Swarna Kamalam Telugu Full Movie || Venkatesh, Bhanupriya || K Viswanath || Ilayaraja

Swarna Kamalam Telugu Full Movie || Venkatesh, Bhanupriya || K Viswanath || Ilayaraja

Our divine motherland has been home to great artists All our classical arts were developed as heartfelt offerings or swarna kamalams (golden flowers) to the Lord Chandu: Hey Shiva, take the banners to the theater. I’ll join you there. Shiva: Ok sir Chandu: Hey get up Tinku: Sing to me softly while I sleep like a baby Chandu: I’ll play the drums on your head if you don’t wake up Chandu: You made excuses that you weren’t feeling well and skipped work last night Tinku: What crime did I commit, my friend? .. I’m playing the character of little Krishna in Yashoda’s arms Chandu: Then I’ll fire you and you can also play the character of a pauper Chandu: Hey where are you going with my cycle? Tinku: Since you worked all night, you rest while I go to the theater and set up the banners. Chandu: You?! Lady 1 talking to her domestic help Savitri greets the warden Lady 1: Hi Savitri, how is your father’s vision now? Savitri: He is doing alright. I heard that your daughter in law is leaving for town. I wanted to check if you wanted any snacks to send along with her. Lady 1: Oh sure, I’ll take 200 packs of snacks from you Savitri: Thank you. See you later. Lady 2: Ma, Why should I carry these from here? We get these snacks in our town as well. Lady 1: Do you know who she is? She is Vendantam Seshendra Sharma’s daughter Sharma ji was a great dancer of our times Students used to consider it a matter of great pride when he agreed to teach them his art But his health and unfortunate circumstances have led him to become financially dependent on his eldest daughter Neighbor 1 calling out to his wife, asking if she is making eggplant curry Neighbor 1’s wife: What is it? Why are you screaming? I am not cooking today Today is an auspicious day and we are all fasting Neighbor 1: You think I can fast? Kantaalu (house maid): Of course, you can fast sir. At least, you will lose some weightNeighbor 1: alright, alright, prepare my bath Neighbor 2: Bagyam, why are you singing early in the morning when I am getting late for the school? Bagyam: Yes, you’re getting late. Why don’t you get ready soon? Neighbor 2: Do I have to style my hair to get ready? Go and serve me food please, I am getting late. Neighbor 1’s son: Ugh, underwear and towels!Neighbor 1’s wife: what is it? Neighbor 1’s son: If Dad doesn’t like my violin, I’ll stand like a coat stand. He can dry his clothes on me Neighbor 1’s wife: I already argued with him in the morning, you don’t get me started now Neighbor 1’s son: You guys don’t know the value of music. Music is divine. Will he be ok if I put the door mat on his work uniform and signaling flag? Neighbor 1: Absolutely not! I’ll pull you into the loop line and shunt you between 2 engines, you fool! You didn’t even score 10 marks in the Railway Service Commission exams. You want to play music?!I tell him to go on the grand truck express (live royally), and he takes the goods/ cargo line. Savitri: Have you come for your rent? I’ll pay you in 4-5 days No, no! I came for these. Savitri: Are these packing materials? Yes, you can sell your snacks at a higher price then. Please take them. Savitri: These must cost a lot of money Don’t worry about it Nookalu: Ma’am, the dishes… Nookalu, are you done with work at our home? Nookalu: I won’t disturb you sir. Anyway, this girl has been gently raised and comes from a great family While you are scared to disobey your father’s orders Even if we aren’t around, can you guys really go out or sing love songs to each other Savitri: Meena, is that you? What is that noise? Meena: Uhh, nothing. Ghungroo slipped out of my hands Savitri: Meena! Help me in getting these inside. Savitri: How come you’re not dressed yet? Dad has been waiting for you since morning. Meena: Where have all the saris disappeared? Savitri: I put them for wash. Why can’t you wear a skirt? You should practice for an hour at least today. Meena: Why not! You and Dad are always worried about my practice. Meena: “What will happen if she stops practising?” “What if she doesn’t fully learn the art form?” Meena: Why don’t you replace this one ornament with ghungroo? I’ll dance with them 24*7, only then will both of you be satisfied. Savitri: Why are you complaining early in the morning? Savitri: Are you planning to roam around even today? Meena: You think I am roaming around even if it is for important reasons Savitri: Alright, you can tell your reasons to Dad. Savitri: You haven’t even practiced for 10 minutes in this whole week Savitri: Are you a little child to be forced to practice? People will blame me for scolding you. Sharma garu: What happened dear? Isn’t Meena ready yet? Meena: No father, I have to go to the hospital urgently. Sharma garu: Why dear, are you feeling unwell? Meena: I am alright but my friend Ratnamala is in labour. Her mother requested me to be by her side She has to run some errands and can’t be at the hospital the whole day When she requests me so politely, how could I refuse? Akka (sister) just doesn’t understand! Sharma garu: She worries that you will skip class Sharma garu: Meena will put in extra hours and practise next week, let her go Chandu: Hey Shiva, hang it a little towards the right Meena: Get down. We’re here! Give me your 50 paisa. Ratnamala: You lied to your father that I am in labour and that you had to go to the hospital Ratnamala: I am not even married yet! Meena: Why are you crying as if it has really happened?! Meena: You have to lie in extraordinary circumstances Ratnamala: What if the Tadhastu devtas (angels) hear all of this and actually make it all real? Meena: Change your name to Kunti Devi then! Meena: Look at the line for the tickets. Let’s go! Theater owner: Can you hear me? I can hear you.. Today is the first day, so I opened the theater at 7 am itself. Meena: I heard that the actress changes her costume for each line of every song in this movie, how lucky! Ratnamala: What?! I heard that the producers take all the costumes back Meena: Nooo, their mothers pack the costumes home before the producers can take them away Meena: Imagine how many costumes each actress must be owing! Ratnamala: Then may you be born as an actress in your next life! Meena: So you want me to live like this my whole life?! Why can’t you wish for some luck right away? Chandu: Why are you looking so upset sir? Theater owner: It seems the print isn’t available, so have to somehow manage today… I don’t know how these crowds and fans are going to react! Chandu: You figure that out with the distributors. Tinku will come later to collect the balance payment. Theater worker: Sir! People are enraged that there isn’t any print today! Ratnamala: Sir, why aren’t you running the show today? Chandu: Even I am not sure Meena: You have been publicizing for a week, how could you do this now? Chandu: I don’t understand it either.. Look, I am not connected to this cinema hall in any way. It might not be safe to be here anymore. Friend: Why do you girls look so sad? Didn’t you