Ron Paul: Mission Accomplished in Libya?

Ron Paul: Mission Accomplished in Libya?

Hello, this is Ron Paul with your weekly update
for August 29th. Even as a major hurricane hits America’s eastern
seaboard, the administration is determined to expand the war in Libya while threatening
the regime in Syria. Is there any limit to government’s appetite to create more problems
for our nation and economy? Americans may be tempted to celebrate the
apparent victory of US and NATO backed rebels in Libya, since it seems the Gaddafi regime
is overthrown. But I believe any enthusiasm for our Libyan misadventure is premature. The Obama administration attacked Libya without
a constitutional declaration of war, without congressional authorization, without meaningful
consultation with Congress — and without a dollar being authorized from the House or
Senate. It was a war started by a president who turned to the United Nations for its authority
and ignored the authority of the US Congress. Are we better off as a nation by ignoring
and debasing our Constitution? Are we better off having spent more than a billion dollars
attacking a country thousands of miles away that had not threatened us? Are we more financially
sound having expanded the empire to include yet another protectorate and probable long-term
military occupation? Are we more admired throughout the world for getting involved in yet another
war? Still, many will claim that getting rid of
Libyan ruler Gaddafi was worth it. They will say that the ends justify the means. As the
civilian toll from NATO bombs adds up in a war started under the guise of protecting
a civilian population, even the initial argument for intervention is ridiculous. We should
not forget that there were no massacres taking place in Libya before the NATO attack. The
attack was a dubbed a preventative humanitarian intervention. But as soon as NATO planes started
bombing, civilians started dying. Gaddafi may well have been a tyrant, but as
such he was no worse than many others that we support and count as allies. Disturbingly,
we see a pattern of relatively secular leaders in the Arab world being targeted for regime
change with the resulting power vacuum being filled by much more radical elements. Iraq,
post-Saddam, is certainly far closer to Iran than before the US invasion. Will Libya be
any different? We already see grisly reprisals from the US-backed
rebels against their political opponents. There are disturbing scenes of looting and
lawlessness on the part of the rebels. We know that some rebel factions appear to be
allied with Islamic extremists and others seem to have ties to the CIA. They also appear
to have a penchant for killing each other as well as supporters of the previous regime.
The tribal structure of Libyan society all but ensures that an ongoing civil war is on
the agenda rather than the Swiss-style democracy that some intervention advocates suggest is
around the corner. What is next after such a victory? With the
big Western scramble to grab Libya’s oil reserves amid domestic political chaos and violence,
does anyone doubt that NATO ground troops are not being prepared for yet another occupation? Neo-conservatives continue to dominate our
foreign policy, regardless of the administration in power. They do not care that we are bankrupt,
as they are too blinded by their desire for empire and their affection for the entangling
alliances we have been rightly counseled to avoid. They have set their sights next on
Syria, where the US moves steadily toward intervention in another domestic conflict
that has nothing to do with the US. Already the US president has called for “regime change”
in Syria, while adding new sanctions against the Syrian regime. Are US bombers far behind? Thanks for calling this update. A new update
is placed on this number, 888-322-1414 every Monday morning. The written text can be found
on my website under the heading “Texas Straight Talk”. Thanks for


  1. Tornado Of Souls says:

    total time of message … 420 …

  2. Internet Marketing Maps says:

    Ron 'BACK TO THE FUTURE' Paul, is the most Dangerous man in American politics today and want's to weaken America at the most critical time in the history of the Planet..Does he truly think if America turns it's back, and pulls away from festering trouble, it will be safe…Pacifist-Inaction caused the WW 1 & WW 2…Are we prepared to go a 3rd Round?…As day follows night, Ron Paul's Selfish-Naivety will surely take us there.. Ron Paul needs to be dealt with Texas-Style before he kills us all

  3. Internet Marketing Maps says:

    Ron Paul appeals to the naive, the easily frightened and the weak minded in American society..Alarmingly they are increasing, left unchecked will lead to the demise of a strong America..BEWARE OF RON PAUL. This old 'Dream-Weaving Pied-Piper' will be rotting in his grave, long after America continues to suffer the consequences of his proposed policies..If we allow this weak spirit to hijack American Foreign Policy, we'll witness the fall of America.. VOTE FOR A STRONG AMERICA and Reject Ron Paul

  4. riffjiff says:

    If Ron Paul wins by a landslide, There will be no way to rig the vote, because that's what most liklely will happen in the primary…………Ron Paul 2012 for a FREE AMERICA for a change…………

  5. spyvision360 says:

    Ron Paul always Speaks the Truth….wake up America before its too late

  6. William Chancey says:

    @jimbronaugh Dude, you eat some expensive pizza. LOL I'll vote for him but, I can't afford a pizza.

