Ron Paul: Government Is NOT a Business

Ron Paul: Government Is NOT a Business

This is Ron Paul with your weekly update for
October 17th. Amid the din of economic nonsense being bandied about since the collapse of
the housing bubble and the steep ramping up of our national debt there has been the persistent
refrain that Washington should be “run more like a business”. If only more businesspeople
were in charge to wield their business acumen, we would have this country in shape in no
time. But is that a good solution? Businesses seek primarily to increase their revenues
and profits; government revenues depend on taxes. Government accumulates tax money by
squeezing it out of people’s productive earnings with threats of audits, fines and imprisonment.
Our government already collects roughly $2.1 trillion annually from the productive taxpayers
of America. We hardly need to increase our federal government’s revenues like a private
business. Businesses sell products or services to voluntary buyers, always looking to increase
their market share as much as possible. But what is the federal government’s product or
service? Rules, regulations, bureaucracy, paperwork, red tape, hoops to jump through,
uneven protection and security from people with guns, coercion and compliance to force
and confiscation of assets, militarism instead of national defense, and of course a vast
welfare state. Do we need more of these government services? Hardly. In fact, we have far too
many of these destructive things already. What we need is more freedom. Freedom is the
simple ability of people to live their lives as they see fit, without government coercion,
provided they do not initiate force or fraud against others. What we really need is a less
coercive government, not more revenues. Washington needs to stop seeing itself as a growth industry
and realize that the true function of government is to protect liberty. Washington certainly
has expanded and grown and accumulated a great deal of the people’s capital for itself, but
this has been at the expense of our nation’s prosperity. This trend needs to be reversed.
We don’t need yet another jobs bill to supposedly put the American people back to work. Politicians
need to realize that aside from outright hiring some 14 million people, government does not
create jobs. The only thing government does is hinder job creation by getting in the way
and consuming otherwise private resources. Therefore the most useful thing government
can do for unemployment is to liquidate much of what government does in the first place.
One plain example is our tax policy that encourages U.S. corporations to accumulate foreign earnings
abroad rather than repatriate such earnings. Currently there is over $1 trillion of capital
that companies are keeping overseas because of the 35% tax charge for bringing it back
to the United States. Our government literally is pushing capital and jobs overseas, and
that could be used to hire an estimated 2.5 million people here at home. Businesses create
jobs. Government is not a business. We don’t need more stimulus or phony jobs bills. We
don’t need more revenue – $2 trillion is plenty to fund the federal government annually. What
we do need is a wholesale rejection of government as a central economic planner. Thanks for
calling this update. A new update is placed on this number, 888-322-1414 every Monday
morning. The written text can be found on my website under the heading
“Texas Straight Talk”. Thanks for calling.


  1. Douchie McGee says:

    I love how Ron Paul can diss someone while remaining a perfect gentleman. That's a lost art.

  2. SonjaSmith says:

    @circusboy90210 I'm pretty sure, balloon guy, you are paid to talk shit. It would be a bullshit balloon maker that earns .25 cents on each word or balloon would sign up for such a crappy job. Circus, that IS the fact isnt it?
    Create a circus lie. You are pretty transparent. The REAL lives of people tell the Real truths. Foreclosures tell the real truths. I'm not surprised you sold your soul, since you are a low paid idiot balloonmaker, allegedly.
    Crawl back in your black heart hole.

  3. circusboy90210 says:

    @SonjaSmith hahaha. I'm a very caring and loving person. if i were full of shit why have i been everywhere in the us and canada. the people who are being forclosed upon are a real minority. hahaha it cost me at least a quarter to even make a balloon animal. the money is out there in the marketplace or we would not still be the leadeer in global gdp the second would be more than halfway close to us and this is not the case.

  4. circusboy90210 says:

    @PortlandsTransport you put too much faith in money and not democracy. we need to get rid of the electoral college the popular vote and nothing else is what should elect our potus.

  5. SonjaSmith says:

    @circusboy90210 You are not real. You are a fabrication being PAID to disseminate lies. Your grammar and spelling sucks ass, which means you know nothing of Wall Street, you are a paid shill who is a liar. No one who claims to be intelligent has such terrible english grammar. It's always the same. You are a faker. A liar and should be ashamed. Shame on you, paid liar.

