1. driver nephi says:

    this can't be good for me but I feel great

  2. Spicy Chicken God says:

    My name's Stevie, and I love stealing from the collection plate at church.

  3. ROCK 99 WASP says:

    Do paradise lost video

  4. vengeful mage says:

    Is any of the spacehulk games on dos a possibility? Cripplingly hard but fun

  5. CG Vallejos says:

    You can reupload this all the times you want and I'll still click it and watch it.

  6. pikistikman says:

    Hey Civvie, why are you reuploading Pro Postal?

  7. Redips says:

    Have you played F.E.A.R. before?

  8. Odd Luck says:

    Aw man, the Running with Scissors comment didn't get replicated.

  9. Evan Richards says:

    7:34 my favorite part

  10. Running With Scissors says:

    Huh, I don't think we've ever seen anyone ACTUALLY follow someone home and kill their dog, in POSTAL 2…

    (Rewritten and reposted to not read so terrible.)

  11. Crystal Bloodlust says:

    By killing the marching band with the rocket launcher you saved them from being killed by a jihadi. Another Victory against terrorism !

  12. starcobra123 says:

    Did Mike J just save you during the signing?

  13. TheVoiceOfTruth says:

    Postal 2 is the pinnacle of fun, in fact I feel it could even be better. It needs more offensive material and more modern day sjw commie garbage.

  14. Pavel Skrylnikov says:

    Man, the russian voiceover was SO much better.


  15. undeadmaster666 says:

    i love postal 2. when i went and stood in line to see gary coleman one time, i unzipped and peed on the guy in front of me and he started to puke all over the back of the guy in front and then he too started pukeing, it went right down the line of about 7 people and then gary started to puke and then the guards, it was magical and so dam funny to see

  16. Shenko says:

    "Excuse me sir but are you aware you're harbouring terrorists?"
    I just love how you can ask something like that in this game and it's not the least bit out of place. XD

  17. El Milto says:

    3:36 omg I just scream laughed in the middle of the night because of that

  18. Dog of Wisdom says:

    Newbies: Don't feel bad for the marching band, they get jihaded anyway.

  19. Ferrous Aradicen says:

    So what's that song that plays at the start?

  20. Dio Brando says:

    This is where the intense hatred for Garry came from

  21. Swol Chungus says:

    "Through some completely unavoidable accidents like forgetting to put my dick away after putting out that fire, I may have exposed myself to a police officer and then I hit a couple of keys frantically and ended up pulling out a gun and smoking crack at him….. back in jail."

    Been playing this game since launch and this quote summarizes the experience of playing almost perfectly.

  22. LemonPie says:

    to make whiney congressman play violent video games
    1. Postal dude 5. Mike J
    2. Gimp 6. Some guy I killed after signing
    3. Osama 7. Gary Coleman
    4. Habib 8. I ran out of interesting characters that I didn't kill on Monday

  23. C Mm says:

    Friendly reminder that if this guy reaches 100k subscribers he will play Duke Nukem Forever

  24. Karlos Krimson says:

    7:37 Reading Raindow intro song😂😂" You can kill anything, take look, I have a mojave cocktail, Its A Killing Raindow, A Killing Raindow"

  25. Sephi D says:

    I wonder – just how many copyright claims you got for the music used in this series.

  26. Name Less says:

    "through series of accidents i ended up exposing myselve to a cop, pulling a gun at them and smoking crack pipe at them, its fair that i get arrested for that"

  27. G_Boy says:

    Fucking love the series so far ima go watch the rest

  28. Michael Persico says:

    This game oh its glorious. Ive only had it since like 2014 or something like that but its easily my most played game on steam. Thats above duke nukem and shadow warrior too. Between the cultural references and the general fuck you go HAM pacing of the game is. Its a breath of fresh air to play in the sea of interactive movies fps's have turned into now. Its a great experience if you need a game to just veg out with and relieve stress

  29. Crimzon Reviews says:

    I actually once got a reading rainbow certificate, signed and all.
    It was a really stupid story I made that got me said certificate.