  7. George Reichel says:

    @phoenix11994466 Methinks you got it bass ackwards.

  8. annihilationHaven says:

    I wouldn't vote for Paul, but then again I'm against the voting system altogether. The answers that he comes up with, reverting to the way things were, are no longer a possibility, so everything that he is talking about will simply not pass or will result in even greater turmoil. Take away people's government jobs, and they simply will not know what to do with their life. At least short term, there would be chaos or else there will be so much resistance that he would be booted from office.

  9. Internet Marketing Maps says:

    @junktex Keep swallowing the Junk Tex … It's you I'm talking about

  10. S7JAY9 says:

    How is his philosophy "no longer a possibility?" It's pretty ignorant to think government workers being laid off will bring massive unemployment into the economy, It's the simplest of Capitalist ideas. You lose your job, yeah that sucks. THEN you start searching for a new job.

  11. S7JAY9 says:

    Ofcourse you'll see waves of government officials miserable over not being able to afford a well off lifestyle (here I speak of the heads of government departments, not the workers) but this is the same as any misallocation of resources in an economy. As a self perpetuating machine, government has allowed it's luckiest of higher up employees to enjoy perks and incomes not reflective of the market and as such, when they ACTUALLY have to enter the REAL workforce, its no fun.

  12. S7JAY9 says:

    But that only refers to those in administrative positions who enjoy the creation of unnecessary bureaucracy. For the most part, government employees are underpaid, overworked, and have no idea what the security of their job is when the Feds start cutting programs and agencies. So when they enter the workforce, they find that their skills are vastly more appreciated and put to better use. It won't hurt that they have past job experience in a giant bureaucracy either.

  13. oilpatchgirl says:

    What a breath of fresh air and common sense and honesty! America's hidden gem!

  14. Withowlseyewatch says:

    @annihilationHaven Take away government jobs and people will be free to choose what they will do with their lives. They will think for themselves, invent, become entrepreneurs, start local businesses, support their communities. We have legs to walk and eyes to see and minds that do nothing but organize and solve problems. Only dumbed down people doubt the potential of their fellow citizens. Look. Obomba has done a lousy job. People don't resist his wars and does nothing to boot him out.

  15. young maya says:

    Libyan Invasion and soon Syrian and Iran invasion are to DIVERT the west public attention from huge and unsolved economic related problems.

  16. young maya says:

    list of countries by public debts:

    Libya : ZERO ( Ugh…… This is Mcdonalds dude )
    USA : 92 % of GDP
    U.K : 74 % of GDP
    French : 84 % of GDP
    Italy :118 %
    the west are actually bankrupt countries.
    In economic sense, Arab people > the anglo saxon in managing their money 🙂
    These 28 countries w 1 billion population get together to ROB houses blatantly.
    start with : afghans, iraq, libya.
    soon : Syria and Iran under the pretext freedom and democracy crafts 🙂

  17. young maya says:

    Bahrain is killing so many civilians. the west just smiles and laughs 🙂

  18. young maya says:

    I am convinced Ron Paul is to kick Obama's ass 🙂

  19. ouali abdellatif says:

    Ron Paul the only man that many country's dreams to have as a president ! remarkable !!!

  20. Alfred Mayer says:

    @lCHAOSREACTIONl 100% accurate. Actually, Gaddafi also proposed a gold-backed currency for all nations of Africa. This war is all about saving the money system of the West from being exposed as delusion. Also each Libyan in working age received USD 1000 per month, whether he has got a job or not. A system which many of us in Europe are debating as a social platform for the future. Consumerism cant live without buying force of the people. Gaddafi was to modern for NATO.

  21. Abeonthehill says:

    Hi, from UK! I hope RP will be the next US president! DR.RON PAUL is one politician that is not full of Bull S–t ! I do hope the US population chooses him before, America goes bankrupt.

  22. mustbebored21 says:

    @terrygand in from Australia, im with u !!

  23. mustbebored21 says:

    @lCHAOSREACTIONl is this true and where can i check these facts? I love Ron Paul btw lol

  24. Harry Santos says:

    I've watched all of his videos I hope he updates a thousand times a day haha

  25. SquidetteVet says:

    The money went to fund Ron Paul's "Campaign For Liberty". It was obvious that the American people were not ready for RP's message so he put his effort into educating. Now the proof is in the pudding. We're broke and our government is still spending. Our dependency on government entitlements and our need to police the world is killing our nation. Ron Paul is willing to do what needs to be done (or stop doing what shouldn't be done) to put our nation back on track.

