SpaceX Starlink – Elon Musk shows first internet satellites ready for launch

SpaceX Starlink – Elon Musk shows first internet satellites ready for launch

This week will be massive for SpaceX. The SpaceX CEO Elon Musk just gave us the
first look at his rocket company’s bold plan to bring ultra-high-speed internet to the
entire world. He shows off SpaceX’s 60 internet-beaming
satellites packed together for launch. This is Elon Musk’sconfirmation that the
company is on target to launch these satellites is just the beginning. On 11th May, Saturday, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk
revealed these satellites, his company will be launching this week. This launch is the part of Starlink that SpaceX
hopes to deploy in the years ahead to provide global internet coverage from space. Musk tweeted out an image of satellites packed
tight together inside the nosecone of the SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket that will take the
spacecraft to orbit, along with fresh details about the global satellite networking gambit. The satellites are the first operational units
of SpaceX’s Starlink initiative, a planned mega-constellation of nearly 12,000 satellites
that will fly close to the planet, closer than the International Space Station, in what
is known as low Earth orbit and have been designed to beam internet connectivity to
the surface below on earth. Earlier, the US Federal Communications Commission
(FCC) had granted SpaceX the permission to launch the Starlink satellites, but in two
group. The first is a constellation of 4,409 satellites
while the second constellation will have 7,518 satellites. The second constellation will be placed and
will operate at a slightly lower altitude than the first constellation. The higher satellites will operate at an altitude
of between 690 miles (1,110 km) and 823 miles (1,325 km) and act as the backbone of the
Starlink broadband service, while the other satellites will be deployed at altitudes of
between 208 miles (335 km) and 215 miles (346 km) and be used to boost capacity and lower
latency, particularly in locations that are heavily populated. Together, the satellites are meant to fly
in a synchronized dance over the Earth, providing internet to every region of the planet. In this video, Engineering Today will discuss
SpaceX’s first 60 Starlink internet-beaming satellites which will be launching this week. How SPACEX GEARS UP TO LAUNCH these INTERNET
SATELLITES and Why SpaceX’s Starlink Could Cause Cascades of Space Junk? Let’s get into details. The splashy plan was first announced in 2015. SpaceX has been ramping up fundraising in
preparation for that and another high-profile project. If the iconoclastic entrepreneur meets his
goals, internet users around the world could see internet speeds that are around 40 times
faster, no matter where they live. Though Musk and Space X have not said how
much they would charge for the service. The low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites fly just
a few hundred kilometres above the surface of the earth. Since their orbit is small, they tend to loop
around earth quite quickly. A lot of the LEO satellites tend to follow
the polar orbit, which means they pass above both the north and south poles many times
a day. These sit below the medium-earth orbit (MEO)
satellites, and are semi-synchronous—these are usually placed around 20,000km above the
earth’s surface, and pass the same points on the equator multiple times a day. To provide internet connectivity, these satellites
move in space in a synchronized movement and transmit the signals to the ground-based terminals. The movement of the satellites is configured
in a way that at least one satellite will be able to hook-up with each terminal on the
ground at all times. The idea is to let these terminals provide
Wi-Fi, LTE, and 3G mobile data signals for a certain area. SpaceX’s FCC approvals are contingent on
the company being able to launch half of all these satellites within the next six years. This will not be SpaceX’s first launch of
the satellites. So far, In February last year, SpaceX had
only launched two experimental satellites, nicknamed TinTin A and the TinTin B, and are
reported to have passed the trials and tests. The duo seemed to perform well, according
to Musk and SpaceX investors, though the company did end up keeping the satellites in a lower
orbit than originally planned. As a result, SpaceX successfully petitioned
the FCC to fly some of its satellites in the lower orbit, based on what the company had
learned from those test satellites. Now the SpaceX company is preparing to launch
the Starlink project in earnest. This first group of 60 consists of “production
design” spacecraft that are different than the TinTin satellites, according to Musk. However last week during a satellite conference,
SpaceX president and COO Gwynne Shotwell noted that these satellites still lack some design
features needed for the final constellation. While the satellites will have antennas for
