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Social Media Marketing Tutorial from Google Hello, I’m Murray Newlands, and welcome to another episode of the Future of Engagement. Today we’re going to look at social media marketing and social media monitoring the way Google does it, and show you how you can do it too! [upbeat intro music] So what are Google up to? Google have had a (concept) product launch. They’re launching their new augmented reality glasses. This was first cited when a member of their senior executive team was photographed with Robert Scoble. Robert Scoble is super-well connected in the space. Obviously lots of people picked up on that and the news got out really fast. They had videos posted already on YouTube all over the place, one of them getting already (as of April 9, 2012) over 10 million views. There have been up to ten thousand posts a day about this conceptual product launch. They’ve given it a title. They’ve also encouraged people to take photos and lots of speculative content has been generated. As you might expect, lots of content about this was shared in photos. Generally, there was actually neutral conversation (tone) with slightly more positive pick-up. What can you learn from this? How are Google doing their social media marketing? Well, they started early. They named the product. They’ve been feeding conversation with images that people like and share. They’ve also involved celebrity influencers and they really engaged in that conversation. I’m Murray Newlands, you’ve been watching Future of Engagement! If you’re interested in following the conversation in social media monitoring yourself and want to give it a try, go to and sign up for a free 90-day trial with the code “alertivideo”. I’m Murray Newlands, I’ll see you next time. Bye! [upbeat outro music]


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