  30. Cody Sullivan says:

    Reading Rainbow goes well with the smell of the burning ignorant.

  31. spencer pardo says:


  32. ToiletWine Connoisseur says:

    if your not throwing a Molotov at the circle of book burners, are you actually playing POSTAL 2?

  33. swager dager69 says:

    Did you ever beat it in Hestonworld difficulty ? I did !

  34. Brisinger Tudders says:

    It would be good if you weren't playing this on a potato.

  35. name with a funny joke says:

    I love you civvie, I can't stop rewatching this series. It's just so good.

  36. Gunnar Crouse says:

    been watching this series as i finish each day, as to not spoil the game. loving your channel so far!

  37. RetardedGayness says:

    Don't you just hate it when you forget to zip up your pants and thus unintentionally rock out with your cock out and when you get arrested you panic and pull out dynamite and smoke crack?

    Every fucking Tuesday like The Dude here i tell you…

  38. Dr. Kevlar says:

    next to the police

  39. Bren Krasmer says:

    3:36 has got to be my favorite series of lines that I have ever heard anyone say in a review.

  40. Thrax says:

    I've actually been around that big-ass pipe behind the RWS building as it exploded in a gunfight lots of times. It's pretty fucking ridiculous, sometimes I think the AI just aims for that fucking thing on purpose.

  41. Owen Crowlie says:

    Being a transgender person from Arizona, this serves as a good warning for me to always let you go first when we're both buying crack

  42. Onewingerdraven says:

    Anyone noticed how Postal Dude looks like the DaddyOfive fucker ?

  43. nsr says:

    "prepare to die, infidels". Uh-oh. That's like real life. Postal fails to deliver sarcasm here.

  44. CTA CherrySeeds says:

    I’ve never smoked crack AT someone

  45. Bolastwo says:

  46. Scott L. says:


  47. scorcoz says:

    ahm sahri~

  48. Robby Shenanigans says:

    "Through some completely unavoidable accidents, like I forgot to pull my pants back up after putting out that fire, I may have exposed myself to a police officer, and then I hit a couple of keys frantically, and ended up pulling a gun and smoking crack at him"
    -Civvie 11

    I was recommended this channel by a rad guy and clearly I was not left disappointed because this might be the greatest sentence ever spoken ever

  49. Some Idiot says:

    How come you didn't mention Steme while talking about the secrets of the mall? You can get a lot of money there.

  50. Salvador Sr says:

    Civvie 11fps

  51. King Dedede says:

    What's the song that plays during RIP Gary Coleman?

  52. S20☆ Urza says:

    10/9 people believe this game is Game of the Year every year.

  53. Squize says:

    🎶"I caaan be anything.🎶 Smells like chicken. 🎶Take a look, in a book reading rainbow" 🎶

  54. ZMan1471 says:

    Depending on how you play this game postal dude is either a psychotic gun toting crackhead or a chaotic good guy

  55. ChillPolecat83 says:

    2:13 postal 1 flashbacks

  56. Zed says:

    Playing on higher difficulties in this game really drives home the "everyone in this town is a fucking psycho" aspect of POSTAL 2 due to nearly every single civilian having a shotgun or m16 on them and you actually have to be careful to not get caught doing anything illegal/murderous. In a nutshell, you have to pseudo-stealth the entire thing, which is quite a fun challenge.

  57. Dave Voyles says:

    "Book burners, huh? I'm going to introduce you to literature"
    *Queue the Reading Rainbow theme song"

  58. buduba boom says:

    Woman- Get the fuck out you lunatic
    No one:
    Not even a soul:
    Not even some matter in the universe:
    Not even an Atom in the World:
    Hispanic Tuxedo boi: CaChInGA

  59. JNathan says:

    I like CV’s mentality. It doesn’t matter if you’re male, female, or trans. Everybody dies.

