SPAM TEXT MESSAGES ON iPhone – iOS 12, iOS 11 | BEST Siri Shortcuts 2019

SPAM TEXT MESSAGES ON iPhone – iOS 12, iOS 11 | BEST Siri Shortcuts 2019

do you want a siri shortcut which you
can spam text messages to as many people as you want on your iOS device if so let’s
start g’day guys, it’s Saunders Tech is your first time here and you want to
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to enjoy this video make sure you smash the like button! so you want to go to
this link in the description it will bring up this popup, and you want to tap allow, which will install itweakos. you want type in your passcode,tap next, install install again you know tap Done. and new we have installed a webcip on your device called iTweakOS, you just
wanna open it and you’ll see the VIP you just want to tap on the skip below. “this is a free account” close it, then tap on install and you will see Siri shortcuts ios 12. scroll down until you see message spammer which is here. you just want to tap the
shortcut icon tap it and you’ll bring you to the shortcuts app. if you don’t
have the siri shortcuts app I’ll put a link in the description which will link to the shortcuts app, now message spammer, and if it’s saying you own the place because all you have the shortcut, I’m going to tap on the
replace. see added to library and now you can see that message spammer is here. And now how many messages we’d like to send hahaha, we can send unlimited, but let’s just do 50 I can select contacts I’m going to do me, and you can select multiple if you want you’re extra nice. so these are basically my contacts, at least I hope so you want to tap done, and your message, what would you like to say even the one thinking of this let’s just do this… let’s top okay.
and it’s going to start spamming text messages. now we can have a look at our progress… let’s just
open up the messages up and there we go… sending a couple of messages. so, I mean
I’m not magician right, but you could tell this is the shortcut that are
sending the messages and you can also see the time it sends a message the
progress goes through. And I don’t know what to say. it’s pretty darn interesting. so this
will send as many messages as you want to as many people as you want
earlier i selected *50 messages so it’s going to send *50 messages I’m kind
of get distracted not because of the message but because it’s snowing
England haha so if you enjoyed this video, make sure you leave like, subscribe for new,
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day guys peace out! (if you see this caption comment Spam text messages shortcut op)


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    Sorry for the late upload: my time zone changed overnight, and I didn’t realise.

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    Cool video keep it up

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    When I do it all it does is send their contact to them

  5. Daniel on Mobile says:

    Keep it up bro

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    It didnt work for me

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    It doesn’t work, it makes me send the message each time

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    Is there a way I can speed up the process ?

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