Talent Talks That Trash

Talent Talks That Trash

Monte, DoA and hex are on my team? And we’re expected to win? Yeah. And Bren and Sideshow. -We’re going to have to carry hard.
-We have to carry hard, yeah. I’m not sure who tilts more, like, Uber or Michael Jackson in that video where he goes all the way down. Smooth Criminal. I think the person that will tilt the most
on their team is definitely DoA. Puckett’s a gold-level Doomfist 1-trick. Mr X doesn’t communicate
to his team, anyway. When he tilts, he just shuts up,
much like he does on the broadcast. Yeah, what he said. Semmler’s got the fresh tats. He’s going to be worried about the way
he looks, less about his gameplay. I don’t know how he’s going to perform
without you there to carry him. All I have to do is put pressure on hex, because he’ll go mute, everybody else will just play Tracer, and then we win. I’m most excited to take on Monte. Yeah? No one loves to talk more than he does, no one loves to listen to himself
more than him. I’m definitely not sandbagging this year.
We’re just going to be bad. I basically have no confidence
in our own team. What are you playing
in this Talent Takedown? Anything. I can play anything. My SR has no bounds. We bring the history of the Korean ladder. Wolf and Seth are Masters. I saw that! In what world are they Masters? Wolf is Silver! The players I play with on the Korean
server – Korean. That’s right, I trained. Unfortunately for them, speaking Korean
doesn’t allow them to play like Koreans. We’ve seen Sideshow Trans
and fall off the side of the map. Seth is barely in Plat.
He’s trying to claw his way up. Sideshow tried to duel Widowmakers
with his Mercy. The only thing he can do
is shout on camera. He can’t even play
the bloody game properly. Bren and Sideshow, at the end of the day,
are still just kids, and I hope they don’t take
the loss seriously while in the developmental stages
of their lives. I’m out of here! Get me… Heated! I don’t know if Mica’s
ever used a keyboard, so if she can figure out the W
and D buttons are different. Even though I play Mercy and I play Moira,
I play very aggressive Mercy and Moira. So I don’t heal as Mercy.
I only kill as mercy. Battle Mercy, exactly.
Yes, I’m a Battle Mercy. Danny Lim? I love you Danny. Your main tank is going to get smashed
every time they put you in the frontline. I’m scared of Soe, too, for some reason. So, last year I said I would be wearing
DoA like a sock, and I did. She’s the wildcard of the bunch. I think Soe will just try
and shift blame straight away. “Well, look at me last year.
It definitely won’t be my fault.” Soe cares the most.
She wants to win this so bad. Mr X is going to make
a real good Soe-sized bodysuit. You guys suck and you’re going to lose. -Enjoy the defeat screen.
-I hear it’s good to have a will. I’m going to carry Monte. I’m going to carry the rest of this team,
and I’m going to put you all in the grave. It’s OK to feel bad
that I’m better than you. I’m playing with these guys
and I’m still confident. This duo is taking the title. Undefeated two years running. It’s the Golden stage… No. It’s the Platinum stage… No. We’re in the Diamond stage, baby!


  1. luke wilson says:


  2. Frost has Sauce says:

    L_? 2?

  3. ACAB says:

    pacific has a korean, thats everything that matters

  4. Well Ended says:

    yo forth no one cares

  5. James Arnold says:

    "it's the diamond stage baby" I'm dying lolol

  6. Saavior says:

    what about bumper's trash talk before he got STOMPED by the shock sf for life ahaha

  7. Fantastic Five says:


  8. theshontman says:

    People forget that sideshow, soe (kinda) and Monte used to be on semi pro players in different games. This is not even going to be close

  9. Lew Jia Shen says:

    I like how Danny Lim only speaks Korean to intimidate the Alantic

  10. BJonS says:

    “Soe sized body suit”

  11. alfredo perez says:

    All the members are in the Atlantic division.

  12. Liman Man says:

    Last year trash talk was harsher and better

  13. i i says:

    Why don't they do this for regular matches

  14. Jessie Lim says:

    Their titles under their names 😂😂😂 "platinum player??"

  15. Potato Mag says:

    First time clicking on this kinda video who are these people ? 🙂

  16. PUThéo says:

    bth the tattos were hot

  17. dan altamirano says:

    "Wolf is silvah"

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