Ron Paul: Rick Perry Is “Politically Astute” on Federal Reserve and Secession

Ron Paul: Rick Perry Is “Politically Astute” on Federal Reserve and Secession

Larry Kudlow: For an exclusive interview,
Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul, who by the way, is not only a presidential hopeful,
but finished a very close second in the recent Iowa straw poll. Congressman Paul, as always
Sir, welcome back to the program. I want to get your take on what Governor Rick Perry
said today. “Almost treacherous or treasonous” regarding Ben Bernanke. What’s your thoughts,
Sir? Ron Paul: Those are pretty strong words. But
you know, the founders felt pretty strongly about counterfeiting. I wouldn’t call it treasonous
but I would call what our Federal Reserve does morally equivalent to counterfeiting
because they create money out of thin air and they give us our problems. In 1792, when they had the first Coinage Act,
they thought so strongly about this issue, they invoked a death penalty for people who
were counterfeiters. So, they never liked this idea of counterfeiting. And they did
not believe we had the right to emit bills of credit. So, I like this issue. To me, the
fascinating thing is that the Governor comes into the race, he gets a lot of attention.
And on the first day out, they ask him about the Federal Reserve. This hasn’t been done,
maybe ever. So, I would say monetary policy – Larry Kudlow: So, monetary policy is front
and center in this presidential race, which is probably where it ought to have been. Now,
you, Sir, have always been a strong opponent of devaluation and money printing. Is Governor
Rick Perry onto something here? Ron Paul: I think, politically, he’s pretty
astute. He came out for secession too when he had a Tea Party candidate running against
him. So, no, he’s pretty good. But I have no idea what his monetary policy issues are,
what is real principles are. But I do know that the fact that he came out and didn’t
say: “Hey, lay off the Fed. The Fed’s my friend.” Which means it’s a turning on this whole issue
of monetary policy. And you’re right. I was motivated in the 1970s because the handwriting
was written on the wall for me forty years ago. We just sort of celebrated that date
forty years ago when the Bretton Woods ended. So, that was a signal to me that the dollar
was doomed. Just look now: it used to be 1/35th of an
ounce of gold, now it’s almost 1/1800th of an ounce of gold. So, we have a very weak
currency and, Larry, I agree with you wholeheartedly. You need a strong currency. This whole idea
that a weak currency is healthy for the economy – you need a strong currency but you need
to invite capital. If you’re not going to allow the press to mess up the deal with capital
and pretend they can get capital out of a printing press, you got to get our capital
back home. Which means you’ve got to get rid of these taxes on capital. And then I think
we could thrive again. But we’re not on the verge of doing it. But I think we’re going in the right direction
because we are talking about reducing capital gains taxes and taxes on corporations. Texas
has done better because we’ve never had an income tax on our corporations. They’re all
for individuals and I think that’s very, very good. Larry Kudlow: And, Congressman, let me just
ask you. Another one of your opponents in the presidential sweepstakes is Governor Mitt
Romney. Now, I’m not taking sides here. I just want to note, when I interviewed Governor
Romney back in April, I asked him specifically about Federal Reserve policies, about QE2,
and I asked him about dollar depreciation. I played the clip earlier, I’m sorry you missed
it. But Mr. Romney, Governor Romney, defended Ben Bernanke. What’s your comment on that? Ron Paul: Well, that would tell you where
he’s coming from as a very establishment economic position. And, therefore, he wouldn’t be arguing
the case for hard money, or sound money, or a strong currency. But that view may change,
who knows. I think the country is changing. And they’re putting more emphasis on monetary
policy. And eventually they’re going to come around to believing a strong currency is the
most important. But I don’t know. I’ve never discussed it with Mr. Romney about his monetary
policies. Larry Kudlow: All right, Congressman Ron Paul.
We appreciate you…


  1. tanio12 says:

    hold up let's don't act like we are for the troops by sending them care packages, hell some of these troops come home and can't even find decent housing or a job now you tell me who really loves the troops.

  2. tanio12 says:

    do not compare perry to bush as the bush camp can't stand perry's coat riding ass

  3. James Bond says:

    Ron is your last fuckin chance people. Don't fuck up this time!

  4. Tree Beard says:

    Perry = bush ++

  5. sethzky77 says:

    Beware! The lame ass GOP candidates will steal Ron Paul's positions, ignore him, and get appointed, not elected. Thus silencing the good doctor and dooming the nation. If that happens, it is the duty of the U.S. citizens to openly revolt against the government, and overthrow the system…….

