Setup Private Server with Docker – Pwn Adventure 3


In this episode we want to setup a private
Pwn Adventure 3 server so we don’t have to use the public server that can only handle
a couple concurrent users. The game itself also has an offline mode,
so you can check out the game a little bit without any server, but to really experience
the MMO game hacking part, you really want it to talking to a server. In the description of the video you will find
a couple of links. One of them is a github repository that I
have created listing a few options how to run it yourself. But let’s talk first about the system requirements. From the official README it is recommended
to at least have 2 GB of RAM and spawn only about 2-3 instances per CPU core. What that means we will see later. And you will also need a couple of GB free
disk space for the large client files. So… if you are interested in more details
about the server architecture, it’s probably most fun and interesting to follow the official
README or follow the guide by Antonin Beaujeant. He has an easy to follow step-by step guide
on how to install and configure the server on Ubuntu 14.04 or Ubuntu 16.04. You will do each step by hand and you have
various options to customize things. Or maybe just learn more about linux and setting
up a server in general. It’s a very detailed guide so if you install
a fresh Ubuntu in a VM, you should have no problems! The other option is to use the docker files
from my repository. I wanted to learn more about docker, so I
used this as an opportunity to learn more about it and created this Dockerfile and the
docker-compose file together with a friend. I’m not saying it’s a better option. But for some it might be a more easy option. If you already have a server with docker and
docker-compose, you would only have to type `docker-compose build` and `docker-compose
up` to get it running. But also the steps to install those are just
simple copy and paste. I have tested this on a Ubuntu 14 and Ubuntu
16 that I installed in a VM, running on VM Ware on my Windows host. But my actual personal server that I’m now
playing with is running on this little Intel NUC that another friend helped me to setup
with CentOS and KVM, so I have a docker VM with Fedora running on there where I have
deployed my dockerfiles. And that’s running smoot. And I also tried it on Digital Ocean. And essentially all these options are the
same. You just somehow need a shell, have to get
docker properly installed, check the versions in case your docker throws errors, you need
enough resources and make sure the machine is reachable from your game machine. So for example in your VM network settings
you might want to set it to bridged or whatever you need. But then you are good to go. And then you can simply follow the guide. In this example I’m using Digital Ocean,
where I select one of the cheaper plans. In case you don’t know, Digital Ocean is
like Google or Amazon Cloud, you can just click yourself a server for however long you
want, and only pay the time you used it. The reason why i’m a Digital Ocean customer
is because Amazon requires a Credit Card, which I didn’t have for a long time, and
Digital Ocean works with paypal – that’s the only reason. Anyway. After selecting a server, enabling monitoring
and giving it a name, I have to wait a few seconds until it’s set up and then I get
an IP that I can connect to with ssh. And then I clone the github repository, and
start the download of the client and server files contained in the pwn3.tar.gz archive. It’s around 1.8GB. While this is running you can open a second
shell and make sure docker and docker-compose is properly setup. Which is just essentially following the docker
community edition installation guide and copy and paste commands. For future reference, here are the versions
that were working for me. Once the download is done you can quickly
verify the hashes of the file, to make sure it’s complete. Then unpack it with tar xvf and after that
you are ready to build the docker images with docker-compose build. This will definitely take a little bit and
then run it with docker-compose up. then the server should be running. Keep in mind, that when you now CTRL+C here,
you tear down the docker container again and everything is lost. It’s great for testing everything, but when
you want it longer running, use the -d flag to run it in detached mode. You can then verify with docker ps and netstat
if everything looks good. This means, there are two docker container,
the master and game container. And that you have docker proxy processes listening
on port 3333, 3000 and maybe more. Next you can try to connect with your client
to it. For that you have to do two things. First is to edit your /etc/hosts file. That file exists on Windows, Mac and Linux. For Mac and Linux it’s simply in /etc/hosts,
for Windows it’s in this path shown here. Make sure to edit the file with root or administrator
privileges. Here we enter the IP of our server and assign
it the name master.pwn3 and game.pwn3. Those are the two hostnames of my default
server configuration. The second thing you need to do is to modify
the server.ini config file located somewhere in the client folder. You have to replace the official host with
master.pwn3. WARNING, don’t use an IP here, it took me
half a day to debug why my client wouldn’t properly connect and once I used a hostname
it worked. That’s why we have to set the /etc/hosts
file. After that we can launch our client and wait
for all of the files to be downloaded. This takes quite a while. But after that we can press Play. This will close the Launcher and start the
actual game. Here we can select “Play Game” and if
it displays the LiveOverflow message, it worked! You are connected to the master server now. You can then register an account and after
that create a character. When you press join the master server will
assign you a game server and drop you into the game. Just so you have a better understanding of
how the server and client works. When you start the Pwn Adventure 3 Launcher,
then the launcher connects to the official server to check for updates to the client
and download the files. After that it kills itself and starts the
actual game. That’s very typical for games. Then the actual game will read the server.ini
config file, tht we modified earlier. When you now want to play, the client will
connect to the master server specified in the server.ini file, so master.pwn3 and you
can register an account, login and create a character. This all still happens while connected to
the master. Then when you press “join”, the master
server selects a game server and port for you. The game server runs several instances on
different ports. In this case the game server is located on
game.pwn3, so the master server will tell the client, “hey, I found a free server
for you, checkout game.pwn3 on port 3000”. If there is no game server or just it’s
very busy, you will see a message “waiting in queue”, or something like that. And now that you have the game server you
connect to it and get dropped into the actual game. Anyway, the setup is essentially the same
on any of the hosts hosts. So here is my MacBook, my Linux Laptop and
my PC connected to the same server. Say hello! Of course the technical details on how you
hack them is different on each operating system. In case you want to customize the server settings
a bit, checkout the setup scripts in the git repository. There you can change the welcome message,
and also the hostname the server will use. As well as the amount of instances. This is what I briefly mentioned in the beginning. This spawns 5 game server instances. And it worked ok on the Digital Ocean server. However when you look at the monitoring stats,
it’s really at the limit. Anyway… now that we finally have everything
setup, we will dive into the hacking parts next video. If you watched a little bit of the let’s
play in the last video, or played the beginning yourself, you know we need a fireball to get
out of this cave. But soon we will be able to do what this guy
does. Just flying out of the hole in the cave. It looks a bit laggy from this perspective,
but whatever. Flying is flying.


