START END TIME Drone Earth as a Sounding Board Collapse of World Trade Center Noises


okay so this is a this is the start and
end time of the sound of ground vibrations during the collapse of the
World Trade Center and I was just thinking about that yesterday and I just
happened to throw that question out on Twitter and one of the NSA or someone on
the it was related to the NSA and I said it would be interesting to hear the
sound if there was any seismic vibrations or anything from that time
frame and lo and behold there is a guy who shared this with me it’s from the
National Archive the archive which might be
yeah the archive dot-com and so you can see I’m gonna tap with my finger right
here is the first point that’s the first collapse or the first hit that when the
first plane hit this is the second plane hitting which is at about 20 minutes I’m
glad they put this up because I didn’t actually see the visualization the very
the visualization is very helpful and I know they said not long ago they said
they wanted the FBI to actually all of them should visit the World Trade Center
to look at it as part of their education and so this third spot shows the
collapse I hope that’s showing up on there and the fourth spot is the second
collapse and so this is a this is this is a really good visualization showing
how sound travels and you can also hear it to you and and so because I was
curious and asking questions about some of the sounds I’m gonna play a little
bit of it because it just actually this sounds so similar to where I live and
something we don’t think about is the noises there we have noises of the earth
that they say we can’t hear well actually I don’t believe that though
then we have other noises that are fine in which our our man-made artificial
noises but I’m just gonna play a little bit of it here at the beginning and
that’s what they’re calling the drone of the earth and so let’s go up here if I
can move it it’s kind of hard for me too let’s see oh let’s listen listen to this
it’s already started the first airplane has already started hitting the tower and it’s ringing you can hear it reading
like a bell and over here this one I thought was interesting there’s a little
bit over here oh my goodness let’s see if we can slide it over where it just
went got really really quiet we went too far oh I can’t tap right on that part
okay so let me tap I’ll just tap a little bit at a time and it got it got
really really quiet in this little area listen that sounds kind of like that
sounds kind of like when you hear the Russian woodpecker do the radar that’s
kind of what that reminds me of it’s like with the Wi-Fi this making a
ringing noise but it just got really really quiet during that period of time but I want to go over here to this
larger the this would be a really good educational to tool because sound shows
the vibrations I’d also be curious about implosions I think down here it says
that it registered some yeah right here the collapse registered 2.4 on the
Richter scale this would be a really good lesson to teach in schools I don’t
know if they do or not but it actually shows and then here being able to hear
the sounds to correlate the sounds of the earth the ringing of the sounds in
the Earth from the seismographs the seismic activity I think that that would
be a really really powerful lesson I don’t know what age group would
understand that but I think even little tiny I think young kids might you know
understand this at a young age you know teaching them that the earth talks to us
I mean it it really does oh here we are right this is the first collapse you hear that ringing that is I it’s like waves of reading I’m and I
wonder one of the things I wonder too is about like how much enhanced it is
because of the ocean in that area or does it make a similar sound if it is in
a different part you know so say that you know what you know what they do
implosions all the time so so I’m curious if it has as powerful of a sound
in places around the world or even in the United States that are away from a
body of water because we all know that water carries noise a long long distance
what even water itself makes a lot of noise and and so but I’m gonna back that
I’m gonna back it up a little bit I went too far I wanted to go back just a tiny
tiny bit and play it again so we can hear and so down here they call it the
drone let me check my time I’ve got to make sure I’m not running out of it let me pause it for a minute okay this
says this work involves a process of odd efficacious of the seismological data
record which occurred in the area of area of New York State New Jersey in New
England during the collapse of the World Trade Center buildings on September 11th
2001 the data streams were acquired from Columbia University Geological Survey
lab which run a network of earth monitoring stations in the area with the
closest being 34 kilometers from the epicenter of the event so you know how
loud that is to be 34 kilometers away a process of data conversion and seeing
signal translation was used to make the normally inaudible seismic wave forms
both audible and playback in real time as the event unfolded no other
processing or effects were added to the tracks the registration includes four
events two impacts and two collapses along and in between the sounds of the
drone of the earth that that’s interesting right there the drone of the
air the normal sounds and drone of the earth
that’s kind of smaller to things that I’ve been hearing you know that people
say we’re crazy for saying that we hear them when we do the heaviest impact of
the collapse registered 2.4 on the Richter scale a signal with which
traveled through the earth the work stands not as a memorial per se but as
an action of effect where the global terrain becomes a sounding board a bell
like alarm detonating history’s in the making that is powerful right there so
let’s play this I’ll probably play it out to the end it is it’s the earth
itself is a sounding board there’s the normal drone of the earth that’s what I
hear I hear that all the time you kind of hear it start to pick up


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