communicating with Earth and the capability to maneuver through space, they won’t be
able to communicate with one another in orbit, she said. Shotwell ultimately referred to this batch
as “demonstration” satellites, which will test out how the company plans to deploy these
vehicles into orbit. On Twitter, Musk noted that the satellites
are flat-packed inside the nosecone, or payload fairing. This SpaceX’s Starlink launch is extremely
unique for several reasons. Aside from the unprecedented step of launching
60 spacecraft weighing 13,000 kg (30,000 lb) on a developmental mission, both the form
factor of each satellite and the style of dispenser or payload adapter has never been
seen before. SpaceX appears to have settled on a square
dispenser with four separate quadrants for satellites. The Falcon 9 rocket will take these satellites
into space, and it is expected that the launch will happen on May 15th. The weather forecast looks mostly favorable
for the launch of a whopping 60 SpaceX communications satellites from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station
on 15th May, Wednesday, according to the Air Force. Teams are expected to face 70% “go” conditions
for the 10:30 p.m. Falcon 9 liftoff from Launch Complex 40. The possibility of clouds and showers were
noted as the main concerns by the Air Force’s Space Coast-based 45th Weather Squadron. After liftoff, the rocket’s first stage will
target a landing on the Of Course I Still Love You drone ship stationed in the Atlantic
Ocean. Little has been known about the SpaceX Starlink
system, aside from tidbits gleaned from public filings and employees leaving the program. Musk fired the head of the Starlink program
last year, four months after SpaceX launched its first two test satellites for Starlink. Musk later blamed layoffs at SpaceX in January
in part due to Starlink as one of the company’s “two absolutely insane projects.” “SpaceX has to be incredibly spartan with
expenditures until those programs reach fruition,” Musk said in January. Starlink’s technology is a closely kept
secret as competition is heating up among at least a half dozen other companies, from
the Canadian Telesat to newcomer Amazon. But over the past few months, filings made
by SpaceX to the Federal Communications Commission have given insight into the company’s plans. The first part of the network will operate
at a “very low Earth orbit.” In a letter to the FCC, SpaceX said the satellites
are now designed to be “completely demisable” when they return and burn up in Earth’s
atmosphere. SpaceX said this means there is “zero”
risk any pieces of Starlink will hurt anyone on the ground after the satellites are done
being used. SpaceX also submitted an application this
year to operate 1 million “earth stations” in the U.S.
Musk warned in a later tweet that “much will likely go wrong” on this first mission. He argued that at least six more launches
of 60 satellites will be needed to provide “minor” internet coverage, while 12 launches
will be needed for “moderate” coverage. SpaceX has said it aims to have internet coverage
available starting in 2020. Shotwell said SpaceX could launch two to six
more Starlink missions this year, depending on how this first flight goes. One Twitter user noted in response to Musk,
six additional launches of 60 satellites comes to 420 satellites total,a number that Musk
has enjoyed. Musk was famously fined $20 million by the
SEC for claiming that he might take Tesla public at $420 a share. Based on the recent events, the CEO admitted
it might not be his lucky number anymore. Musk Joked, “That *might* not be my lucky
number”. SpaceX is just one of many companies eager
to launch large constellations of satellites into space, in order to offer global internet
coverage. Companies like OneWeb, Telesat, LeoSat, and
now Amazon are also working on massive constellations that would provide internet connectivity from
low orbits over Earth. In February this year, American company OneWeb
launched six satellites—the first of its planned constellation of 650 satellites. These will also be looking to completely carpet
earth with internet connectivity, and will be placed 750 miles above the earth’s surface. But now SpaceX is poised to gain a significant
lead in the race to provide internet from space. SpaceX estimates the entire Starlink project
will cost around $10 billion, which covers launch costs, as well as the design and setup
of the necessary infrastructure to create its global broadband network. SpaceX confirmed that Starlink would directly
target private and business users alike. If successful, not only will the Starlink
constellation bypass complicated ground-based infrastructure and deliver internet to remote
areas of the world, but it could become a cash cow that helps fund Musk’s dream to colonize


  1. Chris Place says:

    damn we living in the future and I didn't even know it

  2. J rock says:

    What scares me is that if this was weaponized it would be scary.