  60. Alex says:

    Finally! A frigging good Postal 2 video… no, frigging good series of Postal 2 videos. You have no idea how long it took just to find at least one video. You got my like, my sub, my dog, and my stash of "health pipe"

  61. GhostNinja says:

    You missed the easter egg in the Mall. There's a fence cut out in one of the empty stores and a Vive, you can go to 2016 and buy a copy of Postal Redux within Postal 2

  62. Skankerman Studios says:


    "Through some completely unavoidable accidents like I forgot to pull my pants back up after putting out that fire; I may have exposed myself to a police officer and then I hit a couple of keys frantically and ended up pulling a gun and smoking crack at him.

    …It's fair that I would get arrested for that. That's just fine"

    I laughed so fucking hard at that. XD

  63. Arch Vile says:

    I can't hear that Gary's Dead music without thinking of The Senile Scribbles

  64. bigbabyzubas says:

    4:35 You missed the Book Case Secret in that room. You go out of the safe and press the first one oj the left like its a door. Theres a Weapons cache oj the right. Great way to get stocked up.

  65. bigbabyzubas says:

    4:50 LOL movie cars

  66. Viddaric says:

    I'm pretty sure that RWS only had Gary Coleman in this game because they made a child model, then decided it was too edgy to let you kill kids so they changed it into a midget, and figured that Gary Coleman was less likely to sue than Peter Dinklage.

  67. The_Woodsman says:

    I had to subscribe just cause you're legit, man.

  68. MrPwner911 says:

    7:34 my favorite part of the video

  69. theflyingpen says:

    Does anyone know what the song following Gary Coleman's death is? I know I've heard it somewhere but I can't think of the name.

  70. Lion O Cyborg says:

    Someone reads the first passage of the Necronomicon. Soon that night, a first person view from some deranged monster careens through the woods, knocking over saplings and crashing through the windshield of a car. The terrified driver flees, with the point of view shot chasing him over the hills and through swamps, but he is cornered! The thing rushes right up to him as he fails to unlock the front door of a cabin, the mans turns round, see it right behind him, screams and then…"Hi there! Would you like to sign my petition?"

  71. Mousazz says:

    This game can't be good for my computer, but it runs great!
    [Puffs another pipe]

  72. Spooky Sam says:

    Anyone else watching pro postal to celebrate postal 4 being a thing(albeit in janky alpha) and hoping that it's better than the heresy that shall not be named under pain of crack withdrawal.

  73. Jeop says:

    I guess i just have a beastly computer in comparison because my game can withstand the highest settings and a bunch of fire and car explosions without ever slowing down

  74. Vincent Hernandez says:

    1:30 nobody calls me a creep

  75. eric blood says:

    Huh… I think I'm having more fun watching Civvie play then actually playing. But whether I'm playing or watching Civvie, this is the best music to have low in the background: Sarcófago – I.N.R.I. (1987 Full Album) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J_27DRSCB6M&t=706s

  76. Thomas B. Munchausen says:

    So uh I was messing around in the mall, doing the usual stuff; jumping around, kicking people, taking stuff, and getting chased by the cops. When all of a sudden I run into Gary Coleman, I was gonna get his autograph but then the cops started shooting at me, Gary getting caught in the crossfire, and me somehow ending up with 4 signed Gary Coleman books. I had a pretty rad time honestly, but now I have no idea what to do with all these signed Gary Coleman books.

  77. Ryan Wirth says:

    “It’s go time you Pajama wearin pagans!”

  78. Mr. Smith says:

    The Postal movie actually wasn't that bad, but don't take my word for it. 😎

  79. The Jam Man says:

    Would you like to sign my PETITION?

  80. Antony Drossos says:


  81. demi lembias says:

    Postal 2 is actually kinda like Animal Crossing but from a universe where there is only pain

  82. Sven K says:

    i had no idea paradise arizona was holy land

  83. Vend Erre says:


  84. MineSlimeTV says:

    I think I remember viewing your videos a long loong time ago it seems..Oh my goddess That thumbnail onto the pro postal videos..I remember you now better now! wow I view you
    I am sog glad now that I realized it as I felt great familiarity viewing you again

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