1. Blood Kernal says:

    Awesome i love the video!! and golden freddys voice is adorable

  2. WereWolfGaming says:

    First! I love your content

  3. Gurre 17 says:

    First Tommy!!

  4. Liam Ciresi says:

    Please can you make another escape room cause you are good at them

  5. Kiki Wolf says:

    Can you make molten freddy Ps I Love your videos

  6. Liam Ciresi says:

    But with foxy being the one to lock you in

  7. Channel 5 News says:

    Great video I always like
    Some people say you are one of their favourite YouTubers but you are my favourite(you should have 100000000000 subscribers

  8. Goran Mužinić Lisica says:

    i love you tommmyyyyyyyyy

  9. Yon3r The Master says:

    Wow!GREAT video Tommy!!! 🙂

  10. Christopher Kraft says:

    Hi tommy I love your video's

  11. losers_Nevaehgalaxy cat says:

    Plzz read the comments for your next video

  12. Cloe Keadle says:

    Tommy can you please make the witherd animatronics please

  13. Luna Moon says:


  14. losers_Nevaehgalaxy cat says:

    You are one of my favorite YouTubers

  15. Fahmi’s Channel says:


  16. Stoopd boii says:

    More escape room plz

  17. Channel 5 News says:

    I tried making a puppet

  18. WereWolfGaming says:

    And Tommy please make the twisted ones puppets

  19. Bell Jay says:

    A blow to video that you’re making yourself as a puppet and shout out me

  20. muscular jackwabbit says:

    Golden freddy is so cute

  21. haydar حيدر says:


  22. raven the reaper says:

    Please read my dm i sent you

  23. xXxlillamammaxXx says:

    Plz remake all charcters!!!!!love yall channal

  24. the golden channel says:

    Can you make more freddy faze bear pizza simalater puppets

  25. Mike Brandt says:

    love the vid Tommy keep up the good work!!

  26. timothy grey says:

    Hello tommy I’m go to try to send you some mail and happy 200k I’m very happy for you and I hope you have an even better year this year

  27. Brad The Fnaf Gamer says:

    make all the fnaf 1 charecters withereds and put the toys on stage
    and dont tear me apart in ur lab like i was in my universe

  28. Kid Green says:

    I love your videos

  29. I Like Cats says:

    I love your channel!

  30. Ashley Miller says:

    Can you please make something from the walking Dead

  31. topher00 says:

    You should make a Instagram to showcase more

  32. Jaime Jimenez says:

    Tommy can you make the withered animatronics from FNAF 2 please???

  33. Foxy faz88 Zaccagnino says:

    Hello can you please do more puppet shows with the toys?

  34. Craft Nation says:

    Nice video tommy

  35. The_drown-elf_ Girl says:

    You are amazing

  36. foxysfm45454 says:

    cool vid

  37. IlovetheTitanic 11 says:

    I agree havok

  38. •Masķeđere• says:

    Despite hes/her condition Golden Freddy still answers questions

  39. Creature Feature Hoops says:

    You are so sweet for taking the time to read and show these talented kids artwork! My son Richie and I are working on fanmail for you too, he votes YES on making a self portrait puppet.
    We were at the grocery store a few hours ago and Richie was riding in the cart shouting 🍍 "Pineapple!" 🍍 at EVERY random stranger. Finally in the checkout line my mom was like, "Do you need to get him a pineapple or something, what is going on?!" The cashier looked at us crazy too. I think Foxy might have been proud. Can't wait for the next upload. 🙃
    -Marrissa and Richie
    P.S. Your mom is adorable, that was hilariously random and cute. You're lucky to have such supportive parents. I wonder why she said her cake didn't work out, did Bonny have anything to do with that? Bonny sure has a sweet tooth.

  40. Diamond Creeper says:

    I love your vids plz make more vids plz plz

  41. karakter team says:

    2 hours

  42. Cust0mBit says:

    Love your channel Tommy! You should make the projectionist from Bendy

  43. CubitolotTheNoob says:

    Have you heard of the new FNAF games coming out this year? Such as a fnaf mobile game that uses your camera to see the animatronics I think that was what you do (I have not checked on it in a while) but then another FNAF game called “five nights at Freddy’s: into madness” I can’t wait for it! But anyways I love this video so much! I also love golden Freddy!

  44. Samantha Rutledge says:

    I'd honestly would like to see more undertale puppet shows! Mostly because I like Sans.😅

  45. mysterious says:

    I want to be like tommy

  46. Tawer Basil says:

    Love you and your vids 😉

  47. nightofthelivingeden says:

    i love it

  48. Happy Toàn says:

    Hello Tommy can you make a tutorial about some paper mache wars things like guns and helmets and armor or something like that…

  49. nightofthelivingeden says:

    can you make fnaf nightmars ?

  50. Super Monkey Toy Reviews and more says:

    I have fanmail to send you too.

