Social Media Marketing For Nonprofit Organizations


Social Media is just one part of your marketing puzzle and a lot of different pieces come together in marketing programs. Social Media on its own is very unlikely to be all that you do for marketing your company or organization. Social media is a complement to you foundation online marketing items such as your website. And your email which is really important particularly for Nonprofits You have different audiences for your social media marketing and you should not say the same thing to all of them. No social media post will interest everybody so your message has to be specific to your target audience There’s some commonalities like your mission that will be of interest to all of your different audiences The Media you use should be different and match the target audience. The people that are on Facebook may not be the same people that look at linkedin. And we’ll talk about the different systems, and why that’s important The operative question about audiences is what are their specific value propositions, And I find that nonprofits are not always clear about this Your value proposition will be different depending on the specific audience Clients have a different value proposition than donors to nonprofits have And then you need to decide what you want them to do. What’s your call to action? So that’s how these things fit together, and are the key points around attracting your audience So okay, then this is social media and isn’t selling so don’t be selling Go for go for building your relationship, go for the connections and getting the subscribers Then you can interact with them on email or other more focused ways Don’t hard cell on social media it really isn’t the best approach to build up your followers groiup


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