  26. nanoJanno says:

    @terrygand I think the US poulation will vote for him over anyoone else. Too bad the voting is rigged in the USA. Bilderburgers already selected Rick Perry, a CFR piece of shit.

  27. doogleandalix says:

    @lCHAOSREACTIONl Maybe their govt should come over and teach our Congress how to do things right – seems like they have a lot figured out financially. I agree with you totally as to the real reason we are there. Bring home our troops – let the Middle East take care of themselves – it is not our business .

  28. doogleandalix says:

    @jackjnx Reminder:If U live in one of 20 or so closed primary states,including ;FL,CO,CT,DE,FL,MD,NY,PA,KY,LA­­,OR,OK,NE,SD,UT,WV,AND MORE -you must register REPUB(GOP) to vote for Ron Paul in the critical primary election! Fact! If U R a disillusioned Dem nowsupporting ROn Paul,change that affiliation ASAP-rules&deadlines vary by state .Don't let them cheat U out of a vote; don't let them cheat Dr.Paul out of the nomination

  29. Babylauncher3000 says:

    Without a decloration of war? In that case then i guess Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm arnt ligit right? We havent issued a decloration of war sense WW2.

    The conflict in lybia is more of a "revolution" then a "civil war" and lending assistance without putting a single US service member in harms way isent really hurting the united states.

  30. DominicJCircolone says:

    @psillyguava The president is in the executive branch and the constitution does not grant power to the executive branch to do all that you Fraud Paul shills claim he will do if elected president. The executive branch cannot pass nor abolish legislation. Such power would abrogate the separation of powers doctrine found in the very same constitution the Fraud Paul shills claim he will "default" to. The Fraud Paul shills are as phony as Fraud Paul himself. 9/11 Fraud Paul… you share the crimes…

  31. DominicJCircolone says:

    @THRIC3GR3AT3ST "He who allows oppression, shares the crime." Erasmus Darwin
    Look at all the oppression that Fraud Paul has allowed by not coming out and telling the truth of what actually happened on 9/11/01! He is on record declaring that he believes the official narrative and all those that don't need to keep his name and reputation away from the TRUTH. Fraud Paul is COMPLICIT and you Fraud Paul shills are complicit, as well. Fraud Paul denies the TRUTH, therefore the TRUTH condemns him.

  32. DominicJCircolone says:

    @hanseric245 Yeah, go share Fraud Paul's ideas about 9/11/01 with everyone you know. All you need to do is share the very same story the lying government workers and complicit media whores are selling. Fraud Paul is embarrassed to admit the truth that the official story is complete fabrication. So the TRUTH is making an embarrassment of Fraud Paul. You Fraud Paul shills are not fooling everyone.

    "Degrees do not matter… one does not bargain about inches of evil." —Ayn Rand

  33. DominicJCircolone says:

    @psillyguava The executive branch can't undo the fed reserve, the congress must. Nothing Fraud Paul nor any other can do to force the congress to do anything. You Fraud Paul shills can spread all the false promises you heart's desire. Fraud Paul is an enemy of we the people by befriending the official LIES of 9/11/01 and refusing to stand for the truth above all else. Fraud Paul has no chance and you Fraud Paul shills are wasting your time. He is using the donated millions to pay his shills.

  34. DominicJCircolone says:

    @alexjonesexposed1 He is using some of that donated money to pay his shills to be on the internet pretending to be regular Joe/Joan that are convinced he is some kind of savior. They spread all kinds of false promises declaring Fraud Paul WILL DO THIS AND THAT AND THE OTHER. Now, would a regular Joe that is not being paid by or promised to be paid by Fraud Paul come to this forum making these declarations? Regular people don't worship politicians the way the Fraud Paulsters do.
    Think about it…

  35. DominicJCircolone says:

    @megaseth7 Spoken like a true shill that knows all the money Fraud Paul collected last time around will not continue to pay the shills to pretend to be in love with the Fraud. More money must be collected and more Fraud Paul crap must be sold in order to remain feeding at the trough. You Fraud Paulsters are so blatantly obvious, he needs to re-evaluate this shill campaign. It's just a waste of money. Fraud Paul has been in congress so long that wasting money is what he and his comrades do best.

  36. thefakeyeti says:

    we took out gathafi… however,what will the next leader be like?

    We over throw governments, then act surpised when we don't like the new dictator/leader or rebells..

    People like McCain are the worse, they didn't hesittate at the idea of arming the rebells in Libya..