  6. SonjaSmith says:

    If you are not Paid, you are simply a Moron. I will just let the others here Eat You. I'm Done with your idiocy.

  7. circusboy90210 says:

    @SonjaSmith english is not the first or my only of many languages I have an excuse. I know people who can't read who have high iq. I'm raining on your cia sponsored lie factory. I'm a living breathing person with real experiences . I've been places in wall street as a messenger and seen things that you don't even know exist. so yes I do know what the fuck I'm talking about.

  8. SonjaSmith says:

    @circusboy90210 No, you are a slave. One of many, who enjoy their slave existence. I do not revel in it as much as others. Never will.

  9. circusboy90210 says:

    @SonjaSmith whatever your ad homnym attacks just let me know you lack breeding, intelligence, and or any real education. I have 7 phd's and know better than to eat the prechewed bullshit the media lies about all day long like bad economy. the occupy people protesting are just rabble who are being roused to push the agenda of bad ecnomy and those people are homeless in any economy. god bless you and may you get a brain one day scarecrow.

  10. circusboy90210 says:

    @SonjaSmith no I'm not a slave I'm self employed i work when and if i want to work. your'e highly ignorant . I am trying to help as innuendo and rumor are just as bad as real market forces. so stop emphasing the negative and praise the real good that is still in the economy , you communist .

  11. bennmug says:

    If government were a business they would be out of business by now. All they know how to do is piss money away and print it. lol

  12. SonjaSmith says:

    @circusboy90210 Communist! I want zero government. None. Thye can all hang IMO.

  13. SonjaSmith says:

    @circusboy90210 I know you are from Europe, my grandparents are from there too, they are rolling in their graves at what is happening in the US/ ie:socialism. They talked to me about this. You are insane to not believe the US is falling apart. It is the Fall of the american Empire, regardless if people are in bars and buying your balloons. You are simply delusional believing the economy is on the right track and WE ARE NOT BROKE.
    We are broke, but people may not believe it. It's true.

  14. SonjaSmith says:

    @Siah2000 Not true. Governments original purpose was National Defense and free trade amongst nations, and Not to Interfere with Personal Liberties. Oops! We have strayed very far.

  15. The Oracle says:

    Ron Paul all the way!!!

  16. thefakeyeti says:

    @openbreakwhat freedom, and "a fair life" are often at odds with one another..

    Some people have natural talents, thats unfair..

    Some people are born into riches, thats unfair.

    Some people practically stumble into the lives of a rich person and acquire the money/job that way, without any actual skills. That's unfair..

    Life is unfair, now we shouldn't of bailed out the banks, and we should punish the criminals!

  17. Engine2Truck6 says:

    Any person claiming to believe in Individual Rights, Government as Defender of Rights, Capitalism, and the Constitution is either a VOCAL supporter of Ron Paul, or a MORAL COWARD.

  18. acotytamwiesz says:

    @AustralianAllTheWay why don't you hope he wins the nomination?

  19. pretorious700 says:

    @acotytamwiesz Because he won't survive. The real power behind the government will have him assassinated. He's a real threat to the military industrial complex.

  20. campaign4liberty says:

    Ron Paul vs. Big Brother 2012
    the choice is clear
    news LibertyPoet(dot)com

  21. Brian Barnett says:

    @SonjaSmith My previous comment is about alleviating the tax burden with liberty and justice for all–in a non-corporatism manner. We are sure you don't believe that some people should be taxed 40 plus hours a week just for basic necessities and the CEO of Wal-Mart should be tax just an hour for the same basic necessities.

  22. WORRO01 says:

    knock nock KNOCK! Wake up Americans! Are we so far gone that we cant see?
    RON PAUL 2012!!!

  23. H R says:

    @pretorious700 But we are NOT the same people we were when JFK and RFK were assassinated or even at the time of the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan. AND I'd like to think that Ron would choose a better running mate than either LBJ or GHW Bush.

    If the establishment is the Empire then RP is Obi Wan. Striking him down will only make him stronger.

