Sports Marketing at Saint Rose – Love This Class

Sports Marketing at Saint Rose – Love This Class

What’s really cool about this class
personally is being able to see how marketing is in the world of sports. This class is great. We do a lot of
group projects which will help us in our future. Right now, we’re doing a simulation
on how to market for a football stadium and you market for football games and
concerts. We basically are promotional managers
for the football team and we want to make a lot of revenue. It reminds me of like..a video game.
I’m pretty into video games so.. I think it’s just fun, like I can waste
a lot of time doing this stuff. So actually, this is my first time to
use the simulation in my first marketing class. Our students, they’re actually doing very
well. So, based on their experience in the
practice rounds, we have some discussions. How we can make a better strategy in
the marketing. It allow you, like, to be able to be like your
most creative-self possible. Being able to promote your team, being able to come
up with like all these cool advertising campaigns. Professor Hwang, She’s always smiling
when she comes to class. She wants to help us. She wants us to
do the best. Being able to see that outside experience
that she’s had in the olympics. Being able to talk more about sports. I feel very comfortable around her. She’s
just a nice lady and I’m really happy to know her. I’m happy to see how my students grow and they
bought their perspective as a marketer. That’s what I love.

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