SUMMER CAMP SESSIONS 2018 VOL. 1: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Poseidon” w/ Al Schnier – 5/25/18

SUMMER CAMP SESSIONS 2018 VOL. 1: Pigeons Playing Ping Pong – “Poseidon” w/ Al Schnier – 5/25/18

at Red Rocks, you might have heard of it We can’t wait for that, so to warm ourselves up for our first Red Rocks show with moe., we’re gonna go ahead and invite some friends up. Al, are you back there by chance? He is! Ladies and gentlemen, Al from moe.! Make some noise!


  1. Sky one says:

    Bunch of happy faces. Love it 😊🕊

  2. John Roslak says:

    Hell yes boys!

  3. DEEMSTER PORN says:

    GREAT VIDEO! Thank you!

  4. Rob K says:

    Berd is the werd.

  5. Austin Graham says:

    Pigeons need 2 sets next year!

  6. Sultan Grimoire says:

    I'm all up in the video dancin

  7. Ray Sherry says:


  8. Scott Renzema says:

    Im addicted to this one. Great stuff in the second jam. PPPP have to come back to scamp!

  9. Jared K says:

    One of my favorite Summercamp moments, so dope!!!

  10. Kellen Kramer says:

    This had me all in my sumercamp feels love yall thanks for this amazingness

  11. Tyler Horstman says:

    Cried like a baby with my dude. So good. Such a great weekend

  12. Bohn Jonham says:

    Face melter

  13. Alecx Hunter says:

    Holy shit that second jam gave me chills

  14. Blake Pitts says:

    This is my favorite song right now and of 2018. Jesus pigeon Christ, when their lead hits That One Note toward the end of his solo, it is majestic. Page, Hendrix, Jerry and Gilmour would be proud. It feels like coming home. I love this band. They deserve to be HUGE!!!

  15. Manager Hum Ripple says:

    Al slayed

  16. Ryan Dailey says:

    fucking al.

  17. Daniel Salerno says:

    let's not suck their knobs too hard, pigeons are great but al's solo was butchered to hell

  18. Keith Shaw says:

    A pigeon is wearing penguin pants.

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