  24. Brian Barnett says:

    Don't fall for the "For Sale Sign Plan". We the People are not for sale!

  25. Skyathaniel says:

    Is it just me or I can't see RonPaul2008dotcom on my subscription list

  26. A3TTK says:

    Ohhh!! I don't know about that. Tony Blaire did okay He's richer now

  27. jnjnelson says:

    Though government isn't a business and should not be run like a business, a businessman, who has experience dealing with the government/business relationship, can be very effective representatives. The important thing isn't whether they are businessmen, but whether they understand freedom and liberty, and the government's role in protecting freedom and liberty.

  28. Bram Detwiler says:

    Why can't I post a comment on the ronpaul2008dotcom channel page?

  29. 1987jock says:

    It's not just Ron Paul, The mainstream media is blacking out any shred of honesty. Remember Gary Johnson? He seems to have fallen into the abyss.
    Two honest people on stage at the same time would just be too dangerous for the 'special interests'.

  30. circusboy90210 says:

    @SonjaSmith what the government has as debt and what people have in their pocket are to different things. you don't know anything about me. the us is not falling apart , though there are a few infrastructure problems. only about 6% of the people don't have any real money, this is not indicative of a broke culture.

  31. CLeach13 says:

    @circusboy90210 well if your talking about constitutional money then id have to say that 6% would represent the people who have actual money and the other 94% have and hold fed notes. we are far from a broke culture but we also have this problem of spending money we dont have ( as individuals and as a whole gov it would seem) so we play with monopoly money but that only works so long as all the other players play the same game as well.

  32. circusboy90210 says:

    @CLeach13 the 6% have next to nothing and depend on the money fed to them from others as well as the bottom 16% , individuals are not sucking on the banks tit as much as the government.

  33. TCBTT says:

    This country is up for grabs (to the highest banking and elite bidders)- it's time the people take it back- either civilly, or through revolution if necessary (we paid for it after all) . If we the people don't, the globalists are going to string us up by the balls, just like the Bolsheviks did to the Russian people back in 1918. It is NOT Free Market-capitalism that got us here- it's the govt. control and CRONEY capitalism that destryed us !!!
    OPEN THY EYES blind Children!!!!!.

  34. Running Chance says:

    The idiot Ron Paul wants to cut spending by making the President of the USA's salary at 40 thousand per year. Ron Paul is a complete loser and the dumbest of all the candidates. Anyone who votes for Ron Paul is wasting their vote. Ron Paul is a weirdo and has no chance at all. Let us all say Amen.

  35. Running Chance says:

    @insertclevernickname – Watch your ignorant working class mouth boy!

  36. Running Chance says:

    @2haveFREEDOMpriceles – it is best that the working class folks just go along with the program and keep their worthless mouths shut. Herman Cain and Mitt Romney are both preapproved and will take Wall St and the Banks in the proper direction. Now move along somewhere else with your ignorant conspiracy theories. Let us all say Amen.

  37. TJ Heath says:

    Did he say 2 trillion because that is how much they get? That seems a bit excessive.

  38. Running Chance says:

    @engine2truck6 – Ron Paul is the coward, he is soft on terrorism. Ron Paul is not a Patriot, he is just a goofy nut. Voting for Ron Paul is wasting your vote. Romney and Cain are the only good GOP members in the race. They both understand the need for a strong FED, more freedom for Banking, and no regulations for Wall St. Stay the hell off of Wall St with your ignorant protests, you all need to be thrown in a working class loser prison.

  39. Running Chance says:

    @curiousone2530 – this election is about class war you fool. Nothing else! The only rights the working class deserve are the rights that the wealthy distribute to them from their generous hearts.

  40. Running Chance says:

    @curiousone2530 – First we destroy Ron Paul, then we take back our Country from Obama. Now join with us or get the hell out of our way. Romney-Cain 2012.

  41. Running Chance says:

    @jstone855 – Soon Romney will be the President of the USA and the Secret Service will be coming after losers like you that supported Ron Paul. You people deserve to be put in holding camps as possible threats to America. Let us all say Amen.

  42. Running Chance says:

    @2haveFREEDOMpriceles – shouldn't you be listeng to Ron Paul preach on his conspiracy theory crap instead of trying to argue with the upper class?