  37. DominicJCircolone says:

    @spyvision360 Are you and Fraud Paul saying the official 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory is the truth?
    You two losers can't say that with a straight face, can you? Wake up, USA. All these people pretending to be in love with Fraud Paul are paid shills. Anyone that says Fraud Paul always speaks the truth is lying. Frauds of a feather fraud together. Good thing they don't use their real names while shilling on the net. But then again, who will take the words of "spyvision360", seriously?

  38. SirBabyPork says:

    DominicJCircolone is a douche bag.. Is your troll hair pink?

  39. spyvision360 says:

    @DominicJCircolone what the fuck are you talking about 911 was not even spoken of in this video muslim conspiracy? what a fucking clown… go away if you wish to see a loser you need only look into a mirror talk about shilling get a fucking life moron

  40. urmommaisfattt says:

    @THRIC3GR3AT3ST a war draft? holy crap im 14 will they draft my dad?

  41. Ron Paul says:

    @urmommaisfattt this is Thric3Gr3at3st on other profile!!!!lol!!Your more who I'm worried about , your young so don't get too scared, and don't believe anything you haven't researched yourself, but don't only look to Fox, Cnn for your news. But these wars have been going for 10 years and have no signs of stopping, the draft is mainly 18-24 year olds. So do you homework find out what these wars are really about, and make your own decision from there!!!

  42. Ron Paul says:

    Your more who I'm worried about urmommaisfattt, your young so don't get too scared, and don't believe anything you haven't researched yourself, but don't only look to Fox, Cnn for your news. But these wars have been going for 10 years and have no signs of stopping, the draft is mainly 18-24 year olds. So do you homework find out what these wars are really about, and make your own decision from there!!!

  43. Agremen says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance hmmm u mean 35 years dont forget Sadam…

  44. urmommaisfattt says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance oh ok thanks man

  45. trainmango says:

    OMG, Libya is debt free!

  46. Astral Frost says:

    As awful as Ghadaffi is, he isn't the worst. He actually had a social safety net in place, which is more than I can say for some other countries.

    I was initially in support of intervention in Libya on legitimate humanitarian grounds. However, I'm not sure if the outcome will have been worth it in the end. We'll see.

    I'm worried about the power vacuum as well.

  47. DominicJCircolone says:

    @spyvision360 Hey lying anonymous coward? You falsely declared Fraud Paul "always speaks the truth". I proved that is complete fallacy by bringing the 9/11 LIE that Fraud Paul buys and sells as proof both you and Fraud Paul are LIARS! You Fraud Paulsters are not very bright but you sure love to try to deceive people. Fraud Paul is COMPLICIT and will some day pay for selling the official 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory. You are way out of your league and you will not be able to save FP's face.

  48. DominicJCircolone says:

    @SirBabyPork Lying proves you are with the lying Fraud Paul but that does not give you credibility, anonymous coward. Do you really think anyone will take seriously the words of some Fraud Paul freak calling themselves, "sirbabypork"? What is the matter with you Fraud Paulsters? You know the lying loser Fraud Paul has no chance yet you continue to pretend that you feel safe and sound with your collective heads jammed up his poo hole. Keep lying, anonymous coward, you can bet Fraud Paul will.

  49. SirBabyPork says:

    @DominicJCircolone You need to get laid man.. Having fun sitting on youtube all day? Damn loosers..

  50. DominicJCircolone says:

    @Kazmitas Fraud Paul buys and sells the easily proved false 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory as told by the most corrupt collection of government workers and complicit media whores in the history of mankind. Clearly, you have yet to wake up to the truth. Fraud Paul is and has been an active member of the most corrupt group of people calling themselves, government, ever. Fraud Paul is a proven LIAR and is a disgrace to we the people of the USA. 9/11 Fraud Paul…you will pay for your cover-up.

  51. DominicJCircolone says:

    @SirBabyPork LIES is what you Fraud Paul supporters bring. You have nothing else. Your lies will not hide the fact that Ron Paul is a lying FRAUD and is complicit in the cover-up of the crimes committed on 9/11/01. He will not get away with playing his part, HELPING THE COVER-UP, and you anonymous cowards pretending Fraud Paul is a savior are not near as anonymous as you think you are. Keep bringing the lies and false information, anonymous coward. You know Fraud Paul is going to.

  52. littlewing1958 says:

    I hear that all of this activity is surrounding some oil pipeline that runs from somewhere in the east to the west bank. If this is the truth, and it's such a great idea that we would interfere with these societies over it and give our soldiers lives for it, then why don't our media boast about it? Open for comments…on truth??? what is it??? Even Ron Paul won't mention it, but he's got great points without mentioning it.