get the tickets? I reserved them in advance. Go put them in the bank. There’s no print available it seems. Akhilam:Owner: Why are addressing the goddesses as Sri? They’re ladies and you should address them as Srimati. Akhilam: You don’t have any music sense! My goddesses will listen to me any way I call them. Alright then.Akhilam: Listen! Come back. I am not even done with half my prayer and you’re already concluding it! Akhilam: Is it to finish the pooja and eat the prasad sooner?! No no, if you irritate the Gods by praying all day and night like a factory siren, won’t their heart break? Akhilam: Their hearts will melt, not break! Omkaram: That’s more dangerous. If their hearts melt, who will grant our wishes? Give them a break so that they can talk to each other and decide what wishes to grant.. Even if they’d like to talk, where are their mouths & ears. They’re subjected to diyas and incenses 24*7.. Look how burnt they look, like the Singareni coals. They’re looking at us tired and sad… That’s why, we need to halt these prayers for a couple of days… and clean these frames thoroughly, identify who is who and then pray.. so that your wishes will be granted and you will be blessed with a child. Akhilam: Halt for 2 days?! Despite praying all day with all my heart, I am childless. Omkaram: Of course, if you pray to one God, your prayers will succeed.. If you pray to all of them, they think you’re the other party’s candidate and ignore you Akhilam: It’s because you talk such non sense that I am still childless, despite all my efforts! Tinku: Hey please stop here.Tinku: Is Omkaram sir around? Omkaram: I am him! Tinku: Why are you joking!? Look at you, comparing yourself with him. He is a great intellect. Omkaram: Look at me properly, son! I am that fool, Omkaram. Tinku: Oh yes sir, it is you! How come your face looks like a burnt brinjal? Omkaram: Listen dear, you might’ve seen burnt down houses or people, this is due to too much devotion Tinku: So you’re a victim of excess devotion then Omkaram: You’ve understood the truth. You also look like you’re very religious.. You’re coming to live upstairs, don’t come down during aartis, you’ll become like me otherwise Tinku: When do you give Aartis, sir? Omkaram: Ask when we don’t give aartis! Akhilam: Listen, why have you skipped the pooja/ prayers and are sitting here? Omkaram: Our tenants are here, so I am talking to them. Akhilam: Oh have you moved in, son? Tinku: We will move in right away ma’am. Akhilam: His word also sounds divine, right? He looks like Shiva’s son. Omkaram: Yes, he is little Muruga. That’s why we agreed to rent the property to him. Akhilam: Take aarti, son! Tinku: No, it’s ok ma’am! Akhilam: You also take Omkaram: I’ve been taking since morning! Akhilam: But this Raghavendra Swamy’s special aarti Omkaram: Oh Raghavendra Swami’s? Akhilam: I’ll get prasadam also, wait here son. Tinku: Wait for a bit friend! Chandu: But you said the house was ready for occupancy today itself? Tinku: Everything is ready. But we have to prepare before stepping in. Chandu: What is this dude? Tinku: Let me tell you.. Akhilam:Why are you eating? Omkaram: I am just checking if it tastes good or not, just like Shabari Akhilam: Ugh, such a glutton!Akhilam: You look like Lord Balaji with the namam on your forehead Omkaram: Of course, both of them are like Gods, who have come to live with us Akhilam: Dear, Tinku told us that you’re very religious and traditional, let us know if you need anything.. Come I’ll give you aarti now. Tinku: I’ll show him the room first and be right back Chandu: Me and religious! How many more lies did you tell in the name of God?! Tinku: These aren’t lies, my friend, these are crisis handling measures.. When she heard that you’re religious, she agreed to rent.. When she heard that you pray and follow traditions, she reduced the rent by half. Chandu: Enough of lies. Now don’t open your mouth. Go get our stuff inside. Tinku: Alright, I won’t open my mouth again Savitri: How come you’re back this early? Didn’t you go to the hospital? Meena: Uff, you always doubt me. I am coming straight from the hospital. Savitri: But you said you won’t be back until afternoon, right? Meena: What happened was.. my friend’s dad could help out for the time being, so her mother asked me to come back after lunch at 2 Neighbor 2: Maybe her mother doesn’t know, but visiting hours are only from 4 to 8 pm Meena: My friend’s is a difficult case, so I can go anytime. Savitri: Alright, take these to Rangatham’s house and ask them if they need anything else, Meena: alright Savitri: Why are you going in again? Meena: Let me drink a glass of water, change and leave! Just doesn’t understand.. Chandu: This is your bag, right ma’am?.. So you don’t need to go to the hospital today afternoon either, doesn’t look they’re going to get the print today.. You can go tomorrow for the 9am show, alright? Here.. Chandu: Hey, where are you going? Tinku: I’ve arranged a beautiful table for us, come along Chandu: Sir, done with your prayers? Omkaram: What kind of silly question is that? There’s no end to my wife’s poojas. Tinku: Then how come you’re here? Omkaram: To enjoy the fresh air for a bit, and to listen to the melodious voice of Savitri Chandu, Tinku: Who is Savitri, sir? Omkaram: She is the eldest daughter of Vedantam Seshendra Sharma, a great dancer and a guru.. She sings every night around this time Bagyam: I feel like crying when I think about our neighbor Sharma garu and his daughters.. Neighbor 2: You shouldn’t cry when pregnant. Anyway, why are you crying about them?.. They’re all happy, with the eldest one singing and the younger one dancing Bagyam: You only see what is on the surface. Poor father is so worried about his daughter’s marriages.. If we weren’t Vaishnavas (one sect), we would’ve proposed my brother to Savitri.. Why don’t you ask your friend Satyamoorthy, the history teacher? Neighbor 2: What about him? Bagyam: Why don’t you convince him? He will be a good match for Savitri. Neighbor 2: Satyamoorthy is B.A, B.Ed. He is looking for a graduate, so that both of them can work .. How do I convince him about Savitri? Bagyam: Hmm, all girls their age are getting married, while these girls keep waiting.. Meena: Rajeshwari got married, did you know?.. Her husband is a reputed doctor in Chicago. They’re leaving for the States in 2 days to settle down there Savitri: She is a lucky girl Meena: Don’t you also want to get married to a rich guy, wear pretty clothes, and expensive jewelry, live royally, don’t you? Savitri: I don’t know about myself, but we will definitely find you a guy like that.. and have a grand wedding, ok? Meena: Yea right. Even if you try, why would anyone choose me? I don’t have a degree, only basic education and modest lives Savitri: If we’re lucky, we will find someone who understands us and will keep us happy Meena: Sure we’ll find.. a priest in Thyagaraja’s temple for you.. a teacher at the Kuchipudi school for me.. of course, we’ll find.. made for each other. Savitri:what happened? You’re using big words tonight Meena: What else do I do, Akka? Is our life worth living? Every