  43. Running Chance says:

    @2haveFREEDOMpriceles – that was ignorant and inmature, you Ron Paul cult members are a bunch of weirdos.

  44. Stephen Adams says:

    @runningchance HA HA HA HA HA GOOD ONE! You're obviously kidding.

  45. Stephen Adams says:

    @runningchance Your name has freedom in it and you hate Ron Paul. Obviously you see the irony in this.

  46. Running Chance says:

    @IHateNicolasCage – Ron Paul is a plant from the Obama Campaign. Forget Ron Paul.

  47. Stephen Adams says:

    @runningchance Nevermind I thought your name was the reply name, but either way you're so far off base it's mind boggling. Why is the Constitution a "cult."? Listen to yourself.

  48. Stephen Adams says:

    @runningchance Yes Ron Paul is a plant, that's why he's been a 12 term congressmen. Look at his voting record, it's squeaky clean. Romney is a mass media plant so they try to force people that don't want to think about the real threats facing this country (ahem) to choose either him or Obama (or Cain, depending on who they like that week). 2 party politics is garbage. Without Ron Paul the Red and the Blue parties are really just one ugly shade of purple. They're all the same. Don't you get that?

  49. sondio says:

    @thelakerssuck92 We don´t need Keynesian economics.. 😉

  50. Stephen Adams says:

    @titan13131 And of course no one ever gets fired. By design it cannot get smaller.

  51. 93NissanAltima says:

    I can honestly say this man is the best runner, but his chances are slim…Look at the news, watch CNN right now before this debate at 8pm tmrw. Cain, Romney, Bachmann are the only ones they talk about. I really want him to win, and WILL vote for him, but I'm not expecting him to win sadly…

  52. raizinhell1 says:

    True voice of reason. Without him our country becomes weaker and weaker.

  53. Running Chance says:

    @titan13131 – that was a retarded comment. The FED watches over our money system and can be trusted.

  54. Running Chance says:

    @IHateNicolasCage – Ron Paul is a complete moron. Once Ron Paul is eliminated from the GOP, you will be begging us to let you support the Mittster! Romney 2012.

  55. Ryan says:

    Rush Limbaugh just practically endorsed Ron Paul's plan as being the most serious and best plan introduced so far. I know he hasn't been a friend in the past, but we need to welcome any support he is willing to give Paul. Go to Dailypaul [dot] com to see the video

  56. LookEvenDeeper says:

    The man makes more sense than 95% of people I hear babbling. People are so nannied up they don't have the balls for freedom anymore – or do they? Well if you don't don't vote Ron Paul. if you do – vote for him. And if he doesn't win, watch more capital and people WITH the balls opt out of these system that nannies you lot with NO balls. And then when your finally forced to work for the people who told you they'd look after you for scraps if you cut off your balls you said no problem sir.

  57. monjiaitaly says:

    @runningchance not a chance in hell buddy.

  58. Stephen Adams says:

    @runningchance I used to think you were serious, but that just hammers the point home that you're just trolling.

  59. Stephen Adams says:

    Romney supporters are like parallel universes, there's supposedly millions of them but no one has ever seen them.

  60. sebucwerd says:

    We don't need Keynesian economics…

  61. Pragmatic Cynicism says:

    What people need to realize is that the best solution is not always a favorable solution. Right now what we need is a president that will take the koolaid away, the problem is that it is hard to rally the majority of people behind that sentiment, when the talking heads are promising sunshine and lollipops.

  62. MrZRACER says:

    @brownspottedbanana I think he did at one point, then it became private, maybe cuz revolutionpac is getting many views for it, and he wants one vid only so it can get as many views as possible.

  63. MrZRACER says:

    Doing a history homework and just realized exactly 230 years ago is when the british surrendered at yorktown. You would thinki this should be news somewhere.

  64. circusboy90210 says:

    @SonjaSmith I was born here so was my grandmother, phd's yes. that has nothing to do with my chosen profession which put's me in contact with people of all social and financial strata that can help me in the long run. I've been here my whole life I know what I'm talking about, my father was here most of his life. yes you lack breeding like all people who are anything have. I know where I came from and I'm no mongrel like you. who calls people they don't know names , don't make you smarter.