  6. Ralyns says:

    Why are they trying to make it sound like he is endorsing these moronic pretenders that are only saying what they are saying because of Ron Paul and our efforts? Did you see the text they had up? Looked like Ron Paul was endorsing Perry the way they did that – and I don't like that at all. Perry is murderer and should be in prison for his gardasil Exec order that killed so many children for profit.

  7. ReviewsByErik says:

    What's going on is Rick Perry (big gov't, establishment, mor eof the same) is stealing Ron Paul's message but you can GUARANTEE Rick Perry will not deliver. Ron Paul will. Support the originator of these ideas, not the copycat.

  8. Armando7654 says:

    Ron Paul !!

  9. gjchgmdm says:

    The whole interview they constantly mention the other candidates. Watch him interview the Rick Perry or Mit Romney. I bet he won't mention Ron Paul.

  10. wdcsucks1 says:

    perry is going to use Ron Pauls message to get elected but he will fail!!!

  11. mark swishersweets says:

    @ProgressiveInAmerica you must need medication or drank too much of the special koolaid. Even if iran got a nuke.. i dont care if they want to nuke their neighbors.. let them commit suicide and get nuked back in the process. Your ideals sound like fear mongering or a msm troll or something idk.

  12. mark swishersweets says:

    @bachmann4president wow.. do you take meds by any chance.. i didnt know the mental places let the patients play on youtube.

  13. Theodore Dage says:

    @bachmann4president Do you know what Fabian socialism is? Because I'm not sure you do. Fabian socialists advocate for imperialism, greater central control of the economy, and nationalization of land – pretty much the diametric opposite of Paul's positions.

    But don't let me confuse you with facts. You've already shown you'd rather sling mud and call names.

  14. rmr355 says:




  15. seeqr9 says:

    Its funny how people talk about "letting" states do what they want as if the Fed Gov isnt a "State". If the Feds legalize " dog on man" (lmao) then there will be nowhere to go to get away from it. Duh.

  16. PianoKeyz says:

    I donated $25. Just donate the minimum if you have to, but we must get this done. If Ron Paul can get more commercials, then the media cannot ignore him.

  17. Dalton Thatcher says:

    @ProgressiveInAmerica Bull crap our the military industrial complex could do as much as they do now with major spending cuts they rip us off.

  18. Dalton Thatcher says:

    @ProgressiveInAmerica Probably do more, we haven't got shit to show for the billions we spent on the f22's most of them are grounded due to mechanical issues.

  19. heymisterderp says:

    Rick Perry is Pyrite. If you want real Gold, vote for Ron Paul. It's almost disturbing how this guy is trying so blatantly to out-Paul Ron Paul.

  20. Daniel Droege says:

    Rick Perry is really a robot programmed with the DNA of Bush Jr. and Stephen Colbert. Top NASA scientist built him to defeat Ron Paul and secure their monopoly on space travel.

  21. Donald Draper says:

    It's time for this nation to grow up and have no tolerance for the lies anymore! Ron Paul is the only choice in this election, all the others are exactly the same…corporate hacks.

  22. StopTheMorons says:

    How much smoke are we're going to see Rick Perry blow out of his ass?

  23. 1776iscoming says:

    Paul a fabian socialist? You have to be kidding me. I'm not even sure I'll vote for Paul, though I did vote for him in the '08 primary, because he is ignoring Obama's ineligibility, but to say Paul is in any shape or form a socialist is asinine. And yes, the states have the right to do anything not enumerated to the federal gov't in the Constitution.

  24. Aahlookoutbehindyou says:

    What is up with all the Perry lines at the bottom of the screen that Ron Paul is on. Perry is just saying this stuff to get votes, and the media is obviously trying to equate Perry with Paul and steal some of Paul's votes.

  25. QuietHero says:

    i wish he was my grandpa

  26. usvvetme2 says:

    Ron paul supporters need to march on fox news headquarters.

  27. whippoorwillss says:

    @StopTheMorons A Texas size cloud.

  28. Bryan M says:

    Such a Gentleman, he never throws a low blow, attacking another's character. He just reasons and argues points of contention. How civilized.

  29. Andrew Jackson says:

    we need to spread the message!! talk to your friends, family, co workers, everyone! and most of all register to vote, especially young ppl! we cannot afford to lose this time.