morning we wake up, only to sing until your throat hurts and to dance until my feet get sore.. are these of any use to us? Tell me.. He just doesn’t understand.. Savitri: Why don’t you tell Dad that you don’t want to learn dance? Why do you have to feel so sad? Meena: It’s because I can’t tell him that I vent to you Savitri: Silly girl, we’re lucky to have him as our guru.. it’s a blessing to have an opportunity to learn these arts.. stop thinking silly thoughts and go to sleepMeena: Look Dad, while the whole world is going at such a fast pace, we’re lagging behind.. Our peers are all graduates and post graduates and are living happily.. while we are like a frog in a well..Meena: Dad, you’ve sacrificed your life for this art, why has the art given you in return? Sharma garu: All these arts are a way to attain moksha in this on-going life Meena: Looks like my pleas are falling to deaf ears Omkaram: Isn’t it enough that I am your slave, do you have to tie this bell to me? Akhilam: Oh you’re already up? Omkaram: Dear, why have you tied me this bell like a rakhi? When did you tie this? Akhilam: At night, Omkaram: Whyy? Akhilam: You know that I don’t wake up until I touch your feet, right?.. Where had you disappeared early in the morning yesterday? Omkaram: Oh Lord! I had too much prasad the previous night and hence, had to rush to the bathroom, how is that a crime? Akhilam: That’s why, even if you wake up for your needs, this bell will let me know Omkaram: Such a pain! Akhilam: It’s 4:45 am. Wake up now. Omkaram: I’m feeling better today, let me sleep for a while Akhilam: It is cold outside. The boys might want to take showers and start performing their poojas. Tell them not to shower with cold water, I’ll bring them hot water. Go now! Wait.. the bellChandu: Hey, Omkaram is here! Tinku: I won’t wake up no matter who calls me now Omkaram: Have you already started the pooja? Tinku: Not yet, sir! Chandu: hey what are you saying? Tinku: Just apply some vibhuti and somehow manage.. give us a minute! Akhilam: Why are you still standing with the bell here? Omkaram: I rang the bell. They answered.. We got hot water for youAkhilam: Have you guys already woken up and showered? Chandu: We never slept.. just stayed up the entire night reading the Geeta Akhilam: That is called true devotion.. see how a young bud has already blossomedOmkaram: I am just telling him that we got hot water for them Akhilam: Yes dear, don’t shower with cold water. It isn’t healthy for you. Tinku: Today, we have decided sweet rice pudding and tamarind rice for offerings, right?.. I will go place the order at the restaurant, you start the pooja Akhilam: Shee shee! Who offers prasad from a restaurant? I will properly prepare these myself and send them so you can offer them to God.. Let’s go Omkaram: Take this bell and ring it when you need to offer the prasad at the different times, I’ll get them Tinku: Omkaram smells something fishy here Chandu: Today, he suspects; tomorrow, he will punish. See how we had cover up one lie with so many others! Tinku: What, don’t you like rice pudding? Then, we’ll order curd rice. Why are you getting mad at me for that? Chandu: You’re shameless! Chandu: Open the door! Tinku: Rice pudding or curd rice? Nookalu: What happened, Miss? Why are you screaming? Meena: My ghungroo fell in the well Nookalu Nookalu: My my!! If we do nothing, then the frogs in the well will swallow those and jump around making noises. Nookalu: Help help! Come fast sir. Neighbor 2: What happened? Nookalu: Jump in the well sir. Neighbor 2: Why should I jump in the well? I am living happily with my family. Nookalu: Stop your talk. Meena dropped her ghungroo in the well. Go get them sir. Savitri: How did the ghungroo fall in the well? Meena: I was cleaning them and they slipped Akka Sharma garu: How could you be so reckless, dear? Omkaram: Sharma garu, there’s no point scolding her.. This is all the influence of movies..She also must have tried to dance like Kamal Hassan did in the movie Sagara Sangamam.. That’s how the ghungroo fell, glad that she didn’t fall herself Chandu greets Sharma garu Sharma garu: Who are you, son? Chandu: My name is Chandrashekhar. I live next door on the terrace. Don’t worry, I’ll get the ghungroo out of the well. You sit here Sharma garu: Don’t bother risking your life for this. It’s ok to lose the ghungroo Chandu: Don’t worry. I will get it. Nookalu: Dear dear! You are a true son Savitri: Please, don’t go in. Meena: The well is very deep. This boy doesn’t understand! Omkaram: Yes yes, they aren’t made of gold or silver. They must not even cost 10 rupees. Don’t risk your life. Chandu: Come on! Meenakshi is so upset about losing her precious item .. how can just we let it go? Akhilam: Come back victoriously, son! Neighbor 2: Hey, our steel plate had fallen in the well. Please look for that also Nookalu: Why can’t you go look for it yourself? Omkaram: Get down, go go! Neighbor 2: Forget the steel plate. Please leave me! Omkaram: A young boy is risking his life. Instead of stopping him, you want him to find your stuff! Go and take aarti there.. Nookalu: Be careful not to slip Akhilam: What happened? Omkaram: He went in. I can see bubbles. Akhilam and Omkaram: Dear Chandu, say ‘Oo’ once.Neighbor 2: They’re checking sir, you wait here. Akhilam: Oh my, my bell! Omkaram: Don’t pick up the bell, Akhilam: pick it up Meena: Small container (kalash) Neighbor 2: That’s ours, that’s ours!! Nookalu: Maybe it is mine since it has fallen on me.. Omkaram: He won’t pick it up again. It would have stayed if you had worked for it. This is Sharma garu’s. You leave Meena: He is wasting his efforts. There’s moss at the bottom, Lord knows where the ghungroo must be…. Ask him to come up now Omkaram: You’ve searched enough. Now back up, son.. So you couldn’t find them? Akhilam: How will he talk with the bell in his mouth? Omkaram: Spit it out, it’s not ours! Akhilam: Don’t spit it, it is ours! Omkaram: Then, the ghungroo are definitely lost Chandu: Did you get scared sir? Sharma garu: It’s ok if we lost the ghungroo. Why did you dare so much? Meena: That’s what even I was saying. He doesn’t understand! Meena: Let’s go, Dad Chandu: Meena danced so well Sir. That has inspired us to become your student Sharma garu: You’re saying that out of respect but, not really because of how she danced Chandu: Do you mean that she doesn’t abide by the classical techniques? Sharma garu: Until I could see clearly, I tried to teach her the right way.. but I feel that she takes advantage of my disability and does not learn with full dedication and devotion Chandu: I didn’t feel that way Sir Sharma garu: For any art, it’s not just about what appears to the eye or plays for the ears.. it’s only when you move one’s soul, that the art if filled with life and the artist becomes immortal Meena has very good sense of rhythm but, she lacks the discipline and dedication Chandu: We are still young sir. If you could be a little strict, we can help her practice and perform The whole town will learn of your greatness and hers Sharma garu: I am dependent on my eldest daughter for my basic needs.. where