  65. StopTheMorons says:

    Very timely and relevant message for Herman Cain

  66. Cool Hand Truth says:

    @WHENYOUREALISE I honestly don't know the answer to that. It can't hurt to try though! Make sure on Wednesday you ONLY donate through his official website: RonPaul2012 (dot) com

  67. Troglobyte says:

    Ron Paul the BOSS!!!

  68. Debauch says:


    Keynesian economics…..ever notice how Keynes was backed by England after they spent all their gold?

  69. Mike Wilson says:

    @aeorta5 Cain is a Con Man, just like Perry and Romney, just like Barry Soetoro and Joe Biden. These people are ALL working towards the same agenda: Global Government, or a New World Order.

    I really hope that people who call themselves 'Republicans' don't allow themselves to be duped by this liar.

  70. charles43110 says:

    LIGHTENING STRIKING - so now is YOUR time to join in RON PAULers. Search — RON PAUL cap – shirt & watch what comes up & get your badge-sticker-sign-cap-shirt GET YOUR GEAR ON daily-mall-restaurant-games-­­­­­­­­karaoke-festivals-grocery­-­­­S­T­R­E­ET CORNER w/ SIGN—primarys are coming ONLY POLL that count. PAULers (you?) we MUST GET OUT—daily in public & affect electorate confidence.. 30 YEARS RON PAUL #1 –VOTE in your state PRIMARY – get RP on 2012 ballot & sweep out WASH DC

  71. Willie Metoyer says:

    I love what he sya

  72. Running Chance says:

    @cgng37 – Laugh at the idiot Ron Paul tonight as he loses at the CNN Republican Debate.

  73. splicez21 says:

    If you do not SWITCH PARTIES in time, 12 weeks in advance OF THE PRIMARIES IN MOST STATES (starting Late January 2012) your vote does not count! If you are not REGISTERED REPUBLICAN you can not vote Ron Paul in the PRIMARY If Ron Paul does not win the PRIMARY, he has no chance to win the election. Be the "Trojan Horse" be the "mole", infiltrate the system. FIND OUT when your state has its primaries.

    Prove that Cain's an idiot by not letting him take office.
    Copy and paste this everywhere.

  74. TheDougass says:

    @ghm011301 It's a joke dude CAINsian economics…. Herman CAIN take that stick out of your ass and laugh

  75. thereallurker says:

    I like RP's fake eyebrows just as much as I like his fake solutions.

  76. bilalss1 says:

    If you do not SWITCH PARTIES in time, 12 weeks in advance OF THE PRIMARIES IN MOST STATES (starting Late January 2012) your vote does not count! If you are not REGISTERED REPUBLICAN you can not vote Ron Paul in the PRIMARY If Ron Paul does not win the PRIMARY, he has no chance to win the election. Be the "Trojan Horse" be the "mole", infiltrate the system. FIND OUT when your state has its primaries.

    Prove that Cain's an idiot by not letting him take office.

  77. silvert00 says:

    @thereallurker cause 999 is a much better solution lol.

  78. MrJoSWilson says:

    Please….someone tell that to Herman Cain and Mitt Romey.

  79. RonPaul2008dotcom says:

    ** Black THIS Out Money Bomb Today! **

    Donate to Ron Paul today at RonPaul2012 [dot] com.

    ** Spread the message! **

  80. Ms Vladinakova says:


    In order for Dr.Paul to win, HE NEEDS THE PRIMARY. That's the toughest part.

    IF YOU WANT TO VOTE IN PRIMARY YOU HAVE TO BE REGISTERED REPUBLICAN! If you don't switch parties in time, (3 months ahead in some states) YOU WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE!!

    Switch in time democrats and independents! Republicans:GET TO THE PRIMARIES!! ALL OF YOU!!! YOU KNOW WHAT TO DO NOW DO IT!!

    Please help spread this message, and also thumb it up when U C these.

  81. cmac2617 says:

    Start writing Ron Paul on all your cash!

