SuitedTruckDriver #10 Hoe verleng je de vrachtwagen cabine? Combineer de GIGA SPACE met BIG SPACE!

SuitedTruckDriver #10 Hoe verleng je de vrachtwagen cabine?  Combineer de GIGA SPACE met BIG SPACE!

Hello, there we are again! @ Ematri Barneveld where we are building our truly unique truck for the PLANET PFM Roadshow! The truck will be the foundation under our ambition, the ROADSHOW. The roadshow which i will perform myself throughout Europe to visit clients, relations and new prospects! At this moment our truck is in development @ Ematri. This is the chassis… although.. whats left of it.. Last week i drove the truck from Veldhuizen to Ematri. (see previous video!) There was something wrong with the back light…:( *&%$*^&YT Anyway… if you like, whats that video! This is what’s left of our truck… It’s beheaded now.. and the cabin is being cut in half! Let’s see what they have done and i will take you along on this update! Let’s go inside! SPOT on! The cabin is being cut in half as we speak! Oh, men, not much left! This is it..Good day to you… Well, the “truck” is @ Ematri for a little week. It’s now Thursday, exact 7 days.. And if you see what they’ve done in those 7 days.. Impressive. De-installed the whole cabin, stripped everything. Chassis is outside, we’ll have a look later. But here you can see quite good how they do it. The grinding lines are drawn.. These hatches we take out of the exterior. This is normally a storage compartment but the downside is that it uses approx 40cm of the inner space. So we eliminate this storage to have more space on the inside. The little office can be more efficient in this way. The objective of this cabin extension is that we have here the chairs, Followed by some high clothing closets (for SUITS) and than a little office with 1 or 2 work places So when i’m travelling i have a little office to work in and not being dependable to expand the container every time. So i can work in the back of the cabin on email, offers, etc. So in fact the cabin will hold a decent office. (and a bedroom) Whilst travelling.. Ehm, you can now perfectly see drawn lines along the total width That’s done on both sides And later on the back plate will come loose from the rest after that the will add 900mm of fresh body work. As you can see, it not even close anymore to the truck is was.. Stripped to the bone and just some bodywork left.. When we visited the TRUCK factory in WORTH Germany we saw all those point welding robots going from left to right That’s what we can see now clearly. And the shapes in the body work all have to do with adding stiffness the the exterior. The stability of the exterior is determined by all those little shapes and bends. The extension which is being welded onto the exterior will also be shaped and added with little construction plates to add stability and stiffness to the exterior. Adding 900mm of steel and weight does bring extra forces on the construction which need to be secured. Various mounting and construction plates make sure this all goes well. Well, in fact it’s almost unbelievable if you see what has happened in those few days In the time-span between truck delivery and now.. Great, piece of work! Extraordinary. Here were the chairs.. and they are gone..:) Hey Gert, good afternoon! This heading the right way! – Yes, not much left hey! Good day indeed, i already said to Pat that with this speed it ready in 2 weeks! Yes, much is done!
– not bad he? mind blowing!
– Not bad indeed, that’s what i mean! Because here, well the dashboard is below this cover but the rest is gone! Totally empty, till the last bolt! Yes, you don’t want anything in there when cutting and welding! No, indeed! But.. wow And when do you expect to add the new parts? That will start soon? Well, we first start to level the structure. Than we add the frame parts and cut the roof. Than we add the floor and the last parts are the side plates. Oh, oke so this is last? And in the planning, for example to mount a TV screen holder – oh, time enough, that can be done still 3 days prior to paintwork. OK!
– so no rush on that. And this back part will come loose.?
– yes, this part will be moved. This part moves, this part comes in new, and the top part? The back plate will be re-used? Yes, we will. And these parts of the roof will be renewed. Roof plate also. And those parts come from the GIGA SPACE cabin. Ok, and how will you handle those air intake place holders? Those are also in the new body work.
– oh, ok. and that’s an lengths of 900mm? We will cut right behind the roof hatch Exactly before the air intake parts.
– ok. So, it’s possible.. And in the roof part you add; does that contain another roof hatch? – No,. that’s a closed roof part and is basically the same as this one but without the first part. And than we weld it together. But, Nice work Gert! And what about all the parts? Trying to store them without all the dust…:) Look, there they are.. Suite some.. When i was young I did this with my scooter also And stored all parts & bolts in a big plastic box And than the scooter was assembled again.. and than i noticed.. HEY why still so many items in the BOX?!? πŸ™‚ Gert: haha, direct PROFIT! Let’s hope not on the truck project..:) And the chassis? Outside?
– yes. Typical dutch weather probably? We are about the measure the truck length. Drawing versus actual. The guy delivering the crane thinks the chassis is too short..:( And we need about 12 meters. and it’s more easy to cut the chassis than extending and welding an additional piece..:) so let’s do some field research.. 1 meter short? Holy &^*%… send me your mail with questions please… let me know… in bullets..:) I will call Mercedes on the actual ordered chassis length to be sure… – Also check the wheel heights with VELDHUIZEN please. I need to go..
– and check the Drawbar location also! PFFFF,,, thanks Jelle for your feedback..Grr Well, it ain’t over yet. Chassis length is a bit vague. Little discussion.. Too long, too short…
What to do? Firstly let’s check what’s ordered, it must have a reason.. The drawbar needs to be below the chassis, now it’s flat on the back of the chassis. That’s a topic. The wheel mounted by VELDHUIZEN seems 4 centimeters higher than the other two back tires.. So let’s also figure that out.. Back to the drawing table.. So yeah, it ain’t over TILL it’s over! More than enough to do, and every day.. every week this project contains NEW surprises… But the cabin works go well! And also these puzzle pieces will be sorted.. Lot’s of technical stuff, lot’s of parties.. But in the end we will get there! Follow this development and you will see this truck will become one of the most unique trucks in Holland! We will manage this!, but the only question is: WHEN? Next week, new update!
and i see you… in the NEXT ONE! Like & subscribe and follow the development of this exciting TRUCK project!

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    Heel bizar hoe snel dit gegaan is! Ben heel benieuwd naar het eindresultaat πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

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