  53. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance Look at the Fraud Paulsters using multiple identities. One anonymous identity is not enough for the FRAUDS. People, go ask Fraud Paul what he intends to do about all the chemtrail spraying taking place all across the USA. I'm more than certain Fraud Paul will take the same approach as he does with 9/11. He will help cover-up the fact that it is even happening. Fraud Paul is one of them. He is an enemy of we the people of the USA. The Fraud Paulsters are paid shills.

  54. littlewing1958 says:

    @DominicJCircolone I don't know if I am inclined to get as emotional as you about this, but one thing is for sure… no one should forget that this ridiculous political system we have in place is designed to play us like fiddles, so don't make up your mind on one of these players and get all set in stone. It sounds a lot like he is regurgitating back to you exactly what he thinks you want to hear. I hope that is not the case because I don't hear any other candidates speaking on these issues.

  55. DominicJCircolone says:

    @MrParkerclrk Fraud Paul is an enemy of we the people of the USA. He is complicit in covering up the crimes committed on 9/11/01. Birds of a feather flock together and Fraud Paul has been a flocking member of the most corrupt congresses ever. The Fraud Paulsters pretending Fraud Paul is the only great white hope are nothing more than paid shills. Knowing the truth about Fraud Paul does not make one a "communist warmongering jerk-off". Lies are all the Fraud Paul supporters can muster.

  56. DominicJCircolone says:

    @littlewing1958 I'm not getting emotional, anonymous coward. If you want your thoughts and ideas to have any chance to be taken seriously, you may want to cease hiding in a masquerade costume. There is nothing Fraud Paul can do to save face. He is complicit in the crimes committed on 9/11/01 and he and his "followers" can pretend he is the greatest thing since sliced bread but he will not get away with his crimes. Fraud Paul set himself in stone the moment he decided to cover-up 9/11 crimes.

  57. littlewing1958 says:

    @DominicJCircolone I did just go watch a youtube from 2007 where R.Paul flatly states that he does not support the 911 conspiracy. I did not know this, Thank you. However, as I stated before…I will not cast a vote for a line of bs or a pretty face. I may not cast one at all, but I can assure you not one i will be left un-dotted on any politician spewing rhetoric to get in power on my part.

  58. DominicJCircolone says:

    @littlewing1958 Fraud Paul is 100% in support of the official 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory. What he does not support is the TRUTH that the official 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory is complete fabrication. Elections are scams. Go read: "Votescam:The Stealing of America" by the Collier brothers and you will be enlightened. If voting made a difference, it would have been outlawed long ago. Besides, a vote in a corrupted system is a vote for the corrupted system.
    Fraud Paul is one of them…

  59. Ron Paul says:

    There is a recent video with Ron Paul saying the government needs to be involved when it comes to the Environemt becausee air/water go across state borders!!Some more logic for you. You let Gore and obama put a carbon tax on your like in sec 201 of cap and trade energy tax bill said if your in violation, they can kick you out of your home, and everyday of "unlawful occupancy" in your own house is grounds for daily charges!

  60. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance This Fraud Paul shill most certainly did not school anyone. He/she accused me of being one that sends private messages and therefore forced him/her to delete the alleged cancelled account. Unlike this lying Fraud Paulster, I've never private messaged anyone, ever. I will respond to the anonymous cowards that private message me, but I never did and never will hide what I have to say. Fraud Paul is against the Truth and is not to be trusted nor taken seriously.
    9/11 Fraud Paul

  61. Ron Paul says:

    @DominicJCircolone Its is a completely corrupted voting system. But it's not completely immune to 1 guy every 40 years thats actually cares! Who ever told you Ron Paul was a flock congressman was an imbecile. He is considered a loner in the congress. There have votes that were 150 to 2 Ron Paul, and Kucinich. Thats precisely the reason the media or fellow politicians won't acknowledge him because he doesn't vote based on outside pressure or popularity. What does Romney, Perry done to earn media

  62. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance Fraud Paul and his comrades are merely playing good politician/bad politician. He pretends to be the opposition but he is nothing more than the guy driving the getaway car at a bank robbery. He pretends to not be guilty because he never actually steals the money, but he is complicit as an accessory and joyously rides along with the robbers. Fraud Paul has no chance and he will not get away with being an accessory after the fact to the crimes committed on 9/11/01.

