T-Mobile Jump Commercial – Mugging – Day 392 of 730


Mugger: Alright, give me your phone.
Man (whispers): Woah! Here. Mugger: This is the phone you use?
Man: Yeah. It’s sweet! Do you want the charger? Mugger: No, I don’t want this.
Man: It’s a good phone, man! Mugger: No, this is not a good phone!
Mugger: This isn’t even a gun, it’s my hand! Man: Take it away. Take it.
Mugger: I work at the car wash, you know who I am!
-Man and mugger struggling- Mugger: No, I don’t want the phone!!


  1. I can't believe i went onto youtube just watch to watch this. Fucking my sides went into orbit when i saw this at the gym. Their marketing agent is funny

  2. Why are they telling us "upgrade when you want, not when you're told" immediately after telling us that we should upgrade within 2 years? Seems contradictory.


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