  51. mysterious says:

    I want to hear what I can use for my mask to come up and down with the jaw

  52. mysterious says:

    Can Tommy make a video how to make grandma from the scary game nanny

  53. Luz Perez says:

    Tommy will u be my friend

  54. Tavieon Rhoades says:

    Hi tommy

  55. austin davis says:

    hey tommy, how about making transformers puppet series as a new start into the year of 2019. here is one idea of a puppet to start with if you do decide to do a transformers series. grimlock the dinobot king. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=VnAicEgH&id=DC97FA6D618FF1793C3685742D14DA0F57DF0AE0&thid=OIP.VnAicEgHV_RLzSfmiBTL6QHaKZ&mediaurl=http%3a%2f%2ftoys.tfw2005.com%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2fsites%2f12%2f2018%2f03%2fSS-07-Grimlock-1.jpg&exph=1100&expw=783&q=grimlock+from+transformers&simid=608046610323802659&selectedIndex=8

  56. SlimeBoyGamerYT says:

    Tommy I love your videos can you give me a shout in the next video? And by the way your good at making puppets keep the good content coming!

  57. Wish eevee says:

    Can you make dennard and lolbit

  58. Satpal Singh says:


  59. Mr lemuel new voice Cool doi says:


  60. Bananashooter _47 says:

    Tommy. Please make a Gaming Channel

  61. foxy the pirate Fox says:

    can you please be my friend I just can't send you this email because I'm not I'm in the different Lane right now series

  62. Snook-8 says:

    I just love your mom's random encounter. We need more mom! She is simple entertaining, cute and friendly!

  63. Lauire Osborne says:

    i love ur vids tommy but im sorry i cant send you any fan mail im sorry but i can make one right here Dear Tommy i love your vids and i love your crafts and i watched your vids since i was 10 and now today i am 11 and i sub to you are amazing and one of my fav crafts you did was sweeping time you again are amazing ps my names Corinne 🙂

  64. Laura Iriarte says:

    Hi Tommy! Can I have your e-mail or your PO box? My son Erik wants to write you. Great vídeo! Like always!!!

  65. Leomar Posaz says:

    What up tommy

  66. FoxyGaming YT says:

    Love the vids hope u get to 1 mil #Roadto1mil

  67. I st01e y0 subs says:

    Hey Tommy my name is Logan, can you please make a Freddy puppet for me I'm a huge fan of five nights at Freddy's

  68. I st01e y0 subs says:

    Freddy and Foxy are my favorite characters in five nights at Freddy's

  69. Sam Grande says:

    Tommy please make the withered a and the ignited and the phantom animatronics and purple guy PPPLLLLEEEEEEAAAAAS?🐻🐇🐤🐺

  70. Sam Grande says:

    Also please make the puppets have their proper game jump scares and I love your epic super colossal amazing videos

  71. The Gaming Beast says:

    Hey Tommy it's me beastjcool16 21 changed my name what do you think? And also I love your vids keep on doing more and don't let anyone stop you.

  72. juno Allen says:

    Can u pls make the withered animatronics ,I'm new to ur channel so IDK if u did already, Ps tell foxy I'll give him a pineapple and bonnie can have a chocolate cupcake.

  73. FoxyNTek says:

    Please can you make a puppet our marionette of Spyro the dragon

  74. Melie Huguet says:

    Can you make Frebear Please!

  75. shasha says:

    I'm also in in 4th grade to cool

  76. shasha says:


  77. crystal Leventhal says:

    ink bendy life size

  78. Nico Caponpon says:

    Nice video bro

  79. Matthew McCoy says:

    can you make pikachu as a puppet please&Thank You for supporting tommy and all his hard work he put in to all his videos&puppets ; )

  80. Carlos Eduardo Llovet says:

    Do another escape room I bleeding out of my mind for another escape room like crazy

  81. Mike Richmond says:

    Why kit

  82. Five Nights At Kash says:

    Yay I love puppet shows with golden Freddy he is so nice

  83. Fragile Turn says:

    I don’t know how to send letters but… I like all the puppets you make looks like you put your best work into them

  84. Alyse Acevedo says:

    It would be epic if he made Fredbear

  85. Maria Cazares says:

    . Tommy I love your channel I have been watching it for 10 years and can you make monster bendy neck as a puppet please

  86. Red Shadow 339 says:

    I love you and I love Your pupets

  87. Crazy trap Gamer4456 says:

    Plz make a puppet of Pokémon eevee

  88. alang alang says:

    Golden Freddy is FredBear

  89. Hadeel AlYacoob says:

    Tommy ad baby in your lab

  90. Sarah Thomas says:

    Hi itben

  91. Karyn Rogers says:


  92. Karo Sargsyan says:

    Wheres the vid about u making urself tommy

  93. funtimefoxyfan17 says:

    tommy's pls make Spring bonnie Purppet

  94. Lucrecia Adams-Tyer says:

    RIP Goldie! His head off! Or if he is someposs to be like that

  95. Roblox vip gamer Channel says:

    Have you play the five nights at Freddy’s game

  96. Roblox vip gamer Channel says:

    Make a nightmare Fred bear and nightmare

  97. TommyDing 510 says:

    her tommy , plneapple your bsh tommy, i like the voice.

  98. Jeanny Salazar says:

    You r my favorite youtude i just love your puppets i also made a puppet of a tiny bonnie lastly i love the puppet mangle and spring trap

  99. dylan gregory says:

    Hey is it just me or do I not see anything for the link in the description

  100. ashton hamilton says:

    My fav is Golden Fazbear and Fazbear

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