Rusty Jammed Rebar Cutter – Restoration

Rusty Jammed Rebar Cutter – Restoration


  1. MrMrRubic says:

    My mechanics: restores rebar cutter
    Also My mechanics: doesn't cut rebar

  2. Slaanesh says:

    he really can't weld!

  3. ZOSOACERO says:

    Use a torch to loosen stubborn rusted parts.

  4. Sam Hyde says:

    “Hey Siri, look up ‘lathe’ on pornhub”


    I made a New One…..!!!!!

  6. вася форточкин says:

    Bad welding

  7. punisherr gf says:

    No quites los subtítulos en español pliss

  8. Гарвиль Локен says:

    Perfect 👌

  9. 9765914 says:

    Просто красавчик, слов нету.

  10. Branson DeShetler says:

    need to turn ur amps up on the mig and maybe alter the wire speed

  11. Joel Brown says:

    Awesome craftsmanship

  12. Tristan Sparks says:

    There are a lot of things I miss about being a welder- but the sound of a countersink is not one of them. 😂

  13. Иван Иванов says:

    Прикольный ты чувак) 👍

  14. ll Taunt ll says:

    Strangely satisfying

  15. Leonardo Ruppel says:

    is a really nice restoration, with 1,5k of dislike =/ i don't understand

  16. Khaidar Zakirov says:

    1.5к welders have disliked this video 😉
    Great work!

  17. Дмитрий says:

    Very охуительно!!!

  18. Клуб Коллекционеров says:

    Аккуратно и качественно! Отличная работа! Из куска мусора )

  19. Derek Stocker says:

    Fantastic job, as usual, when lathe wears out "I will make a new one". I can just hear it!
    Thanks for sharing these wonderful moments of real skill.

  20. 隱喻 says:


  21. Luis Fonseca says:

    Problably you welding mig is no gas or is very badly calibrated… but in the end its everthyng well done and very good looking ….i think you make that new bolts just to show off😉 because you coul simply buy new ones …thanks for the demonstration

  22. Luis Fonseca says:

    And those bolt problably you could remove them simply by heating them

  23. Luis Fonseca says:

    Problably stainless steel bolts just for the durability…and wont rust ….

  24. Paul Whitear says:

    Just watched your restoration of rebar cutter. Excellent restoration.
    If didn't know it was restored. I'd have thought it was brand new.
    Great job

  25. Robert Phillips says:

    You play with the nicest toys!

  26. Katherine Uribe says:


  27. J.P. Ignelzi says:

    Need a DC welder

  28. Victor P. says:

    Awesome! Love your videos. Very Satisfying to watch. 👍😲

  29. Pavel Kochba says:

    2:34 … I was going to ask why you did not let nut there? Even with bad thread, I think it would help not to deform that bolt.

  30. Steven Delgado says:

    Are you replacing steel parts with aluminum?

  31. Whitecarbonn says:


  32. Виктор Хруслов says:

    Что это за вещь

  33. Андрей Токарев says:

    Работа красивая вся,
    кроме сварки.

  34. Jesús Garafulla says:

    Really impressed!!! Ty for showing to us how you work

  35. Why I woke Up says:

    3:41 how baaaaad can I be?

  36. Dane Hansen says:

    Are there any bolts and nuts available that would be as good as these? They are works of art by themselves.

  37. micemincer says:

    from 1820 to 2020

  38. AldoSchmedack says:

    Darn impressive and thank you to Marco for
    making this video possible!!!

  39. Phil Dog says:

    Why not add some upgrades if you can like grease fittings?

  40. FijiSpartan says:

    For this restoration, I subscribed. Waaaaay too cool

  41. Muhammad Ali says:

    why did you not fill the rest of the parts before bluing??? I'm just curious, love your work bro

  42. TheKrensada says:

    You're an artist.

  43. Aparecido Azevedo says:


  44. Bruce Butkus says:

    why did you make such a nice part, then mill it down, weld on a flat part, mill that down and then lathe it smooth, why not just mill the sides flat the first go round?

  45. Dave Davidson says:

    That welding 🙈😂

  46. Георгий Букиа - RadugaDuga says:

    restorate button pls!!

  47. Владислав Туляков says:

    Красава! но варить тебе ещё нужно немного потренироваться!

  48. Steven Shorten says:

    Best restoration channel on Youtube.

  49. Konstantin Aksenov says:


  50. richard hare says:

    Good thing I read the description first because when you said it was sent to you I thought I would never send you something that bad off. Good thing he doesn't want it back. Great video

  51. Pawel Kita says:

    Beautiful restoration / making of new ones. That handle is a masterpiece!

    I have 2 questions.
    1. What are the components of the 2 component primer and why is this significant?
    2. Why do you always pull back so fast when making countersink holes, right before threading ?
    3. Why did you decide not to use filler, since the pitting was pretty noticeable on this one?

    I know I cheated, that was 3 🙂

  52. Edward Riley says:

    Great job. Amazing.

  53. Old Farfegnugen says:


  54. Satyrical Satanist says:

    “These washers look very ugly. I make a new one…” can you do my face next

  55. Arthur says:

    That sounded amazing… it ecoed around my head

  56. Incognito says:

    I stumbled across your videos recently and have to say I love your work! As kind of an off topic question, what camera are you using to shoot your videos?

  57. LifeIsFair ItKillsEveryone says:

    The only thing missing from these videos is a picture of the handsome, skilled man who does this work!

  58. Kian the Trainspotter says:

    Ur not thhe only one whos terrible at welding XD

  59. STARWARSFan 2005 says:

    rusted violently and then 12 tons. is a little 😅😂

  60. Audi TTRS says:

    That thing cuts steel easily woow

  61. B-Dog says:

    Damn you really can't weld –_–

  62. scottyv1007 says:

    You have some awesome metal working skills. This was the 1st video of yours that I watched. Time to catch up on more.

  63. Audi TTRS says:

    I had to subscribe this guys work is really amazing and great to watch

  64. denny valencia says:


  65. laurengoo says:

    I'm curious to know, whether you choose rust remover over sand blasting and vice versa. I like sand blasting imo, it's more satisfying LOL.
    What you do is amazing! You're incredibly talented.

  66. Dillon Prewitt says:

    You take to long

  67. Andres Felipe Mendez says:

    Cut something ffs

  68. M&E Fishing 13 says:


  69. M&E Fishing 13 says:

    nice video
    i like when you put the restored things to the test

  70. reddragon stacking says:

    Writing on headstone he was only trying to remove a bolt

    Need a new bolt and nut
    I will make a new one
    I will go down to the hardware store and buy one

  71. Stupid Signals says:

    U did not restored u just replaced everything damn man what are u doing?

  72. Afnan Fauzi says:

    my eyes so relax see this videos

  73. Erzon Moya says:

    Excelente, solo una pregunta, ¿Que haces con los artículos restaurados?

  74. Mr. M says:

    Your skills are amazing, but how big is your shop? how much is cost to have all the tools that you are using? I can't be just hobby?

  75. Ayoub says:

    My parents were old i made new ones

  76. T. Van der kooij says:

    That bolt: very VERY painful

  77. T. Van der kooij says:

    I like that the switch of the sandblasting machine is broken, and it should stay that way: gives it character.

  78. T. Van der kooij says:

    I like that you dont even consider finding a new nut: you made one yourself.

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