Setting Up Scan to E-mail Using HP Software Wizard in Windows | HP Printers | HP

Setting Up Scan to E-mail Using HP Software Wizard in Windows | HP Printers | HP

This video shows how to set up and use the
scan to e-mail feature on an HP LaserJet Pro MFP using HP’s software
wizard in the Windows operating system. These instructions apply to all LaserJet Pro MFPs, but the steps might vary slightly depending
on the model. This procedure requires a network connection,
SMTP server address, and the port number of the outgoing email address. Depending on the server security requirements, additional security authentication might be required. For public email service, the SMTP server names and port names can typically
be found by doing an Internet search. For example, use terms like Gmail SMTP
server name or Yahoo SMTP server name to search. If you do not know the SMTP server address,
SMTP port number, or authentication information, contact the email service provider or your
system administrator. The product should be connected to the same
wired or wireless network as your computer. HP recommends that the printer network be
set to DHCP and not manual IP. To make sure your product is connected to a network, from the Home screen on the product control panel, touch the Network button to display the wired IP address or touch the Wireless button to display the
wireless IP address. To access the wizard, from your computer,
click the Start button, then the Programs or All Programs folder. Click HP, click the product name folder, and then click Scan to E-mail Wizard. If the Scan to E-mail Wizard option does not
exist or does not work, this indicates that the Wizard was not properly installed during the initial printer setup. In that case, please refer to another video showing how
to set up Scan to E-mail using the HP Embedded Web Server or EWS. To send scanned documents, the printer must use an outgoing email address. To add a new outgoing email profile, click the New button. On the Start page, enter the sender’s email address in the
Email Address field and a name in the Display Name field. The name will appear on the printer’s control panel. Depending on the printer model, your screen might look slightly different, and these fields might appear on multiple pages. To secure the email profile, enter a 4-digit PIN. You will be prompted to enter the PIN on the
product control panel every time before using that profile. Click the Next button. On the Authenticate page, enter the SMTP server address and the SMTP
server port number. Please note that firewall settings inside
internal networks might prevent external accounts like Gmail
and Yahoo from connecting. If you are using Google Gmail for email service, click the Always use secure connection (SSL/TLS)
check box. HP recommends you use the default setting Automatic. If the outgoing SMTP server requires additional
security authentication, click the check box labeled E-mail Log-in Authentication and enter the required user email and password. Click the Next button. On the Configure page, check the box Include sender in all email
messages sent out successfully from the printer if you need to include the sender when you
send all email messages. Click the Next button. On the Finish page, click the Save and Test button. You might have to wait several minutes while
the configuration is tested. When the Congratulations message appears,
click the Finish button to complete the setup. You have successfully set up the scan to e-mail feature. You can now send scanned documents and images
as email attachments. Next, we will show you how to use scan to
e-mail from the printer control panel. To use the scan to e-mail feature, follow
these steps: Lift the scanner assembly and load the document
on the scanner glass according to the indicators on the printer. Close the scanner assembly. You might also load the document in the Automatic
Document Feeder. Touch the Scan button on the printer’s control panel. Touch Scan to E-mail. Touch Send an E-mail. Select the From address that you want to use. Type in the 4-digit PIN that was previously
configured in the Wizard. Touch the OK button. Touch the To button and pick the address or group to which you want to send the file. To send the message to a different address,
touch the New button and enter an email address. Touch the Done button when finished. Touch the Subject button, type in an email
subject and touch the OK button. Touch the Next button. The control panel screen will display the
scan settings. If you want to change any of the settings,
touch the Settings button, and then change the desired settings. Touch the Scan button to start the scan job. Your document will now be scanned and sent
by email. You can find additional helpful videos at and on our YouTube channel,


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    Huh? What? Sorry, I dozed off. The narrator's voice quickly put me to sleep.

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  5. Lachlan Duncan says:

    These instructions are for an old version of windows. The options don't appear in Windows 10. I used the apps on the device to scan to email and it worked

  6. Laykon-Troy Barton-Cootes says:

    How do you use a scanner on the HP office jet 8730

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    My printer keeps telling me I need to setup a CA??

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