  30. doogleandalix says:

    @sethzky77 Reminder: IF you live in a closed/semi closed primary state you cant vote Ron Paul in the primary if you are not a reg.REPUB! Not everyone knows this and Ron Paul has many supporters who cross party lines .SO change that affiliation today ! Do not get cheated out of your vote .Do not allow ROn Paul to get cheated out of the nomination ! Perry is the anonted, Bilderberg chosen one . Vote Ron Paul.Change to REPUB. U can change back after he wins – pass it on ! Take back our country

  31. Ryan says:

    News from Arkansas They sent Huckabee back home to tell our state not to support Ron Paul and he is not a serious candidate. On my way to work this morning,Huckabee is doing an extended advertisement on the major fm news station saying Perry is at 29% and growing, while Ron Paul is at 9% and is likely topped out with his libertarian support. He went on to say that even libertarians should right him off after his comments about not putting on sanctions against Iran to keep them from becoming nucl

  32. Ryan says:

    Spread the message of Liberty… RP2012

  33. Objectivist1994 says:

    If Atlas Shrugged was required reading in high school, Ron Paul would've been elected in 2008…or earlier.

  34. zebb1111 says:

    @doogleandalix finally….someone with some sense. yopu give us canadians hope that not all americans have a problem formulating a coherent sentence. of course Ron Paul voters should join the republican party….just to vote him in.

  35. zebb1111 says:

    @bdmenne a true Christian.

  36. doogleandalix says:

    @zebb1111 -thanks . There are many Ron Paul supporters who can string a coherent sentence together,actually šŸ™‚ I just like to pass this info on because there are a lot of loopholes in each state -some being semi open, one party having closed caucuses, etc. so it just makes sense to register Republican and avoid any chance of error and not having your vote count .

  37. sethzky77 says:

    @doogleandalix I already did it back in 2008. I live in Oklahoma, and the laws here on voting are completely wacko…..

  38. doogleandalix says:

    @sethzky77 Good for you !My mission is to spread that message because SO MANY states have loopholes about who can and cannot vote in the primary . Many Ron Paul supporters are young voters or cross party lines and have no clue they will not be able to vote Ron Paul in the primary if they live in a closed/semi closed state . Some election boards give out erroneous info too . Too many loopholes to take a chance -that is why I urge people to register REPUB to be sure their votes will count for Ron

  39. sethzky77 says:

    @doogleandalix Yeah, I don't believe in parties, or the two party system. It's like two different heads on the same snake body. I vote for the person and the message. The whole voting system needs reformed it's corrupted to the core.

  40. indoorgardenerplus says:

    He told the truth…

  41. northshorgrl says:


  42. miazagora says:

    If you're going to vote for Ron Paul in the primary, you need to get registered as a Republican. If you have been registered in the past but haven't voted in a while, you need to make sure your registration is up to date. The primary season starts in February, but I wouldn't put it off. I expect an avalanche of people rushing to get registered.

  43. footballbat420 says:

    @miazagora Thank God I'm not the only one beating this drum.

  44. se7ensnakes says:


  45. Biggda4k says:

    Let Israel fight their own battles. They need a real war in the middle east. Let em lay waste to each other so we can get some stability.

  46. lastpatriot4America says:

    @sethzky77 I think if thet try something like that we will rise up and destroy them.

  47. sethzky77 says:

    @lastpatriot4America Hell yeah!

  48. ToxinalX says:

    Rick Perry = Bilderberg Group


  49. Security Specialist Essentials says:

    rick perry is scum…seems like all theese people are trying to hijack ron pauls principles because they know that the liberty movement is what is trending and people are waking up. the difference between ron paul and the other candidates is that ron paul doesn't just talk the talk, he also walks the walk…people like rick perry just jump on the bandwagon and pretend…

  50. T81591 says:


  51. A Simpleton says:

    Rambling here. Take it easy Ron. Love ya, but you gotta calm down when you speak.

  52. Josue Regis says:


  53. Parkmandale says:

    @sethzky77 Agree 100%. They will hop on the bandwagon with some of Pauls great ideas, get elected, then implement nothing. No matter what all the others say or promise to get elected, it will be the same old thing.

  54. maconsumner says:

    @ToxinalX TRUTH BROTHER!!!!!, Herman Cane – THe Fed, Mit Romney: Romney care, Newt wrote NAFTA, and the list of problems go on and one……Ron Paul if given the oppertunity will be Reagan on steroids for our country!!!!!