do I have the strength to do justice to these art forms? Chandu: Come on sir. Aren’t we all there to support you? Come Savitri: Listen, I am skeptical about talking to these folks. Don’t worry, I am right here. I have already told them all about you. She is a very nice lady, has seen a lot of ups and downs. She will give you a good order. Savitri: Even if she does place a good order, how will I supply on time? I am worried. Come on! You’re full of doubts. We can both do it together. Come. Ma’am, I told you about Savitri. Hostel Warden: He has told me about you and your situation in detail.. I like indepdent and responsible women like you.. I will help as much as I can Savitri: Please check these out Warden: These are good. We will need at least 10 dozens per week. You will be able to supply, right? Definitely See, you were unnecessarily worried We managed the work so easily Savitri: It’s only because your recommendation worked If only my recommendation had that much power I have been recommending a person for 2 years now, my Dad is not ready to consider Savitri: Who are you talking about? Aah, you want to hear that from me? Savitri: yes, I want to hear that from you Neighbor 1: Your behavior is hopeless! Do you know why I am yelling at you now? What else needs to happen? You’re born a man but are going around carrying broom sticks, you fool! Today she has asked you to carry these; tomorrow, she will ask you to sweep the floor the day after, she will ask you mop then she will ask you to make dung cakes (for fuel), you prematurely born fool! You are not only ruining your reputation but also mine! I tell you to live like royally like Rajdhani express, and you choose a goods carrier! Savitri: Dad, do you want some more rice? Sharma garu: No dear, serve me some butter milk Where is Meena? Savitri: She went to buy some veggies, she’ll be back now Neighbor 2: Savitri, we ran out of milk powder. Could you give me a glass of milk please? Savitri: Sorry, I just curdled it Neighbor 2: That’s alright. Ma’am, do you.. Neighbor 1: Krishnamachari, the stores will still be open. Neighbor 2: I haven’t even asked yet Neighbor 1: But I know you will Savitri: You left so long ago, and you’re coming back now! It takes you this long to get 2 vegetables Meena: You always doubt me Since you wanted veggies urgently, I took the city bus to come back home early On the way, there was a huge procession. Buses and cycles here and there! Everything came to a standstill I wondered how I was ever going to get out of it.. Chandu: Is your father home? Is he asleep? I need to speak with himChandu: If you get ready by 10am tomorrow, we will go to the Collector’s office. Savitri: Collector’s office? Chandu: Your father didn’t tell you yet? Sharma garu: The govt is apparently helping out senior artists Neighbor 1: It’s a big deal for the govt to even think about this You should immediately grab this opportunity You anyway have to pay us our balances Go and receive those funds Savitri: Meena, give this buttermilk to Chandu Meena: Are we running a charity inn, to serve buttermilk to everyone who comes and goes? She doesn’t understand! Chandu: For me? Your father’s DoB, list of awards and recognitions Are you listening? If you could write them on a piece of paper, I will collect it tomorrow. Alright?Collector: Listen, I am running short of time I absolutely hate wasting time Wasting one minute means wasting a precious minute of your life Artist: What is he saying? Grandson: He is talking about time Artist: Then, about the aid? Collector: yes about that. I am coming to that without wasting any time You also answer my questions without wasting my time or irritating me I had written an article on time and its significance in Andhra Jyoti, and you must read it Artist: My legs are hurting, I will sit for a bit Collector: What! Have you come here to sit, relax and waste my time? First you’ll want to sit, then you’ll want to sleep This is how you waste my time I’ll ask you some questions, you give me straight answers Artist: Alright, how much aid will the govt give us sir? Collector: Ugh! Looks like he couldn’t hear me I will ask you the questions! This is how you waste time Artist: Then, you ask the questions sir Collector: What are you? Artist: Ghanapati (one who has learnt the veda chantings) Collector: If you tell me you’re a potter or a weaver, I can understand how will I understand if you say you’re a ghanapati without elaborating what you exactly did? Artist: Ghanapati means..Collector: Stop it! Stop it! I asked you for a simple straight answer Why are you saying the same words back and forth? Look, I can’t spend the whole day with you. You leave. Come back on a holiday and we can spend more time on this. Leave Artist: I am in a lot of financial troubles. Please be kind and spare Rs.50.. We can adjust in the funds I receive Collector: Why are you asking again? I have to determine your eligibility first. I have to check what you know and don’t, if you’re even a real artist or not and then.. Chandu: What will you determine? For someone who doesn’t know the meaning of Ghanapati, you are not eligible to sit on that chair A great pandit, a senior you haven’t asked him to sit down all this while what kind of culture is this? Collector: What are you talking about?Hundreds of thousands of people like him come and go every day, Should I bow to each one of them? Chandu: Why not? If you can get great artists like him to bow to you, just because of your title and a degree, these great scholars and artists deserve a lot more Don’t treat them with disrespect just because of their circumstances Your aid is not as valuable as their intellect Artist: What is the point in arguing with him, son? Sharma garu: Not argument. He did the right thing. Even if he doesn’t respect us as artists or elders, if he forgets that we are humans and that we deserve basic dignity, why should we tolerate it? I heard about your situation just now I won’t be able to offer you a long term solution but this is how much I can offer right now.. It’s a small amount, not worthy of your intellect and expertise Let’s go Chandra Tinku: Firstly, when you handed Meena her bag in the park, you should have sungwhen you jumped into the well to get her ghungroo out, you should have continued looked at her feet and sungSharma garu: What is all this? Tinku: You should bless us Chandu: and tie these ghungroo to our feet Tinku: and we will forever grateful Sharma garu: I will be very happy to teach.. but what is all this? Chandu, Tinku: This nothing Sir. This is our Guru Dakshina, please accept it Tinku: Meena, come. Our guru has accepted. Let’s start Meena: Sure Do you have any previous experience in dancing or do we need to put in those efforts? Chandu: Tinku had learnt for a while, but in my case, you would have to put in some extra effort Sharma garu: Take these ghungroo and pray to them, beta Meena: They have already taken and tied them father Meena: Tinku, please take position there.. You also go Sir Now do the Namaskarams (seek the Lord’s blessings) Seek the blessings of your Guru We can start now, Dad Sharma garu: I’ll say the line once, you listen to it and then do the step Meena: Tinku ji did well Chandra ji, you also do it now Meena: Chandra ji did it well though it was his first time Why are you walking away after a little bit of praise There’s still more to go, please come back. He is back, father Chandra ji, why aren’t you doing it? Sharma garu: You’re missing the rhythm beta Meena: it seems you’re missing the rhythm Do it properly Sharma garu: He is missing the rhythm beti, why aren’t you watching? Meena: what can I do about it? They’re his feet and his ghungroo You don’t understand Chandu: Forgive me, I’ll do it properly this time Please say it again Now put the taal (beats) again Why is the house locked? Where have all of them gone? Neighbor 2: Today, Sharma garu is getting his vision examined and getting new glasses. So they left early in the morning for the hospital Tinku: stop stop Doctor: Take the prescribed medicines twice a day and don’t strain the eyes too much come back after a week and we’ll do another check up Meena: Now, is your vision clear Dad? Sharma garu: Yes, my vision is as clear as your smiles are Tinku: I will show you the sound of the ghungroo along with your daughters’ smiles. Come along sir. Tinku: It’s me sir. Tinku Meena: Now what? Are you planning to show your dancing skills to him right now? Tinku: You always treat me like a kid and make fun of me Guru ji has only heard the sound of the ghungroo so far, now he will see it Savitri: See the sound? Tinku: That’s the trick! Meena: That kid says something, and we follow him like it is a procession See this, Sir? It is Meena Look there Is it our Meena? Tinku: Yes Sir, it is definitely her I told you I’ll show you the sound of ghungroo, saw that? Tell us who is that beautiful girl Savitri: It’s so beautiful Tinku: Don’t hit the peak of your excitement yet, there are so many more Sharma garu: Each one turns out to be better than the others and are so life like! Tinku: See how each one is so beautiful Savitri: True, they’re so cute! Meena: If the whole town thinks that way, I’ll be so embarrassed You don’t understand! Tinku, remove your foot and let’s leave Tinku: Meena is uncontrollably excited and shy and is going back home Shall we also return sir? Sharma garu: No beta. Please take me to Chandu Tinku: I brought Guruji here Sharma garu: I thought that you also saw only the innocence and chirpiness in Meena but I never imagined that you would be able to see the artistic skill in her, the way I do Tinku: He got his new glasses today, so I wanted to show him something new showed him our banners, that is what this is about Chandu: It’s difficult to imagine what doesn’t exist I just had to paint what is true Your words and her feet inspire me and make my brush move with ease Sharma garu: Though I haven’t been able to see Meena perform on a stage (natya mayuri=dancing peacock) I am blessed to at least see the way you presented her Though the Doctor gave me vision, you are the one who has shown me light for my soul I am extremely grateful to you Chandra Chandu: We are younger than you, please bless us but don’t say that Neighbor 1: You silly idiot! You didn’t like the marriage proposal that came our way? What did that girl lack? Tell me. If you get up without my whistle orders, I’ll shunt you, you shameless fool Wife: Uff why are you screaming like a diesel engine? What is the point of forcing him, if he is the one who has to live with her? Neighbor 1: Why does he think like a coal less engine? Anyway, what is the problem with the girl? She has studied well, and is steady and well cultured and they are willing to pay Rs. 10,000 as dowry Sure, the money is important to you, not my happiness. Neighbor 1: Shut up. Who else is all of this for? I’ve been waving the green flag for all of the proposals you’ve been getting Wife: Stop it already! Always scolding and using bad words for your young son He likes Sharma garu’s daughter, Savitri He says he wants to marry her Neighbor 1: That’s the reason. I was wondering why he isn’t willing to run on the broad gauge and keeps going back to the meter gauge Actually, when I saw him carrying broom sticks for that girl, I should’ve stopped him right away What, you want to marry Savitri? You want to accept the proposal of that man who can’t pay his monthly rent You want to marry a girl who sells snacks for a living? Even Mom approves of this marriage Neighbor 1: Aah that’s the deal? Mom and son are trying to pull me into the loop line Remember, I won’t give you a penny from my provident fund won’t give you a single shingle from this house’s roof not even a button from my coat Then we’ll see who will get his daughter married to you Even Sharma garu himself will not let you meet her ever, if he comes to know Savitri, please come here Sharma garu: What happened beta? Why are you bowing to me? I’ll tell you Sir. Savitri and I like each other, and would like to get married My only asset is my music Sharma garu: Ask Akka if she is interested in marrying him Meena: You heard what Dad said. It seems his only asset is his music If you’re not interested, tell us right away Music is my only ornament as well Chandu: Why are you this late? Tinku: Meet Mr. Shastry, secretary of Kalakshetra He came here to meet you after seeing your banners Shastry: You showcased Meena’s skill so well! Chandu: Do art and artists need a platform? Meena is a great artist. Shastry: That’s exactly why I’ve come so far to organize her performance Chandu: Since this came up on such a auspicious occasion, your event will be a success Come, let me introduce you to her father Tinku: Hey did you know? Your dance performance is being organized Meena: Mine? By whom? Tinku: Who else? Meena: Where is he? Chandu: Your father is calling you Neighbor 1: Sir, could you come here for a bit? Sharma garu: Meena’s dance performance has been arranged Neigbor 1: Really beta? Very happy to hear that Sir, would you like dinner to be set up only after the wedding is over. Or should we start with kids? Sharma garu: Go ahead We’re very lucky dear Beta, Meena’s dance program has been organized Meena: You can inform her later Savitri: Really? Meena: We’ll talk about it later. You carry on Omkaram: Why did you get this here? Akhilam: For the bridge and the groom Omkaram: They’re glowing now. Do you want them to be covered with soot? Chandu: Get the mic here Shastry: We can set up the mics, we’re used to it You go and find Meena Chandu: She will be here, don’t worry Shastry: But if she doesn’t come on time, our sponsors will create havoc. I am worried! Omkaram: How come you didn’t bring your son? Neighbor 2: We gave him meds for diarrhea, so didn’t want to create a problem Akhilam: Hold this please Omkaram: You got this even here? Akhilam: To give aarti That girl is performing for the first time, that’s why Omkaram: It won’t be good for her Son- in- law: Meet the principal of Kalakshetra Neighbor 1: Sharma garu’s joy knows no bounds today because of this daughter’s program Sharma garu: Today is truly a joyous occasion for me!Student: I get a chance to share the stage with you after ages, Sir Sharma