  63. Ron Paul says:

    Once again just another personal attack, what facts did you state to support your views other than 9/11 and chemtrail Rhetoric. How can you disagree with Constitutional Foreign Policy, Sound Money, No Central Bank, No illegal income tax, no invasion of privacies of citizens like patriot act, No laws telling me what i can and can't put in my body!! which was created to pay interest owed to Federal Reserve it hasn't been around forever! If those are beliefs of fraud hes the first fraud in 50 yrs~

  64. Ron Paul says:

    So he has been pretend with no mainstream coverage for 30 years!!!!!If he is part of the game they give him massive attention like Obama and Perry who no one even knew who he was before media made them dieties. It goes to show you how corrupt government is, that Ron Paul has been the only one fighting for us on the floor. No to bailouts, No to wars. If he made all this money from 9/11 why would he let The Fed continuously devalue his money to where countries are strt to ditch dollar as reserve!

  65. Ron Paul says:

    He warned 20+ years ago about the fed devaluing us currency. And there is a complete collapse point. In the Feds very own manual on Fractional Reserve banking there is only so far you can inflate the dollar before it fails. They have already devalued the dollar 98% since 1913, The fed was just audited and they gave 16 trillion to the banksters!!Obama and bush did that, that is what I call fraud!!!!They gave more to their friends than our entire deficit.!!!!NEXT!!!

  66. Ron Paul says:

    He is doing more justice to 9/11 families by stopping the false war on terror that 9/11 created than any admittance to 9/11 conspiracy could ever do. That is real action, it was ten years ago, lets get the truth out, but lets take some fucking action in the present!And that is what Ron Paul is about, we used 9/11 to create domination over middle-east. Just like we are using Libya to install government loyal to U.S, just like IRAQI president whom we put in, and the people hate!!

  67. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance There you have it, folks. Straight from a paid Fraud Paul shill. 9/11 and chemtrails are nothing more than rhetoric to Fraud Paul and his paid shills. You want to put an end to all that the Fraud Paulsters claim to be against? Punish those that really did the 9/11/01 dastardly deeds. They are also the ones doing all the chemtrail spraying, as well. Like 9/11 LIES, chemtrails are very real and not to be taken so lightly as to call it rhetoric.
    You are way out of your league…

  68. Ron Paul says:

    They have been spraying chemtrails since the 1950's and no one believes or cares about it, I don't know my opinion yet ive only watched "what in the world are they spraying", but ending the money powers in u.s that fund these environmentally illiterate fucks like MONSANTO!!BY THE WAY GOOGLE THEM PEOPLE!!!Could at least be knocked down a peg if our president didnt hire secretary of Agriculture and many others that are loyal to Monsanto and others. Ron Paul is against all forms of corruption!

  69. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance From the 2008 South Carolina Republican primary debate, in response to a question about whether he would disavow the views of 9/11 Truthers, he said: “I don’t endorse anything they say.“

    Did you read that, folks? Fraud Paul is against anything that easily exposes those that really did the deeds on 9/11/01. That makes him an accessory to the crimes. He is controlled opposition and his own words prove it. Don't let these paid shill Fraud Paulsters deceive you. FP hates truth.

  70. Ron Paul says:

    He's not a GOD, he won't have time to solve everything. If he could End the wars, and The Federal Reserve and return us a money system actually backed by something. The profits and oppurtunities to change many other aspects of society, but they have to see that what Ron Paul talks about, Freedom, is still alive and possible. That we don't need these wars, we dont need the fed, and then they will be more open to 9/11, chemtrails, whatever you want.

  71. Ron Paul says:


  72. Ron Paul says:

    Why arent you going nuts on Obama, Bush, Romney, Perry, Bachmann for saying nothign on the subject exept we need to persue the wars in middle east!!!!!!Even a jersey shore wannabe like you should be able to see that even if you disagree with Paul on 1 or 2 issues, he has brought up 6 or 7 issues no other politician would touch, that could literally save our economy and country as a whole!!!!" a consequence of not participating in politics, is you end up being governed by your inferiors" Plato

  73. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance How can the Fraud Paulsters type such blatant lies? LIARS flock together and Fraud Paul is a LIAR and so are his paid shills. No one believes or cares about chemtrails? Wow, you Fraud Paulsters are in denial. Fraud Paul is not against the corrupt government workers' official 9/11 Muslim conspiracy theory. He is against all those that have evidence the official story is totally bogus. He does not endorse "ANYTHING THEY SAY". He is a criminal and will pay for covering up 9/11!

