Social Media Marketing Tips


We’re going to talk a little bit about social
media. Social media is very
new and still sort of the Wild, Wild West. It’s sort of like email was,
many years ago. It’s a great follow-up tool. You’ll have experts, you’ll
have social media gurus tell you that there is no way you could ever track
the efficacy of social media ever. Have you ever heard that? That you can’t
track it, that it’s just something that you have to be doing that builds
trust and it’s really important, but you’ll never be able to track it. That’s pretty much hogwash. I’ll tell you a little story about social
media. A social media company contacted me about
four years ago now. I couldn’t
honestly understand everything the sales person, who was also the owner of
the company, was throwing at me; what he was going to do for me with social
media. He was going to get us listed on all these
different social media sites. He showed me a list this long. I thought, “God, I am missing the
boat. I couldn’t understand what he was talking
about and I’m a marketer. I
was really, very freaked out about it.” I happily paid this person $15,000
to list me on 40 different social media sites. I didn’t understand it. I
don’t begrudge giving him that money, because I didn’t know what I was
doing and I knew I had to be on this new thing called social media. Then,
he wanted $7500 a month to engage me in social media; to write posts; and
get people listening to me and following me. It was all so confusing to me,
and I didn’t have any idea how I would ever do that myself, so I happily
paid him the $7500 a month. After three months, I really couldn’t see
any increase in business from this particular effort because we track all
of our marketing. I said,
“Thank you very much. I tried it. It didn’t really work for my business. I
really appreciate your help, bye-bye.” The first thing I have to tell you,
is that unless you have valuable content to give away, to get somebody to
want to be in communication with you, and read what you have to say, or
something to download, there’s no point in using social media to gain
business. You have to create a lot of content, and I
don’t know if you are familiar with this real estate and mortgage
blog, where they have a bunch of content. Help Scott blog, they have a lot of really
good content. I know
my blogs are constantly updating new content for people because we need
something to engage them with. Let’s take a look at Facebook, and give you
some content ideas. People
think you get stumped. What kind of content am I going to do? If you’re a
mortgage broker, you could always post the latest interest rate changes, an
article on how to check your credit score; examples of refi’s you did and
what the savings was; case studies of some of the refi’s that you have
done. If you’re a dentist, dentists are a little
hard. Nobody really wants
to go to the dentist. But maybe, if you have kids and you’re a first
time parent and you want to know the correct age
to have your child start brushing their teeth, how do you get a child
to floss, do they have any videos of that, that’s the kind of content
that I would look for and then you can start engaging them. HVAC, there are a couple of companies listed
here; tips on saving your electric bill. My husband and I just installed a brand new
air conditioning system in our home. We were kind of crossing our fingers and hoping
it would bring our electric bill down because
we have an old house and the electric bill is ridiculous. We wound up saving about $250 a month in our
electric bill. As our HVAC guy got that information from
us, that would be a case study and he can post that as content. He can take our picture; he
can show, look, what I do. People would be interested in that. They are
always interested in actual facts. Even on a “how-to” video, on how to keep a
room cool, like closing the blinds. I don’t know what else you have to do because
our blinds are always shut in the summer time in Florida. It’s difficult sometimes to get “liked”
and what you can do is you can just post these little buttons on your blog
or on your website where it makes it really easy for a person to “Like”
you. As I was looking at your websites, because
I looked at every single one of your websites, except for Pam’s [SP]
because I know these guys so well already. But I went and looked at everybody’s website
and if they had a like button, I “Liked” you. So you can put those buttons on your blog
or your website, in your email, on your direct
mail. Although, I don’t think
anybody is actually going to look at a postcard and then go to Facebook and
find you and “Like” you. But, it still shows that you are a part of
this new social media revolution. Facebook ads work kind of like pay-per-click. It is a pay-per-click system. They can really choose people to see your
ad based on things that they have put in their profile. For instance, we have a customer that sells
a safety horn for motorcycles and Facebook can find
motorcycle riders. Using
keywords from their profile and their walls find people that ride
motorcycles and then just put his ad up only on those pages. Facebook
advertising is pretty good. We just started doing it probably about a
month ago. We haven’t spent very much money on it. We’re waiting to see if those
leads actually wind up converting to sales before we increase our budget on
it. It’s not something that I can give you a lot
of insight or information on because we just started doing it. Now, I’m just giving you a small overview. We are going to go over social
media tomorrow with more tactics of what you can actually do. “A single ad,
no matter how compelling is almost never enough to sell your product.” Seth
Godin said that. “One of the essences of PR and promotion is
that you have to pound the same message home time and time
again.” That’s from Home
Management System. “If you don’t believe in your product, or
if you’re not consistent and regular in the way you promote
it, the odds of succeeding go way down.” Jay Levinson said that, the author of Guerrilla
Marketing. Repetition is really something that is very,
very important to any message that you want to get out there. Social media is just another way to put the
same message that you are putting out in your email, that you’re putting
out in your postcards, that you’re putting on your website, out there
again. Facebook also is more like a follow-up tool,
like email marketing. Once
somebody has contacted you and they’ve decided that they may want to do
business with you, that’s when you can sort of engage with them and see if
they want to “Like” your page. If they do, then you are just building that
rapport. Every time that person goes on Facebook and
they see something that you post, that recognition of just seeing
you over and over again. The
main thing is that social media is social. How many people see so many
businesses when they’re looking at Facebook and they get annoyed because
they don’t want to see your business, they want to see what their friends
are doing? Does anybody have that feeling? It’s very important that you
aren’t up in someone’s face with your business, every time you post. Is there anybody here that is friends with
me, personally, on Facebook or follows Postcard Mania? You probably didn’t know that I was just in
New York, visiting my son, and we went to some
good restaurants and he just moved up there. I can use Facebook just for my friends, too,
but I have something like 3500 friends and they are mostly
people I don’t know who have gotten to “friend” me. The thing is, it does build that rapport where
I become a real person, that’s a mom, that’s a wife, that’s a cousin,
that’s a sister and then that builds that trust that somebody would want to
do business with me, hopefully.


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