Ronny Chieng Gets Some Very Confusing Hate Mail – In the DMs

Ronny Chieng Gets Some Very Confusing Hate Mail – In the DMs

– Nobody wants to be
on your podcast, okay? There’s too many. You can’t say fuck me and Trump, you gotta pick a side here. Why am I getting so many
dental direct messages? Is there something
wrong with my teeth? (upbeat music) For the sake of content, I’m actually going to go
into my DMs right here. Something which I never do. Remember, this is stuff
I haven’t approved, I haven’t responded to,
I haven’t even accepted. This is just stuff coming in. “Hi, how’s it going? “I’m Dr. X from X Dental Spa. “We’re a cosmetic and family
dental office in New York. “I notice you’re in the area
and would love to offer you “our new patient discount.” No, I’m not gonna see a dentist that direct messaged me
on Instagram, I’m sorry. Unprofessional and creepy. How do notice that
I’m in New York? What the hell did you notice? Did you notice something
about my teeth? Why don’t you message
me about my teeth and tell me how
many cavities I have and what problems you can solve and then, maybe, I would
go see a dental practice. That would be
impressive actually, if you stalked me enough
to know my dental problems and actually spelled them
out in the direct message and invited me over
with a discount. But that’s not
what you did here. “Go back to where
you came from.” “Korea, China, Japon, I
don’t know, but go back.” “Fuck you and Trump.” See, that’s where
it gets confusing. So, you hate Trump, but
you also hate foreigners. That’s a very interesting
angle to take. I’m not sure if you understand everything that’s going on here. You can’t say fuck me and Trump. You gotta pick a side here. You know what I mean? Because you’re basically
saying fuck everybody. Also, this guy is from Mexico. Not that you can’t be from
Mexico and also racist, but he’s in Mexico right now. Why does he care
that I’m in America? I’m not even in the same
country as you, my friend. “I’d like to have you as
a guest on my podcast. “It would be
over-the-phone interview “or video chat interview. “Let me know if interested.” I’m not interested. I’m never interested
in your podcast. Do not ask me to
ever do your podcast. For some reason, people
think that just because they started a podcast,
everyone else wants to be on it. Nobody wants to be on
your podcast, okay? There’s too many. Who in their right mind
would go on someone’s podcast from a direct message from
a stranger on Instagram? Makes no sense. “Hi, Ronny. “I stumbled across your profile “because I’m a new
dentist in Croton “and just recently
bought my practice here. “I notice that you have a
pretty decent following. “I’m trying to learn the
ins and outs of Instagram. “I would love to have you
come by the office to meet you “and offer you a free cleaning.” Why am I getting so many
dental direct messages? Is there something
wrong with my teeth? I’m getting very
self-conscious with this, okay, I get a lot of
dentists messaging me asking me to come visit
their dental practice. Is this like a new thing? I thought my teeth was okay. “Hello.” And then “Hello” again. “Been a loyal follower. “Would love you to assist
me get through college. “Got dreams I can’t
afford to give up on.” Four claps. (laughing)
(clapping) This man or woman is
asking me to help them pay for college? No, I cannot help you
get through college. Got dreams I can’t
afford to give up on. (laughing) I love the poetry of it. Unfortunately, I also
cannot afford to help you get through your dreams. Either, I don’t know,
give up on them, or figure out some other
way to pay for them. (upbeat music)


  1. 5K subs before Christmas says:

    Who else loves CC

    Im trying to hit 3K, any help is appreciated

  2. luffy pirate king says:


  3. John Connor says:

    Konishiwa watashi no namae wa John des, Genki des ka ?

  4. Wraith Black says:

    He's so dumb

  5. Mike M says:

    This is funny so funny I forgot to laugh

  6. 🍯 blood honey says:

    Ronny Chieng is hot!

  7. LukeDGuy says:


  8. Alisa Marie says:


  9. Roberto Fernandez says:


  10. Surfer Rosa says:

    That was more silly than funny 🤔

  11. null akjg says:

    yikes. how do you remove someone elses video?

  12. Astrid rivera says:

    I think they're trying to be nice by not putting your teeth problems out there
    I can see where they're coming from though.
    They're just trying to get u the best smile.
    Maybe u could visit all of them.

  13. Duuglay says:

    Anyone get a dentist ad after this?

  14. Kimberlyychanell Graziano says:

    OMG Ronny chieng is so fucking yummy no fucking lie .for real Asian man are the best .

  15. justin dawson says:

    Why would people send him hate mail

  16. Evan ` says:

    As a Mexican, I gotta say I love you Ronny Chieng. Your teeth seem fine to me; dentists want clout.

  17. multifandom says:

    Lol I love Ronnie. Though those Dentists were really funny, like what? Um???

