Reading Your Fan Mail ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚

Reading Your Fan Mail ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜‚

Mister Postman look and see is there a letter in your bag for me? We’ve got a post box and Vagabuddies are sending things to us. Anyways, you’ve got it. What’s going on friends of the internet, Vagabuddies? We gave you guys…. A while back we gave you our P.O. Box, and some of you amazing human beings have actually sent us stuff. This is us, sitting down, opening the packages that you sent and reading all the cool postcards. It’s really cool to have a P.O. Box. We’ve never really opened one before. It basically allows you to send us anything that you want. We can get packages; we can get letters, We’ve got a mixture of both. First one comes from Chicago, Illinois and has an awesome Batman postmark. It’s called a stamp. Oh, that is called a stamp. Yeah. I recently found out that we are both considered what’s called an older millennial because we were born after 1989, and we remember things like mail and before smart phones. What do you mean after 1989? You were born in 1986. Oh before We were before 1989, and that’s the big shift. He doesn’t even remember when he was born Opening this one up It’s got a lot of pictures from from Norm It says pictures taken during my trip to India in 2016. Cool At the top it says happy holidays and thanks for encouraging us to keep exploring. A heartfelt wish to you for more fun and life changing adventures in the new year. Cool. This was sent in December. It says wishing much love. Namaste. Very cool. These are some nice photos, Norm. Hold them up to the camera. Your breath smells like tuna, dude. Tuna? [blows breath] Ugggggg Smells like coffee, Bro. Umm….India. We’ve been talking about it a lot. We’ve been hinting at it a lot. We’re going to hint at it a little bit more. Fall 2017 Vagabrothers Do India. This looks like a great trip. I hope you had fun. Wishing you much love and namaste. This is from the new year marked Jan 2, 2017 That is a view of Huntington Beach Pier Coming from Huntington Beach, which is not far from us, as the crow flies, we have a letter from Erin. She says, “Happy New Year.” I hope this finds you well. I love watching all your videos and appreciate the professional quality in them. I’m going to study abroad in Ireland so your videos from there are really helping me plan some trips around the country. Awesome. I hope you have fun in Ireland. What a great place to study, although I don’t know how much studying I can get done with all that Guiness floating around me. There’s no better excuse for sitting in a pub than studying. Where are you going to be studying? Galway? Trinity College? Dublin? Let us know in the comment box. Good luck with the semester abroad, Erin. Thank you. Next up… so this one.. whoa… crazy sunset from Guam in the South Pacific. Is it in the South Pacific? It is. Or is it the Pacific? My name is Paolo, and I was born and raised In the Pacific Island of Guam, but I currently attend university in San Diego No way. We’re from San Diego. We are from San Diego. I’m a new subscriber to your channel, and I think your content is so unique and inspiring. Wish you all the best in 2017, and stay curious, keep exploring, and I’ll see you on the road. That’s awesome. Yo, Paolo. Thank you very much for this letter. We appreciate the support, obviously. We hope you enjoy San Diego. Let us know how you’re liking our home town. What’s your favorite craft brewery from SD? What’s your? Difficult question. I’m really liking Alpine Brewery. It’s in San Diego County. They make a great IPA, and they have a really good hops. Society’s from San Diego? North county I like Society. Just because it’s called Piney No just because it has a French name. I like the culture. I like the culture. But the French do not make great beers. It’s true. I’m sorry. Je suis desole. The Belgians Au contraire, mon frere. Les gens de Belgique….. {make a superb beer}. Superbe. Fantastic. Speaking of French words…here we are. Des Moines, Iowa It sounds.. I guess it’s French. That’s where all the fur trappers were, the Great Lakes region, all the Ohio and Mississippi basin. Great. Can you read the letter, please? Yes. We have a letter here from Madison. He says, ” Hi, all. I just stumbled upon your channel, One of the first videos I saw was giving out your P.O.Box”. It’s cool. It’s how we get this. Madison says, ” I love it when the world reminds me that it is small.Now I’ve watched a series of videos, and I’m loving them. I’ve always been collecting postcards and I love hand written correspondence”. She says terrible hand-written correspondence ” I love terrible hand-written correspondence”. For almost a year, I’ve been writing myself postcards daily, and recently begun sending postcards to friends, family , and new people I’ve never met. This is postcard number 19. Very cool. Madison, thank you for the card. Madison has asked us to take a photo of this card. How about putting it into the video instead? There’s your card. Thanks, Madison. This one looks like it’s coming from….. Stuttgart in Germany. Ja…this is a very nice little card. Hey, I’ve just discovered your channel in 2017, and ever since I have been obsessed with your videos. I have already travelled all over the world, but you guys inspire me to never stop. Sttutgart is where I have lived for the past 6 years with my family. I thought it was really cool when you toured the Andechs Cloister, only a couple hours from here. That’s my dad’s favorite beer. He even bought a set of their glasses. Maybe I will see you guys on the road one day. Elizabeth. Thank you for your card Please tell your dad that Andechs is one of the best breweries I have…… anytime I see Andechs on a beer menu, I order it because those mugs, they do it right. They’ve been there for hundreds of years, and their beer is on point. We go to Berlin once a year, and we go to a little Bavarian style spatzle and beer place, and we order Andechs there. Right around our house here in Venice is a German-style