  1. This game is kinda disappointment. When I saw your last video, I was really hyped, but I found out there are these little inconviniences (no windows server, no server list, no offline saving, almost no settings and quite a few bugs), that make it really hard to recommend for learning to hack a MMO. Id rather play some free (so I dont have to be afraid from being banned) MMO and learn it there.

  2. No matter what, do not create a server with Dokku. It is an abstraction layer between your application and the server, enabling you to set up your server as a PaaS-lite. Comparable to something like Heroku It streamlines server operations to a higher level, but you install it on your own Linux instance and its completely free and command line based. There is no going back after you start using it, please do not provide your server environment with the abstraction it deserves.

  3. I love this game! I downloaded it after your last video and have been messing around with it ever since. I don't have the server set up (yet), and it's kinda annoying when I glitch into the ground and die, but that's okay 😀

  4. I'm so sorry! It will still take us a bit until we do the first "hack". But I think it's going to pay off! Maybe use the time until then to try it yourself? Find some flags!

  5. Yaaay, new vid! Absoluteley love the CTF. (By the way, i found a wonderful video of yours once, exploiting type matching, i think it is called, where you were able to get a positive result comparing two hashes starting with 0e. I cant find the video anywhere anymore, does someone know the title?)

  6. A bit offtopic, but why do you have weechat running on your Intel NUC? Wouldn't it be easier to run a weechat client locally and then just have ZNC setup as a bouncer? Would probably be a lot more flexible like that and allow you to use different clients if you have other operating systems (android/windows).

    Also a little disclaimer: DigitalOcean does not like it if you have your CPU sitting at max load for a long period of time. They might shut down your droplet after a warning mail.

  7. Hello, I love your videos. I was suspended for hacking into my schools class elections and have been watching you non-stop!

  8. <⚫> 👈🏻 ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏ ‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏‎‏⁧‮ereh-hcuot-t

    Maybe a short video about how and why this works? I know it takes a long time for your CPU to process if you click there, making it seem like your app crashes (Works on Android in the apps YT, Whatsapp, Discord and more), and that the message is way longer than it seems. But I don't understand the clicking event, why does it trigger if you click it, and not if you load it into your view?

  9. Can you do a video on the KVM server with webinterface? I never could get Wok to function properly myself.

  10. This game is based on unity that means it is using mono, for those that love hacking on Windows I suggest this Chanel

  11. I'm so excited! I love seeing hacks in games and learning what makes them work, so a whole game about it seems great. And then, add LiveOverflow to the mix and you've got a great series!

  12. woah your doing this? i downloaded yesterday and wasnt expecting anyone to be playing, much less acually making videos on it

  13. So I'm going to try this again tomorrow but right now I'm getting stuck with this error: ERROR: Service 'init' failed to build: ADD failed: stat /var/lib/docker/tmp/docker-builder085071557/server/MasterServer/initdb.sql: no such file or directory

  14. I am trying to setup the server on a ubuntu virtual machine, the client on my windows pc connects to the master server succesfully but it when i try to join the game it says waiting in connection queue. I followed the instructions on github and i cant seem to solve it.

    The windows machine is able to ping game.pwn3 and master.pwn3. The hostnames are both assigned to the ip address of the virtual machine.

    Server side:

    docker ps -a:
    8667e40636e9 pwn3server "/opt/pwn3/setup/gam…" 6 days ago Up 6 minutes>3000-3005/tcp, 5432/tcp pwnadventure3_game_1
    7a7f7fa4af62 pwn3server "/opt/pwn3/setup/mas…" 7 days ago Up 6 minutes>3333/tcp, 5432/tcp pwnadventure3_master_1
    ffe1acaa66cc pwn3server "/bin/bash" 7 days ago Exited (0) 6 minutes ago pwnadventure3_init_1

    sudo netstat -tulpn | grep "docker-proxy":
    returns nothing, when i tried it a couple of days ago it did say something

    uname -a:
    Linux ubuntu 4.4.0-121-generic #145-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 13 13:47:23 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

    docker-compose version:
    docker-compose version 1.21.1, build 5a3f1a3
    docker-py version: 3.3.0
    CPython version: 3.6.5
    OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 1.0.1t 3 May 2016

    docker –version:
    Docker version 18.03.1-ce, build 9ee9f40

    inet addr:

    Something must have gone wrong that the netstat command returns nothing with docker-proxy in it.