  18. Comedy Central says:

    Check out Ronny Chieng: International Student here:

  19. RayfieldA says:

    Your "Teef" are fine.😁I hope you prosper well where ever you reside.

  20. Ralph Dratman says:

    Very generous of you to take the time to answer these dodos. Though not by Instagram.

  21. Richard Taylor says:

    I am not into smart phones and all the crap that goes along with it so I do not get what your saying. I still have a land line, I have rabbit ears for tv. The only device I use is the home pc and the only reason I have that is because that is the only way I can get my paycheck which I think is very wrong. I am being forced to use something I do not believe in. I wish the grid would crash. All you idiots would not know how to live. DUH!

  22. Frankie Sum says:

    Looooooooool that taco is funny

  23. Jasta Gai says:

    I love how that racist dude tried 2 countries, misspelled 1 and none of them were where he’s from lmao

  24. ChiminReign_ says:

    I think he’s so fine ❤️

  25. Shapree Mallory says:

    "Is there something wrong with my teef?!!!!"🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  26. Chelsey Loh says:

    Malaysian living in US too, sending you love!

  27. Mike Breezy says:

    All this dude does is yell, and repeat what he’s yelling about, he just cries about his beliefs and politics. His way of comedy is repeating what you said to him and then throwing shade at what you said. He’s got short tough man syndrome.

  28. zperdek says:

    Those dentists are 100% fellow Asians.

  29. stormwatcher59 says:

    Ronny, you supporting Andrew Yang makes me love you even more!!!

  30. Matthew Caldwell says:

    I love this guy.

  31. Rand-Tor {Tim Mungin} says:

    So many dentists!

  32. Cool Beans says:

    Andrew Yang brought me here.. YANG GANG!

  33. LYRA LUSH says:

    Lol oml you've gotta love thise guy just started watching the series and I just love it.😂❣

  34. kevin mcmahon says:

    This is a comedian from Asia telling someone to give up on their dreams…lmao irony is too much

  35. Alan Aguina says:

    So, what was the funny part?

  36. kavish desai says:

    2:00 I don't like podcasts goes on Katie Nolan podcast

  37. Catnip Weed says:

    Japon more like Japorn


  38. Hugo says:

    You’re annoying

  39. Red Girl says:

    You have a great smile!

  40. Trustworthy McLegitimate says:

    "Is there somefing wrong with my teef?"
    … yes

  41. SwiftyT says:

    That was Joe Rogan asking him to do the podcast

  42. KPepper L says:

    Dentists… Docs who just need more attention

  43. saurabh says:


  44. LittleBird says:

    The dentists at least have a job/business they try to make successful. I think the people begging for money are so rude. Who in their right mind would help you asking this way? That's right: nobody.

  45. lakkakka says:

    Not a fan of this chinaman.

  46. chelsea100% says:

    Ronny keep kicking buts my friend

  47. Crazy Joe says:

    I think us should control migration… its a floodgate now 😔

  48. Antonio Sustaita says:

    That shirt is fire.

  49. Super Syed says:

    Teeth not teef

  50. Kirito Kirigaya says:

    I can see why he got some hate and some love.

  51. Vannic Wolf says:

    DAMN IT, RONNY! You made me spit coffee on my nice keyboard with those 4 claps!

  52. Lecl Lecl says:

    Japon is Japan in Spanish.

  53. Tam Tran says:

    No it's not his teeth, it's his thumbs that weirded me out :O how does he even bend them that way???

  54. Synth says:

    I don’t wanna be that guy but this dude was a dick to that guy asking about the podcast he could have just said no.

  55. Mirenda says:

    I just love Ronnie. I hope he blows up and becomes a household name.

  56. Rexasaurus says:

    Just say No to random DMs.

  57. FR Z Tzayawan says:

    Asians 😩👎🏿

  58. worldonfire 15 says:

    Ronnie Cheng, I love you, you're awesome! Keep up the good work, you're a gift to our country!

  59. jwoolman5 says:

    His teeth look good to me.

    The "go home" guy doesn't know how to google. Three wrong guesses about where our guy is originally from…

  60. Dan Bee says:

    Hello Ronny
    "could do me a favor?…
    …whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great"
    he is a sponge whom soaks up corruption, for the republicans whom do not believe in science or humanity…
    "i hear its terrible"

  61. Jezebel von Tex says:


  62. Stacy Neuman says:

    You have nice teeth and they are pretty white, I don’t see any dental issues 🤷‍♀️

  63. Vadana Rodriguez says:

    Ronny as a Mexican I am so sorry , and i apologize. Love you youre brillant quedate donde quieras mi amor 👑

  64. English mélange says:

    BIG UP!!

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