garu: It’s the Lord’s blessing, son. You can start setting up.. Tinku, isn’t Meena here yet? Tinku: Not yet, sir Shastry: What is the point of setting up your ghungroo? The actual dancer isn’t here yet. Student: She’ll be here soon Shastry: Everyone keeps saying that. I am very worried. Sharma garu: Meena isn’t here yet. Wonder if she is dressed or not? Chandu: She’ll be here. You sit until then Shastry: Come here. How can you relax here.. Look, all our audience is here. You please go get her. Chandu: Alright, alright Chandu: What are you still doing with these flowers? Savitri: Here, I am done. Meena is getting dressed Chandu: The program was supposed to start at 10. It is almost 1030 now. When will you get ready and start? You should have some sense of time. Savitri: Somehow Meena isn’t very enthu about this. Chandu: Why, isn’t she feeling well? Savitri: She was never happy about this program in the first place She only learnt to keep my father happy, but has never been interested in these classical dances She believes that they can’t help one meet one’s basic needs Chandu: This is not the time to discuss beliefs and principles Your father is worried there. I’ll get Meena, you please go and entertain the audience with your songs. Hey, drop ma’am to the theater and come back quickly Chandu: Meena, you have to get ready quickly It’s already quite late I have the flowers here. Shall I bring them in? Chandu: What happened? We are all worried while you’re sitting here Meena: Have you heard of the saying that you can take the horse to the river, but can’t force it to drink the water? Chandu: No, but I heard that the saying that a horse is driven by the driver Anyway, we can discuss all these after the program ends. You get ready first. We need to leave in 5 mins. Meena: Unless you’re driven by some selfish desires, why would you force me to do something I don’t like? Chandu: What am I forcing you for? Are you being forced to commit some crime? We’re just providing you an opportunity to showcase your talents to others Meena: I don’t like to live for others I want to live for my happiness I am waiting for an opportunity to live happily I won’t tolerate it if you tie these thorn shackles and ask me to dance on fire Chandu: Meena, there’s no point convincing those who aren’t cultured enough to understand the significance of art and traditions I believe that you do understand Come, your father is waiting with a lot of hope Meena: I don’t think it is my father who is hopeful. You are the one who is hopeful. You are the one who desires somethingMeena: Who is the Chandu anyway? To interfere in our matters Even though he knew I wasn’t interested, why did he arrange the program? Why did he have to force me to get on the stage? I only wanted to teach him a lesson But Dad misunderstood.. Savitri: Silly girl, it isn’t anybody’s fault, it’s the Lord’s Why would He make elders impose their interests on to their children? Now no one will force you to do something you don’t like I’ll ask him (husband) to enroll you in some tutorial college isn’t that your wish too? once you get a degree, we can think about next steps It seems our neighbor’s sister wants to learn dance and is looking for ghungroo, give these to her Are you satisfied now? You behaved as if Lord Nataraj himself would be upset if I didn’t tie these to my feet You insisted that I dance You pestered me and arranged the performance See what happened Who is the one who lost? Look at you, you just carry on painting as if nothing ever happened but who will compensate us for our loss? Who will bring back our father? Chandu: First, wipe your head I’ll give you some hot tea I don’t need to be treated chivalrously just with basic human dignity and respect for my opinions If you’re this passionate about arts, encourage those who are willing and hone their skills People will appreciate it and the government will reward your efforts But please don’t harass people like me who are simply not interested Chandu: Wait Hey! I heard that so much has happened Heard your sister got married to your property owner’s son? Poor you, your father passed away? You gave a dance performance? There is a new guy in your neighborhood? And you guys have a thing going on? What! I asked you tons of questions and you just smile as answer to all of them! Why don’t you ask me something? Meena: You don’t understand What should I ask you about? You are a millionaire and your husband is an engineer in the US I don’t have any in-laws It’s just the 2 of us and we want only 2 kids Anyway, I know you wouldn’t have come without a reason, what is it? Meena: It’s just that.. your husband’s friends have apparently started a fancy hotel called Sagarika and they’re hiring trainees… Rani: Meaning, you’re planning to take up a job? Great! Though our nation got its independence years ago, you finally seem to have gotten yours! This is my friend Meena, you remember her? Of course, she had come once before Apparently, there are vacancies at Sagarika. She wants to apply. She has studied till the 10th grade. It’s not about her education. But you come from a prestigious family. A job in a hotel.. Meena: Doesn’t matter. Can’t keep thinking about.. Rani: Don’t beat around the bush! Tell him confidently She has never been into the classical arts But you tell her to join as a receptionist in an air conditioned room, she will jump with joy Tell her to join as as air hostess, and she will be jump higher Tell her to dress professionally and work 24 hours, she will be the happiest Omkaram: Wait wait! Stop running. There’s no emergency. Akhilam: The aarti will extinguish before we reach and before she leaves for work Nookalu: What happened Sir? Omkaram: As the saying goes, there’s a wedding in the temple, and the (dogs) are excited.. Akhilam: This door is closed Akhilam: We heard your sister joined some office? Heard that it’s a good title, and a good pay. Wanted to give her aarti Savitri: Aarti? Akhilam: Yes dear, you should light the diya if you get a good job. It’s for her success. Omkaram: Wait wait, I’ll call her Omkaram: Meena, good for you dear is that your name? Omkaram: Finally, you got what you desired. Good luck beta. Wait wait. You’ll get aarti there. Leave from the other side Looks like Meena had left long ago. You take the Aarti yourself. Meena: What are you doing? Buying vegetables? Yes Chandu: You look very smart Drive this ma’am carefully Hotel owner: How do you feel in your new job? Do you like cricket? Meena: Like it a lot Sir but never watched any matches (games) Both the cricket teams are landing tomorrow They’ll stay at our hotel Ensure that the music channels, telephones are in working order Are these guys also coming? Which one is your floor? Then, we’ll allot the 3rd floor to the Indian team Chandu: I designed the rough drafts of the banners. I will get them ready once you review them. Hotel owner: Where will you set them up? Will rent the hoarding in front of the airport just for a week Chandu: I’ll leave the background in white, and keep the lettering in Oxford Blue We’ll use the left corner, for a welcome cut out Isn’t this girl