  3. Frank Dalla says:

    This guy musk is a glory hound. He got lucky and .made money, now he uses that to make more. Dont worry, nothing he does is free.

  4. Rudra says:

    Wait, anyone looked into whether this will cause any issues on our health? I mean over 12,000 satellites beaming down Internet wirelessly over our heads.. I dunno if anyone knows the long term effects. Oh well, we'll be dead before we recognise the effects

  5. Rudra says:

    Wait, how will countriea of the world allow this? I mean, what guarantee is there, this won't allow surveillance over other nations?? Something seems off

  6. Tanner Toby says:

    Y’all are falling for this shit again? Free energy anyone?

  7. diezel James says:

    What goes down must go up.

  8. yuehh tewbb says:

    This system is intended to provide cellphone, browsing and television services in a single package. Do you have any idea how many companies and how much money is being put into assassinating Elon right now?

  9. Oxxygen says:

    This is literally how you get "over" The Great fire wall of china 😀

  10. Shibu Roy says:

    It will probably not work here

  11. Mark Yeakel says:

    Fake fakety fake fake fake

  12. Jay Thomas says:

    Added to the 15,000+ satellites thats already supposed to be giving us various communications although 95% of ALL communications are done with towers and undersea cablez!! It will be prettty crowded up there lol

  13. Who Blah says:

    If it destroys Spectrum-Charter from our lives hell yeah!!

  14. Cherry Poppins says:

    if you pay a premium you can adopt a satellite and on the starlink app you can track where it is and make it flash in the night sky or add a comet tail

  15. Defender2516 says:

    Can I get a flamethrower with my internet?

  16. Defender2516 says:

    Life: I got problems for YOU buddy.
    Me: Aha! You triggered my TRAP card!
    Plays Elon Musk

  17. Abdenacer Fodil says:

    So in general he needs 200 lunches each contain 60 satellite to complete the mission .
    I must say , it is very believable .

  18. Bori Taly says:

    Wow finally 100 years later you want to talk about what Nikola tesla invented

  19. Bori Taly says:

    Lol..a cgi picture of satellites.. Lmao.. As if water could curved

  20. No One says:

    Elon Stark

  21. Crisalida Thomassie says:

    What a great vision from a great guy. I wish him the best in every project. He is so kind and unselfish human being and deserves infinite support. Companies will have to lower their prices and better their services to compete across the globe. Great job!

  22. hypnoticatrance says:

    5G will kill the earth and send us back for millions of years! Plants will die, then the fishes, and as last we all. A net spawned over the whole earth with tousends of those satelites, by using powerfull amplitudes on those frequenzies will cause a big damage to all nature. Do you know, that militaries use those frequenzies and technology, to cause damage to enemies? Pleas wake up all! We have enought smarthphone slaves(zombies). Please, Elon Musk, think about what you are doing, then i don't think you know the danger of this technology!

  23. Cal Ral says:

    Showering all biological life on earth with microwave radiation. What could possibly go wrong. Greed over life

  24. C.S. Dennstedt says:

    Why should anyone on earth want another monoply surveiling and censoring ALL mankind?? No single company shoul ever be allowed to do this!

  25. hasso0n says:

    If it ever launches as a service it will most likely be banned by most countries

  26. voke_ Plays says:

    Kessler syndrome
    …. We wont go anywhere from earth if all this shit gets shot up.

