Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 hands-on: bezel control is back

(techno music) – Hey this is Dan from The Verge and this the new Samsung
Galaxy Watch Active 2. It’s the latest smart watch from Samsung and it actually joins
the Galaxy Watch Active that was released earlier this year. Samsung is going to be
selling both of these at the same time so you can kind of choose between them. As you can see, it comes in two sizes there’s a 40 millimeter
and a 44 millimeter. It’s available in both
Bluetooth and LTE versions. The LTE model here that
I’ve got is stainless steel and then this is a Bluetooth
model that’s aluminum. You’ll be able to get it
in a bunch of different colors black, silver, gold, what Samsung’s calling lily gold. And of course there’s a bunch
of different strap options. These are the standard pin strap there, so this was got a leather
one, there’s rubber ones there’s be a whole bunch
of different options there. They’ve kinda made it
a nicer feeling watch then the Galaxy Watch Active. Which was, it’s definitely
a lower end model and it feels it when you use it. Everything is a little
bit nicer especially the stainless steel model here, it’s just a nicer build quality. It’s still really thin. It’s still really lite. It still has a nice bright
LED screen on the wrist there so it’s easy to
read indoors and outdoors. (techno music) The biggest thing that
they’ve done is they’ve brought back the rotating bezel. Now it not an actual
physical rotating thing like on some of the
other Galaxy Watch models that we’ve seen in the past. It’s a touch sensitive stripe that you run your finger across and you can scroll through screens, you
can scroll through text, notifications, apps, whatever. It’s just a lot easier to control then the first Galaxy Watch Active which didn’t have any
system like this at all. You only had the touch screen options. So super happy to see that come back. It’s really slick and smooth and probably the coolest way to interact with the smart watch that I’ve used. On the side you’ve got
a couple of buttons. Pretty simple straight
forward, back and menu buttons And then underneath you got
an upgraded heart rate sensor. You got an upgraded accelerometer. And then Samsung also says that it has the capability to record your ECG. And that features is not
going to be available at launch but it plans to
bring it to it sometime later after the watch
itself has been launched. Otherwise, it’s a Galaxy Watch Active which is going to be really familiar if you’ve used a Galaxy Watch before. Still has the same kind
of ties and interface. Still has the same kind of app menus and things you can obviously get your notifications from your phone. You can swipe up and clear them. You can view your calender
and weather and stuff. All the type of stuff you would expect from a smart watch. Samsung has built in
some new integrations. There is better Bixby support
now so you can activate a workout with Bixby and it can do a paste workout for you, which is new. It can control smart things gadgets. It has a Spotify integration
built into it including offline Spotify playback,
which is super useful. And it has a new ability
to watch YouTube videos. There’s an actual YouTube
app that Samsung built for this so you can watch
YouTube videos on your wrist. Truly do not know why
you’d ever want to do this but it’s there if you want it. (techno music) So in terms of battery life, Samsung says the LTE model,
in 40 millimeter should get a day and a half, 44 millimeter should get you two days of battery life. So these are not super long lasting things like a Fitbit. It is much closer to
a standard smart watch in terms of battery life. Another thing that’s new for this model is the ability to match a watch face to your outfit. You can actually take
a picture with the app on your phone and it will then process what your wearing and create
a watch face out of it. So you can have a constantly
different personalized watch face that nobody else
has right there on your watch every single day if you wanted to which is kind of a neat feature. So there you go that the look at the Samsun Galaxy Watch Active 2. Now it’s going to be available
at the end of September. On September 27th it’s
the Bluetooth models going to be available first. It starts at $279 for the 40 millimeter, $299 for the 44 millimeter. Then the LTE models gonna
follow later and pricing going to be announced
by the carriers on that. Now Samsung is announcing
a lot of things this month. By the time your watching this, Samsung will already announce the Galaxy Tab S6 so be sure to check out for all that. And stay tuned we’re
expecting Samsung to launch a Note 10 and maybe a
Note 10 plus really soon so be sure to check us out on more that. So are you guys into wearables? Are you wearing one right now?
Which one are you wearing? Are you interested in
any of these new ones from Samsung. Let us know.

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