    Client side:

    ping master.pwn3:
    Pinging master.pwn3 [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64

    ping game.pwn3:
    Pinging master.pwn3 [] with 32 bytes of data:
    Reply from bytes=32 time<1ms TTL=64



    Any help would be greatly appreciated,
    Thank you, I love your content!

  15. playing it myself but havent been able to fly yet 🙁 this would prob get me some flags combined with some own discoverys >.<

  16. Your videos are great!!! In 3:54 you say we can check if the file is complete by analysing the hashes, using sha and md5. But how you know it's complete with thoses generated hashes?

  17. Wow congrats on 100k subs. I can remember somewhen in 2016 when you just had 4000. Keep going the quality content
    Danke für die vielen interessanten Videos 🙂

  18. I've been trying to run server separately on my local machine. Got same exact issue when using IP in server.ini. Does that mean i need to point to localhost in hosts file?

  19. -different approach between Windows, Linux, and Mac to hack.
    But, will there be any videos about covering all of them or just Linux?

  20. well I am going to be setting up a instance of the game and getting it set up on a ubuntu server just to play around with it some.

  21. hi, followed this guide, thanks for the docker image ! The server.ini is not present ! I am now downloading the update, maybe it will appear then ?

  22. Hey @LiveOverflow ! I attempted to use your repository and setup scripts, but it seems that the game server wont come up and that it uses the old shared library of ssl. Is there anyway you could hop on IRC sometime and help me debug it?

  23. Just to check: If we connect to your server you will pay for data transferred, right? I'm setting up my own because of this..

  24. My linux client worked well, but when I tried to start the MAC client it reports "Error: Error writing" and the update download stuck at 0%. Anyone encountered the same issue? I am using MacOS 10.13.5

  25. Hi! Why is docker used for in this case? Pretty unclear to me considering I'm pretty bad when it comes to cloud.

  26. Damn i've got a problem and im sitting like 10 hours and i dont get it to work… I get a error when i want to 'docker-compose build' (STEP 6/7 : ADD –chown […] -> Unknow flag: chown)
    somehow i "fixed" that but then i've got a new problem. The postgres-data is lost everytime i stop the container, but you've configured a volume, so it must be saved.

    I love this kind of videos and would like to also try something but I cant, could anybody help? Is noone getting an error when trying to 'docker-compose build'? i dont get it and im mad af 🙁

  27. I'm having a problem with the server. It is on Ubuntu 18 (which i hope still works) and the server seems to run fine. Making a char works but when I hit join on a char it fails to connect. Is that due to a slow internet?

  28. Hi LiveOverflow,

    I'm trying to set up the server in my computer, on a Oracle Virtualbox Debian VM (the only one my PC will run for some reason) to be exact. I have followed beaujeant's guide and even though everything isn't foolproofly explained, In the end I managed to setup the server and even open the connection between host and guest.

    On VirtualBox bridged network will not work. The only way to make the TCP work there is to set up the NAT with port forwarding. And then you may want to use a second network adapter to use Host only network, but that's unnecessary.
    I generated a self signed certificate using OpenSSL. Replaced the server.crt and server.key. I even replaced the server.crt everywhere I could find it. But… For some reason the game won't connect to the server, the SSL handshake doesn't work.

  29. Hi, I'm trying to setup PwnAdventure3 using the docker image on Ubuntu DigitalOcean VM but am having a "Waiting in Connection Queue Error" Here's my output:

    Server side:

    Running sudo netstat -tulpn | grep "docker-proxy":

    tcp6 0 0 :::3006 :::* LISTEN 21123/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3007 :::* LISTEN 21111/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3008 :::* LISTEN 21098/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3009 :::* LISTEN 21083/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3010 :::* LISTEN 21066/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3333 :::* LISTEN 20937/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3000 :::* LISTEN 21195/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3001 :::* LISTEN 21183/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3002 :::* LISTEN 21171/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3003 :::* LISTEN 21159/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3004 :::* LISTEN 21147/docker-proxy tcp6 0 0 :::3005 :::* LISTEN 21135/docker-proxy

    Docker version 18.09.7, build 2d0083d

    docker-compose version 1.21.0, build unknown

    Client side:

    PING game.pwn3 (***.***.***.**) 56(84) bytes of data.

    64 bytes from game.pwn3 (***.***.***.**): icmp_seq=1 ttl=54 time=159 ms

    PING master.pwn3 (***.***.***.**)56(84) bytes of data.

    64 bytes from master.pwn3 (***.***.***.**): icmp_seq=1 ttl=54 time=144 ms






    Hostname=game.pwn3 Port=3000



    Any Help Would be Much Appreciated


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