  82. campaign4liberty says:

    Paulinate Twitter Day Oct. 22
    Paulinated Twitter Will Make Neocons Bitter!
    follow me on Twitter @LibertyPoet

  83. Vladimir Makarichev says:

    @votingronpaul2008 BUT… Who is going 2 supervise Electronic Voting? This is the latest tool of The Elite 4 controlling who wins. We saw it in action in Bush-Gore elections. See my posting on statistical error that is intrinsic 2 measurement. That is, even without tampering electronic voting, there is a measurement error in polling that is much greater than 1%. There r countries that do not accept this small margin 2 decide the winner. Message 2 Take Home: Register BUT Reform Process ASAP

  84. Running Chance says:

    Ron Paul is the coward, he is soft on terrorism. Ron Paul is not a Patriot, he is just a goofy nut. Voting for Ron Paul is wasting your vote. Romney and Cain are the only good GOP members in the race. They both understand the need for a strong FED, more freedom for Banking, and no regulations for Wall St. Stay the hell off of Wall St with your ignorant protests, you all need to be thrown in a working class loser prison. Voting for Ron Paul is wasting your vote.

  85. Charles Hoskinson says:

    @runningchance A troll is very hungry. Beware, don't feed him

  86. Firstname Lastname says:

    @runningchance Terrorism? Look, i was the same three years ago… please, dont attck me for this, that reveals you as something else… But, spend a few hours researching FOR YOURSELF, dont JUST listen to your TV, you wouldnt believe some joe on the street you never met, and you probably dont believe me, yet. So… why would you believe someone just because they are on the other side of a TV screen? You gotta look a bit deeper, I was pissed when i found out how i was conned. You might be too.

  87. ambient wizardry says:

    @runningchance trololol

  88. campaign4liberty says:

    Down with NWO tyranny!

  89. sickofgovwaste says:

    @runningchance Yes, everything you advocate has worked so well in the past. I thinkg you're simply here to try and be a pest. Bottom line: Ron Paul and Gary Johnson are the only candidates who won't be like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic!

  90. Running Chance says:

    Ron Paul is a coward, he is soft on terrorism. Ron Paul is not a Patriot, he is just a goofy nut. Voting for Ron Paul is wasting your vote. Romney and Cain are the only good GOP members in the race. They both understand the need for a strong FED, more freedom for Banking, and no regulations for Wall St. Stay the hell off of Wall St with your ignorant protests, you all need to be thrown in a working class loser prison. Voting for Ron Paul is wasting your vote. Let us alll say Amen.

  91. charles43110 says:

    @runningchance Read his predictions & see he got everyone correct. Over time without national eltist backing RP grew a huge base. 8 years of BUSH & now 3 years of BHO & Pauls supporters grow every month. Today against BHO indie polls show Dr Paul wins 56 to 44%. Recently when even RUSH on air for a whole show talked about he 100% agreed with RON PAUL's pledges of what his administration would change. The media no longer can ignore him. Both Rom & Herm are globalists.

  92. Running Chance says:

    @charles43110 – there is nothing wrong with being a globalist in the 21st century. NeoCons will rise up at the Polls to take our Country back and return us to the GW Bush Era of greatness with your help so we can spread capitalist freedoms to all of mankind. Ron Paul may have the best chance against Obama compared to the rest of the GOP but guess what weirdo Paulamite cult member? Ron Paul will never be the GOP nominee and he won't run as a independent. NeoCons Rule! Vote Romney 2012. Amen.

  93. Yatukih001 says:

    globalism is considered invasive and is not permitted.

  94. Yatukih001 says:

    That is why it is collapsing and why antiglobalism is rising. A good example of something there is nothing wrong with and which is permitted, is localization.

  95. SirSly420 says:

    Ron Paul 2012! You got my vote .

  96. Thomas Topolski says:

    I don't have a lot of money but Ron Paul – I see you as America's Hope for future prosperity – Amercia can become great again and it can begin with you. I will donate again.

  97. موسى بن سعيد البوسعيدي says:

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  98. greenjeans007 says:

    RON PAUL IN 2012 He is our only hope of a future in america that is free of big brother and government intrusion and destruction of our rights.

  99. Jason Cerre says:

    @Johnerot Yea your another one who needs a history lesson….

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