the community of educators, it needs to be a collective effort.
DR. HOWARD KOH: With this new version of healthy people 2020, we literally want a 2020 vision
of health to be shared by everybody in this country. And we want the data and the goals
and the targets to be motivating force for every community, and every person in every


  1. AKnupe says:

    Healthy People have published a variety of health information for us to be inform on the importance of choosing a healthy life style .

  2. Irma Bennett says:

    Thank you Dr. Howard Koh for this wonderful presentation. I invite you to view the following video link that are changing peoples lives form 7 forms of cancer, diabetes, grout, blood pressure. arthritis, autism, etc. purehealthkyani or KyaniScience or Kyanivideo. A list of top Doctors are on the KyaniScience webpage alone with the white paper results. Much Aloha

  3. Joseph Gould says:

    The BIGGEST threat to American health is BAD food; get rid of the killer food additives: No#1.  HIGH Fructose Corn Syrup.  STOP blaming the good folks for the problems the US FDA has allowed in the interest of huge corporate profits.

  4. Jacob Coronel says:

    The background music playing is very distracting.

  5. PA Kid says:

    It's a good message and all but 1. it's just talk and 2. it's uninteresting talk. Up the intensity, show the extremes, the crippling, scary and bad consequences as well as the amazingly awesome goodness! Show the lazy, unproductive, unhappy fast-food goers that were alcoholics or drug-users that are now super-healthy and super happy vegetarians/vegans that have incredible fitness levels and are leaps and bounds more productive, more viable, and overall have a much higher quality of life! C'mon, let's go people!

  6. Essence of Tranquility and Calmness says:

    We know what is wrong with why people are unhealthy, stop making everything with additives and preservatives and GMO's. Allowing us to have affordable food choices instead of hiking up the prices of fruits and vegetables and forcing people to eat unhealthy, pre-processed foods from a box or freezer. If the government was so concerned about the obesity rate increasing in that of two-year-olds then why are they not allowing more nutritious foods versus processed foods full of cancer causing additives. Maybe one reason why is that if everyone were healthy then there would be no need for drugs and if there were no need for those expensive drugs than those in the top 1% wouldn't profit. When a drug rep starts telling your doctor to push a drug that is not marketed for the purpose they want it to be used for there is an issue. When drug companies create studies just to prolong the patent that is monopolizing the market. When patients are bombarded with ads by drug companies to "try this new drug" it will help with "this so called illness" and then the patients demand their doctors give it to them….that is wrong and what is especially wrong is that most if not all doctors give in to their requests. It is a money game and there is no plan to fix it because they need people to be sick in order to make their millions. Do yourself and your family a favor, wake up and take the blinders off, research what this so called "food" they are selling contains and start back at square one – cook your own food from scratch, not from a box….buy from local farmers not grocery stores where god knows what has been used on the food to get it to look like it does.

  7. FreedomForce100 says:

    So I guess step 1 will be ending chemtrails?

  8. Rachel Howell says:

    One of the objectives of the Healthy People 2020 is MANDATORY vaccinations of all adolescents and ADULTS. If you don't mind losing your freedom to choose what you inject into your own body, then I guess this initiative would be good news for you.

  9. catherine looper says:

    Fuck you! Not me

  10. GMOgottago says:

    A lot of us see right through this horse shit!

  11. Jeanne Markee says:

    It doubled talked the entire time and I COULD NOT FOLLOW THE INFORMATION

  12. cl minzy says:


  13. Taylor Alliease says:

    These vaccinations are going to cause major problems just like the polio vaccines between 1955 – 1963 that were contaminated with SV40 .

  14. Frank Pistella says:

    (watching this in 2018 for a class) yeah…. you guys failed miserably at that. XD

  15. Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop) says:


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