SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2020

SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips to Rank #1 on Google in 2020


  1. AG Technologies says:

    Thanks for the great tips. 👍

  2. AG Technologies says:

    Yes, we used all these and ranking no #1 for "Software Company in Perry GA" and we are the no.1

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    Thank you patel, this video helps me a lot

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    Amazing knowledge Neil Sir! Thank you

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    Love that line, "you would just have to go to a bar and talk to them"! 😀

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    It's really basic but It' worked. Thanks!

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    Great information. A lot of updates that we need to be on top of.

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    You are the best. Genius

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    Folks its really that simple… It just takes time.

  14. Mike Vendia says:

    7:11 is a golden nugget.

  15. AE says:

    So many questions! Great video 🙏🏽

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    love this!

  17. dyrectory com says:

    Thanks for the three SEO tip for Google in 2019! 👏🏻 ❤️

  18. D L Johnson says:

    Wow! Google search console? Didn't know it existed. Got a new website and will use it.

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  20. Moses Chase says:

    Hey great content Niel (can't believe it's free) and great timing for me.. as I'm rebooting my digi-marketing Agency with help from a great mentor Paul Ponna. Your content confirms I'm heading in the right direction.. I didn't take you up on your offer to help me (last 2 years) because my website and collateral were a mess.. I've cleaned it up now with Paul's help and right now I'm fine-tuning for the market. Your vlogs will help me now as I've sub'ed and more importantly I'm receptive, Thanks!

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    They are so perfect.
    How often do you thread your brows.

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    Your content is awesome. Both blog and videos

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    I am struggling with my descriptions

  28. Jason Bechtold, Real Estate Agent around Delran NJ says:

    I’m a real estate agent trying to get high in search results for my smaller town in New Jersey. I feel like I’ve done so much to rank but I’m not getting any website traffic. I’ve done almost 40 high quality blog posts with keyword targeting but no luck. Any tips for me?

  29. K. CREATION says:

    Nice information

  30. c o says:

    Hi Neil. I am a newbie. Doing tons of research right now, I have viewed several webinars on everything from kindle publishing to building sites that generate leads for business owners. I have watched several of your videos (including viewing you as a main speaker at large events such as the affiliate conferences). I very much appreciate your expert advice. What online business would you advise for someone just getting started? and why? Thanks!

  31. Jackeline Johnson says:

    Easy, and precise information. Plus plus for being FREE!!! You got my subscription, I neverrr do that!!

  32. Make Money Now says:

    This is the second time I'm reading about these tactics. In fact, not all of them but especially the third one. Listening to your short videos is like building up wisdom through proverbs. Thank you always.

  33. Naliny nightz says:

    I viewed your video.. hope this works will be trying this out and if it works well yes definitely you will see another comment by me..

  34. Ian Brown says:

    Thank you for your video, very informative. Please can I make a suggestion? Sound deadening and a better microphone. Content is great and practical. Listening to it, not so much. Thanks again.

  35. edward28051989 says:

    Thank you Neil, you're the God of Digital Marketing. Now I understand the reason of see a new Tutorial every single day on YouTube

  36. Anthony Miyazaki says:

    Neil Patel — the king of evergreen content. Nice work Neil.

  37. Ravindra Raman says:

    It is hard to find any one giving such free knowledge as Neil Patel does. I started to learn online marketing 9 years before and learned by all means, by paying and through free resources. I must admit that it is through Neil Patel's blog I learned most of the stuff. The first job I landed up was a US-based agency and since then I have been working at various firms and this was possible due to the knowledge I gained through the free resources like Neil Patel's. I take this opportunity to thank him for his contributions.

  38. prakashchandra ghoghra says:

    Thank you Neil for sharing such tips.
    Dr prakash from India

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  41. Santhoshi Radhakrishnan says:

    I am going to implement your 3 techniques to increase traffic to my website and will let you know the progress after 45 days

  42. Gianfranco Calabretta Sesin says:

    Formula For World Peace (is ranked #1) 😎

  43. CA Himanshu Garg says:

    Hi Niel! Thanks for the video. I recently built a new website and not getting any clicks and it is not even showing on 12th page of google search. I already done indexing via google console, added keywords, done all possible things. Don't know how can i get more clicks..