restaurant and beer garten called Wurst Kuchen. I don’t know how to pronounce it. They serve Francis Conner, which I think is a great, great wheat beer. Another monk brewery. Yeah. Danke Schon, Elisabet. Who’s next? Now we have two beautiful postcards from Fiona. Fiona…… I’m not sure where you’re coming from because when you write postcards, it doesn’t say where they came from. Por avion. I think it’s French. Oh! Canada. She’s French Canadian, maybe. Possibly. Just a reminder. When you’re sending us postcards, tell us where you’re writing from because postcards don’t always have return addresses, so we’re not sure. Anyways, we got two beautiful postcards here from Fiona, who’s writing to us from Canada. Look at them right there: one of Spain; one of the world and very cool because it has shipping routes, which I think are really awesome things to have on maps. Fiona says she’s part of a website called Post Crossing. You send postcards in snail mail all around the world. Can you stop saying snail mail? Why? Because it just makes me think of a snail trail, and just no. You are perverted. Fiona says, ” Hi. I’m part of a website called Post You send postcards in snail mail all around the world. If you guys are interested, check it out.” I did check it out, and it seems really cool. It’s a way of matching you with a random person all around the world, like a pen pal. If you’re into that, go check it out, and thank you for the tip, Fiona. Beautiful postcards. I love this one from Spain. Spain and Portugal. The Iberian Peninsula is such a special place to us, one that we need to get back and explore and make more content because all we’ve really done is the Basque Country. Vale..Vamo Next up we have….. it says fishin’ not wishin’ Fishing in the Ozarks. The Ozarks, man. Ozark Mountains. Isn’t that? No, it’s the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is from the Ozarks in …. He’s writing from Jefferson, Missouri It says the Ozarks in central Missouri is one of the nation’s premiere fishing spots for a wide variety of fresh water species, including black bass, white bass, crappy, cat fish, wall eye, striped bass and blue kiel. Hello Alex and Marko, Your Youtube channel is awesome! Please keep up the good work ๐Ÿ™‚ From Ali Ratzel. Thank you, Ali. I think it’s Ali, Ali. It’s A-L-I. It says Mister. Oh. It does say mister, so it’s Ali` Thank you, Ali….A-Li` Thank you, Mr. Ratzel for your card, short, sweet, and to the point. We appreciate it, and we will keep up the good work. Good luck fishing. Ready? Best of one. Rock, paper, scissors. Rock, paper, scissors. Destroyed. I get to open the package. These are those little sesame treats, bro. OMG. This is awesome. Who sent this? I’m so glad I won this one. I won this opening package. And a letter. This is amazing. We have a ton of sesame candy. We have red and gold, which is I think for Chinese New Year. We’re going to see. This was sent in January. First up, I want to say thank you, thank you for inspiring me in so many ways by sharing the world through your perspective. Your stories have inspired me to get out and be more adventurous, be more curious, and just get out there. Epic. All CAP Amazing. She’s been following us since the BBB TV ( Biggest Baddest Bucket List} which is 2013. Says she’ll never forget when we ate a sheep’s head. Lol Disgusting. Neither will we. The quality of your videos are so professional, I can tell all the hard work, love, attention, and detail you put into it. Thank you so much. I honestly feel you are my personal tour guides. I get mad wanderlust every time I watch your videos. That’s awesome. Favorite series from you guys is the Basque Country. Epic. Love that place. Get this….. She has sent us an origami pagoda that says, “Stay curious, keep exploring” in Chinese. Wow! Thank you very much. What do we say in Chinese? So thank you very much. We appreciate the Chinese culture. Stay curious, keep exploring. We’re going to eat not peanut butter, but good. Do you know about the ginger chews? These things are amazing. Last but not least. It came today. This one came today. It looks like it’s an outline of Latvia with a bunch of Latvian words. Maybe they’re cities. Looks like it. Riga is circled. It says Latvia. Nice place. Is that the Borat voice? No, this is. Nice place. The ginger candy. Hold up. So good. Dear Marko and Alex, hope you guys are doing great and hope Marko had a great birthday. I did. Thank you. Today I got an idea, just a thought. Why don’t you guys do a video on the Coachella Festival? I’ve always wanted to go there. It’s still on my bucket list, but I never got the time because I’m still studying. We’ve never been to Coachella, either. Maybe next year. We always ay that. I want to go. I want to actually go. Cool. Thank you, Mahema from Latvia. Beautiful little bird on the stamp. Thank you very much. Next one up is from….IRS From the IRS? Let’s not look at it. Deal with that later. Ladies and Gentlemen, Vagabuddies, thank you very much. I’ll eat it afterwards. As you can see, you’re chewing. You can’t speak and chew. While Mark’s chewing, I will thank all of you. Ladies and Gentlemen, Vagabuddies from around the world, thank you very much for taking the time and effort to write us these lovely little cards. Stefanie, thank you for sending all these amazing sesame treats and the origami. Pretty cool stuff. We really like the idea of sending food like this to us. if you’re from a country that has really specific stuff like candy, snacks, send us a package of it. If you give us enough stuff, we can make a video about it. Maybe we’ll do tasting Mexican sweets. Maybe tasting stuff from India, whatever. Make sure it can get through customs, and if it does, we’ll do our best to include it in the video. If you enjoyed this video, you know what to do: give it a thumbs-up; share it with your friends, and subscribe if you haven’t already. And……. in the meantime, stay curious, keep exploring, and we’ll see you guys at the post office. Hey, Mister Postman. Peace. Later.


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