  55. White Wolf says:

    Paul is never into personal attacks. One of his principles. Rational mind, decency. Much respect, Paul.

  56. Alexis Alexander says:

    Perry was trying to parrot Ron Paul.

  57. hunam says:Ā­orld-report-stop-the-media-blaĀ­ckouts-of-ron-paul

    Sign the petition!

  58. Chris salas says:

    Rick Perry is just another George Bush. We need a true patriot for president like Ron Paul. Not just another phony.

  59. perlaand says:

    Ron Paul is the only candidate that can beat Obama in this election. With Ron for president we all win.

  60. SOJOA says:

    If the american people want someone both parties can get behind, its Ron Paul. Im a democrat and he IS the only one to vote for.

  61. Radical Lefty says:

    Ron Paul is the new JFK. Research: "executive order 11110", which would have created a silver backed currency and ended the Federal Reserve. Also, Gaddafi wanted to create a gold backed currency called the Dinar. (Youtube search: "gaddafi gold dinar" and "what you don't know about Gaddafi"). I'm pretty worried for Ron Pauls safety, because they WILL try to assassinate him if he wins.

  62. WDeet says:

    Perry and Romney are now promoting the Tea Party ideas that Ron Paul brought to light in '07 and has believed in for 40 years, surprise, surprise! I guess if neither are winning in another few months they'll be talking about ending the war on drugs and bringing the troops home. There's a HUGE difference between talking the talk and walking the walk, don't fall for the fake rhetoric of Perry / Romney!

  63. Evongelo says:

    @sethzky77 time and place my friend.

  64. Radical Lefty says:

    @theeonionbagel Yeah, I guess you're right, and I'm trying not to be. But its not really easy after everything thats happened in the last few years. Seems the banks always win. I also think its important to remember our past so we don't make the same mistakes. Maybe if I say these things then they will be less like to happen. Thats the theory anyway.

  65. RighteouslyWicked says:

    Show your support for Ron Paul everywhere you go. I have ordered stickers magnets and clothes from the Ron Paul store. I place stickers in all public places on my bumper and large magnets on the doors of my truck. This is the best way to spread his name and message since the corporate media whores do not. I also stamp my money with Ron Paul 2012 stamps custom made from aberubberstamp (dot) com. Just do everything you can for Ron Paul 2012!

  66. Ryan Anthony says:

    Perry/Paul 2012. I am not a "fan" of either but that is a ticket that could save our country

  67. Ryan Anthony says:

    not even voting for Ron in the primary, Perry has my vote… BUT Ron Paul is the Paul Revere of our time…. look at the GOP in 2011 compared to the GOP in 2008 or 2004… half the positions Rep. Paul was called crazy for three years ago are now being adopted by the mainstream GOP…

  68. UseDaForce says:

    @claton95 longshot? Hardly you want a longshot keep hoisting perry up there. I'm in his home state. I don't know how he keeps getting re-elected because no one can stand him here. He's a crook in the pocket of corporate interests and we all know it.

  69. Amino2 says:

    Rick Perry will have this rhetoric about the federal reserve that Ron Paul always had in order to get elected, then he'll be the federal reserve's lap dog if he becomes president. It's reverse psychology. If you can't beat them (Ron Paul), join them.

  70. alkalisunshine says:

    @claton95 LOL WUT.

  71. Burpman says:

    @Kane88andToews19 Are you fucking kidding me? Perry? An established candidate? He is just saying bs about him auditing the Fed… The guy wanted succession!!! That guy is a kook! You will get NO change if Perry becomes President. All I am saying is that if Ron Paul does not become President, this country is F-U-C-K-E-D-. He is the only guy wanting to create a strong currency, change our medical system, and to change our foreign policy. Is Perry going to do that for us? No.

  72. libertarianjury says:

    @2:17 "This whole idea that a weak currency is healthy for the economy…" And then he just trails the fuck off?! That's not a goddamned sentence! Quit rambling on and on in phrases and fragments, goddamn it! You're the only guy who wants individual freedom, speak in complete sentences that don't assume that everyone knows Austrian economics, or you will max out at 10% of the vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. krissmith1986 says:

    @libertarianjury apparently you haven't been paying attention…Ron Paul is the next president….

  74. krissmith1986 says:

    @GOPkicksbutt so…I'm confused. Is this supposed to be funny or?

  75. CoolHandLuke says:

    @KiaSoulDude Holy shit! That should be his slogan if he runs against Obama or whoever else! Good job, KiaSoulDude!

