Restore Trash On Mac Even If Folder Was EMPTIED [Working 2019]

Restore Trash On Mac Even If Folder Was EMPTIED [Working 2019]

Hi there, folks! In the following video, I’m going to walk you through the steps on how to restore data that was in your trash folder. If you recently emptied out your trash and there was some data on there that you still needed or that you just need to get back, it is possible to restore that data. Although you can’t locate it anymore, it still does exist in the lower levels of your hard drive but you can’t find it without data recovery software. So in order to get those files back and restore your trash folder, I recommend downloading data recovery software and act as soon as possible because that data can be overwritten at any time. So what we’re going to do first is go to the website or simply click the link in the description box below. And here is the website! It’s important that we’re going to scroll down and select Mac Data Recovery right here. For those of you who click the link in the description box, that will bring you directly to this page, and then we’re going to scroll down and click “Download” and this is going to download and next you’re gonna install the software. I already have the software so I won’t be doing this step but simply follow the instructions. Here’s the software. First, what we’ll do is click Recover Data. And as you can see this, there’s a whole bunch of different options for what type of recovery you want to do. For restoring the trash folder, I’d actually recommend first to do a Quick Recovery. This is by far the fastest. It’s the least intensive so it might not be the most effective but it does go the quickest and you can see if it recovers anything, that way before you move to one of these other options. Next, I would say Deleted Recovery is probably your best bet. This scan does take a while so if you wanna cut down on the amount of time it it takes, one thing you can do is click Preferences, select Deleted Recovery and then select what type of files you want to recover like, say if you just wanted to recover photos, or certain types of photos, you can select them here or if you wanted to recover a video or audio files, this will really cut down on the search time if you just want to recover, restore certain files from your trash folder. So what we’ll do is click Deleted Recovery and then select the drive you’d like to recover from and then click the next arrow here and here are the results of our deleted file scan. I skipped ahead just because it does take a while to complete the scan. What I like to do is organize them by clicking File List and then you can select the files that you want to recover. If you want to recover everything, you can just select all up here and that will select everything for you. If you just want to recover a specific file, say, if you want to just recover photos, you can click Photos. If you, say, you wanted to recover just certain types of photos, you can go even further. Click in here and then just select whatever photo you want to recover and then click the “Recover” button here. Now one thing to keep in mind, you do need to recover the files to a drive that is different from the one you just scanned. So you can either plug in an external device, or if you have another hard drive on your computer, then recover the files to that drive because it may not let you recover the files to the same drive that you just scanned. So that’s all there is to it! If you need to restore the trash folder on your Mac computer, if you accidentally emptied all the contents and you need to get them back, just visit and then select Mac Data Recovery or click the direct link in the description box to go directly to that page. And then once you download the software and run it, you can select Quick Recovery. If you don’t have a whole lot of time, if that option doesn’t work, next select Deleted Recovery and this should restore your trash folder. Once again that website is Download the software, scan your computer, and see if it helps. Good luck!


  1. Devina Aristia says:

    thank you so much!!

  2. Andrew Larson says:

    Any chance that downloading the software will rewrite over what I've just deleted?

  3. Gerard Mannion says:

    Can this software work if I deleted files off an SD card through my mac?

  4. Cindy Jensen says:

    I downloaded this today; the interface has changed since your tutorial. I didn't see where I could recover photos specifically, so I began a recovery of "deleted files." It has been "scanning in progress" for about two hours and the grey bar hasn't budged. It moved an inch across in the first few seconds, but has not budged since then. I'm not sure how many GB there are to be recovered in the trash – my new internal HD is about a year old. The HD in total has about 380 GB of data on it. Should it be taking this long? Thanks.

  5. Sandeep Walia says:

    How much time it will take man I am waiting from last one hour???? Could anybody help me out

  6. Edelle Kenny says:

    Does this work on Retina Mac's

  7. Jacinto & Lirio says:

    Mine looks different from how the software looks in your tutorial

  8. Alex Park says:

    is there a general rule of thumb for how long it takes for computers to overwrite files?

  9. DANI says:

    Hi! Does it work with recovering videos? I accidentally deleted some videos in iphoto 2 days ago 🙁 does this software work with my situation? help pls

  10. SeriouslyJack says:

    its recovering the 100000000 photos i deleted

  11. Esqui M says:

    Hi ! i downloaded the application but it dosent look at all like the one you show in the video, it just says start new scan or resume scan, where can i do quick recovery ? thanks a lot

  12. Barthwitdarice says:

    I accidentally deleted sims because sims 4 was so bad and I decided to get sims 3 back hopefully this works and thank you if it does

  13. Kelly Evans says:

    Mine has been scanning well over 12 hours now and it's not even halfway! Hoping it starts speeding up slightly 🙁 I owe you everything if this works!

  14. Ramses Agius says:

    Holy shit deleted my dads gunshop documents save my ass a beating and a shit ton of work I love you

  15. Amanda Bloom says:

    The version of the program in the video link is different to the version of the program in your video. It feels like a far older version. All the options you mention aren't available. FYI

  16. Xddd Wowowiwowo says:

    I lost all my shit I spent 17 hours on working so hopefully this works

  17. MsMARsX3 says:

    is this software free to download?