  27. Lana Navan says:

    What a crock of bull shit

  28. Edwin Rydberg says:

    With so many satellites in orbit — including those of all the competitors — by mid-century it's going to be challenging to get a rocket off the planet without hitting something. There's currently an estimated 20,000 pieces of space junk larger than a softball. If each company launches 12,000 new objects, it will eventually make dodging them difficult.

  29. Rose Leo says:


  30. pwndecaf says:

    This Scott Leffler guy doing the voiceover grates on my ears. I've heard him before somewhere. His start of a sentence or after a pause are jarring and make me want to jump out of my chair.

  31. pwndecaf says:

    Theoretically, we should be able to get service from any company, no matter the country of origin.

  32. Lezavyr Dillon says:

    And so, the human race spreads its vir5us of Avarice and Greed, murder and complete absence of ethical capability of regulatingh itself to the stars. May the cosmos help us with a Solar Flare EMP to humble arrogance down to the ground

  33. Tom Jones says:


  34. No1More1Mr1Nice1Guy1 says:

    launching them for investors….

  35. stargate905 says:

    This is great free Skype. Let’s burn our Bell and Rogers bills.

  36. Sonny Moon says:

    anybody know yet who's DEW destroyed the dragon or have a video like the last time ? (i suspect).

  37. Cassio Braga says:

    From a layman point of view, i wonder if a satellite beam to earth might be affected by heavy clouds and cause interruptions in communication.

  38. mofobia71 says:

    wonder how this will effect the magnetic field

  39. Lawrence Whiteside says:

    He's going to use them for the hires Tesla 3 video uploads for it's AI first, I bet. his cell data bill is prob massive atm.

  40. Unimornnbr1 says:

    They just launched it today

  41. sigel81 says:

    starlink will be the future. no more lags playing against different regions

  42. john higgins says:

    They can not go into space

  43. soloslava says:

    SPACE JUNK CAUSES SPACE WARMING BEWARE! And the space bears will die R.I.P

  44. Abdussalam El-Gerwi says:

    SkyNet is coming

  45. Darwin Ranzone says:

    Satellite internet is not ultra fast LOL
    come on is this an engineering channel?

  46. Feras Maatugh says:

    Lets get into the details
    Your mom is so fat 😂

  47. Marvin Domingo says:

    Defense update ???

  48. Joronah says:

    Elon out there being innovative and looking far ahead into the future. On the other hand we still got tens of thousands of flat-earthers who have no idea how gravity works.

  49. Эсенбулат Валиев says:

    In Russia we have 1000mb speed only for 23 dollars.

  50. wienerdogman paul says:

    Wow! Just wow. He saw 5G and said hold my beer LOL

  51. MyessYallyah Americus says:

    in 2016 the united states of America was completely defeated in world war 3. i am its only surviving member. i am allah. the only American worth his weight in shit. the rest of you are empty shells with no substance to hold you above the quicksand collapsing under your ugly scummy toes. you wasted your lives quitting and surrendering when i never gave up, you are weakness and filth, you are making things worse. you were supposed to be better then that, what happened? where did you surrender and lose all your self respect? when did you decide you couldn't handle the stress of the truth.????

  52. MyessYallyah Americus says:

    you couldn't defend me if you wanted to. you destroyed the one who cared enough not to give up on you, you were that weak. your best defense you abandoned for flood plaijn stinging neddle hell hole nowhere low ground nutrient depleted tgoxin dump land. you will agonize through your terrifying death. you aren't good enough to work for me anymore. i own all America. you aren't allowed to work on my continents anymore

  53. MyessYallyah Americus says:

    when you went trumpo you surrendered to the weakness

  54. Tyler says:

    Here's a secret folks…..he isn't an innovator….he's a pragmatist. People talk, he does.

  55. Demitres Cash says:

    Ok some more bs

  56. Uncle Freddy says:






  57. Natura Wallis says:

    the earth is flat, flat, flat, flat

  58. Urban Hideaways food ‘ drinks says:

    can orbit a flat earth? if “satellites” are in “space”, then I cant wait to see this BS convince u sheep moon landing, but 2021 version. Idiots.