  74. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance Other than you Fraud Paulsters, who even tries to give the impression Fraud Paul possess greatness. I'm not portraying Fraud Paul as a "GOD", I'm using his own words and deeds to prove he is a LIAR and a hater of TRUTH. He had a chance to take a stand for the TRUTH but instead he denied the TRUTH and continues to sell the official LIES. Fraud Paul is finished on so many levels and you Fraud Paulsters are not deceiving everyone. Nothing you can say or do can save your master.

  75. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance I'm not going nuts, LIAR. This video is about Fraud Paul and he is on record declaring to be against the truth of what really happened on 9/11/01. He doomed himself by denying the truth. To have done this in front of millions sealed his doom. On the day Fraud Paul's many deeds get judged, we shall all see he is nothing more than controlled opposition and one that hates the truth. Go tell your master his fate has been sealed by his lying lips.
    He is finished.
    Get it?

  76. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance How much stolen loot has Fraud Paul been given for being a member of congress? I'll bet it is more than a million of those devalued fiat dollars by now. Despite the inevitable collapse, Fraud Paul is not about to say that since he has been totally unsuccessful at accomplishing anything that could be considered beneficial to we the people, he will stop taking the fiat dollars. He is a FRAUD just like all his comrades. The good politician/bad politician act is old hack.

  77. spyvision360 says:

    @DominicJCircolone Dominic the Spammer might i suggest you go out and find a girlfriend to help occupy your time looks like you need one instead of sitting here bashing Ron Paul supporters all day long…we get it you don't like him…. other than that i would say most people who come here to see this video could really careless about your rants cause even if you were right in what you had to say you lose all credibility right out of the starting gate with your endless ramblings. Check please

  78. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RadioFlyffer Nice. Three strikes and you're out. Trust me, many are out of the Fraud Paul "revolution". He doomed himself long ago.
    The ones posting here are not just fools and delusional cowards, however. They are paid shills pretending to be just concerned citizens that have no real affiliation with Fraud Paul. The are pied pipers and they are being exposed, big time. All they have are lies and false promises and they are getting their poo holes handed to them in this forum.
    This is so fun!

  79. Ron Paul says:

    @DominicJCircolone actually dom, your wrong again about Ron Paul taking those devalued dollars. He doesn't exept his inflated congressional pention. He is a doctor that doesnt us medicare or medicaid, and donates a chunk of his salary directly back into the U.S treasury, when have you ever heard of intergrity like that!!!!

  80. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance You have been caught lying again, anonymous coward. Either that or you are proving you are a total ignoramus. Fraud Paul does not get a congressional pension because he is still collecting a salary. Please, LIE to us some more and tell us exactly what size "chunk" Fraud Paul does not take from the treasury. The idea that one can donate to the treasury is beyond ludicrous. So, lie some more and tell us how much he tells the payroll dept to keep. This ought to be funny.

  81. DominicJCircolone says:

    "He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year."

    He does not give even a tiny bit of his salary back to the treasury. That is an easily proved LIE by the lying Fraud Paulsters. When will you lying Fraud Paulsters realize you are way over your heads here and should quit while you are still behind and still have one? There is nothing you can do or say that will save your master. He is finished. He is an enemy of we the people.
    It's over!

  82. Ron Paul says:

    @DominicJCircolone LOOK it up dumbshit, "he doesnt participate in lucrative congressional pension program", it doesnt matter if your not retired yet!!!!"He returns a portion of his annual Congressional Office Budget every year" US NEWS ARTICLE NOT MY WORDS!!!!!And hes also never voted to raise his congressional pay!!!!Fact!!!!Your such an idiot that I don't even know why i'm talking to you. I just hope you've taken notes on everything i've taught you today!!!

  83. Ron Paul says:


  84. Ron Paul says:

    " Last year, we took notice when Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) returned $100,000 of his Congressional office budget to the United States Treasury. CAIVN editor and contributing author Ryan Jaroncyk wrote"

    "In 2009, Ron Paul returned $90,000 from his office budget, and in 2008, he returned $58,000. It seems that with each passing year the 2008 presidential contender returns a little more of his congressional office budget to the Treasury" dude your a fool!!

  85. Ron Paul says:

    "The idea that one can donate to the treasury is beyond ludicrous"
    "He returns a portion of his annual congressional office budget to the U.S. treasury every year." Who looks ludicrous now??

  86. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance Hey LIAR? Not using some of the "office budget" and donating your own money to the treasury are not remotely the same thing. Your alter ego or comrade declared Fraud Paul, and I quote, "…donates a chunk of his salary directly back into the U.S treasury…" That is a complete LIE.
    The current salary (2011) for rank-and-file members of the House and Senate is $174,000 per year. I'm sure we can millions that will not even need one penny of "office budget" with that salary.