  44. Chuck Gentles says:

    Great information. Thanks for sharing.

  45. SEO Tools TV says:

    Martin Split rated meta tags in the second place of importance where webmasters need to pay more attention as Neil did.

    Content is the number one priority wherein content needs to satisfy users' intent asap. 76% of users told that wanna see content that saves their time than awesome design ))

    Google Console is the tool that everybody must-have. Check out and fix data than use other tools.

  46. Shekina Victor says:

    Thank you Neil for the tips and valuable information.

  47. Technical Noob says:

    U r SEO king <3

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  49. Mohammed Neisi says:

    I literally couldn't use any tips that I got from any other youtuber except you. And yes, they weren't indian.

  50. Ajay Verma says:

    The truth is Being a blogger is not that simple..
    You must know how to start and what things can bring interests in your blog

  51. Richard Sher says:

    Thank you, this is a great inspiration for me. What is the best way to send you an email with specific questions?

  52. sun within says:

    Thank you Neil. Just starting out in seo writing. Though I did take an online class but they were not as through as your few minutes video. Thanks once again. Love from india❤

  53. lionellyk94 says:

    Hi Niel I would llove to focus on SEO, as i am still new to SEO. I know the basics of SEO a lil bit, but i am not sure how do i start. I have tools for Keywords research as well as wordpress.
    So, should i start with writting articles first? I dont have any videos at the moment as well.

  54. Rakesh Kashyap says:

    Why does it say 2019 when the video was uploaded in 2017?

  55. Money Made At Home says:

    Hey Neil, as always very informative thanks. I have learned quite a bit from you with regards to SEO with both blogging and videos. Currently have one video 4 positions down from this video for the keyword "seo" among others. The video title is "google search – google blog seo – start a blog – google blog search – search google seo – google seo". However I still seem not to get too many views. Your thoughts on that if I may?

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  59. Sebastian Brenes says:

    How do I do On-Page SEO of a page I don't own? Maybe a client is hiring me to do their SEO but they got their website created by somebody else…

  60. mohamad A says:

    Then How about link building???

  61. Museta Crafts says:

    I made my blog about an year ago…. never really got much traffic, but I wasn’t desperate for it either. Lately though o told my self “let’s make it amazing”. So I started watching your videos and following the tips. Hopefully it will jump up a little after all the hard work I’ve put into making the videos and articles.

  62. Stephen Gaskell says:

    Thanks so much Neil!!! I implemented #2 right after the watching. Checked out Google Console – tried to incorporate the search phrases when doing my name and descriptions. At least I was mindful of how I wanted to drive traffic. Planning how to attack #1 – will take some time. Q: Should we try to influence traffic based on key words we want to found by, or do we further strengthen the pathways already used to find our site? hmmmmm … BTW – I am being solicited by a SEO marketing company – thanks for the first step in learning how to take control on my own!

  63. coin paradise says:


  64. Bryan Farrell says:

    Hi Neil, I feel like I have been trying to follow these and other strategies you have suggested but it looks like I'm actually sliding backwards? maybe I am missing the point or just don't get it. The one keyword and variant I have been ranking for is from a small paragraph in an article I wrote some time ago. It's like Google has looked for the most obscure reference and ranked me for it while ignoring everything else that has gone on my site over the last 8 years!

    Really feels like I'm chasing my tail and have more chance of disappearing up my own backside than ranking for my relevant keywords with google.

  65. Jeremiah Sanders says:

    Are there any other tactics you would recommend for my local service business?

  66. SEO Social Media Services says:

    I'm ranking for keywords that aren't even my company. They are competitors. This is awesome teaching Neil. Thank you. My biggest issue is that Google is suppressing the niche I am in. CBD products. They wont show me any volume in kw planner. I tried using your site but same results. It's hit and miss on search volume.

