Salesforce Marketing Cloud: Mobile App Demo


The Salesforce Marketing Cloud mobile
app lets you run your business from your phone, so you can manage accounts, unlock
users, and reset passwords from anywhere. The home dashboard lets you see
all of your email, journey, and mobile messaging activity, while setting
reminders to keep your team on track. You can pause, resume, cancel or approve emails and automations
straight from your mobile device. Now you can visualize how
campaigns are performing, including email open and click-through
rates, automation schedules and errors, and SMS deliverability. Your team is now smarter and more predictive with Einstein from
Marketing Cloud, allowing them to preview product recommendations and
dynamic content for every subscriber. While Journey Builder gauges performance
of campaigns and gives a visualization of each path, allowing for increased
optimization of every customer journey. [MUSIC] Stay connected to your marketing campaigns
while on the go with the Marketing Cloud mobile app from Salesforce.



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