Social Media Marketing: Customer One-On-One


Social Media Marketing. I’ve been more focused on the Facebook side
of things for my marketing. Oh, like Facebook ads. Facebook ads. I’ve been using Instagram increasngly. But compared to Facebook, Facebook’s really
been the main driver of my traffic. I treid advertising through Google and other
things and haven’t had quite as much success anywhere else as I have had with Facebook.
and I think it just comes down to how specifically you can target people. I actually got approached by Google and they
actually called me and said “hey, we noticed your store, your site. And we’d like you to come in our office and
we want to propose an entire adverising campaign for you. So I show up in their office and they have
this whole big presentation set up, and they’re suggesting all these diferent things they
think I should do. They’d asked me questions beforehand about
what kind of a business I do and what the margins looked like. And then when I came home and ran the numbers,
I realised taht there’s no possible way I could ever make a profit on what they were
proposing. So it was really interesting, they kind of
missed the mark on that. When I questioned them about it they were
like “oh, we goofed”. I started off with Facebook as just I played
around with it at first to see what kind of success you could generate.I started with
small budgets just to see what kind of interest I could get. When you’re starting off on any kind of social
media…my store is probably about three years old now. The original version of it is older than that,
but it’s been rebooted about three years ago. It’s really about building that kind of social
capital, saying you have so many followers or likes, so people think that you’re actually
a legitimate company. Social proofing. Yes, social proofing, thank you, that’s the
word I was looking for. So I kind of started building mostly likes
on facebook, just so people would know it’s actuall like a legitimate company, people
have actually worked with before. Because Facebook gives you more of an air
of legitimacy more than Instagram a little bit right? I think it does a little bit. I don’t think it’s much, but a bit. And I think it gets indexed on Google a little
higher.So that kind of relate back to the whole social proof thing. In tertms of cost of attracting customers
I thought it was reasonable for selling things like t-shirts adn baseball caps, leggings
and things that aren’t necessarily fortune. What web hosting do you do, do you use Shopify
or Woocommerce? I use Shopify. Great! Because Shopify, they have an app that just
puts your whole store on Facebook too. They do, yes, it’s really well integrated
actually. So it’s really helpfull. You can just pull anything from Facebook ads
and they’ll actually pull your products right out of your Shopify and there it is, it’s
all connected to Printful and everything. Do you have good stats with how many people
buy directly from your site, how many directly from Facebook? So you can be like “oh, I made these sales
from Facebook today” The truth is Facebook kind of has certain
requirements about when you’re supposed to ship things. And since this is print on demand I impose
the “check out through my site, don’t check out through Facebook”. So I didn’t want to get in trouble, if something
takes like 3 or 4 days, in the Amazon world sometimes people get a little…they’re used
to having things delivered litteral in a day by Uber, which can’t happen necessrily, you
have to make it. I primarily use Instagram for my marketing. Instagram s just so food heavy. Yeah, well the “food porn” term obviously
started off on Instagram. I think that my business is a little different
than yours. This is still a passion project for me. I’m still in my “I’ve got my main job phase”. And this is more your main job. and I’m fine
taking some time and growing this as a baby. And where my downfall was, I got really anxious
when I started up again about a year ago. I was like “ok, I’ve got to spend hours researching
the perfect apps, SEO and I’ve got to alt tag everything perfectly”. So after a while I got away from the art that
got me into all of this. I spent all this time doing techy stuf instead
of creating, so I said “you know what, I’m just going to stop most of it, belive in God
that if I go slow and put my heart into this, it’s going to do well”. And I spent more time creating and designing. Instgram was really just my outlet to showcse
my designs . Recently with all of their updates, especially Instagram stories, that’s where
Printfuls mockup generator has become my graphic designer and social media content creator. Because Instagram stories it’s like Snapchat.With
the mockup generator I can come up with an idea. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s whacky and
weird and I want to get feedback from my audience. So I throw it up on Instgram stories and say
“Ok, guys, will be gone in 24 hours, what do you think of this new sexy avocado rcerback
tankor rainbow chard leggings”. Maybe it’s horrible, but maybe they like it,
but it’s gone in 24 hours. and I didn’t have to pay a grphic designer,
I didn’t have to pay someone to shoot and phtoshop this. I just upload a file to Printful mockup generator. So I’ve had a lot of success with Instgram
nd getting feedback on my Instagram stories. Some ideas for you. You could find hashtags of other brnds that
your demographic would buy like Forever 21. Since I don’t have a marjeting person, I do
my own marketing – I do active marketing. So you go to the Forever 21 hashtag, then
like, like, like “Oh I love your blouse” and then they go “Oh, this brand is reachng out
to me”. And that’s what I found on Instagram when
a customer finds a brand that reaches out to them, to me that builds such a solid, quick
relationship. Because most people they haave to reaach out
to the brands. It’s true, you’re absolutely right, poeople
would rect to that. I know I would. Makes them feel good. And then also the location o Geo tags. So for exaple, I can go on Instagram and type
in Sant Monica farmers market or if there’s big food expo going on. And I can see everyone who’s posted Instagram
photos in that location. And that’s really good for events. Do you do trade shows? Not frequently, but I’m going to start to. So if you do trade shows, you could literally
see in real time whoever is posting photos at that trade show. So two minutes after they post it they can
be two hundred feet from you. And you can be like “hey, you’re at the trade
show, stop by our booth, we’ll give you a discount”. Like I said before, Instagram has so many
ways for me to interract with my customer. It’s so helpful, there’s so much freedom. If you use Instagram do you use Snapchat as
well? I really find no use for Snapchat. See neither do I.
I have not been able to make Snapchat a thing for myself, not even personally or commercially. Ok, so I’m not the only one
Those new posts on Instagram are basically the same function.


  1. We had an amazing time with Dean from Whimsess and the Printful Fam! Thank you for helping the world look good in avocado!

  2. Love the series so far, it's great to see others running successful Printful businesses. I'm about to start my second one (in fact today is product design day) so the inspiration is a nice boost.

    And I'm glad that there are Other People Who Don't Get Snapchat! My teen & his friends are all about Snapchat and it just escapes me.


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