  67. Fishing with Steve D says:

    Great tips, I guess I need a website, I've been using FB page instead Neil. What's the best websites to use Neil? Yes I have used your tips from Uber search keywords and I have notices a spike after 1 week, but like you said will see after 50 days, thank you so much.

  68. SEO Social Media Services says:

    @Neil Patel, How do you hijack all the yt URL's? Every single video I am watching is starting with your title. I can hijack other URL on most sites (legally) but I have never seen this one. The hijack is in the description of the video. I am studying the elements of the page now, lol I got screenshots if you don't know what I am talking about. Sent you a message on fb. I can show you the screenshots I took.

  69. Awilda Driskell says:

    Seo for beginners by Neil Patel, what a year! Good seo for beginners video, Neil! I like this Seo for beginners video fsa dd

  70. Mason Menard says:

    I closed my eyes and heard Ansari explaining SEO…

  71. Synic Software says:

    Thanks Neil. I'm glad that I watched your videos. 🙂 It really helped me with ranking lower on Alexa.

  72. Sarah M. Jordan says:

    Thanks for showing the screen share of Google Search Console for SEO.

  73. AMEER MUHAMMED says:

    ubersuggest gem

  74. Issac Cherry says:

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information.

  75. Himalaya Guide Nepal Pvt. Ltd. says:

    Hello Neil, i am going to use these three tips for my travel business. Hopefully, I will grow my business.

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    Amazing info for free?? I had to subscribe!

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    yeah…. content is king you prove Neil…. from 2017 to untill the end of this Universe world gonna Remember your Name again and again..

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  79. Juan Gonzales says:

    "… you know wha? " 😀Neil Patel is the best.

  80. GeeksBlogger Channel says:

    waooo love this, i learn new tactics today. thanks, Neil

  81. Dariusz Łukasik says:

    Thanks a lot for this video.

  82. Om Rajpurkar says:

    Why do you have so much accent 😂

  83. Ishrat Khan says:

    Challenge Accepted 👍

  84. Erez Elias says:

    “Unless you watch this whole video you won’t be able to rank first on Google.”

    Good video but man, that’s a strong statement.

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  86. lachlan mcintyre says:

    Would u recommend buying a pre made affiliate marketing page from brand builders ?

  87. F5 Carpet Cleaning says:

    Hi Neil, How can these Tips be applied to my Carpet cleaning business. I want to target a 50-mile radius in my service area

  88. Denis Corbeil says:

    Does your fam own a hotel?

  89. Hemant Sharma says:

    Hi Neil,

    I'm using Google my business website for my business. Is it possible to get that website rank on Google. Can I add title tag and meta description in my website? @neilpatel

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  91. General John says:

    Thank you for sharing . Your video is great

  92. Dennis Rich says:

    I love you Man, see i am just getting myself around this whole SEO stuff, and this short clip has turned my sense of assumptions. Thanks allot

    Neil Patel

  93. Amir Al says:

    I have been doing internet markrting for over 10 years and these same 3 steps were still very important 5 yeara ago

  94. Sonia Sultana says:

    You are awesome . it will definitely helps me a lot .Thanks again, Neil Sir..

  95. Sunshine in the Storm says:

    I'm doing this this week and would love to check in with you.
    I have made many websites, but this time I need traffic!

  96. Anika lodhi says:

    Where are you from I am also patel

  97. Ubitronics says:

    great advice

  98. Advertising videos says:

    I must rebuild one static web site for rental, which have good SEO, when
    I make it dynamic will I lost popularity and how much ? What is better
    to be done in my case??

  99. Advertising videos says:

    I must rebuild one static web site for rental, which have good SEO, when
    I make it dynamic will I lost popularity and how much ? What is better
    to be done in my case??

  100. mohammed salah uddin says:

    Thank you Mr patel you made it easy for me, otherwise I got stuck there on more info which are some useful and some are junk

    I will definitely try to implement it and give you feedback after 50 days
    Again thank you

    One question is still sitemaps required in SEO?????
    Can you tell me about it

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