  18. Yuushaa says:

    I accidentally deleted a game save file called save0004.sav and save0004.sav.bak. I hope this program works. Those save files were very special to me and it took hours of time to get to where I was.

  19. SeanFilmProduction says:

    i deleted my movie NUU I HOPE IT WORKED

  20. SeanFilmProduction says:

    wait a minute it will recover ALL THE EMPTIED??? like last year etc???? because i just want to recover the latest

  21. Crystal Dickerson-Hancock says:

    Oh my gosh I will be indebted to you if this works. Scanning now. I'm a digital artist and somehow a clients entire folder contents are gone. I've been freaking for 3 days dreading starting over.

  22. Cynthia Nava says:

    am I asking for too much if I want to recover files from like a year ago? is it possible? I couldn't get them with this app

  23. Marwa Elsharkasi says:

    It says site can't be reached !!

  24. mistah chopps says:

    thank you

  25. Nina Hawkins says:

    the app looks completely different than in the video

  26. Chelsea Levin says:

    Hi there, I recovered some videos in mp4 format that i accidentally deleted. I have recovered the files but they won't open – when i click on the files a message pops up saying 'quicktime player can't open MVI_0003.mp4'. Do you have any advice?

  27. Lauren James says:

    Going through my second go around. After I did the first time, it got to 100% and then the entire application shut down before showing my anything. I turned off my computer and turned it back on, so I am hoping it actually works and doesn't just shut down again. If I don't get my files recovered, I may be in jeopardy of graduating. HOPING IT WORKS

  28. ULGY Duckling says:

    does this recover video files?

  29. Rohaan Khawaja says:

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! You saved me having to recover over 200 songs! BTW if it doesnt work turn off SIP.

  30. FibeVideo says:

    I spent 4 hours of filming a once in a lifetime kind of event and I copied it into a folder and deleted the files from the sd too quickly and nothing copied over. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

  31. Matt Kelly says:

    software gui now looks completely different… options for recovering trash/quick scan etc 🙁

  32. Pierre S says:

    Is this legit?

  33. Pass9786 says:

    The website won't load.

  34. Midari Ikishima says:

    i got angry at my bf and fucking deleted all our pictures but then we made up the next day lmao imma try this

  35. KL McDermott says:


  36. KRS KA says:

    Now let me tell you some things..
    The windows recycle bin …when you delete something .. its deleted . its gone thats it…
    BUT >>>> WHEN YOU DELETE SOMETHINGS from mac laptop… do u know what happened.. its dont gone.. because its trash can, and all the trash that u delete goes in the servers of mac central.. that way they have everything yours…

  37. Roasted Dream says:

    All of my stuff are just in numbers .-. How do I find the actual folder I'm missing

  38. Bilal Fouani says:

    Hi i need help i have format my mac and i want to get back the backup for my phobe

  39. Benjamin Bachman says:

    This software saved my life! The scan takes a while but it was worth the wait… it really does work.

  40. themaagoo says:

    omg I am eternally indebted to you I almost lost like 3 hours of work

  41. Stephanie Cheng says:

    will you marry me

  42. VBRs MiBoKho says:

    Can this program get the stuff from about 2 years ago? Thank you.

  43. Zina Nathoo says:

    Thank you! Great Video. Recovered my photos. Worked great

  44. Prof Doc says:

    GUARANTEED it will be useless in recovering mail deleted from trash a couple of hours ago but I'll give it a shot and get back to you

  45. Rooms250 says:

    Deleted the wrong Minecraft world; really hoping this will recover my simple farming life

  46. Virginia Sereno says:

    I successfully scanned and recovered the files but they are all in a format that is unrecognizable and I'm not able to open anything. The folders are all labeled with letters, for example ARJ, AVS, PPM, DVM etc. Do you have suggestions for how to open these raw data files?

  47. Jowi Kryz Guillen says:

    Could this restore sticky notes?

  48. Raymond Isiah says:

    Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  49. Chris Owens says:

    Can it recover permanently deleted word document folders from a week ago?

  50. Niña Monica Bautista says:

    Hi, does this work on Macbook pro with touchbar 2017? It kept saying "No data found" on my Macintosh HD

  51. Dany Mikael says:

    Hi, I read some articles and some says that Stellar is fraud, I'm worried cause I need to purchase to get the activation key. Please enlighten me.

  52. Samiha Vashisth says:

    how do u install the software?

  53. DrunkenBass says:

    Where can I find the section just for the trash bin in the program?

  54. Maxxinn says:

    So I recently deleted something along the lines of “movie player” by accident and it deleted my iMovie project, I’ve since downloaded another movie player but I want to make sure that I don’t need that specific program on my computer before I work on any other projects. If I do I’ll try to recover it. Can you help me out?

  55. Anuj Damani says:

    I deleted files from a pendrive and then eventually emptied the trash folder. Will i be able to recover the same ? I have only one drive in my Mac Sierra. Please let me know soon.