  76. danz177 says:

    If I can I will donate from Barbados. I'll give US$100 to start, if I can, they always ask which state your from. My brother lives in the states maybe I can get him to donate and pay him back. But hey people of the world, if you want your countries to be set free from the tyranny that the elites have used America to unleash on sovereign countries why don't you find a way to donate. Match my US$100.00 August 20th. Call your cousins, pay them back, get the money to the beacon of liberty RON PAUL

  77. LoneDeveloper says:

    the federal reserve is not federal and it doesn't have reserves, the name is misleading, it's owned by private banks and money is not destroyed it's going to the money changers

  78. danz177 says:


  79. danz177 says:


  80. mylifeintheknifetrade says:

    Rick Perry would kiss Bernanke's ass once he won the presidency.

  81. WeiƟtod says:

    @MrDeathSmiles Ron Paul would kick his ass….. then fire him

  82. guscaldas2 says:

    If he gets elected, will there be assistance to the poor? Anyone knows the answer? Thank you.

  83. Gioxtream says:

    Perry? What a clown….That guy has a lot of trash in his closet.

    To me Perry will try to Imitate Ron Paul.

    Ron Paul is the Huge Cock in the ass for the banking cartel..Yes ! You Right ! The Ones that robbed over 95% of our dollar.

    So there you have it average American. Comprende now?? Do you understand? Hope so. Ron Paul 2012.

  84. a4finger says:

    We don't need Ken doll (Romney) or Ken doll Texas edition (Perry). We need
    Ron Paul for President 2012!

  85. Mohanad Ali says:

    f**k off u same like another Presidential candidates if u win u `ll froget all ur promise exzctly like wat obama did ,

  86. Saver Lord says:

    he is making a Big Wave on the Net But nobody is falling for slick talking politicians no more The young people like myself are waking up

  87. Saver Lord says:

    @miazagora you are right never voted in my 27 years of living but im for sure voting for him

  88. defgill says:

    I sometimes wonder why liberal channels demagouge Ron Paul's Ideas

  89. bermudaguy1 says:

    In 1866, America included 'In god we trust" on the currency. I'm an athiest, so who am I supposed to believe in…"Bernanke"? You must be fuckin kidding me!!
    Ron Paul 2012!!

  90. HOSHO CAPTN says:

    @MutantKush It will make me laugh when the 8% of GOPer's (about 2% of the country) who support Ron Paul line up to vote for Mitt Romney. Paul's biggest liabilities are the crazies who support him. I will grant that I support 80% of Paul's ideology but he has as much chance of being elected President as being struck by lightning.

  91. HOSHO CAPTN says:

    @Snipermax1 Neither of them are idiots. Why the vitriol? Can their not be a civil discourse??

  92. HOSHO CAPTN says:

    @WJValente Ron Paul is a fine man with great ideas. His supporters, however, are the biggest trolls on the planet. Mitt Romney's facebook page is full of haters who post pro Paul stuff. I guess those of us who support Romney actually work for a living and don't have time to inflate polls, claim media bias and flame anyone who doesn't agree as "idiotic."

  93. HOSHO CAPTN says:

    @MourninGlory Me too, Mitt Romney.

  94. HOSHO CAPTN says:

    @koolbreeeeeze They are polar opposites. They do have one thing in common – they'll both be on your ballot next year.

  95. MourninGlory says:

    @jonpjohn Yet here you are doing exactly what you hate about Ron Paul supporters. Maybe you should take a look at demographics. Youths tend to be more attracted to the candid Ron Paul. Most internet users are youths. Maybe you should look at the poll numbers this way: People who support Ron Paul are more active in politics. It's one thing to stay at home and youtube smarmy remarks, and another to actually go out there and do something.

  96. MourninGlory says:

    @SovereignStatesman You look like you're having a bad day. Go relax and drink some Koolaid, if you haven't already done so. So who exactly are you touting for? What solid arguments have you provided? All I see is that you are out to rage on people who don't have similar values as you do.

  97. MourninGlory says:

    @SovereignStatesman I wouldn't offer you a damn thing. You are insulting me because you know that I can shoot down your ideas. Go play Rumpelstiltskin with someone else.

  98. MourninGlory says:

    @SovereignStatesman I've never had a sex change. You're still chatting away here? Do you want me to send you some legos?

  99. Andres Martin-de-Nicolas says:

    @danz177 I seriously doubt any other republican hopeful could draw this type of passion from an international crowd

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