Social Media Marketing Tools 2018 馃 Andrew & Pete VS Dan & Lloyd: Episode 4


[Funky Music] Welcome to Andrew and Pete vs Dan and Lloyd Episode 4. This is gonna be fun, we’ve got the letter here from them and
we’re gonna open it, read out to you and then get cracking with the challenge. Yeeeaah if you haven’t seen Episode 1, 2 & 3… ‘Yeaaah’. If you haven’t seen Episode 1 2 & 3 then somewhere around this video there will be somewhere you can click so you can watch them. Right, thank you Andrew and Pete, shall we open it? Go for it.
Quick Lloyd update, I’ve got man flu so I’m well up for this video.
Yeah great I’ll pretend to be happy. Yep. There’s some more stuff in there but
okay, Challenge 4, let’s read this first and then look at whatever else is in there. Challenge 4, hey guys…Hey…we’d like you to explain how you use your top social
media marketing tools but we’d like you to introduce them to us with a game of
speak out. Here’s the rules: in your packs you each have a list
of social media tools. Taking it in turns we want you to put in your mouth guard
and try to say the name of the social media tool to each other. Your teammate
has 15 seconds to guess what the other person is trying to say. You get one
points per correct answer…That should be ‘point’, spelling mistake there. Oh you
lose a point. Feel free to expand on your favorite tools. Good luck. To ramp up your
points we’ll give you extra points for completing your secret
missions. You must not share these with each other. Okay so my secret missions
are: 1. reveal an embarrassing secret about Dan. 2. Slip in a cheeky innuendo
without Dan noticing and 3. make Dan get angry with me whilst we’re filming.
So, wish me luck. So my secret missions are: 1. Accidentally spill your drink on Lloyd whilst filming. 2. Do an Irish dance for no apparent reason without Lloyd noticing. 3.Make Lloyd jump – that’s gonna be easy, he’s easy to make jump. Oh you look lovely. I’m confident here so I can get a potential 15 points here then. Yeah, I feel like I’m gonna dribble…What? [laughing] I feel like you said, ‘I feel like I’m on a drill’. Right.
Dan feels like he’s on a drill. Right, ready? Okay go. ‘Twitter Unfollow All’…Twitter Unfollow All – yes! Twitter Unfollow All – this is a bit of a controversial
tool that I found out a little while ago from Lucy Hall (thank you Lucy Hall) and
what this is, is a Google Chrome Plugin that allows you to click one button and
unfollow everyone on Twitter over a period of time. Now, disclaimer, this is
against Twitter’s guidelines. You are not supposed to unfollow lots of people at
the same time, so be very careful using this. We’ve used it and it’s working fine
but be very careful using it. Why would you want to use it? The reason for us (and
me personally), is because it’s going to help
me have a better experience on Twitter. Right now, I’m following thousands of
people that, to be honest, I don’t care about a lot of their content. They’re not
relevant to me, so what I’m going to do is clear up my Twitter so that it’s a
better user experience for me and the people who I want to engage with and the
people that want to engage with me because right now I’m pretty much just
reacting to people engaging with me because it’s so difficult to see what’s
going on in my news feed. So, if you want to clear up your Twitter news feed, try
Twitter Unfollow All. This is easy. ‘Social Warfare’. Social Warfare? Yes!
‘Smarter Queue’. Tarter Queue? ‘Smarter Queue’. Ah oh… ‘Smarter Queue’. Smarter Queue? Yes! ‘Buzzsumo’. Sounds like you’re saying, ‘that’s sumo’ but I’m assuming it’s Buzzsumo? Yep. Buzzsumo, this is such a good tool, it does various great things including doing content research.
You can use it like a Google search to find the most shared content on social
media so that you know what’s already working so that you can come up with
great content ideas based on things that are already working. It’s also got an
incredible social listening tool within it, so you can set it keywords to find
out and track when people are mentioning you online. I’ve compared this to a lot
of other tools and it’s works way better and picks up a lot more mentions than
all the other tools I’ve used. Finally, it’s got a really cool
influencer identification tool which basically ranks everyone who’s on
Twitter based on keywords so you can find really influential people on
Twitter. It’s just an all-around great tool and it’s got a free version as well
so it’s well worth checking out. ‘Hootsuite’. Hootsuite? Easy! ‘Manage Flitter’. Say it again? Manage Flitter? Yes! ‘Cutstory’. Cutstory? Yes, this is a really great app to help you with your Instagram stories. If you’re not using Instagram
stories right now, you should be. What this app does is it allows you to chop
your video up into 15-second segments so they’re really easy to upload to
Instagram stories. It’s a free app, it has a watermark then you can pay £0.99 to get rid of it but if you want to easily chop up your video into 15-second
segments to easily upload to Instagram, then use this app. You can also choose
custom time limits. It could be 20 seconds, 60 seconds for example cut like a 10 minute video up into 60-second clips or 20-second clips, whatever it is, it works
really well for Instagram stories. ‘Click to Tweet’. Click To Tweet? We need more
like that! ‘IFTTT’. IFTTT? That was easy. Can I take this out now? No, no let’s just talk with it in. This is so wet! Mmm can I share yours? [Laughing] If you didn’t realise, this is
where we reveal which Knowlton brother has got better teeth. Is that right? Mission 1: accidentally spill your drink on Lloyd whilst filming, hopefully I can do this. What, just carry on with wet pants? Yes come on just carry on with wet pants. Sorry…okay. Right, ready, come on, oh sorry. how do you really get into that no you
did yours have a lily pad yes yes yeah yeah I have to say that go I feel like I
feel like when you used to get completely naked in one reveal an
embarrassing secret about them go okay okay
with thee yeah hey to slip in a cheeky innuendo without their noticing come on
camera camera ah camera pelvic fracture in a
booth good country town could I go to hashtag hashtag hashtag er this is a
really great app to help you find the hashtags you should be using for
Instagram super simple and it’s free all you do type in a keyword and it
brings back the 30 most popular hashtags around that keyword you can easily copy
and paste into Instagram so that your exposure and shot in shot in shot I keep
preaching about this app but it’s so so good it’s a mobile video editing app
it’s free I repeat it’s free and it’s just so easy to use the one thing I love
about it most is it’s easy to change the size of videos to fit different
platforms like Instagram or snapchat or Facebook stories or YouTube it’s really
great for editing it’s really got some great great features and super easy to
use even if you’re a beginner so please go check out we were really good at that
yeah but my pants are really wet haha my gums have my pants are wet okay
okay so there we have it there are our top five social media marketing tools I
hope you found that useful we’ll put links in the description wherever you’re
seeing it too little tool so you can go and use them and my might gums really
hurt I hope that was good for you to watch yeah I do it that yeah it’s good
so now let’s go and find out the scores I do like a good editing I think they’re
cool alright could just have me in the video do a good editing thing that I
hope okay guys well done you nailed to speak out rounds we’re gonna give you
well maximum points 20 points for getting those right you nailed every
single one of them in the allotted time well done however for the final ten
points you did not do all of your secret challenges so we can only give you half
the amount of points of that so five points and so over so you did not make
Dan angry you didn’t really make lloyd job properly and Irish tonton there was
no Irish Dunton which I think would have just been really easy to get in the
video I mean all you have to do is do a little bit of Irish dance in time it’s
not that hard to do just to stop it in the middle of the video somewhere you
know I don’t know like that’s pretty easy so guys well done you nailed the
speak out but not the secret the secret challenge in so you’ve got 25 points
over all of them we’ll see you in the next think I just guess one and you’ll
see you didn’t jump as much as normal obviously feel relaxed haha Twitter
follow this is recorded yeah



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