  56. Karma Jay says:

    idk how to do it

  57. Karma Jay says:

    deleted my photos

  58. Mr FreshBest says:

    Is this whole process safe?

  59. Evelio Excellenta says:

    Can you make new video pls. Im new and confused bcs it looks different

  60. Amy Lee says:

    Ummm, is this programme meant to be free?

  61. Mr. Oliver says:

    Please someone show sympathy for me……
    I accidentally deleted all my movies….awesome movies and now I feel like crying. I came by your video though and found some hope. It's scanning rn. Just pray for me guys please!

  62. Game Bread says:

    Does this work for recovering Word Docx. ?????? please help

  63. Japple says:

    Dumb question… could i get something i deleted years ago?

  64. Tracey says:

    Hi, the settings and layout has changed and it no longer give you the option for a Quick Recover and particularly Deleted Files. It only seems to be giving me the option of a Deep Clean, which i'm running right now. Is this the way now, in 2018, to recover deleted files from the Trash Can?

  65. Yassine Zirri says:

    This App software is free guys or what? Please I need answer. Help guys I deleted important videos an Accident I word hard for.

  66. #1gamer says:

    someone deleted my stuff on my school mac so how can i do it without admin pass

  67. Francis Larkin says:

    Will it work for free?

  68. Obeyley says:

    Will this work if my footage was only on my External HD and deleted it using my MacBook?!

  69. Karen Harris says:

    Once s.i.p. Is disabled does it need to be re-enabled? Just scanning now, fingers crossed.

  70. Alexander Bruinen Serio says:

    I just downloaded the software and I'm about to launch it. I accidentally lost an important file (I thought I had sent it to my boss, but I didn't). Keep you guys posted. 🙂

  71. UndeadPlayz says:


  72. whenphie says:


  73. Chelsea Lambert says:

    Has anyone used this to recover MP4 video files?

  74. Nabila and Michael says:

    I’m so happy I could cry! Thank you so much for this video!!! Managed to get back my whole video content that I have been working on for weeks!

  75. Andrea Seibel says:

    Could you possibly do an updated video – the software has now changed. Thank you!

  76. David van der Linden says:

    All of my Time Machine backups from several years prior to February 2019 recently disappeared. Can I use this to recover lost Time Machine backups on my Airport Extreme?

  77. Rio Diaz says:

    I deleted the images, prior to full transfer to an external drive. In my attempt quickly retrieve the partially downloaded images I tried to transfer them to the desktop, but this action has frozen my computer. I've downloaded the software, but I'm unable to open it. If I restart the computer will this retrieval process still work?

  78. Alex says:

    I need this for mineeecraft worlds rip

  79. Toyu says:

    lets just hope my parents dont watch this video

  80. RaisinBagels says:


  81. Sillykids says:

    Does this work if the files were deleted years ago… by a dumb kid version of yourself… heh, cough

  82. threethreat Pros says:

    OMG you are legit a life saver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  83. lazykimchi says:

    im seriously so desperate

  84. Cheri Aguilar says:

    Why cant I open the software?

  85. Rumiko says:

    There are so many files presented to me I don't get how to narrow it down to the ones that were just in my trash

  86. T N T says:

    Thanks I accidentally deleted Minecraft and this really helped

  87. Zainaawb Roblox says:

    Does it works in 2019???

  88. Satan's Child says:

    I’m downloading this now, if it works I will actually cry

  89. Emma Spangler says:


  90. ALL BY THE BI says:

    thx Dude

  91. Aditz James says:

    thank you soooooooooo much!! Saviour

  92. Andromeda 309 says:

    4 Years,
    3 Years,
    4 Years,
    5 Years,
    4 Years,
    4 Years,
    4 Years,
    4 Years,
    6 Years…..i think im early enough right?

  93. Roan Kylie Del Rosario says:

    I didn't retrieve cos i put it on a very hidden folder by folder by folder by folder…..

  94. Janessa says:

    Bunch of people trying to catch their cheating boyfriend

  95. David Stutz says:

    I just used Time Machine

  96. James Barr says:

    my CR2. Files are coming up with XMG_0001.CR2 and Photoshop and other programmes are saying it's still corrupted or damaged? help pls.

  97. manish saha says:


  98. Don T says:

    i lost my entire trip to europe and its not coming back the software wont read my hard drive… im seriously depressed and sad asf right now

  99. The Whisky Explorer says:

    Really hoping this works! The website really needs to have the instructions updated. With the newest Mac OS the instructions are obsolete. I'm trying to recover files that I accidentally emptied from my trash can. I'm hoping that I simply run the scan. After, I figured out that there is "Deleted Files" view, but it says that it requires a "deep scan" to detect those files. No restart required as far as I can tell. I'm praying that they'll show up. I'll be singing this company's praises if it works. Thanks for the video and here's hoping!

  100. Andrew Dembegiotis says:

    I recently deleted some XML playlist files from the trash, would I be able to recover those?

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