Ms. Meenakshi? Chandu: Yes sir, she recently joined this hotel Chandu: She is an incredible dancer sir. Her whole family was born and raised into dance Hotel owner: If she is that talented, why is she working in this role? Chandu: She is of the opinion that these arts don’t get enough encouragement Hotel owner: When I worked in Nagpur, I used to send my daughter all the way to Madras for her to learn dance Isn’t there a difference between saying that I work as a lobby manager versus saying I am Yamini Krishnamurty? Chandu: Learned people like you should convince her Sir. She should realize the value of this art. Hotel owner: Sit down please. Meena: It’s alright sir Hotel owner: We should pay our respects to great artists like you. Hotel owner: Is this your picture? Hotel owner: Why do you need this job when you’re such a great dancer? Hotel owner: You know about our restaurant, right? There we have scheduled ghazal concerts for some days of the week Why don’t we organize your classical dance performances for the rest of the days? Chandu: But we need to take into account her opinion as well Sir. Hotel owner: What is there to learn more about? If the job is just to earn money As a trainee, you must be receiving.. But for each performance, you will earn Rs. 500 and 12 performances per month Hotel Owner: There is also a position at the Cultural Affairs Desk of our hotel you should lead it since you would know how to treat artists like yourself Sharaon Lowen has been in India for 15 years and learnt Odissi, Manipuri and.. and has settled down in Delhi. She is performing in our town tomorrow We’re lucky she is staying us tonight It hurts me to see a performance without soul or devotion in it It’s not enough to just dance, an artist should have the ability to create another higher reality for her audience Chandu: True. If you dance like it is a chore, it will appear lifeless Hotel owner: Did you watch Sharon Lowen’s performance last night? Meena: It was very good, sir Hotel owner: It was very, very good. She is going back tonight. Hand over these compliments on behalf of our hotel. Sharon Lowen: I’d be delighted to take Meena as part of my troupe to the US She deserves it, considering her lineage But she must be true to the art. Just dancing won’t be enough. She will have to learn to engage and move the audience, whether here or abroad Come, we were just talking about you I’ll be back to watch your performance in a month Chandu: Meena, when a peacock dances it dances with its every inch, and that’s why.. it looks so full of life Every step it takes feels like it is dancing with its soul This is what Sharon also had said God have gifted you beauty and grace, your father taught you the necessary skills To do justice to both, you would need to develop a devotion towards the art you have to put your heart into it Then it won’t seem like you are dancing, it will feel as though Nataraja (lord of dance) himself is performing with joy When she left the other night while you were performing she didn’t mean that you were wrong in your technique she couldn’t watch a lifeless performance to the rhythm and melody she wouldn’t tie the ghungroo to her feet without the right spirit She was born miles away, came to our nation and learnt our dance understood the meaning of every word in the lyric and danced with so much emotion imagine how much effort and dedication went into it The day you immerse yourself into dance that way we won’t see the Meena in you we will bow to the Parvati Devi dancing in the Himalayas She trusts that you will succeed in doing this and has put forth a very good offer She is going to the US with a cultural troupe and she would like to take you along it’s a wonderful opportunity you will get to visit all those places and receive good compensation Savitri: You have always dreamed of visiting these places this way, your desires will get fulfilled and Dad’s soul will also rest in peace knowing that your skill isn’t going to waste Rani: If you somehow land in the US with this dance excuse, we can arrange for you to get settled there After that, all your dreams will be fulfilled You can find yourself a handsome guy there and get married to him You will own a house, a car, TVs and ACs, wear expensive jewelry and live royally..Akhilam: Come here Omkaram: You’re saying the wrong prayers! That’s not Lord Hanuman’s tail, it is Lord Ganesha’s trunkSigh! See it’s the trunk and the stomach Akhilam: You’re right! All these days, I have been saying the wrong prayer See, how well I play our music though I had learnt western music Savitri: big deal Natha (husband) means me? I won’t tell you, leave it Sorry, this time I’ll play correctly Chandu: Wow! This is a perfect combination You guys are truly made for each other Then when will you guys get married and become made for each other? Chandu: We need to wait for the right time Meena, we can leave for the passport office as soon as your get ready Until we follow up, these tasks don’t finish Meena’s travel is coming up so close That is also true. I will shower and be back Savitri: We are very grateful to you You are the reason Meena got so much recognition Chandu: Come on! As if I taught her how to dance Meena herself understood the difference between milk and water (right and wrong) Meena: Where are we? Chandu: You remember Ramakrishna, your father’s student? They’re celebrating guru poornima today, it would be good for you to be part of the remembrance Chandu: Meena! Chandu: You danced so beautifully, she also appreciated it a lot she is ready to take you along with her Meena: I used to think that these art forms are useless in this world but I experienced the joy in putting my heart into it only today I realized that you can’t feel this emotion through any kind of wealth Tinku: He couldn’t come, but he sent these for you he also sent this letter for you Chandu: Miss Meena Though I wanted to address you with more affection, I am not sure how you feel about me, so stopped at this You are going away to a far away place, as per your desires that’s your happiness I was able to see the true artist in you that is my happiness I know that each of our reasons for our happiness brought us together in our fragile relationship If we had formed stronger ties, we would have been together in a life long committed relationship Why hasn’t she come out yet? It’s getting late 2 hands need to join to produce sound but you’re going far away and hence, I chose to stay silent this long I know you don’t dislike me, you have affection towards me But your self respect stops you from admitting the truth and stands between us Anyway, I will always want your happiness, no matter where you will be There won’t be anyone to uncover your silly lies or bring back your ghungroo or to pester you to stay true to our culture Savitri, you get and bring her. We’re running out of time! Savitri: Let’s go soon dear Savitri: Take care of your health Remember to write to me as soon as you reach Chandu: However, if you can hear my heart while you’re dancing, don’t misunderstand it.. I will never forget our dear friendship, yours truly