  87. DominicJCircolone says:

    Just like Fraud Paul, his paid shills LIE WITH IMPUNITY. And when they are not outright LYING, they are selling false hopes and deceiving with misleading information. The reason those that bring lies to a debate are automatically disqualified is because their lies turn a debate into a wild goose chase. This debate has been over for a long time. The paid Fraud Paul shills have been caught LYING over and over again.
    Millions would take Fraud Paul's job for less money. Anyone can accomplish NOTHING

  88. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance The "office budget" is not nor ever was "your money". You Fraud Paulsters blatantly mislead using false information. Fraud Paul is an enemy of we the people and a criminal by aiding and abetting the cover-up of what really happened on 9/11/01. That is much more important to us than whether this clown making $174,000 minimum will not take a pension or doesn't use the entire "office budget". It would be easy to find a replacement that would not use one penny of it.

  89. Khaled Gebril says:

    "we should not forget that there was no massacre before the intervention" shut the fuck up, protestors were being shot down in the street by anti aircraft 14.5 mm caliber weapons since feb 15, nearly a month before the intervention. the intervention was asked for by the libyan people. the us never went to "war" but merely assisted with intel, and communication equipment after the initial missile salvoes launched by the us early in the campaign.

  90. DominicJCircolone says:

    @RonPaulRenaissance Dr. No never voted to receive the pay raise but he always took it anyway. He is a complete Fraud. I wonder how many people know that the LIARS in congress not only make at least $174,000 every year but they give themselves a even more money and falsely call that a "pension".
    Hey anonymous coward, you are wasting your time. There is nothing you can say or do that will save your master from the TRUTH. Fraud Paul is an enemy of Truth and of we the people, as well.

  91. variablestatus says:

    (the truth from Rasmussen reports..Ron Paul is #2 in GOP positions)
    #3..Obama 43% Romney 39% Aug 25-26, 2011
    #1..Obama 41% Perry 44% Aug 29-30, 2011
    #5..Obama 46% Bachmann 38% Aug 27-28, 2011
    #2..Obama 39% Paul 38% Aug 15-16, 2011
    #9..Obama 50% Palin 33% Aug 11-12, 2011
    #4..Obama 42% Cain 35% Aug 23-24, 2011
    #8..Obama 48% Gingrich 30% June 24-25, 2011
    #7..Obama 44% Huntsman 28% July 2, 2011
    #6..Obama 45% Santorum 31% July 10-11, 2011
    Bark all you want, the truth is the truth RP2012*

  92. downwindspiral says:

    use it…
    an anagram, get it ..
    keep spreading this

  93. jewishcrimenetwork says:

    Ron Paul should explain that all these wars are wars for Israel. He should exxplain that the US government is infected with dual citizens amercian-israelis with their loyalty to Isarel. That the root of the problem. If the root of the problem is not removed the problem is not really solved.

    Anyway Ron Paul is the only politician making any sense as the rest are just zionist puppets.

  94. Buggusmac says:

    @jewishcrimenetwork You know… your antisemitism in very unappealing!! I agree there is a US-Israeli covenant of some sort that I really don't understand, but as far as which is the devil spawned evil doer is up for debate. Ron Paul is of the opinion that Israel should take care of its own problems, and the US needs to mind its own business. I agree with this, but Israel is top military power and WILL DEFINITELY take care of its own business. Aholes like U will then have sumthn to worry about.

  95. pabnaful says:

    Biggest supporters of wars waged by America are its people. but, they should not be misleaded into thinking that they the beneficiary of racist wars and occupations of other nations. gangs that are responsible for wars based on lies are consist of few people. they enjoy all the wealth robbed and stolen from others. poor people in America are just used to do the dirty work for the criminal gang of few who stage terror attacks and support sharia law to create a fake enemy so; they can go to wars.

  96. M4RollingRaces says:

    Dear future Mr. President, I must say I love the fact that you do not disable comments like Donald Trump does. We have the freedom of speech. Ron Paul 2012!

  97. jewishcrimenetwork says:

    Issrael is not a military power but a socialist state financed by US and Germany with billions and billions every year.
    Israel is a terrorist state and the israelis are so manipulated that don't realize how insane their government is.

    Your battle against truth is a lost cause thanks to internet.

  98. PianoKeyz says:

    Breaking today on CNN: "Source: Al Qaeda leader sends veteran jihadists to establish presence in Libya "

  99. Brendan McNerney says:

    Sad but true. Where is the America we once had?

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