  59. zodinow says:

    I just need good ping like 50 ms😭

  60. Er.KUMAR ADITYA says:

    Mr.Musk transferring the Tesla's personal data center to the space kinda something?

  61. Raghavendra gowda says:

    effects of 5g on human race

  62. shinpaku 123 says:

    LOL I like how all the other companies are jerking off while Elon is pushing for better technology spectrum and all the other internet companies will become irrelevant when this is complete

  63. derek starkjr says:

    Progress is fast ,i was watching star trek gust a short 40 years ago .

  64. Randy Gilmour says:

    Yah Starlink! 😎👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  65. milk yo says:

    So were gonna have internet for free? Or just charged cheaper prices?

  66. Threelly AI says:


  67. Sira Mike says:

    no more remote areas. thumb up for me.

  68. Yumi Watanabe says:

    Russian, Iranian, North korean and Chinese govt would be pissed off

  69. Jordan Bronson says:

    OMG, I already get mad headaches being close to Cell Phones and Cell Towers… Now there is no way I can escape. 🙁

  70. Truth Seeker says:

    I have huge amounts of respect for Elon as I watched an interview with him on the subject of our energy crisis in Australia due to our incompetent government and was emotionally touched to see Elon Musk have a lump in his throat and almost tear up and quotes, we will try harder .. he showed true emotional upset for a country that has given him no support what's so ever . Thankyou for your love of all humanity Elon ❤ on behalf of the Australian people I apologize for our idiotic government.

  71. Aaron Edward says:

    I have to say that I am a big fan of this I think it is a fantastic idea the other day I was smoking a joint and I heard about this with a few of my friends we had a little dark cynical laugh about the fact that musk is either the world's smartest person or an alien or a great business entrepreneur or he is the definition of a 007 bad guy trying to launch all of these satellites which have lasers on them does anybody know how strong these lasers are what if he combine over 300 lasers at one Focus Point anybody seen what a handheld powerful laser can do it can set s*** on fire in the matter of seconds and that's just one little itty bitty handheld laser think of what over 300 lasers could do if they focused on one point then I was like Elon musk's is not evil is he but then my mind jump to another thought and I was like so I wonder if he got mad at Comcast or some s*** and was like these f**** keep f**** up s*** with the internet they can't do anything right always goes down in the middle of the night and was like I'm going to make my own internet and then I thought how awesome would it be if he shut down all the other huge internet companies across the world what if he made it kind of like an open-source where it was free to everyone all you had to do was log on imagine how many corrupt businesses and people's agendas would get shut down just by him making the internet free and then I was like damn my weed is really good and then I thought giving it away free would be really cool but he is a businessman and I figure there's roughly a little over 28 billion people on the planet what if he charged a dollar a year or a dollar a month for his internet no one in their right mind would ever pay for internet from any other company if he had internet that was 40 times faster than fiber optics for a mere $1 to $12 a year I mean you guys can do the math that's a lot of money annually he would shut down every internet provider company across the world and then I started thinking oo7 villain Again and then I was like damn my weed is really good all BS aside he is definitely one of the Worlds greatest envisionary and then I thought again what if he really did give this to everyone for free kind of like his gift to humanity not that most of us would even be remotely close to the deserving of it but it would be a beautiful gift to the world if he made it free for everyone and ask nothing for it in return and then I thought the chances of that happening all right up there with everyone on the planet understanding that there are aliens out there some have good intentions for us and some have ill intent but if everyone on the planet could understand that and stop fighting amongst ourselves and unite is a planet and put all of our minds together to create and build and stop warring amongst ourselves because there are bigger threats out there off planet then what Bible this person reads or what beliefs this person has and then I was like damn I shouldn't be dabbing because my weed is super good but my dabs are god like

  72. Alex View says:

    And nothing have been said about the cost

  73. Brendan Alimony says:

    Internet satellites my asshole. The internet is entirely ground based using underwater cables.

