SNAIL MAIL | Eileen Aldis

SNAIL MAIL | Eileen Aldis


  1. Elizabeth Reaney says:

    Happy Thanksgiving! We should go to Toronto's oldest post office!

  2. cherrrypink says:

    So true about the love in snail mail. Our letters! 💓 Love this. xx

  3. jessica thorburn says:

    So much love for Japanese stationary!! Perhap bordering on hoarder status, but… 🙂 your videos are so sweet. Love them all. XX

  4. Nancy Johnson says:

    I love snail mail. It's fun picking out the "perfect" card to send for birthdays or special occasions . I've never heard of World Post Day but won't forget now that I've seen your vlog. Hope you received at least one Thanksgiving card!!!

  5. Zoey Arielle says:

    Loved this Eileen 🙂 I am a huge fan of Snail Mail too! I always binge in Papyrus! It is my weakness, but upon my return to Toronto I have so many other cool places to check out for cards! Thank you 🙂

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