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    Mee padalaku vandanam viswanath garu

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    Present generation need to watch this kind of movies

  48. lakshmi prasanna says:

    Movie lo chala cuts vunnay, adds ekkuva ayyi. Manchi movie lo e cuts Endhuku

  49. Bharathi daddy says:


  50. Feroz Khan says:

    Awesome 👏 movie.. still on 31-3-2019

  51. Kishore Reddy Kolli says:

    విశ్వ నా ద్ గారు దై వాంశ సంబూతుడు

  52. Lenovo Tab says:

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    Super 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  54. chembolusatish kumar says:

    We need this type of movies now this is our indian culture hats off Viswanath garu banupriya garu and venkatesh garu

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    Awesome movie…. Thanks so much Viswanadh Garu…

  56. Ramana Cheerlavancha says:

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  57. Pooja Singh says:

    Its great move . One of my favourite

  58. Rama Janardhana says:

    1.00 dhaggara paname action superrrr 👏👏👏👏👏😆😆😆😆😆

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    Excellent movie

  60. Jagiru Hajarathaiah says:

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  62. Jayaprakashreddy Jayaprakashreddy says:

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  64. Praveenkumar Burugupalli says:

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    All time my favourite movie


    vishwanad gaari kalpana srustuki….

    seetarama sastri gaari kavita chaturyaniki…..
    swarna kamalam oka kanulavindu nidarsanam….

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  70. Karthik Sagar says:

    Its my favorite movie of all time ♥♥

  71. vss vss says:

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  73. Rajasekhar P says:


  74. krishna prasad says:

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    Ee cinema chusinappudalla..Naaku elanti KALA la pi unna korika..nu..theeruchukolekapoyaney…ane anipisthundhi…………..
    Yedheymina…yeppatike madhilo gurthundipoye..CINEMA..❤.

  77. harish allarapu says:

    Yem music andi babu mind blowing asalu

  78. adapa Srikanth says:

    Bhanupriya garu excellence ki hat's off

  79. adapa Srikanth says:

    Songs vintuunte goosebumps vastunai

  80. Santhoshi Gottala says:

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    స్వధర్మే నీ ధనం శ్రేయః పర ధర్మో భయావహః

  83. Sharath Parkala says:

    @25:58 A prayer to Lord Shiva from the nondual tradition of SaivaTantra.

  84. thirumalreddy kalla says:

    Very nice movie next janrasan impressive move

  85. Ramadevi Naidu says:

    No words to explain it's a excellent movie till 2019 banupriya expression is high level

  86. Pradyumna Kanthamraju says:

    I see everyone just talking about the film and the actors. No doubt the whole team is awesome. But look at the wealth of the songs. The songs are such that even if you listen to all the songs in the sequence that they appear in the movie, you can understand the whole movie even without watching it. Hats off to sirivennela garu

  87. Vijay Moragudi says:

    Ituvanti movies ni HD lo ki convert cheyyalera pls!

  88. Chandrashekar Bikkumalla says:

    భానుప్రియ ఊతపదం చాలాబాగుంది.

  89. Chandrashekar Bikkumalla says:

    అమ్మాయ్ గారూ మీరెప్పుడైనా ఇమానమెక్కారా!?

    విమానమా!? ఈజన్మకంత అదృష్టం కూడానా!? రైలెక్కి అన్నవరందాటి
    అవతలి పక్కకెళ్ళలేదు.

  90. sathishkumar vanjari says:

    అందమైన గుండె లో నుంచి వచ్చిన అద్భుతమైన చిత్రం. ఎన్ని సార్లు చూసిన మళ్లీ మళ్లీ చూడాలనిపించే అందమైన సినిమా.

  91. SONYA says:

    Okasari ayina Viswanath gari paadalu thaki manasu pavanam cheskovali


    I watched 101 time.. Bacause of total movie always motivated me..

  93. Dr.Chaturanana Kamal says:

    anyone in 2019?

  94. Dr.Chaturanana Kamal says:

    I feel Venkatesh's character was so subtly moulded…i keep watching this movie for him apart from the brilliance of Bhanupriya garu …Venkatesh gariki yentha class angle idhi…Only possible with Vishwanadh garu….Director thanaloni bhavaalane actors lo kuda reflect cheyyinchagaladu… aayanaki lekunda ilanti bhaavaprakatana radhu kadha

  95. Ruba N says:

    Venky sir looking cute and banupriya so pretty. Good old days with decent story line

  96. Mudiveti ReddySekhar says:

    Super movie

  97. Nachannachle says:

    The pooja scenes are hilarious.
    Bhanupriya is a boon to Indian cinema, right after Vijayanthimala.
    Perfect expressions and dance. Had she gone to Hindi cinema, she would have outclassed Sridevi and Madhuri in a blink. Luckily she stayed true to her art and refused poor glamour roles.
    Great artist! <3

  98. Madhavi B says:

    Viswanadh gari movilo bharateeya kala samskruti tappa inkem vuntai.. Intha goppa anubhuti matallo cheppalenu…… Love you so much for your cooperation to society ……..

  99. Bathalasumathi Bathalasumathi says:

    I love this picture verymuch

  100. SHAMAL DHURVE says:

    Tysm 🙏😊for adding subtitles 🤩I saw the movie multiple times Only for being FAN of Bhanupriya ji but now I able to get the meaning of each words from movie 🎞️🎥

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