  74. Rodney Carpluk says:

    They do know that adding thousands of satilites is going to increase the likeyhood of collisions with ships?

  75. 晶晶小屋 says:

    這個計畫 只看到好處, 沒看到危險, 非常糟糕!!

    到時金小胖只要炸掉其中一顆, 數百萬個碎片, 就足以讓地面上數萬顆衛星連鎖性炸毀!

    一顆衛星炸毀產生數百萬個碎片, 碎片再撞擊碎片, 產生數量數十億個碎片, 到時更近地太空碎片會超級多! 非常糟糕!!

    地球以後人類要穿越大氣層, 幾乎不可能!

    從此人類無法向太空發展, 甚至連放個衛星都沒辦法!

    不只這樣, 人類通訊倒退 100 年(沒有衛星的年代)

    解法不是沒有, 但 SpaceX的老闆,馬斯克(Elon Musk)有做嗎?

    解法非常難, 你必須設計的衛星 不會破碎

  76. Michael Hause says:

    What a hooker child

  77. Arno Bredenhann says:

    Youw are my mentor mentor me elon musk

  78. Zezo Mansour says:

    This will destroy a lot of ISPs

  79. DK Stoney says:

    It's my sky. It's your sky. It's a crime and a reminder of how insignificant we are in the eyes of global corporations that we weren't consulted or even informed about this.

  80. Chris Sarkatzis says:

    I like technology as much as the next person, but doesnt anyone care that they wont be able to see the stars at night?

  81. RiffRaff says:

    Crypto will spread like wildfire.

  82. Rodney Carpluk says:

    How does the fcc approve 12000 satilites?

  83. BIG GAMING BANG says:

    Finally internet I can play without lagging and watch without stopping

  84. Vanna6345 says:

    What a mess… :0(

  85. CeeTruth says:

    Starlink? Skynet?

    .. Oh no

  86. Owl Poodle says:

    Elon should help whites get out of South Africa.

  87. Deborah Bloedorn says:

    I'm disappointed now. Christies has a Vermont home listed with private telescope/observatory. But Elon is flooding LEO with sooo many satellites. The unique home features "….a 48’ engineered cement silo with a professional astronomical observatory dome (the professional world class half meter fully robotic telescope, operable from anywhere with internet access, is sold separately)." AND a Solar array powers the property. Giggles. I loved the listing. Under $2 million. But so many satellites really will mess up the sky for everyone.

  88. psycleen says:

    5g balloon

  89. Thomas Ewing says:

    Why doesn't he show us a real legit picture of the Earth

  90. Valanda Green says:

    It's amazing you're can't wait ,,,,,,,,,,😙😙😙😙

  91. strangeKE says:

    This will open up a whole new world of internet shenanigans.

  92. Anne* 411 says:

    He knows those satellites wont stay up their without them balloons

  93. Antonio says:

    in case of cyber war this could help

  94. Andrei Girnet says:

    Let's do it!! I'll be the first customer.

  95. Marco Antonio Saturno Iribarren says:

    free internet for negros courtesy of america

  96. Troy Koo says:

    should be able to use starlink for cell phone communication too or new satalite phones

  97. Subscribe me, Sempai! says:

    11:08 only for bussiness and private? so not for commoners like us?

  98. Rudy VanBuskirk says:

    Starlink AKA Skynet.

  99. Hand Architecture says:

    As soon as it's available, goodbye Viasat/Exede you lying, thieving internet provider. $188 a month for mediocre service. Unfortunately I live in rural Missouri, a third-world country, so it's the best I can get.

  100. reg reg says:

    Another smug tech engineer think they better than everyone Elon Pentagon sellout FUCK HIM PIECE OF SHIT no one had the right to microwave the world fucking Nazi science iPhone zombies think its great and gaming nerds your most of the problems "ooh but I'll be able to Fap to fortnite at biggest download speed ever" who cares life is more than sedentary electronic stimulation addiction y'all no better than junkies. MORONS

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